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Upgrade, and get the most out of your new account. Try it free for 30 days. Study This. Luke Luke 1 Luke 3. And I am often a bit conflicted. She creates very feisty, independent heroines who then, paradoxically, crumble super-fast under the power of the hero's questionable charm. And her heroes tend to be fairly man-whorish, which is getting a bit old for me these days. Also, they tend to be quite a bit older- so far, her heroines have been barely out of their teens.

But our hero here was really quite wonderful. He tried to do his best, cared about the people he had in his life, be they native Maori or his long-suffering "valet". He felt the weight of responsibility and assumed it without complaint. He was a very mature hero and I appreciated that in him. Our heroine was a very crazy girl who had spent her ten years in school playing practical jokes on fellow students and still seemed incredibly juvenile.

I think she was 18, so perhaps I can forgive her that. Grow up, darling! I would think. It was a very tempestuous on-off-on saga that crossed oceans and jumped from the Southern hemisphere to the north, then back again. Conveniently scooting over the months each trip would take- whew!

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But it kept me interested and invested in the outcome. There were even a couple of parts where I laughed out loud- the heroine was so cheeky it was hilarious. I quite like the writing style and I loved the differentness of the setting and even the characters. A bit of fun, more than a bit of trauma and suffering, lots of drama, passion and sentiment, an exotic setting. Good way to spend an afternoon!

View 2 comments. Dec 31, Mishelle LaBrash rated it really liked it. In a word Amazing, Beautiful, Smart, Sexy and Funny as hell Okay that's 8 words.. But you get the point. Surprising as hell, not sure why. Other than I picked it up, expecting your typical, easy fun loving HR, and was pleasantly surprised with its depth and hypnotic writing. This book had me at "Hello".

Once An Angel

Im a huge fan of several, no make that hundreds of HR novels, each in there own way are enjoyable escapes of the everyday. Every once in a while you find one, that genui In a word Every once in a while you find one, that genuinly tugs at the heart strings, and steals your breath.

View 1 comment. Jan 21, Being Human rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf , read , annoying-heroine. I just couldn't finish the last chapters of the book because the plot was uneventful and dreary, but most of all because of the heroine. She was the most exasperatingly ill behaved heroine in my history of HR.

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A downright selfish attention seeker who doesn't have any self-respect whatsoever. Apr 07, Limau Nipis rated it did not like it Shelves: wasting-my-time , historical-romance , reads , nook-simple-touch. It pained me to give a 1-star to this book. I treasured Teresa Medeiros writings very much that I feel bad I have to rate this a 1-star. This one is a reread for me. I cannot remember much on the story line, but I was thinking to give a second read just because I want to rekindle my memory so much.

Why this book does not work for me?

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I love that the setting was in New Zealand. And how Emily found Justin was one of the wonderful moment, when they connect with each other at the island, and how I love It pained me to give a 1-star to this book. And how Emily found Justin was one of the wonderful moment, when they connect with each other at the island, and how I love Emily's innocence - even though the hero and heroine had a huge difference gap of 20 years. I love Part 1 of the book, actually - when they were building their dreams.

But after that, when the setting was switched back to England, everything fall apart. For one thing, I realised that when Justin suddenly know that Emily was actually the orphan that her father had asked Justin to look after, I found Emily behaviour was really childish and this maybe in sync with her year old thinking. It was just, she keep pushing for Justin proclaiming his love for her. Or when she realised Justin treated her like a child. The idea of Emily as someone innocent just evaporated, and I find her spoilt, childish and immature. Yes, I know that Emily had a hard time at the orphanage.

But suddenly, thrown in a world of luxury, she did not seem to mature enough and think or decide wisely. And when the problem of Justin cannot decide on what to do on you, you just ran to the nearest whore house. Seriously immature. As for Justin, I kind of hate him when he took liberties on Emily. He cannot make Emily his wife, and Emily seems content to be his 'mistress'. Oh my, what a low self esteem you have, Emily.

I was thinking that these 2 characters actually had a serious trust issue between each other. And so, the climax or the ending just fall flat on me. I will not read this book again. Jan 07, Gemma rated it it was ok. Medeiros is one of those authors that I discovered by sheer luck. I'd never read anything by her and just happened to take a chance on one of her books when I was shopping at a used-book store. And I was really glad that I did. So what h Medeiros is one of those authors that I discovered by sheer luck. I could have sworn that somebody else wrote this book under the author's name, because it was terrible.

