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Another speaker pointed out that liberal capitalist democratic states are the most common and most accepted right now. Preston does not criticize either one of the anti-semitic presentations he reports. They may think that they are not fascists and have convinced themselves that they do not want to oppress people. I am pretty broad in accepting self-described anarchists as anarchists: primitivists, gradualists, individualists, pro-market but anti-capitalist anarchists, etc. They are not anarchists if they accept capitalism. Similarly people are not anarchists if they accept racism, anti-semitism, and nationalism, even if they pretend not to be fascists.

Tu mi chiedi chi sono costoro, inviandomi l'indirizzo di un raduno internazionale del "Movimento Nazional Anarchico" tenutosi in Spagna nel Eppure, essi negano di essere fascisti e nell'articolo si ripete continuamente che non sono fascisti, tanto meno nazisti. L'assunto sottostante si mostra attraverso la retorica anarchica.

Preston non critica nessuna delle presentazioni anti-ebraiche che cita. Per esperienza storica, ci aspettiamo che l' "ideologia" fascista si presenti confusionaria, contraddittoria ed irrazionale. Senza dubbio, molti di questi "Nazional Anarchici" hanno la testa nel pallone. Loro possono pensare di non essere fascisti e possono anche essersi autoconvinti che non vogliono opprimere nessuno. Io sono di larghe vedute pronto ad accettare come anarchico chi si autodichiara anarchico: primitivisti, gradualisti, individualisti, anarchici favorevoli al mercato ma anti-capitalisti , etc.

Posso sostenere che questi anarchici si sbagliano come idee e come strategia, ma non direi mai che non sono "anarchici". Infatti essi condividono in gran parte gli stessi scopi che perseguono i socialisti-anarchici rivoluzionari su posizioni di classe, che sono stati la corrente principale del movimento. Se accettano il capitalismo, allora non sono anarchici. Allo stesso modo non possono essere anarchici coloro che accettano il razzismo, l'anti-semitismo ed il nazionalismo, anche se fanno finta di non essere fascisti.

Hello Wayne, I found your write-up about National Anarchism and the conference, and because I was one of the speakers and attendees at that conference, I feel the need to respond. Your article misrepresents based on your own personal anarcho-communist biases, cherry-picking statements with copious ellipses clearly out of context, and ignoring anything contrary to your own bias.

What is this bias? Aside from your own Marxist leanings and how you can reconcile this with Anarchism is beyond me!

Joe D'Amato

And what's the problem? The importance is decentralization and non-coercive organization; if one community wants to form on one basis, and another community on an entirely different basis, then what's the problem? National-Anarchists conceive of "tribes" and "communities" in a very broad manner, not reducing them to ethnicity or race like you assume since it would refute your "fascist" slander.

The banking system is internationalist; colonialism is internationalist; global capitalist is internationalist Do you not reject those things as a matter of principle? If indeed you're anarchist.

Universalism has been the means by which the global elites have centralized their own power and wealth at the expense of all peoples, forcing their own ideological, market or other values upon other peoples. He did work alongside his brother in the northern German branch of the Party, which was diametrically opposed to the Hitler branch of Bavaria. In his newspapers and his various activities, Otto Strasser continuously was at loggerheads with Hitler and sought to undermine Hitler and other reactionaries within that Party.

Opposition (Lux Series #5) Italian Edition

Many of those around Hitler including many who would later take up powerful positions within the Nazi State and also his banker and industrialist donors, saw Otto Strasser as a personal and ideological threat. Hitler too, because he was an egotist and madman opportunist who demanded "obedience" and had no ideological principles.

After countless conflicts which are documented in books by Strasser and others, by Strasser declared open warfare upon not only Hitler but upon the Nazi hierarchy and Party. He had to flee Germany after the Reichstag was burned and as Hitler was taking absolute power, usually staying barely one-step ahead of his Nazi tormenters. The Gestapo carried out numerous assassination attempts against him.

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He was wanted when France was invaded and occupied, fleeing from France just as the Nazi noose was tightening around him. He remained a wanted man in Nazi Germany, and was blamed and vilified in its propaganda outlets. A perusal of neo-Nazi websites demonstrates how Otto Strasser continues to be reviled, vilified and slandered by them. So given all of these facts, how can you call him a "Nazi"?

It's not just these facts, but a study of Strasser's own ideology which demonstrates just how much of a libel this is. He advocated decentralization and regionalism, at odds with the centralizing policies of Nazism. This shall include, but not be limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement, and warranties that access to or use of the service will be uninterrupted or error-free or that defects in the service will be corrected.

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Peter is a famous entomologist who spent all his life reflecting on the way we perceive time. The older Sofia is the debut short film of young Roman director Carlo Sironi, which penetrates in the intimacy of two There are many interesting facts about The Sand Storm.

First of all, the protagonist is Ai Weiwei, one of It is quite rare that emerging Italian short film directors challenge themselves in genres such as thriller, horror, grotesque A smalltown somewhere in the U. Ben is a lonely child, quite different from the others. He has a A man seeks refuge Four days of short films, creativity A man cries while listening an old tape, we hear the voice of a woman talking about how she You may be subject to additional Terms and conditions when you use, or access other services, affiliate services or third-party content or material.

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Changes to the Terms GoodShortFilms. Changes to our Terms become effective on the date they are posted and your continued use of GoodShortFilms. Jack Dunphy mixes love and humour, cutout paper characters and death. Serenity was Back in March , New Yorker critic Richard Brody wrote an article about the role of shorts in the An American actor with a questionable french accent, set to play a frenchman in a city that should be We saw them on the street, in the most diverse cities in the world, in movies, music videos, maybe The map of America comes to life and starts wandering around looking for oil reserves, long extinguished from the It takes place in the inspiring There are many interesting facts about The Sand Storm.

First of all, the protagonist is Ai Weiwei, one of The twist, the sudden and surprising turn, is quite often what makes a short film memorable. It is the Torino Short Film Market is back with its second edition.

From November 29 to December 1, , in the A couple from Amsterdam went to Lesbos to portrait in a short documentary two different realities of people who On a lake shore, a man is dragging a big rock tied with a rope. Escorted into The Shaman is the science-fiction short film written, directed, edited, and produced by Austrian filmmaker Marco Kalantari. Set in Pyskessa is a lonely and silent girl.