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Themes include social change, girls empowerment and the benefits of growing up in a diverse neighborhood. Seen through of the eyes of a child coming of age in the 's and 's, the stories of equality and nascent social justice are outrageous, insightful, funny, touching, inspiring and reflective. Never Alone by Juan Canales. Never Alone is a true story. It records the life of Juan Canales, including immigrating to the U. Even to the extent of coming face to face with his own death certificate. The book will leave the reader inspired and even challenged that no matter where they have been in life or what they have been through they are Never Alone!

Paddle For a Purpose by Barb Geiger. Barb regards her husband with incredulity at the prospect of paddling down the entire length of the mighty Mississippi River in their recently completed tandem kayak. Paddle for a Purpose sweeps the reader into a journey of faith and personal discovery, as Barb and Gene feel called to volunteer with charity organizations in quaint river towns along one of the most scenic and powerful river systems in America. Against a backdrop of picturesque settings and the river's changing moods, exciting and often humorous accounts of adventure and mishap intermingle with inspiring stories of healing, renewal, beauty, compassion and trust in God.

His enchanting, sometimes arresting, tales convey inspiration from place and people, love of a small town, influence of aging veterans. His stories take readers to unexpected places, often swirl to unexpected endings. He takes readers down through thin ice, and up spires of one-match fires. He lollygags Dead River and confronts hair-raising disorientation out on the open sea. He rolls from distance running to downhill skiing, comedy to calamity, whimsy to courage with a fluid pen. This is my kind of book.

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The hu-amorous true story of an animal-phobic, city robotics engineer who learns too late that his new bride's dream is to have a farm where she can rescue ex-racehorses. When the newlyweds take a Meyers-Briggs Personality Test for fun, it tells them that their marriage is doomed.

There is only one problem: they took the test after the wedding. So whether he's chasing a cow named Pork Chop through the woods, getting locked in a tack room by the family pony, being snubbed by his wife's favorite dog, or unsuccessfully trying to modernize their barn using the latest technology, the odds are already stacked against him.

It seems like everything on four legs is out to get him. Will the animals prove Meyers-Briggs right? Enjoy the true, warm, and frequently hilarious stories of a man's journey along the bumpy road from his urban robotics lab to his new life on a rural Virginia farm. This book of autobiographical short stories follows Sheryl J. Set in Oakland, California, the road winds from family shopping trips to the local hardware store that activate the writer, to near derailing losses and finding alternative ways back to joy.

In these stories, Bize-Boutte deftly describes how heartbreak can give way to hilarity and loss can make room for celebration. Be prepared to laugh, cry and gasp out loud, in no particular order. The twelve stories that follow reflect a mix of those emotions and events, told by the man—then boy—who experienced them in the early s. As anyone who has experienced Christmas morning can tell you, there will be joy and pain, disappointment and even heartbreak—the whole panoply of emotions on proud and not-so-proud display.

Most of the stories are funny, and some are poignant; all are meant to remind you of your own stories of those halcyon days, when you laid in bed with tooth-picked eyes, trying with all your might to stay awake long enough to see the jolly old elf. And so we begin. I am eight again, tugging on shoes too small and holey mittens warmed overnight on the living room radiator. I have already donned two pairs of pants and my only three shirts to brace myself against the cold. My mother appears beside me, young and pretty as always, insisting that I wear my Christmas scarf, a scratchy abomination as long as an anaconda, knitted loosely and tightly by my Aunt Louise, using a geometry known only to her.

Despite my protests, she wraps Scarf Louisienne around my neck several times and nudges me toward the front door. Outside, the world is white and still, the only sound the whisper of the falling snow. Bill Cummings never aspired to be a billionaire and never acknowledged he was one until long after it happened. That's because it is not money that motivates him, but rather the immense enjoyment he gets from building and growing successful businesses. This fascinating autobiography shares not only how he got there, but also his singular dedication to giving back to the communities and institutions so vital to his success.

Through Bill's unique voice, readers experience his achievements and adventures, as well as his setbacks and personal tragedies.

