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Minor shelf rubbing to edges of boards. Dust Jacket un-clipped. Category: Fiction; Children. Working out what we can do. What they can do with us. But what is really going on at the farm? And what about the five much younger children known as the Babies, frail as butterflies? Hard Cover.. Set in the s, this story begins when Henry Fanshaw discovers a large gold nugget on protected land in the Wimmera district of Victoria. When it is stolen from him he employs Black Perry, from Barbados, remarkable for his skill in boxing, shooting and impersonation, to hunt down the thieves.

First published by Jonathan Cape A story of Marcia, a middle-aged, Jewish, divorced, New Yorker. Light soiling to edges. Edgewear and creasing to covers. One of the great works of 19th-century England as well as one of the masterpieces of English fiction, this novel is set in the Midlands, , in the fictitious town of Middlemarch. It is concerned with the blighted marriage of a young idealistic woman, but also presents a vivid portrait of England during the Georgian era.

A film adaptation of the novel, directed by Sam Mendes and with screenplay by Andrew Davies, is due to be released in Peder Zane, W. This release presents a captivating insight into contemporary developments: medical science, the Great Reform Bill, the beginnings of the railways, the death of King George IV and the succession of his brother King William IV. Edges of covers have superficial edgewear and corners are moderately bumped. Book and wrapper firmly in library bound plastic.

Book firm and clean. Dustwrapper price clipped. Binding is loose but fully intact. He says, someone is trying to kill him. He can't divulge more over the phone, but Felix Berg wants to meet. At midnight. Out by the lighthouse at Howth. Though experience has made her wary, former FBI agent turned true crime writer Saxon reluctantly agrees. But could it be a trap? Poor ex-library Price: 8.

Alaric the minstrel seems fated to wander in search of his lost family and heritage. His gift is to be able to transport himself from one place to another, but in a world where magic is viewed with suspicion it is a gift which may place him in mortal danger. This book won the Balrog Award. Front and bakc end pages are split at hinge. Dust jacket has mild foxing. Edges of pages are mildly foxed. Title page has been removed. Category: Fiction; Historical; Inventory No: Dust jacket has minor bumping to edges. Text marked with Library stamps, but very discreetly, spine unmarked, in all other respects in very good condition throughout.

This is John Harris' classic war novel of espionage in the most extreme of situations. An essential flight from France leaves the crew of RAF Hudson missing, and somewhere in the North Sea four men cling to a dinghy, praying for rescue before exposure kills them or the enemy finds them.

One man is critically injured; another a rocket expert is carrying a briefcase stuffed with vital secrets. As time begins to run out each man yearns to evade capture. This story charts the daring and courage of these men, their rescuers and a breathtaking mission with the most awesome of consequences. First ed. Very good, page edges yellowed. Castro is dying and the people of Cuba face an uncertain future. Hector Sedeno, a priest and outspoken opponent of Castro's regime, looks forward to a future free of dictatorship. He is prepared to call on his people to take control as soon as Castro dies.

The ace up his sleeve is a battery of Scud missiles left behind by the Soviets, missiles now armed with biological warheads and aimed at American cities. Then Castro dies. And Vargas steals a shipload of biological weapons. Detective Inspector Charlie Priest's day hasn't got off to a good start. Late for work for the first time in twenty years, thanks to a sloe gin hangover, he's faced with the rather grisly evidence of a crime in the local park before a call comes in to say that one of his new constables has discovered a body.

Moderate water damage to covers. When young David Balfour's father dies and leaves him in poverty, he tracks down his Uncle Ebenezer to seek his inheritance. But his uncle is a mean, nasty man with a dark family secret. David finds himself in terrible danger when he is kidnapped and taken prisoner on board a ship bound for slavery- he must escape.

Dust jacket protected in clear, plastic sleeve. Knowing how many people are vying for waterfront property, real-estate agent Eve Elliott is uneasy when she witnesses what appears to be a jet-ski accident, and things only get more complicated when other conflicts arise that threaten the whole area Quantity Available: 1. Bloodlines Williamson, J. Marshall Madison disappeared the night his wife committed suicide. She had seen the things Madison had done to their son, Thad, and couldn't deal with the knowledge that their daughter, Caroline, would be next.

Caroline was taken in by a kind, hard-working family, and Thad ran off to live by his wits on the streets of New York. But Madison means to make good on his promise to come for his children. And as he gets closer and closer, the trail of bodies in his wake gets longer and longer. Dr Kim Reggis takes his daughter for a special night out to a fast-food restaurant. But the good time turns to tragedy when the young girl becomes ill and dies as a result of E coli poisoning. Kim devotes all his energies to tracing the cause of contamination, against even violent opposition.

Paul Quillet is bound to his computer-genius brother by one thing: loathing. When Charlie vanishes, Paul agrees to help the government find him - but only for money of course. But Charlie has discovered how to predict natural disasters, and suddenly it's a life and death race against time. A savage attack has left two dead, and a girl with her throat cut, but alive. In search for a haven for one of their witnesses, the police turn to Dr Samantha Laschen. But what begins as a favour and an experiment ends as a fight for her sanity, and for the survival of all that is precious to her.

