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By week's end, my husband, Jim, and I had gotten to know our local pub, the Queen's Arms, in an out-of-the-way mews; our year-old, Lucy, was dashing down to Partridge's on Gloucester Road to buy sandwich makings for lunch; year-old Caitlin could have led her own tours through Kensington Gardens; and the four of us at breakfast were munching on a cereal called Muddles, a British multi-grain version of Kellogg's Rice Krispies. Minutes into our first conversation, Panache owner Connie Afshar was guiding me to a choice.

I had described our two-bed, two-bath, quiet-at-night apartment and price requirements, and was wondering whether the 9th or 18th arrondissements might be a good location.

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This was exactly the kind of information I needed. After several more discussions, I chose an apartment on Rue Bonaparte, in the 6th arrondissement. Afshar and her husband, Nader, started Panache seven years ago, and the business has grown to represent properties -- mostly Paris apartments but also houses throughout France, Italy and Scotland and, most recently, apartments in London. Like the English Manner properties, Panache's flats are all privately owned.

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In a few cases, she added, the flat is the primary residence for an owner who stays at a country home during certain times of the year. This was true of our Paris apartment. Within hours of our arrival in Paris, we were met at our Rue Bonaparte address by our contact, as planned -- only to be told that the apartment was not available after all. The owner had double-booked it, I think. We were redirected to another apartment a few streets over, in the 7th arrondissement.

Caitlin will tell you that I "freaked out," but don't listen to her; I was slightly anxious, that's all. The new apartment, on tiny Rue de Luynes, proved remarkable. It belonged to a "very lovely French woman in her seventies who goes to her country house in the Pyrenees from late May to early October," Afshar later told me. At 1, square feet, our second-floor flat accessible by winding stairway or one of those quaint, bird cagelike elevators was nearly twice as large as the apartment we had contracted for, and its decor reflected the "aristocratic" background of its owner: parquet " Versailles -style" floors, 18th-century antique furniture and beautiful artwork, including a magnificent tapestry-like wall hanging and paintings of French landscapes and seascapes.

And yet, the apartment had a very comfortable feel to it -- so inviting, in fact, that Cait and Lucy immediately made themselves at home in the kitchen. Lucy chose a pretty little Limoges gold-rimmed creamer to use in preparing tea, which, in the washing up, she broke. Apartment switches, broken objects: These things can happen on vacation rentals. For our part, we appreciated the fact that Panache handled both circumstances with, yes, panache, arranging for us to stay at the lovely second apartment at the original rate and returning our security deposit despite the broken creamer.

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For their part, the Afshars understood our dismay at the last-minute apartment switch and knew how to make it up to us, and were grateful for our honesty in reporting the breakage. So while our tour of Paris took us to all the usual sensations -- Notre Dame, the Musee D'Orsay, Les Invalides, the Louvre -- it also included detours to the china section of Le Bon Marche department store, the china shop-lined Rue Paradis in the 10th arrondissement not the nicest part of town and the enormous Marche aux Puces St-Ouen de Clignancourt, as we searched for a replacement creamer.

Alas, no luck I later sent a poor substitute from home. Even more so than in London, we immersed ourselves in our surroundings, dining out only in our neighborhood, which included the Brasserie Lipp and my favorite, La Petite Chaise, which originally opened as an inn in On our final full day in Paris, we attended Mass at "our" 17th-century parish church, St. Thomas d'Aquin let the tourists go to ancient St.

While Jim went off to wander the Marais district, the girls and I happily settled ourselves at a cafe on Rue du Bac, to sip wine me , speak flirty French with the waiter Cait and forage nearby shops for treats like flavored macaroons from Dalloyau's Lucy. Every one of our vacation rentals develops its own myths over time. As the weeks go by, I've caught myself on the verge of mythmaking about our London trip: that locals started to greet us like mates in the Queen's Arm Pub never happened or that we made it to the Live 8 concert nope. An evolving Paris myth is sure to hinge upon the miraculous discovery of the exact twin to the yellow Limoges creamer.