The heroine was one of the most immature brats I've ever come across in romance, and I've been reading romance for 13 years now. However, the heroine wasn't my biggest complaint with this book. I couldn't stand the way the story seemed to be fueled by nothing but lust. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing else between them but flying hormones.

When the heroine spends the first pages completely naked except for a coat that's been loaned to her and always seems to be falling off at strategic moments , something's not right. Couldn't the hero have loaned her a shirt and trousers? They hate each other, yet fall into bed so fast it made my head spin. I'm not a prude, but this was just too much. The I-hate-you-but-oh-my-gosh-you're-so-hot-I-can't-keep-my-hands-off-you-I-have-to-have-you-now theme is tired, overdone, and a stupid one in the first place.

Sex is not enough of a reason for me to cheer for a couple to be together. As if that's enough to build a lifetime on. Is that too much to ask? And on another negative note, the relationship between hero and heroine seemed more like father-daughter than that of lovers. Double yech. I find Ms. I liked Emily Claire Scarborough, the spunky heroine, although she acted much too childish at times.

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She was very young, though, and had a very unpleasant childhood, so I can overlook that. Justin Connor was an interesting hero. The first part, which was my favorite, is set in New Zealand. She says her name is Emily Scarlet. Along with his valet, Penfeld, and the native Maori people, Justin has made a new life and family on the North Island.

I really enjoyed the different setting, somewhere other than England or Scotland, delightful though they are. Justin and Emily get to know each other and acknowledge their attraction for each other. But Emily remains distrustful and continues to keep her identity a secret. And Justin is keeping a secret of his own.

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In the second half, a messenger arrives to tell Justin that his father is dead, that he is the new duke, and that his mother needs him. Back in England, all of the secrets come out and Justin and Emily are forced to deal with all the hard stuff.

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Then the third partner returns and begins to tell Emily that Justin has been lying to her. The resolution and ending is back in New Zealand once again. This is definitely an old school book as far as the sex scenes are concerned — lots of throbbing members, nectar and dew. There were a few weird things left hanging, for example: Emily hears Justin reading the Bible to the Maoris and concludes that he is a missionary.

But this is not really mentioned again except in passing. But mostly I really enjoyed it. Feb 07, Jane rated it it was ok Shelves: readjan-jun. I was prepared to love this book, I really enjoy Teresa Medeiros but I was a little disappointed with this book. Through more than half the book Emily acts childish and spoiled, I just had no sympathy for her. I hated the way she acted like a child, pulling pranks being mean to everyone around her to get attention and then expects everyone to treat her like an adult.

She was just too immature for me to relate to. She was finally able to turn things a I was prepared to love this book, I really enjoy Teresa Medeiros but I was a little disappointed with this book. She was finally able to turn things around but for me it was to late to really like her as a h.

Lovely historical romance. I will read this author in the near future, for sure! Nov 09, Junkie for the Written Word rated it it was ok Shelves: research. This book is a mess. It's The Littlest Princess meets a pervie uncle and all hell breaks loose from there. They're together, apart, together, apart, together, apart, together, apart, together, apart I haven't watched that show since my sister forced me to when we lived at home together 20 years ago but I can almost guarantee that Brooke and Ridge are still together, about to be together, or painfully This book is a mess.

I haven't watched that show since my sister forced me to when we lived at home together 20 years ago but I can almost guarantee that Brooke and Ridge are still together, about to be together, or painfully apart right now. There is a reason, and the reason is I'm researching romance. I've actually started publishing short romantic fiction under a pen name, haha, you won't find me suckers and they're doing pretty well. What I realized, however, is that I have very little practical knowledge about the romance genre so I'm reading romance. I apologize if this breaks into your regularly scheduled reviews of post apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy high adventures but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Why am I writing romance you ask? It sells well. Aaaaaand as a novice writer it will allow me to cut my teeth on storytelling before breaking out the big guns of world building, massive character lists, and complicated and convoluted plots. Sep 22, Noelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical , herione-with-tortured-past , regency , owned , revenge , almost-prostitute.

This was the first book by Teresa Medeiros that I have read and I really loved it.

Her characters are well written, feel like real people. This story was not one of the ususal regency type story lines. I loved all the scenes in New Zealand and the Maori natives. The Independent. Theistic Satanism: The new Satanisms of the era of the Internet. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present. The Bible is the holy scripture of the Christian religion, purporting to tell the history of the Earth from its earliest creation to the spread of Christianity in the first century A.

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