When Rose sees Joe in an Oxford bar, for her it is instant infatuation. He is everything she could ever want: gifted musician, wit and high achiever. In her mind, at least, they are ideally matched and a burning desire for him takes hold. Fate, however, has other plans and Joe has no intention of settling down. All Rose will ever be to him is part of his student past. Instead he embarks on a dazzling career which takes him abroad for a number of years, leaving Rose alone with shattered dreams.

She knows what true happiness can be like. Her parents have always been very well married, and the late arrival of her kid sister, Lily, helped make the family complete. But when Joe returns and falls for Lily, unaware that Rose still has feelings for him, a dangerous rivalry ensues Politics tells the story of a father and daughter. It also tells the story of a m-nage - trois. Politics explores crucial domestic problems of sexual etiquette. What should sleeping arrangements be in a menage - trois? Is it polite to read while two people have sex beside you?

Is it permissible to be jealous? If you have eczema, may you complain that undinism can be painful? Politics is a comedy about kindness. And, at the same time, it is also about Milan Kundera, blow jobs, Chairman Mao's personal hygiene, V-clav Havel, half-Jewishness, Bollywood, shopping, Hitler's sexual fetish, selfishness, Osip Mandelstam, premature ejaculation, the late Queen Mother, thrush, Stalin on the phone, politeness, pink fluffy handcuffs, and Antonio Gramsci's theory of hegemony.

Politics is not about politics. He does the Granta list proud' The Times --'Politics has a flexibility and muscle that elevates [ Quantity Available: 1. A modern ghost story. Lillian Foy is a woman who feels too much. As a psychiatric nurse, she empathizes with her patients; as a mother, she mourns for her lost, runaway daughter. Now she feels that her house has been invaded by some past evil. Then, Lillian sees the boy. Edges of covers have moderate edgewear and corners are lightly bumped. Spine has mild fading. Angus Wilson's first volume of short stories, "The Wrong Set" was first published in to immense critical acclaim.

The collection is a brilliantly funny exposure of the protective devices with which people seek to mask deep-laid egotism. There is the wallowing in self-adulation on the part of the 'crazy Cockshott family', as they delight to dub themselves. There is the search for really nice standards on the part of Vi, singer at the 'Passion Fruit' nightclub - as hopelessly bemused a spirit as ever lived in sin at Earl's Court and attempted to lecture a young Communist nephew with untidy hair and spectacles.

There is the humbug of the bullying new curator at the provincial Art Gallery. And the staff dance at the South Kensington hotel, where lives the lady who spends her life trying to achieve 'a Knightsbridge appearance on a Kensington purse', and where, as the evening progresses and the drinks begin to tell, the lady-like facades and gentlemanly courtesy of the clientele crack up with a vengeance. When their country is invaded and their families are taken, eight high school teenagers band together to fight.

Seventeen-year-old Ellie and her friends have survived the invasion, but two of their band are captured: Kevin is imprisoned and Corrie is alive, but in a coma. Homer and Ellie are determined to get them back and to continue their campaign against the enemy. They discover that there are other rebels out there, fighting the invaders - but who are they and can they be trusted?

As the pressure grows, can Ellie work out her conflicted feelings for the brilliant, arrogant Homer and the strong, gentle Lee? As war rages, and the enemy closes in, Ellie and her friends must once again fight for their lives A truly involving story about teenagers facing the incredible challenges of warfare, amid the intensity of first love. Would you sacrifice everything to save your country and your family?

Edges of pages are slightly soiled. Suddenly, just before dawn, the lights went out aboard the San Andreas. For the British hospital ship sailing the deadly, U-boat patrolled Norwegian waters, a nightmare of violence and betrayal has begun. A terrifying game of sabotage in which an unknown traitor among the crew holds all the cards. The red crosses on the vessel's sides spell anything but safety. For a dangerous secret has turned the ship into a priceless quarry. Alone in treacherous, frozen seas, her compass smashed, the San Andreas is being drawn relentlessly into the enemy's hands.

Had the bomb been triggered a few hours later Monique Monet, France's legendary sex siren and once most-cherished daughter, would have been on board. Monet is ready to relinquish her citizenship to fight against French nuclear testing in the Pacific and ready to fly the flag of Greenpeace. French intelligence, however, is not prepared to let the world see Monet disown her country. A chance meeting between expatriate journalist Jonathan hunter and Monet's new lover, the enigmatic Jean Claude Duffer, takes all three of them on a perilous odyssey through the Pacific.

Hunter is on to the greatest scoop of his career. Pages are clean and unmarked and in excellent condition except for short gift inscription in ink. When Steve Lopez sees Nathaniel Ayers playing his heart out on a two-string violin on Los Angeles' skid row, he finds it impossible to walk away. More than thirty years ago, Ayers was a promising student at Julliard - ambitious, charming and hugely talented - until he gradually lost his ability to function, overcome by schizophrenia. When Lopez finds him, Ayers is homeless and paranoid, but glimmers of his earlier brilliance are still there.

Over time, the two men form a bond, and Lopez imagines that he might be able to change Ayer's life. For each triumph, there is a crashing disappointment, yet neither man gives up. Their friendship will changes both of their lives in ways that neither could predict. Poignant and ultimately hopeful, "The Soloist" is a beautifully told story of devotion in the face of seemingly unbeatable challenges, and the inspiring power of music.