The truth, of course, is better: that my enthusiastic daughters got caught up in their experience of living like locals, that that's what we were there for, and that we'd give anything to do it all again. Mike from apartmentsba Nice small luxurious and expensive apts. Reynolds Properties. English spoken market. This site uses cookies to improve your experience, to enhance site security and to show you personalised advertising. Click here to learn more or control your settings. By clicking on or navigating the site, you agree to our use of cookies.

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Well, it's just that you Must be because of that kiss. Gosh, I don't remember. Well, I'd be happy to refresh your memory. Um, maybe we should start my lesson now. Sure, but can I just say That was the best kiss I've ever had. All right, how many women have you kissed? Did I say five? You and my mother. You expect me to believe that? All right, well, how exactly am I supposed to get up Now, how do I get him to move? Just tap your heels gently against his sides. When I said "whoa," I didn't mean to stop, I was just surprised.

Elizabeth, he's smart, but you really can't hold a conversation with him. All right, how do I get him to slow down? I said slow down. I didn't say stop. We can go as slow as you like. This trial means everything to Abigail. You think there's even a chance they'll clear Noah Stanton's name? I'm not so sure anymore. I thought it was good news when we lost Jedidiah Black, but the new judge makes the old coot look like a saint.

Do you know the new judge? Best thing we can do is take it one day at a time. And then Jack and I saw a couple of executives that the mining company must have sent for the trial. They were talking to Gowen, and the judge was there, too. I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm glad we're finally going to have our day in court. Well, I am sure that Bill Avery will have evidence strong enough to prove your case.

I'm not sure about anything when it comes to Bill Avery. Have you spoken to him yet? After seeing his wedding ring and that picture of his family? I'll be interested to hear how he explains that. You might want to do it before you're sitting next to him at the prosecutor's table. Oh, this is the last thingI needed before the trial. But the good news is, I hear that the attorney prosecuting the case is one of the best. From your lips to God's ears.

Well, it's ironic, isn't it? Well, we should be happy we finally have the money for our new church and school, and instead, we're all worried about this trial. Florence, I've always found that the best way to wash away worry is through prayer. Who are you all waiting for? The stage is late. What do we even know about this Sam Madison? We know he is willing to come out here and fight for us.

I dated a Sam Madison once. Or was it Sam Mason? Maybe you should keep a list. Well, that is a great idea. I suppose it would start with Jack.

Too bad it won't end with him. Too bad we lost Black. Might've been tough, but at least he was fair. I wish the same could be said for Parker. This is first time I've had a welcoming committee. Usually, I'm met by a few guns and a Marshall. Sorry to disappoint you. And you would be? I don't mean to sound surprised, but I'm used to it. I'm the forensic expert on this case, and I must say, I am surprised.

I trust you'll recover. Did you attend law school? Welcome to Coal Valley. I read all your correspondence, and I want to assure you, and all the widows here, that, despite the fact I'm wearing a skirt, the case for the mining company is in capable hands. Well, I'd prefer someone else's hands, thank you very much. Duly noted, but, for now, it's in mine, and I'll use a fist, if need be. Where can I find Judge Parker? I believe he just checked into the saloon hotel.

If you'll excuse me, ladies. Do you think she stands any chance against that pit bull on Gowen's payroll? Honestly, I think he's gonna make a fool of her, and the rest of us. Glad you could get here on such short notice, Judge. I was quite surprised to hear about Jedidiah Black's sudden departure. You didn't have anything to do with that, now, did you, Mr. Gowen and Counselor Gentry.

Miss Madison, have you ever tried a case before? I've prosecuted a fair share, but this will be my first trial. So how can I help you? Well, considering you seem to be fraternizing with the defense Defense requested a pre-trial consultation. Well, I have a poker game this evening.

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And as long as I'm winning, you can have the weekend. A week would be better. You have 48 hours. Trial starts at 9: Well, I will be ready. Does she have much trial experience? Which means she has to be twice as good to have made it this far in a man's world. Should we try to get someone else? She's a prosecutor, appointed by the state! The chances of her winning this trial is slim to none. You gave me a chance without knowing me. Why not give her one? Well, easy for you to say. You didn't lose anybody in that mine. Elizabeth is on our side. You're right, Florence, I didn't.