For anyone studying business, building a business, or running a business, Bill's journey also offers keen insights, cautionary observations, and the pioneering thinking that produced great prosperity and a multibillion-dollar enterprise. For everyone else, it offers a new and engrossing twist on the classic American success story. All proceeds from the sale of the book go directly to charity.

My Sisters the Saints: A Spiritual Memoir - chapter 1

This book has received praise from Melinda Gates, Dr. Paul Farmer and Ralph Nader. On a Wednesday morning in May of , year-old Rocco Versaci dipped the rear tire of his bicycle into the Pacific Ocean and began to pedal, alone, across the country. He had what he thought was a simple idea-to sort out the story of his life, which had taken a couple of unexpected detours in recent years.

That Hidden Road is a memoir of the two months he spent crossing the country by bike. It's a story of burning saddle sores, heart-popping climbs, and unleashed dogs with a taste for ankle. It's a story of America's less-traveled roads and the people who live there.

And it's a story of rebuilding a life from fragments, the spirit of the whole journey captured in a question most of us ask at one point or another-Can I find my way home? An Unexpected Story of Hope and Perseverance As a young child, it was obvious something was wrong with Michael. He lacked basic motor skills and was unable to follow simple instructions or answer questions. Testing revealed a diagnosis of autism with a low IQ.

Experts insisted that leading an independent life would be impossible for him Supported by documentation and interviews, Michael's heartfelt memoir traces the sustained challenges and turbulent journey he faced. His life was plagued by failures, negative results, rejections from schools, an inability to complete simple karate moves or participate in activities-all of which confirmed the hopeless situation.

But Michael was surrounded by support, and he was encouraged to keep trying no matter how many times he failed. Developmental progress was not always obvious, but Michael was finding his own unique path. What Autism Gave Me is a powerful reminder that the human drive to succeed is stronger than any diagnosis. This memoir is a whirlwind journey that takes you through the throes of fighting cancer to an awakening of the metaphysical world, messages, visions, self-healing, and synchronized events of people put on her path to understanding our oneness.

The creative nudges experienced provided the necessary building blocks that led Kathy to be of service to others. Upon entering her chaplain studies, Kathy s chaplain supervisor could not classify her with any one particular religion, so he referred to her as a mystic who lives the spirit of the word. The spiritual healing of her heart, her physical body, and her thinking allowed her to be a bridge between dimensions. Today she uses her gifts to help those transitioning, at the end of life, to release the chains of fear regarding death.

Her mystical approach to those left behind on the Earth Plane teaches them to know we are all closer than one thinks.

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  • Chaplain Kathy asks us to be still and experience the unique connection of bringing Heaven and Earth together. The Divine Source resides and is waiting for all of us in the loving memory of our own beating heart.

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    White Man's Disease by Paul C. Poignant, sad, tragic, funny, and compelling. At 29, Paul Thornton was married to his beautiful childhood sweetheart, a rising star at one of the world's largest companies, and gifted with a tall, commanding presence. But then a catastrophe left him without his wife, his career in jeopardy, and his life measured by the thin blade of a skilled surgeon.

    Affirmative action, corporate politics, the home media revolution, and medical ethics inform White Man's Disease, a book about one man's victory and a larger story about the power of human resilience, and the essential American Dream of realizing one's full potential.

    How to Realistically Start Writing Your Autobiography When It Seems Too Hard

    How does a child who was born and raised as a Prince in an obscure spiritual order, survive to tell the story about his upbringing in a closed community, one that exposed him to a complex medley of behaviors and life events that were concurrently mysterious, ruthless, bizarre and beautiful?

    What happens when a youngster is a witness to mysticism, mediumship, fanaticism, sacred rituals, and spirit possession? How does he endure a peculiar environment that worshipped the Most High God of the Sun and espoused unconditional love for all while it turned a blind eye to indecency, cruelty, and the spiteful deeds of its religious zealots? This ultra-religious kid who truly believed in the spiritual mission of his leader, and embraced what he was taught about his unearthly magical abilities, became an adult in the secular world, abandoned the spiritual order of his youth, discarded most of its teachings, and concealed the story of his unconventional rearing for most of his life.

