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There are always those days that we just don't want or can't teaching! As homeschool mamas we need a break in the routine! Check out my top 5 ways to encourage learning without needing to teach!

How many times have you told your children not to leave their things just laying around? See, I have begun using strewing as a way to entice them to explore different topics all on their own. Strewing has become a trend lately in the homeschooling community and is a wonderful way to help your children love learning by directing themselves in open-ended learning. Not only are the kids off enjoying learning, but it also….

Heading to a convention or wondering what its like? Check out my highlights from our recent Great Homeschool Convention trip! Books are a great part of our school day and family life.

Christian Homeschooling 101

Click to View. It is natural to feel somewhat uncertain when considering homeschooling.

Homeschooling 101: What is Homeschooling?

In addition, TEACH and area support groups periodically sponsor events , such as conferences, workshops and homeschool information nights, for those interested in learning more about homeschooling in Connecticut. Although Connecticut is a very homeschool-friendly state, there are guidelines with which you should become familiar. This will keep you aware of your purpose for home educating should the road become difficult or should you become overwhelmed by the many opportunities afforded homeschool families.