But you entrusted me with your children, and I hope I'm teaching them to judge people based on who they are inside Not whether they're wearing pants or a skirt. What you don't seem to understand is that this Madison woman could lose this trial for all of us! She could win it, too! And I plan to. But I won't lie to you, ladies.

We have our work cut out for us. Did you speak to Judge Parker? I did, and I convinced him to give us a continuance for 48 hours. We can't dwell on what we can't change. I couldn't have said that better myself. How can we help? We need to develop a winning strategy, establish a solid fact pattern. What I mean by that is I need you to tell me every little detail leading up to the explosion. Don't leave anything out. I want to know everything you remember, no matter how small. Well, would you like some coffee and pie? I do my best work over pie. Abigail, you might want to take a piece of that pie to the judge.

He strikes me as a man who likes dessert. Isn't that a bribe? I'm sure he's seen bigger bribes than pie. Oh, he can't be that bad! He's the nephew of Isaac Parker, the hanging judge. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Well, let's just say I have heard he has a unique interpretation of "justice. I don't know what you're talking about. Well, I believe you do. And people will find out sooner or later. It's a very small town. Maybe we should do this another time. What other time is there? Would you care to join us? And may I ask what you're doing here?

I believe it's quite clear. And I'm quite certain it's illegal to fraternize with the defendant. Well, I think it's also illegal for you to break into my office and steal company property. You should have them arrested for burglary. He's just upset because he's losing. I insist you stop playing. You know, if you continue to interrupt this game, the judge here may find you in contempt of court. This isn't a court, it's a saloon. It's my court and, right now, my card game. Then may I suggest you take three more cards?

Because you're not gonna win with a pair of twos. Would you please escort this woman out? This looks like a clear violation of the ethics code. You're hardly the right man to speak to ethics, now, are you, Bill? Especially in front of Mrs. I was talking to the Judge, Gowen. You know he's not the gentleman you think he is? I don't think you have room to talk about ethics either, Mr.

You know, perhaps you should teach them both a lesson And have them spend the night in jail. They don't leave, that's exactly what I'm gonna do. You have something to say, young lady? No one's going to jail today, Judge. Have a lovely afternoon. I really wanted to give that man a piece of my mind.

I suggest we don't giveParker any more reason to side with Gowen. What he's doing is unethical! Is there something wrong? You tell me, Mr. Oh, we're back to "Mr. What happened to "Bill? Could I have a moment alone with you to explain? I have some work to do at the jail. I have some papers to grade. Whatever you have to say to me, you can say it in front of Elizabeth. Are you sure about that?

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I have nothing to hide. You saw the picture in my room? And the wedding ring on your dresser. My son died two years ago. I lost my wife a week later. Now may I have that moment alone? I have customers waiting. Don't worry about that, Abigail. I can take care of the cafe myself. If you need help at the cafe, Abigail, I'm more than happy to pitch in. I'm a wonderful cook.

In fact, the biscuits at Del Monico's in New York are my recipe. Of course they are! I won't be long. Take all the time you need! I feel terrible for the thoughts I've had about you. They're probably half-true anyway. The truth is, Abigail, I never thought I would have feelings for another woman again. Until I met you. I suppose we are.

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Well, I guess I should get back before Elizabeth burns down my kitchen. I don't see any flames. It has been a while since I've taken the afternoon off. Pass me the salt, will you? Oh, and flip your steak, otherwise it's gonna burn. No, not like that. I don't recall signing up to work for you. Oh, am I being too bossy? I just have such a way with cooking, and from what I hear, you, uh Who told you that?

Oh, Jack may have mentioned it. Jack has barely even tried my cooking. Perhaps there's a reason for that. You know, I'm really not that hungry after all. Let's get you a table. It's a much better view. He doesn't need a view of Main Street He sees it all day, every day. I'm just gonna get something and take it back to the jail. You'll do no such thing! My chicken-fried steak will not be eaten in that dirty jail. You both made chicken-fried steak? I'm not sure Elizabeth's can be identified.

Avery is a forensic expert. I'm just gonna take a coffee, black. And your chicken-fried steak. Well, that's just your opinion. That is a lot of food. Well, you work so hard protecting the town. Actually, I haven't done much all day. I know I'm not the greatest cook. I've never cooked at Del Monico's, or anywhere else, for that matter, but I did spend the last hour cooking over a hot stove, and we both know, that if you don't eat this Except his dog, Rip.