    When Christina's second marriage came to a heartbreaking end, she found herself on an unexpected path of discovery—a path that soon revealed the root of her lifelong avoidance of the mirror, her lack of personal boundaries, her mystery illness, and her belief that she was never quite good enough. By digging in—and for the first time, taking a very honest look at the childhood events that shaped her adult life—Christina found her truth.

    This candid, touching, sometimes funny and other times heart-rending collection of true stories is based on the life of Christina Beauchemin, contributing author to the 1 Amazon bestseller Ready, Set, Live; Empowering Strategies for an Enlightened Life. You will not only enjoy these honest and entertaining stories and the insightful discoveries that are shared after each chapter, you will also have the opportunity to begin reflecting on your own life path through a series of thought-provoking questions and the naturally accessible process that sparked Christina's healing and transformation.

    Pidge and Jamie by Marjorie Jamison Douglas. Pidge and Jamie grew up in the peaceful last days of the Victorian Age. Each thought their ordered lives would follow a predictable future. But with the onset of World War I their lives were drastically changed. Intensely patriotic, both were determined to join the war effort. Pidge went first, to the war zone of north-eastern France. Living eight miles behind the firing line, through a bitter winter, she experienced conditions of heartbreak and destruction she never could have imagined.

    Interwoven with her relief work is the story of her involvement in the capture of two German spies. Shortly after Pidge's return, Jamie was sent to the same war-torn north-eastern part of France, where some of the heaviest fighting was taking place. He too, was overwhelmed by the total destruction the Germans had left behind. Home again Jamie and Pidge picked up their lives together and put into practice much of what the war had taught them, principally the value of devoting one's life to the public service of others. From Liberty to Magnolia: In Search of the American Dream vividly recounts the journey of an African-American woman from rural, segregated Mississippi through academia, corporate America, and politics.

    It is the story of how she triumphed even when, more often than not, the ugly realities of racism and sexism tried to deter her. This book tells the broader story, too, of how her life epitomizes what the Civil Rights Act and Equal Rights Amendment have meant and have not meant for blacks and women as she has lived through their maturation during the last 50 years.

    What better moment than today to look deeply at the life of a woman who prepared herself and worked tirelessly to achieve her goals only to realize that many lay beyond her reach and that of most women and most blacks. From Liberty to Magnolia shows readers, especially aspiring women and minorities—with whom her story will have special resonance—how to navigate and ultimately embrace the challenges at every major crossroads and be triumphant.

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    When a seemingly routine medical procedure results in her mother's premature death, Anne Panning is left reeling. In her first full-length memoir, the celebrated essayist and short story writer draws on decades of memory and experience, piecing together hard truths about her own past and her mother's. A stark, poignant tale of two women deeply connected, yet forever apart, Dragonfly Notes is a testament to the prevailing nature of love, whether in the form of a rediscovered note, a sudden moment of unexpected recall, or sometimes, simply, the sight a dragonfly flitting past.

    Be Happy NOW! On September 11, , Alison Lanza Falls had a great career as a Wall Street banker, a caring and supportive family, and an enormous secret. She was silently and profoundly unhappy. Nine years after watching smoke billow from the World Trade Center where she was heading for a meeting, Alison began an incredible journey of personal transformation, with guidance from David Prudhomme, mind coach and founder of Mederi Wellness.

    While chronicling the evolution of her remarkable life, Alison shares her unique experiences and important life lessons using Prudhommes framework, The Best Me NOW! Alisons story reveals simple, practical lessons for anyone interested in improving self-talk, applying universal truths in a professional setting, and preparing the mind for excellence, proving that positive change is not only possible, but also that it follows a specific path of perception, awareness, and choice. Sometimes we experience something so traumatic in our lives, it changes us forever….

