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How close can she come to confessing her past without jeopardizing her future? Not with the church's money. But 'church' was never Willie Jr. Willie's mother, Ephesia, hopes that her son will be able to fill his father's shoes, but she has doubts. In fact, she hopes that her husband Joseph will soon be able to take over the job of shepherding the church.

Amidst this uncertainty, Willie's wife decides now would be a good time to leave, which means Willie Jr. Will the pressures of making ends meet cause Willie Jr. Will he ever be able to live up to the prophecy his deceased father told?

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And will he learn his most valuable lessons before it's too late? The travelers : a novel. James muddles through a topsy-turvy relationship with his son, Rufus, which is further complicated when Rufus marries Claudia Christie. Claudia's mother - Agnes Miller Christie - is a beautiful African American woman who survives a chance encounter on a Georgia road that propels her into a new life in the Bronx.

Soon after, her husband, Eddie Christie, is called to duty on an aircraft carrier in Vietnam, where Tom Stoppard's play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead becomes his life anchor as he grapples with mounting racial tensions on the ship and counts the days until he will see Agnes again.

Havoc A Betrayed Novel

These unforgettable characters' lives intersect with a cast of lovers and friends: the unapologetic black lesbian who finds her groove in s Berlin; a moving man stranded in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, during a Thanksgiving storm; two half brothers who meet as adults in a crayon factory; and a Coney Island waitress whose Prince Charming is too good to be true. Written with piercing humor, exacting dialogue, and a beautiful sense of place, Regina Porter's debut is both an intimate family portrait and a sweeping exploration of what it means to be American today.

Borrowed time. Tim Ayers, scion of a wealthy Chicago family, has been found dead, floating in Lake Michigan near his luxury boat. Cass reluctantly begins digging only to discover that Tim Ayers was terminally ill. Given the large quantities of alcohol and drugs found in his body, Ayers' death appears to be either an accident or suicide. But there are too many unanswered questions and unexplained coincidences. Why would anyone kill a dying man? Working her connections on both sides of the law, Cass tries to point the police in the right direction.

But violence is escalating around her, and Cass's persistence has already attracted unwanted attention, uncovering sinister secrets that Cass may end up taking to her grave"-- Book jacket. In West Mills : a novel. Let the people of West Mills say what they will; the neighbors' gossip won't keep Knot from what she loves best: cheap moonshine, nineteenth-century literature, and the company of men.

And yet, Knot is starting to learn that her freedom comes at a high price. Alone in her one-room shack, ostracized from her relatives and cut off from her hometown, Knot turns to her neighbor, Otis Lee Loving, in search of some semblance of family and home. Otis Lee is eager to help. A lifelong fixer, Otis Lee is determined to steer his friends and family away from decisions that will cause them heartache and ridicule.


After his failed attempt as a teenager to help his older sister, Otis Lee discovers a possible path to redemption in the chaos Knot brings to his doorstep. But while he's busy trying to fix Knot's life, Otis Lee finds himself powerless to repair the many troubles within his own family, as the long-buried secrets of his troubled past begin to come to light.

Set in an African American community in rural North Carolina from to , In West Mills is a magnificent, big-hearted small-town story about family, friendship, storytelling, and the redemptive power of love. If it makes you happy. Little sister : Cleo's story - a companion to Been So Long. As she faces down the demons of her past, will she lose her family and her sanity? Valinda Lacy's mission is to help the newly emancipated survive and flourish in post-Civil War New Orleans.

When thugs destroy her school and target her, she runs for her life--into the arms of Captain Drake LeVeq. An architect from an old New Orleans family, Drake admires Valinda's determination but when her father demands she return home to marry another man, her daring rebellion draws Drake into an irresistible intrigue. Madam, may I May 23, Home wrecker. Includes book club discussion questions and a conversation with the author. Wives pay Lisette to ruin their marriages. Some are looking to get out of abusive situations and others are looking to get even with their husbands. Some don't want a divorce, just control.

After Lisette turns down Kyra Roger's job offer, Kyra doesn't want to take no for an answer.

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Lisette's life will never be the same. Midlife crisis. She and her handsome husband, Garrett, are the epitome of success: an immaculate house of their dreams, a beautiful and talented year-old daughter, flourishing careers, and nearly twenty years of perfectly wedded bliss. Just as they are making plans for their vow renewal celebration, a call in the middle of the night interrupts their picture-perfect lives. Now Sylvia has to deal with the reality of Garrett's dead mistress, a love child she never knew about, and the fact that the man she's been married to for the past twenty years may not be the man she knows at all.

Outlaw mamis. Know your place. And now dangerous choices and reckless desire will push their bond to lethal limits. Fatality in F. A big girl's revenge.

About Author Clifford “Spud” Johnson

With a good education, well-paying job, and a promising future, she has everything a young woman could ask for, including high self-esteem. But after a chance meeting with Rico, the neighborhood "bad boy," her fairy tale life is quickly dismantled. Blinded by emotion, she gives in to all his cruel intentions. Under the false claim of love, Rico vindictively tears down all that good-girl Keisha has built.

His sole purpose seems to be to make her miserable. Taz is the ruthless leader of an elite group of bandits who rule the streets Taz is the ruthless leader of an elite group of bandits who rule the streets of Oklahoma City. No one's met the mysterious boss who gives them their orders via laptop, but the arrangement works for everyone involved. Their criminal View Product.

Blood Lust. His Victims Were Uncounted. From the time he was a teenager, Jeremy Bryan Jones From the time he was a teenager, Jeremy Bryan Jones had let his violent passions run wild: attacking, raping, and mutilating. Then, in Mobile County, Alabama, Jones's rampage was stopped.

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But no one knew how Gangsta Twist 1. Taz, the ruthless leader of an elite group of bandits, falls hopelessly in love with Sacha, an up-and-coming lawyer who will stop at nothing He Don't Play Fair. When his conviction for conspiracy to distribute cocaine is overturned, Papio is released from a When his conviction for conspiracy to distribute cocaine is overturned, Papio is released from a Federal Correctional Institution in El Reno after serving just 3 years of his year sentence.

Having some unfinished business in Oklahoma City, Papio stops there If You Don't Know Me. New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison delivers a scandalous story of two women, But when a suspicious fire leads to the disappearance of an entire family, and the sound of Lady J Drama High Series 5.

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For South Bay High's bold, beautiful Jayd Jackson, drama has reached record-breaking heights as she finds herself on the defensive at home, work, and school. Maybe it's time to take her destiny--and her power--into her own hands. Midnight Heat. One wild ride from start to finish.