Fifteen-year-old Hanka Kaudersova has ginger hair and clear, green eyes. When her family is deported to Auschwitz, her mother, father and younger brother are sent to the gas chamber. By a twist of fate, Hanka is faced with a simple alternative: follow her family, or work in an SS brothel behind the eastern front. She chooses to live, her Aryan looks allowing her to disguise the fact that she is Jewish. As the German army retreats from the Russian front, Hanka battles cold, hunger, fear and shame, sustained by her hatred for the men she entertains, her friendship with the mysterious Estelle, and her fierce, burning desire for life.

Lovely Green Eyes explores the compromises and sacrifices that an individual may make in order to survive, the way a woman can retain her identity in the face of appalling trauma, and the value of human life itself. This is a remarkable novel, which soars beyond nightmare, leaving the reader with a transcendent sense of hope. The Lighthouse James, P. But the peace of Combe is violated when one of the distinguished visitors is bizarrely murdered. Adam Dalgliesh is called in to solve the mystery quickly and discreetly, but at a difficult time for him and his depleted team.

Dalgliesh is uncertain about his future with Emma Lavenham, the woman he loves, Detective Inspector Kate Miskin has her own emotional problems and the ambitious Anglo-Indian Sergeant Francis Benton-Smith is worried about working under Kate. Hardly have the team begun to unravel the complicated motives of the suspects than there is a second brutal killing, and the whole investigation is jeopardised when Dalgliesh is faced with a danger more insidious and as potentially fatal as murder.

This eagerly awaited successor to The Murder Room displays the qualities which aficionados have come to expect of P. James: sensitive characterisation, an exciting and superbly structured plot and vivid evocation of place. The Lighthouse is a subtle and powerful work of contemporary fiction. It is and Naples has been looted by the Allies and Axis powers alike, its priceless art treasures coveted by some of the most corrupt criminal minds in Europe. In this tantalising read, one man stands against a tide of wilful destruction and greed, trying to save a past for the people of Naples' future.

Entrenched in the searing sands of Libya, a group of soldiers uncover a tomb. Buried in the ancient dust they find a macabre crown of thorns and the devastatingly powerful Spear of Destiny. They've discovered the last resting place of Christ. But dark shadows visit the old friends in the dead of night and make them pay the ultimate price for the secrets they stole.

Gerald's grandson, DCI Ethan Usherwood, is left to piece together the mystery behind the killings and to uncover the treasure they kept hidden for so many years. A desperate hunt for the ultimate truth, "Spear of Destiny" is undeniably Daniel Easterman's most powerful thriller to date.

Vulture: An Ike Schwartz Mystery Audiobook by Frederick Ramsay

Lovell Pub. This book appears to be unread. Minor reading creases to spine. Size: Previous bookseller's stamp. Edge wear and scuffing to boards, tanned pages, scuff mark to first page. With a wife he loves and an exciting London-based career, architect Charles Waterston's life seems in perfect balance. Nothing in his comfortable existence prepares him for the sudden end to his ten-year marriage--or his unwanted transfer to his firm's New York office. With nothing left to lose, Charlie takes a leave of absence from his job to drive through New England, hoping to make peace with himself.

Christmas is approaching when Charlie leaves New York, heading to Vermont to ski. But a sudden, blinding snowstorm strands him in a small Massachusetts town. There, as if by chance, Charlie meets an elderly widow who offers to rent him her most precious possession: a remote, exquisite lakeside chateau. Hidden deep in the woods, it once belonged to a woman who lived and died there two centuries before. Her name was Sarah Ferguson.

And from the moment Charlie sets foot inside the chateau's graceful depths, he feels her presence, and longs to know more about the life she led. It is Christmas Eve when Charlie first glimpses her, a beautiful young woman with jet black hair. He thinks it is a neighbor playing a joke on him, until he finds her diaries hidden away in an old trunk. As he begins to turn the brittle, dusty pages, Sarah Ferguson comes alive. Intrigued and unafraid, Charlie immerses himself in the diaries, eager to learn more about the woman for whom the house was built.

Sarah's first entry is dated , the year she arrived in America. Without self-pity or sentiment, she writes of her harrowing journey from her native England, having fled the brutality of her aristocratic husband. Settling in Massachusetts, Sarah finds an unfamiliar land seething with the turbulence of theIndian wars. Determined to start a new life in the vast new world, Sarah finds freedom--and danger--as she builds her home in the wilderness and meets a man who will transform her life.

His name is Franois de Pellerin, a French nobleman adopted by Indians and drawn into the battle for the growing nation. Their fateful union is a testament to a love so powerful it reaches across the centuries. And for Charlie Waterston, caught between Sarah's world and his own, their story is a gift--one that gives him the courage to let go of his past, and the freedom to grasp a future that is right before his eyes. Spine has minor lean and heavy reading creases.

Set in the contested lands of 14th-century Spain, where four Christian kings are vying for supreme power. First Paperback Edition.

An ordinary family must cope with the loss of Annie, a year-old just coming into adulthood, when she is killed in a horseback-riding accident. When coroner Rachel Garrett gets in the way of someone who's trying to kill handsome vampire Etienne Argeneau, Etienne must teach her to love the night--and him. Carbon copies of killings committed years earlier and by men currently incarcerated in one of britain's top maximum security prisons.

