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Odds are you'll wake up a lot more refreshed and capable of tackling the unboxing of your life in your new space.

Save Your Sanity With These Moving Day Tips | vobylusesuje.tk

Moving is a chance for cleansing. Getting rid of old clutter purifies the soul and makes room for new awesome things and experiences.

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But that's pretty obvious. The challenge comes when you're faced with things that are useful in practice, but carry an emotional weight you really should haul with you. Items that bring on bad memories need to go, even if it means investing in a new bed or a new washing machine. You'll feel better, and that's worth more than whatever it is you've been keeping with negative emotional residue.

And now you have not one but TWO chances to throw out those bad memories - when you pack and when you unpack. Better do it when you pack, though. Less junk to move. Trust me. If you feel like you falling into a pit of worry or experiencing the dawn of a panic attack, try to think about your plans for the new place. How you want to design it, what new things you want to add or change. Keep it positive and if you feel like this daydreaming is turning into a tasklist - refer to tip 3.

Or Pinterest. The time around a relocation is a stressful one. For those of us who already suffer from anxiety, PBD or PTSD, it's even harder as we need to manage our well-being and emotions while overseeing a logistic nightmare. But the good news is that it's a period of time. It's finite. It starts and end. And when it does, you'll be in your new home, where you can start fresh, and create a place to be the setting for some of your best memories to come.

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The Psychology of Moving

I'm moving soon, so it's nice to have something to run through. Structure helps the process :. Moving is definitely the time to get rid of all that crap that you don't need. Then you are free from it! We moved from a 3 bedroom flat to a 2 bedroom one. And threw out so much we still have room for new awesome stuff. Privacy Policy Terms of Service. Let yourself stress a bit Congratulations, you've picked out your new home! Start early As soon as you know you're moving - start the process, both in thought and actions.

But what can you do in advance, and in order to relax and de-stress? You can Make lists and plans One of the main challenges about moving is the sheer quantity of tasks involved. Illustration via Pixabay 4. Prioritize So you're sitting in front of a HUGE spreadsheet or tasklist and the panic comes creeping in.


Recruit Don't be shy about asking friends and family for help. Stay independent "Oh yeah! Manage your help Those friends and family who do come to your help need to be managed. Keep what you need safe Things you'll have a hard time surviving without like your laptop, your birth control or other type of pills and jewelry should be in a safe place when you move. Plan a hideout It sounds weird, but sometimes spending the first night in your new flat surrounded by boxes and strange empty walls can be stressful as hell. Throw away depressing things Moving is a chance for cleansing. Just a bit of the crap my family got rid of when moving last.

Look forward If you feel like you falling into a pit of worry or experiencing the dawn of a panic attack, try to think about your plans for the new place. Stay focused The time around a relocation is a stressful one. Those are my tips. Got your own? Feel free to list them in the comments!

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In some types of apartments or homes this is fine. I don't like those kinds of buildings though, and I tend to gravitate toward smaller buildings. These are the types of listings that are almost impossible to get a feel for through just an apartment listing, and I never found a place I was comfortable renting from across the country. I also couldn't get a good idea of the neighborhood itself even though I had a few nice people from TaskRabbit check out apartments for me. For all I knew, any apartment might be right next to a crack house.

So, instead of trying to find and rent a place over the phone, I decided to schedule it so I could stay at a friend's house for a few days as I looked for a place. I've been told by a lot of people that the first few months in a new city are the toughest, and the last thing I wanted was to make it harder on myself by living in an apartment I hated. Obviously everyone doesn't have this opportunity, but you can rent rooms cheaply through something like AirBnB or even rent an apartment for short durations.

Likewise, you can often find sublets for just a few months while you leisurely look for a place. The extra few days allowed me to actually visit apartments in person and made me a lot more comfortable and happy with my choice.

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  4. At the risk of sounding more important than I am, the biggest surprise I had when I decided to move was just how quickly my schedule filled up. Every day for the last month was filled with appointments, and it grew increasingly difficult to manage it all as time went on. These appointments ranged from boring personal things, like going to my eye doctor, dentist, or setting up a meeting with my landlord to dinners, coffee dates, and parties with friends before I left.

    The fact of the matter is, if you've lived in a city for a while and especially if your family lives there, you're going to want to set aside a time for various appointments of all types. We've shown you ways to clear up your schedule before , and a solid calendar app is a lifesaver in this situation our picks for the best calendars for Windows , Mac , Android , and iPhone are a good place to start. Even with a good schedule, be aware that you'll be incredibly busy for three or four weeks.

    It sounds self-explanatory, but my saving grace through this entire process was a single, massive to-do list that included everything I had to do in one place. I chose to use a single to-do list instead of a to-list and calendar for a simple reason: my days were so packed that I needed to just see it all in one place. So, included with my work schedule, I'd also have dinner appointments, lunches, phone calls that needed to get made, emails that needed sending, and just about everything else you can imagine.

    This wasn't exactly easy to manage, but it gave me a good overall view of everything I had left to do. How you decide to structure or organize your to-dos is up to you of course, but I kept it as simple as possible. I had scheduled tasks in one section, and then everything else that just needed to get done before I left in another. This meant I always had something to keep myself busy no matter where I was. I was able to still feel productive if I was just waiting around by making a phone call or two. If you need some help populating that list at first, our checklist for apartment shopping or moving are both good places to start.

    8 Tips For A Successful Job Relocation

    Mine filled up pretty quickly. Regardless of whether you decided to fly to your destination city or pack a truck full of all your stuff, you have a long road ahead of you. The fact of the matter is, no matter how prepared you are, you're likely going to have a couple nervous breakdowns at some point. Once you accept this, it makes the idea of de-stressing and staying sane a lot easier.

    For me, those breakdowns came right before leaving when I'd mentally go through every checklist and to-do above, and again somewhere in the middle of Oregon after I'd been driving for 12 hours straight. The first breakdown before leaving was easy enough to deal with. Since I was at home, I was able to take one last look at everything, write down another set of to-dos, and then take a walk to get rid of some of that stress.

    We've highlighted plenty of ways to get rid of stress before so use whatever works for you in this case. On the road was a little harder to deal with. Driving a moving truck with a tow trailer attached through the mountains of Oregon eventually stressed me out despite the library of audio books I'd saved up, and I didn't have a good release for it since I couldn't just pull over to the side of the road. The end result was an adult temper tantrum filled with lots of mashed up curse words and flailing about before I eventually calmed down and continued along the highway like an adult.

    I knew this was going to happen because it happens on pretty much every long road trip I go on. My solution is typically to crack a window, turn off the music, and pull over for a walk.

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    I didn't anticipate a situation where I couldn't do that, and subsequently, I just lost it for a few minutes before calming down again. Again, whatever you need to cut off that stress is different, but expect that you're going to use it at some point on that trip. Getting to know a new city is tough and if you rely on your smartphone the whole time it'll take a lot longer than if you don't. This might sound sacrilegious, but I can't stand getting turn-by-turn directions, and instead just walk around a new city for the first couple of months. If I have to drive, I'll usually try and write out directions by hand.

    It's archaic, but walking and taking down handwritten directions means that I learn a city faster because I actually have the time to do so. We've shown you how to wean yourself off GPS directions before , and you'll likely learn your new city faster if you don't rely on them because you're forced to actually pay attention to where you are. Moving is never easy but it doesn't have to be hard. My biggest problems were controlling anxiety and stress, but with some careful planning I was able to minimize that as much as possible.