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Into the deep unknown – scientists unveil the secrets of our seas

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So, in addition to the standard ones like orange, black cherry, strawberry, grape, lemon-lime, ginger ale, club soda, and root beer, Fanta was being sold in unusual flavors like Passionfruit Cream in Australia, Kolita in Costa Rica, and sour apple in Hong Kong. Launched globally in , Jelly Fizz is the first product that Fanta launched under its multi-sensory range of products.

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The new knowledge gathered about them should be used by those managing marine activities to preserve areas beyond national boundaries, in line with international law — according to IUCN. Among other features, scientists assessed the biological diversity and the number of rare species in the areas.

They also looked at how important these places are for the survival of threatened species and how vulnerable they are to threats such as climate change and human activity, including pollution and illegal and badly managed fishing. Emerging activities such as deep seabed mining threaten to industrialze the seafloor on a scale as yet unimagined.

One of the areas, the Sargasso Sea serves as a crossroad of the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Its iconic floating Sargassum seaweeds provide a unique shelter to many species some of which, like the Sargassum anglerfish, are unique to the area.