How could this be? Detective InspectorFrank Gregson must find the answers. Answers that will bring him into conflict with two very dangerous men The slugs have come back.. But now they bring a new horror - a plague which spreads insanity and death, transforming its victims into grotesque, crazed killers In a young kitchen maid leaves Fairley Hall.

Emma Harte is sixteen, single and pregnant. By she is one of the richest women in the world, ruler of a business empire stretching from Yorkshire to the glittering cities of America and the rugged vastness of Australia. But what is the price she has paid? Cover edges rubbed. Detective Sergeant Romulus Poe, assigned to a murder that echoes a year-old unsolved case, discovers his partner, Steve Jensen, had an affair with the woman. As Poe watches Jensen's wife, he begins to wonder whether her research into what went on 25 years earlier might hold a key to the murder.

Douglas Petty is a man who enjoys his reputation as an unreconstructed male with a penchant for too much wine and too many women. Inheriting his father's eccentric estate and dog sanctuary quietened him a little, and marriage to Amy a little more. Even so, it seemed out of character for him a sue a tabloid newspaper for libel when it printed a scurrilous story about him. His lawyers told him he had a good chance of winning the case, mainly because Amy's testimony would clearly refute the story.

But then Amy is involved in a horrendous train crash and while the authorities assume she died in the resulting fire, there is no body to prove it. And if she wasn't killed why has she disappeared and, with no money and no other family, where is she? In a story of mesmerising suspense, Amy slowly reveals why she cannot return to her beloved home, and why she can never escape from the lies she was told as a child. Bright Day Priestley, J. This is the first Australian edition. Spine has severe lean. A chance meeting takes film writer Gregory Dawson back in time to the lost world of his youth, and the close-knit Yorkshire community in which he grew up during the last golden summers before the slaughter of World War I.

Twenty seven tantalizing stories. Winter of the Eagle Campbell, K. Edges of dust jacket have light bumping. Brown felt-tip mark on front paste down. Small surface tear on spine. Covers have light creasing and slight soiling. Ex Library copy with usual library stickers, stamps etc. Spine lean, tanned pages. Hinge has loosen slightly. On various placements at farms and stations during her college days she's been shocked by some of the attitudes to women.

By contrast, her grandfather Sam has always treated her as an equal. For his part, Sam is delighted to have his granddaughter back on board. In shaping Alice he and his wife tried to avoid the mistakes they made bringing up her mother, Lara, and Alice has more than lived up to their expectations, graduating from college with flying colours. Sam now sees Alice as the key to taking Redstone Station into a successful future.

Exceptionally hard-working, with an instinctive understanding of animals and a natural aptitude for farming, Alice is determined to justify her grandfather's faith in her. But will the arrival of stockman Jeremy, a good-looking larrikin with a bad boy reputation, throw her - and the path of Redstone Station - off track? In the tradition of Fleur McDonald and Nicole Alexander, this inspirational outback novel is the story of a woman who'll do everything to preserve her family's proud farming heritage. Maura Carmody's off on the trip of a lifetime.

A talented chef, she's travelling around Ireland for a month to promote Australian food and wine. She's expecting a straightforward business trip. But what she gets is a whirlwind of mishaps, misunderstandings, rivals and revelations - and Dominic Hanrahan, who's giving her plenty of food for thought. Set in Ireland and Australia, A Taste for It is a warm, funny novel about following your heart and pursuing your dreams. An award-winning story about a family's survival in a small fishing village in India. With their mother ill and their father permanently drunk, Hari and Lila have to earn the money to keep house and look after their two young sisters.

In desperation, Hari runs away to Bombay, and Lila is left to cope alone. Sookie doesn't have that many relations, so she hated to lose one - but of all the people to go, she didn't expect it to be her cousin Hadley, a consort of New Orleans' vampire queen - after all, Hadley was technically already dead. But she is gone, beyond recall, and she's left Sookie an inheritance - one that comes with a bit of a risk - not least because someone doesn't want Sookie digging too deep into Hadley's past - or her possessions.

Sookie's life is once again on the line, and this time the suspects range from the rogue werewolves who have rejected Sookie as a friend of the pack to her first love, the vampire Bill. Sookie's got a lot to do if she's going to keep herself alive The Sookie Stackhouse books are delightful Southern Gothic supernatural mysteries, starring Sookie, the telepathic cocktail waitress, and a cast of increasingly colourful characters, including vampires, werewolves and things that really do go bump in the night.

Corners of boards are lightly bumped. Cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse is having a streak of bad luck. First her co-worker is killed, and no one seems to care. Then she comes face-to-face with a beastly creature which gives her a painful and poisonous lashing. Enter the vampires, who graciously suck the poison from her veins like they didn't enjoy it. The point is: they saved her life. So when one of the bloodsuckers asks for a favour, she obliges - and soon Sookie's in Dallas, using her telepathic skills to search for a missing vampire.

Scone Island by Frederick Ramsay

She's supposed to interview certain humans involved, but she makes one condition: the vampires must promise to behave, and let the humans go unharmed. But that's easier said than done, and all it takes is one delicious blonde and one small mistake for things to turn deadly There's only one vampire Sookie Stackhouse is involved with - at least voluntarily - and that's Bill.