I'll keep this warm for you. I'm sorry for interrupting. Oh, not a problem, Ned. Miss Thatcher, this telegram came for you, and I think it might be important. It's from my father. My mother's taken ill. They want me home as soon as possible. I was barely 18 when I met Noah. So young to fall in love. Not much older than my son, Peter, would've been right now. Anyway, he asked me to marry him the same night that I met him.

What did you say? Then somehow, two weeks later, we were standing in front of a preacher! How did you propose to your wife? Well, believe it or not, she proposed to me. We had our differences,but she put up with me. Well, I guess we were both lucky in love. For a little while, anyway. There's something to be said for second chances. I'm going with you. Yeah, I need to make sure you get there safely. Plus, I get a chance to catch up with my brother, so don't even think of giving me an argument.

I wasn't planning on it. I'm so worried, Jack. It's gonna be okay. I'll look after things. And keep an eye on Gowen. I'll keep two eyes on him. You'll be in my thoughts and my prayers. I'll feel better once I'm there. Take good care of her, Jack. This is Joseph Sweeney. He'll be testifying for us. Thank you for coming all this way, Mr. My conscience wouldn't allow me to do anything less. I knew your husband and son.

She stretch my heart C made it a drum keeping time A- for dancing! With the moon and stars and sun C, E-7, F keeping time with everyone everything keeping time for dancing D- with the rain, with the rain C In a circle village of friends A-! The sweetest song of the bluest bird A-, G the purest water of the deepest sea G, A- the strongest stirring that you feel in your soul A-, G She is in everything. Feel her in everything A-, G breathe her in everything G, A- from your loneliest hour, will blossom a flower A-, G She is in everything.

Oh speak to me oh sweet celestial voice [A-, G, A-] and journey to the center of my soul [A-, G, A-] so I can hear the songs that you are singing [C, G, A-] as my path of love and light unfolds. Spiral into the light. And I love you so I am one with the Earth that keeps turning C one with the stars that shines A- one with the waves that are ocean F one with the light that I see in your eyes bis G!

Pisaq, Oct - Full Moon! Far away from anywhere in a place outside of time G, C, G spiral to the center, leave all the rest behind G, C, G would you believe life could be so easy E-, C, G to give and receive this love, so easy. Oh daime, daime amor A-, E-, B7, E-! Talk to me in the language of light A I can feel you coming on crystalline C showing me colors and the deepest visions of your soul.

Crystal fountains flowing free A in the heart of you, the heart of me C we are children in the garden of the One world unity. So spread your precious wings A, C soar with the flow of consciousness G ride the shimmering wave to the shores of the new dawn. So spread your precious wings A, C soar with the flow of consciousness G and dive into this ocean of love and ride the waves.

In the Temple of the One love F we are dancing free. The river is flowing, flowing and growing A-, G, A- The river is flowing back to the sea. For this is the time of prophecy of infinite possibility E-. B-, C, D and all it really takes for you is to let it all go and go with the flow. B-, C, D And this could be the promised land let us take you by the hand E-. The rhythm of mama Gaia take you higher and higher E-. And as you walk your dance of time listen to your secret rhyme E-. B-, C, D for it will reveal to you all it is you have to do. B-, C, D And let your life live rich and strong for it is a blessing and there is no wrong E-.

B-, C, D allow yourself to learn and grow let it all go and go with the flow E-. And let the rhythm of mama Gaia take you higher and higher E-. And the formlessness of daddy the sky daddy the sky he will let you fly E-. B-, C, D The formlessness of daddy the sky daddy the sky he will let you fly. The competition ended on March 21, , where Alonso and her partner, Marco Garavaglia, finished in 3rd place out of 11 contestants. The show premiered on Fox Life in Italy on 21 December It featured contestants recreating dances from popular music videos, musicals, and films.

At 19, she moved out of her family's home in Castelar to Buenos Aires , where she lived on her own for several years. In November , she moved to Madrid , Spain to continue pursuing her acting career. In , she began learning Italian in order to work in Italy. They ended their relationship in early Her great-grandparents were from Marche , Italy.

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