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This was just choosing which team will win, and which team will lose. The first game was the Cincinnati Bengals vs.

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The Bengals were up at the half. All field goals. It was weird. Then I got kind of hooked. The Ravens scored a touchdown and then a bunch of field goals and ended up taking the lead, but with 4 minutes left in the game, Cincinnati scored a touchdown and won the game.

The newly formed band is led by Ted Solovicos, whose former band once opened for Bon Jovi.

The Pendulum never fails. Week 2, I gave her the Buffalo Bills vs. The Bills were up in the first half. Field goals again. The third quarter made things a little tighter, I start to doubt the Pendulum, It's Then all of the sudden the Bills go crazy and win the game Week 3, still not convinced, I give her a real toughie. She the Pendulum picks the Detroit Lions. I am shocked. I am at the actual Giants game, but am completely fixated on the out of town scoreboard where the Lions are leading at the half. There is no scoring in the third quarter. One touchdown from the great Aaron Rodgers and the Packers and it's over, but the Lions make a touchdown and the final score is a strange win.

The pendulum never fails. OK, now I'm crazy intrigued. What is this magic? I invited Irene on my show last week to see how the Pendulum works in person. I must know. I must see it live. She takes the Pendulum out of a small bag. It looks like a little weighted bullet on a necklace chain.

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I thought it would be different, didn't you? This time we had her pick the toughest one yet. This one there was even a spread of 3. In gambling talk that means that the New Orleans Saints would have to win by 3 points or more for one to win money. Irene meditated a bit. Then through some alien force of mysticism, the Pendulum began to swing clockwise. Apparently, that was telling us the Dallas Cowboys would win the game.

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That meant the spread made no difference. She was picking the underdog to upset the New Orleans Saints. This was a very very bold pick. Kalthras: And got a new one. Now that I've had a night's rest, I can do some more magical examinations. Jarmak, let me have a look at that dagger. GM: You don't pick up a lot about it, aside from confirming its combat bonus. That, and one other thing: The name its last owner, the guy the troll ate, gave it. At that point, a ghostly apparition begins materializing out of thin air yet again, and the group has more things to worry about than the rogue's problematic dagger.

Haunted indeed.

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Have your players memorized every magic item, or wondrous item, or whatever your game system calls them, in the book? Do they know instantly what elven boots do, and inspect bags carefully to determine whether they're bigger on the inside than the outside? Give them a Stone of Time , a Mirror of Unmaking , or, indeed, a Haunted Dagger , and sit back and enjoy the confusion. Here you have item names ready for you to attach a description to them. Or you could pick an interesting name and let it spark your imagination: perhaps the Mirror of Unmaking will cause the closest inanimate object it reflects to decompose into its component parts when the command engraved on the back of the mirror is spoken.

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Kalthras: And? What is that? GM: The Haunted Dagger. Welcome to the " Things " collections This is a list of magical item names, and what names they are! Bundles containing this product:. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 0. Please log in to add or reply to comments. See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. The presence of many small spring manufacturers in Central Connecticut today is an outgrowth of that phenomenon.

Women often worked at home painting dials and tablets. Then came watches, as the inevitable stage in the inexorable trend toward the individuation of technology. First town, then community, then home, and then the wrist. With electricity came increased accuracy and efficiency, but there was a cost: the absence of the mystical magic of that endlessly intriguing tick-tock sound that quietly reverberates through space and time. I now realize that this is why her home always felt to me as a child to be especially warm and comforting: she had a mechanical clock in every room. There was a mantle clock for the fireplace, a cuckoo clock for the dining room, a table clock for the living room, and a grandfather clock in the hallway that dominated them all.

I could barely sleep… or maybe I slept better than ever. I recall hearing a tremendous racket every hour, and waking to see my grandmother add another blanket to my bed. God how she loved me. How I loved her. The clocks gave me a sound to animate that love, an audible memory as powerful as perfume, so that when I just heard it again, I could recall her warm embrace, her smile, and those last days when she cried that her son, my father, had died before she had passed from this world to the next.

It is stable, or so we believe, no matter how often we hear Henri Bergson claim it is not. It roots us, gives us a sense of direction, allows us to track our progress, and draws attention to the thing we do not like to think about: the end of days. They will end. They did for my father, his mother, and they will for me. And so what do we do with this thing we call time? We make the best of it. We make it matter. How much? As much as we can comprehend. The mechanical clock, by dividing the thing we call the second into two parts, tick and tock, allows us to discern that our life is limited, that we cannot waste it, that the clock will go on long after we too pass from this world.

All these truths are embedded in this wooden box that operates without our volition. And yet once per day we must stick that key in and turn it.

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Only then can we experience the magic. In the end, it happens only because we, with human hands, make it happen. So it is with the narrative of history itself, forever making itself available for us to control but never finally adapting to our liking.