But recently he's been a little distant - in another state distant. His sinister and sexy boss Eric has an idea where to find him, and next thing Sookie knows she's off to Jackson, Mississippi, to mingle with the underworld at Club Dead. It's a dangerous little haunt where the elusive vampire society can go to chill out and suck down some Type O - but when Sookie finally finds Bill caught in an act of serious betrayal she's not sure whether to save him, or to sharpen some stakes. Sookie's got just a month, before the next full moon, to find out who wants her brother dead - and to stop the fiend!

Sookie Stackhouse enjoys her life, mostly. She's a great cocktail waitress in a fun bar; she has a love life, albeit a bit complicated, and most people have come to terms with her telepathy. The problem is, Sookie wants a quiet life - but things just seem to happen to her and her friends. Now her brother Jason's eyes are starting to change: he's about to turn into a were-panther for the first time. She can deal with that, but her normal sisterly concern turns to cold fear when a sniper sets his deadly sights on the local changeling population.

She afraid not just because Jason's at risk, but because his new were-brethren suspect Jason may be the shooter. Sookie has until the next full moon to find out who's behind the attacks - unless the killer decides to find her first. Meet Sarah and David. Sarah and David are like any other couple. They met, they fell in love, but now they're on the verge of divorce. On a routine trip to the marriage counsellor, they notice a few odd things -- the lack of cars on the road, the missing security guard, and the fact that their counsellor, Dr Kelly, is ripping out her previous client's throat.

Meet the zombies. Now, Sarah and David are fighting for survival in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. But just because there are zombies, it doesn't mean your other problems go away. And if the zombies don't eat their brains, they might just kill each other. March the Ninth Hutchinson, R. Category: Fiction; War; Inventory No: Quantity Available: 4. As New Price: 8.

Thirteen-year-old Ben Tracey is looking forward to spending the summer in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where his father has been hired to examine the valuable mineral Coltan that's being mined there. They soon realise that the people living in the village near the mine are frightened and it doesn't take long for Ben and his father to discover why: behind the door of every hut there is at least one person dying or seriously ill, and no one seems to be doing anything to help.

One night Halima, a girl from the village, takes Ben to see the witch doctor performing a ritual trance, asking the ancestral gods to rid the mine of the evil spirits who dwell there - none of the villagers believe that the sickness is malaria, as the rich mine owners are trying to claim. Then Ben's father becomes ill and it's up to Ben to try and tell the government what's going on so the village can be isolated before the sickness spreads further. But he hasn't predicted the lengths that Suliman, the mine manager, will go to prevent that from happening.

Only just escaping with their lives, Ben and Halima flee into the jungle, leaving Ben's father dangerously ill and the virus to spread unchecked. Will they be able to prevent disaster? An international thriller of political intrigue, personal betrayal and cutting-edge science, The Pinocchio Syndrome marks the debut of a brilliant new talent. America is in turmoil. And that spells trouble for the entire world. In the middle of a vicious struggle for the leadership of the country, the vice president is struck down by a new 'living death' disease that is breaking out across the globe - the 'Pinocchio Syndrome'.

With the current administration close to collapse, and billionaire extremist Colin Goss and his dangerous views gaining ground, it seems that only one man can unite the country - Michael Campbell, a popular, media-friendly young senator. But what is his secret? In a nerve-shredding race against time, a Secret Service agent and troubled female journalist are forced together to crack a conspiracy that could destroy the world. A week's holiday in Shoal Bay courtesy of Price Galese? Help Eddie Salita pop a bent copper named Fishcake Fyshbyrne while you're up there?

No worries. Solve a mystery on Virgin Island with a sweet little girl named Digger? You beauty! Les Norton the lovable larrikin from the sunshine state is back and is heading north with a little bit of work and a hell of a lot of play in mind. But he had better watch out for hungry sharks and local louts with no manners; and gung-ho federal police with no bloody idea!

As the saying goes he don't go looking for trouble trouble comes looking for him. Set in Port Stephens Robert G. Barrett's latest Les Norton adventure The Wind and the Monkey is a romance as well as an adventure and proves once again Bob's enormous appeal to both men and women readers. Anna, Bett and Carrie were childhood singing stars - the Alphabet Sisters. As adults they haven't spoken for years. Not since Bett's fiancU left her for another sister Now Lola, their larger-than-life grandmother, summons them home for a birthday extravaganza and a surprise announcement.

But just as the rifts begin to close, the Alphabet Sisters face a test none of them ever imagined. An unforgettable story of three women who learn that being true to themselves means being true to each other. Sisters are always there for each other Near Fine Condition Price: 8. Small tear in edge of front cover. When Karen Drew is found sitting in her wheelchair staring out to sea with her throat cut one chilly morning, DI Annie Cabbot, on loan to Eastern Area, gets lumbered with the case.

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Back in Eastvale, that same Sunday morning, year-old Hayley Daniels is found raped and strangled in the Maze, a tangle of narrow alleys behind Eastvale's market square, after a drunken night on the town with a group of friends, and DCI Alan Banks is called in. Banks finds suspects galore, while Annie seems to hit a brick wall--until she reaches a breakthrough that spins her case in a shocking and surprising new direction, one that also involves Banks. Then another incident occurs in the Maze which seems to link the two cases in a bizarre and mysterious way.

As Banks and Annie dig into the past to uncover the deeper connections, they find themselves also dealing with the emotional baggage and personal demons of their own relationship. And it soon becomes clear that there are two killers in their midst, and that at any moment either one might strike again. In 'The convoy commodore', an unlikely assortment of people brought together by the war embark on a journey to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to bring supplies to the embattled British army. The quickest way to get rich is to marry someone rich, but how do you do this if you aren't yet rich? TV chat-show host Ronnie Appleyard is preoccupied with this question as he pursues wealthy heiress Simona Quick over two continents in the company of braying aristocrats, Greek shipping magnates, American dandies and the dreaded mother-in-law to be.

But as he comes closer to his prize other questions present themselves. Is the androgenous Simona really worth it?


Why doesn't she like sex? Is it possible to drink all day? With his unerring eye for absurdity and class satire Kingsley Amis shows us what happens when money meets naked ambition. Inscription from author on title. Spine has minor lean and minimal reading creases. Captain Jack Aubrey, R. This innocent decision ensnares him in the London criminal underground and in government espionage-the province of his friend Stephen Maturin. Is Aubrey's humiliation and the threatened ruin of his career a deliberate plot? While in exile, Charles II hears word of its possible whereabouts.

Desperate for funds, he sends Richard to look for it. By the author of Trevanion. The dust jacket has been price-clipped. Edges of pages are moderately soiled. First published in , a thriller set on the eve of President Kennedy's historic visit to Berlin in , an occasion for which the East German authorities plan a devastating propaganda coup in the form of a forced public confession by a CIA operative. His queen, the English princess Caroline Mathilde, has fallen in love with his most trusted advisor, the court physician Struensee.

Guldberg, a cold-blooded religious fanatic, is determined to annihilate the Enlightenment ideas Struensee is introducing to Denmark - whoever prevails in their bitter ideological battle will control not only the king but the nation state. Adultery, insanity, back-stabbing and blue blood Enquist brilliantly recasts a dramatic era of Danish history, weaving a wide range of historical characters - Voltaire and Diderot, Catherine the Great and George III - into a tale of ruthless political ambition and personal betrayal.

Previous owners name to top of title page. Front and back hinges are taped. The life of billionaire Maximilian West unfolds through the eyes of the women who surround him--his wives, mother, mistress, and nanny--as he struggles to resolve old secrets with the help of the woman who holds the key to his past and future.

Book, Inc. Art-Type Edition. Edges of boards have moderate edgewear and corners are moderately bumped. Award presentation plate laid in dated At the centre of it all is Leo Ulm, social scientist and media guru, who magnetizes his wives, lovers and friends with his fading brilliance. He obsesses them all, including clear-eyed Clara, though she may often wish he were dead. The god of his own universe, Leo is monstrously vain and arrogant - until something happens which leaves all the women in his life in shock.

Then, perhaps, Clara begins to grow up Glitz Leonard, Elmore U. Viking, First Edition. Slightly sweet. Slightly unpleasant Certainly she didn't expect to find a corpse. Mike Deacon, a cynical, somewhat discredited journalist, wants to know.

He's intrigued by both Blake's death - could anyone really die of starvation in one of the wealthiest districts in London? Amanda Powell avoided the Press then - why is she now obsessed by Blake and his life? Deacon begins his own investigation to find out if her interest could possibly be connected to her merchant banker husband who absconded abroad with ten million pounds, five years ago.

Since then he has not been seen First UK edition. Very good, tape marks on endpapers. Avril Bamborough has already made a name for herself in British pictures. Now, with a famous director behind her, she is ready to repeat her success in America - in Hollywood. Hollywood in the Thirties is a glittering world of money and glamour, of staggering stardom and dazzling success. But it is also the world of parasites and shrewd businessmen. And it is the world of the Combine.

The Combine is a vast and ruthless conspiracy with one aim: to gain control of the world's film industry and use it as a weapon of unlimited power. Avril Bamborough runs foul of the Combine.

Scone Island: An Ike Schwartz Mystery #8

Praise for "Gettysburg "Well-executed alternative history. The authors show thorough knowledge of the people, weapons, tactics, and ambience of the Civil War. A veritable feast. The novel has a narrative drive and vigor that make the climactic battle scene a real masterpiece of its kind.

Louis Post-Dispatch "["Gettysburg] is believable and beautifully written Not only do Gingrich and Forstchen bring the characters to life, and often horrible death, but they do so with memorable observations on the ways of war and vivid, technically accurate descriptions of frightful Civil War combat. The writing is vivid and clear. A ripping good read. Griffin, author of "Final Justice "Gettysburg is a creative, clever, and fascinating 'what if' novel that promises to excite and entertain America's legions of Civil War buffs.

As an alternative history of Gettysburg, it stands alone. The mastery of operational history enables the authors to expand the story's scope. The larger-scale, more fluid battle of Gettysburg described is internally consistent, a logical consequence of the novel's challenging major premise. The narrativeis so clear that the action can be followed without maps. And the characters are sometimes heartbreakingly true to their historical originals. Minor cover blemishes.

Anna's boyfriend Seb is impossibly handsome, impossibly rich and generally just impossible. When eventually he dumps her, she vows to give up men and throw herself into her career. Which is how she ends up working for Cassandra. The social climber from hell, Cassandra has a huge house in Kensington, a philandering rock star husband and the spawn of Satan for a son. So when desperate-to-escape Anna meets dashing Jamie, charming heir to a castle in Scotland, she can't believe her luck.

And she probably shouldn't At the Viilla Rose Mason, A. Small tear at top of spine. Alex Delaware arrives in Knife Island to investigate the physical and mental ills of the islanders. He finds a community about to be destroyed by developers and the murder of a young woman. But most horrifying of all, he learns of a human experiment perpetrated by the highest in government.

Stephen King, whose first novel, "Carrie," was published in , the year before the last U. Images from that war - and the protests against it - had flooded America's living rooms for a decade. Each story is deeply rooted in the sixties, and each is haunted by the Vietnam War. He also discovers that adults are sometimes not rescuers but at the heart of the terror. In the title story, a bunch of college kids get hooked on a card game, discover the possibility of protest In "Blind Willie" and "Why We're in Vietnam," two men who grew up with Bobby in suburban Connecticut try to fill the emptiness of the post-Vietnam era in an America which sometimes seems as hollow - and as haunted - as their own lives.

And in "Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling," this remarkable book's denouement, Bobby returns to his hometown where one final secret, the hope of redemption, and his heart's desire may await him. Full of danger, full of suspense, most of all full of "heart," Stephen King's new book will take some readers to a place they have never been Imposing, rich, unloved and with a genius for unreality; Eva Trout has a 'capacity for making trouble, attracting trouble, strewing trouble around her' that is endless.

Eva Trout was Elizabeth Bowen's last completed novel, and in it her elegant style, her gift for social comedy and her intense sensibility combine to create one of her most formidable - and moving - heroines. Cover has a few creases. Fair Condition Price: 8. Pages are clean and unmarked and in excellent condition except for previous owner's name ink-stamped.

It was supposed to be a peaceful escape for the two families camping high in the California mountains. But they made the mistake of camping at Mesquite lake, home to two of the wilderness's most terrifying inhabitants: an aged hag with gruesome powers and her depraved son whose unnatural lusts even she cannot control Graham Broadbent, a successful novelist, enjoys a quiet life of writing and occasionally meeting up with old friends. On the evening of one such occasion, a rather intriguing surprise arrives at his door in the form of Christabel, a pretty blonde nineteen-year-old.

To his knowledge, Graham has no children and he is certain that he can't be this girl's father. There is every reason why he should do nothing about this strange intrusion into his life and just send the girl away. And yet all sorts of irrational urges make him act against his own common sense: he simply can't stop himself getting involved. As he becomes ever more embroiled in Christa's life, Graham is forced to take a trip down memory lane.

And when the girl's mother is found strangled, Graham knows he must look into the dying flames of the past to find her killer. A masterful execution of plot and character, "Dying Flames" is the latest novel by the award-winning author Robert Barnard. Spine working loose but still intact. Covers are protected in clear, plastic sleeve. Bernard Bellamy has done a deal.

Scone Island

He has sold out to the devil, in all of his forms. In return, he is promised that all his wishes will be granted, all his desires fulfilled. One of them, young Carmen Wedmore, is proving to be quite a challenge. At the forefront of her story, Barker places figures especially menaced by this: pacifists, conscientious objectors and homosexuals Business magnate Gabriel Santerre wields wealth and power with a cunning so sleek and savage that even his most violent passions have gone undetected - until now.

Suspected of murdering a prostitute, Santerre and his wife, Ingrid, are taken into custody as they leave a posh Manhattan hotel. The two are separated for questioning, and Santerre swiftly secures immunity for himself by accusing his shaken and bewildered wife. But Detective Caroline Reese refuses to accept Santerre's story. Haunted by Ingrid's bruised body and baffling words, Reese pushes until Ingrid gives up a name: Lynn Carver.

Carver is alluring, enigmatic, and the one person who can reveal the truth about the Santerres, but only if Reese can win her trust. With time running out, with Gabriel Santerre maneuvering against her at every turn, Detective Caroline Reese is in for the race of her life. An elderly man who doesn't know which of his relations to leave his fortune to, declares himself bankrupt to find out who really cares about him - only to be surprised by the results.

A man listens in on a conversation on a crossed line, which changes his whole life. A South African, a long-standing believer in apartheid, has a change of heart. A criminal who wants the police to catch him so he can live off his ill-gotten gains. Two old friends find themselves on opposite sides in a murder case.

A Henry Moore statue disappears and reappears in a different form. A study of seven men, each of whom believes he should have the job of the man immediately above him. This collection is Archer's finest to date. Novel about horse racing. Sarah and Ginny have been friends since school but all that is about to change when Ginny starts watching Sarah and Tom's apartment Edges of boards have substantial wear.

Edges of dust jacket have minor chipping. Sid Halley, the ex-champion jockey turned investigator who appears in Odds Against and Whip Hand, is back. In Come to Grief he faces new dangers, new deeply demanding decisions. Sid has uncovered an obnoxious crime committed by a friend whom he - and everyone else - has held in deep affection. On the morning set for the opening of the friend's trial, at which sid is due to be called as a witness, other people's miseries explode and send him spinning into days of hard rational detection and heart-searching torment. Troubled, courageous and unwilling to admit defeat, for Sid Halley it is business as usual.

Poor Price: 8. Geordie Sharp is asked to undertake an SAS operation so outrageous that his conscience will barely allow him to carry it out. The ostensible aim of Operation Nimrod is to train a new Spetznaz unit to combat the threat of the Russian Mafia, but Sharp's orders contain a sinister hidden agenda. Never has there been a more graphic account of the SAS in action, never a thriller so authentically grounded in the twists and turns of undercover warfare. Geordie Sharp, a sergeant in the SAS, is struggling to pick up the threads of his army career.

Wounded in the Gulf War, he returns to Hereford to find his home life in tatters. Sharp sets out to stalk and kill his man. Relentlessly exciting and completely unoutdownable, Chris Ryan's Stand By, Stand By is as exciting as the military thriller can be. SAS Sergeant Geordie Sharp is required to undertake two top-secret missions, in the full knowledge that, if things go wrong, the authorities will deny all involvement.

In the first mission he is to serve as a commander of a hit team on a Black, or per cent non-attributable operation assigned to the SAW, the Regiment's ultra-secret Subversive Action Wing. His target is an Iraqi who defected to Libya after the Gulf War. The aim is to kill him and leave no clue to the identity or origin of the assassins.

Returning to base, Sharp finds he must also carry out a high-level political assassination on mainland Britain. If he fails, his four-year-old son will die at the hands of the IRA. Trapped between opposing forces in a fight to the death, he twists and turns through a maze of nightmare options, desperately seeking some way of averting tragedy. Who will be hit the hardest - Geordie Sharp or the British government?

The Increment - the elite assassination unit of the SAS. Three years ago Matt Browning was thrown out of the unit for questioning an order - and he was on his way out of the SAS. Now, when he thought he had put military life behind him, he finds himself dragged back into action. MI6 are demanding he helps a giant drugs company destroy copies of its medicines being produced by Eastern European gangsters. But the mission is not what it seems. An old friend from the Army has turned into a homicidal maniac - and so are soldiers from around the country.

Suddenly Matt finds himself thrust into the centre of a deadly mystery, and finds himself the only man in possession of a terrifying secret. Alone and on the run he is up against The Increment - the most ruthless, lethal killing machine on earth. The Increment is a relentless action adventure that does not let up until the final page. In London, Paris, New York, one by one the power systems get swtiched off in three of the world's major cities, plunging them into darkness and chaos. Josh Harding, a battle-hardened SAS soldier, is working undercover on anti-terrorist operations, tracking the leaders of al-Qaeda.

He wakes up in a ditch in the wilderness of Arizona. Two bullets have shot up his leg and his neck. His memory is gone. And the police are hunting him for murder. As Josh struggles to recover his memory, and to stay one step ahead of the police, he finds himself drawn into a deadly conspiracy. To stay alive, he must find out who he is, and why he was shot. And who is turning off the power around the world. Charles Arrowby, leading light of England's theatrical set, retires from glittering London to an isolated home by the sea. He plans to write a memoir about his great love affair with Clement Makin, his mentor both professionally and personally, and to amuse himself with Lizzie, an actress he has strung along for many years.

None of his plans work out, and his memoir evolves into a riveting chronicle of the strange events and unexpected visitors--some real, some spectral--that disrupt his world and shake his oversized ego to its very core. In exposing the jumble of motivations that drive Arrowby and the other characters, Iris Murdoch lays bare "the truth of untruth"--the human vanity, jealousy, and lack of compassion behind the disguises they present to the world.

Played out against a vividly rendered landscape and filled with allusions to myth and magic, Charles's confrontation with the tidal rips of love and forgiveness is one of Murdoch's most moving and powerful tales. This is the tenth book in the series. It is still the War of Patrick O'Brian takes his hero Jack Aubrey and his tetchy, sardonic friend Stephen Maturin on a voyage as fascinating as anything he has ever written. They set course across the South Atlantic to intercept a powerful American frigate outward bound to play havoc with the British whaling trade.

If they do not come up with her before she rounds the Horn, they must follow her into the Great South Sea and as far across the Pacific as she may lead them. It is a commission after Jack's own heart. Maturin has fish of his own to fry in the world of secret intelligence.

Aubrey has to cope with a succession of disasters - men overboard, castaways, encounters with savages, storms, typhoons, groundings, shipwrecks, to say nothing of murder and criminal insanity. That the enemy is in fact faithfully dealt with, no one who has the honour of Captain Aubrey's acquaintance can take leave to doubt. Urban developer Arnold Moravia lies dead in his apartment. And it doesn't -- until Ike's past as a CIA agent rolls in on him like the area's famous twelve-foot tides.

Two more murders involving former colleagues elsewhere in the country have Ike's old friend from the agency, Charlie Garland, searching the files for a connection. However, stonewalling by the CIA, as well as conspiracies, real and imagined, mean that Ike and Ruth are alone on the island and facing an unknown number of determined assassins.

To complicate matters, Ruth's mother decides to drop in on them just as the excitement begins. Meanwhile, Ruth daydreams of Plan B -- Las Vegas -- in hopes that she and Ike will finally be able to get away from it all while lost in the crowds. Genre: Mystery.