    Renee Johnson has found herself in the midst of turmoil. She has made nothing but a complete mess out of her life and nothing could prepare her for the path laid out before her. Jan 28, Melanie Griffin rated it it was amazing. At a time when books on writing and so-called "spiritual memoirs" are as ubiquitous and about as worthwhile as the tabloids, Elizabeth Andrew's book really stands out.

    She is a wise and compassionate guide for the process of writing a spiritual memoir. Tons of fun and unusual exercises in the book, just enough of her own story to pique my interest and make me want to read her memoir Swinging on the Garden Gate. She's an excellent writer, has a lovely gift for metaphor, and is a born teacher. I At a time when books on writing and so-called "spiritual memoirs" are as ubiquitous and about as worthwhile as the tabloids, Elizabeth Andrew's book really stands out. I highly recommend this for anyone writing memoir of any kind.

    Her contention that writing is a spiritual practice makes the effort of writing worth it, even if you don't want to publish. Sep 26, Jessica Wicks rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Aspiring writers of memoir. She discloses as well as anyone the inner nature of writing good spiritual memoir. If memoir writing is your thing, I highly recommend it. Jun 06, Patricia Mohney rated it it was amazing.

    One of the best books on writing I have ever read, including books about memoirs. Highly recommend it for anyone in the process of or thinking about writing a fiction book or memoir. Jul 09, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: books-about-writing , memoir. I have decided to start writing a spiritual memoir this summer. After scouting out model books and memoirs, this book kept popping up.

    Elizabeth Andrew clearly knows her stuff and has read a lot in the genre. I do not think that Andrew is giving us permission to suck here, but I do think she is giving us permission to explore and search in a way that, well, a type of writing people look down on, but I frankly need right now with numinous subject matter.

    General lessons learned for me? Get into a routine. Write about what I am not writing about and ask myself why I am avoiding it. Read James Fowler and his ideas on Stages of Faith. Think about drawing a spiritual journey map. Embrace childhood memories and write about them. Remember to ground my story in body and in setting.

    Write dreams down. Do the same with reflective writing Recognize that form might not come until after a first draft. It might be like cleaning out a closet Work with front stories and layering memories Keep reading. Keep studying other models of memoir writing. Trust my intuition. Nov 17, Baxter Trautman rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: writers, memoirists,. Shelves: memoir , spiritual , writing , heart. Lucid, inclusive, she gets to the core of writing spiritual memoir.

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    Plus she quotes often from other writers - something I love because it introduces me to new writers. Highly recommended if spiritual writing is your interest. Read for possible use in group setting. One of the better books on the topic I've read. The emphasis is on writing with spiritual introspection as the focus. It can get a little overly dramatic at times, but that seems to be the norm for these kinds of books. Plans for using this in a group setting sort of petered out, but maybe I'll revisit it for personal use.

    Nov 22, Serena Asta rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Writers, spiritually-minded thoughtful readers. Shelves: favorite-writers. One of the best books I've found to help me unravel or is it "to ravel"? Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew's Writing the Sacred Journey is an essential companion as I walk my own personal labyrinth of spirituality and story.

    May 24, Anonymous rated it did not like it. Not what I was looking for. There are other great memoir writing books out there. Jul 20, Daniel Jr. Using this in my memoir class at the retreat center. What is consciousness? What is the purpose of our lives? Are we alone in the universe? And perhaps the greatest mystery of all, what happens to us after death? In fact, with Terry by her side, Shirley sees the world in new ways she never thought possible. Together, they explore the nature of love and of time, having shared at least one previous life together in ancient Egypt. Together, too, they seek to understand world events.

    This is the story of a journey. The riveting odyssey began with a pair of anonymous handwritten letters imploring Shirley to make a difficult pilgrimage along the Santiago de Compostela Camino in Spain. Throughout history, countless illustrious pilgrims from all over Europe have taken up the trail. It is an ancient — and allegedly enchanted — pilgrimage. People from Saint Francis of Assisi and Charlemagne to Ferdinand and Isabella to Dante and Chaucer have taken the journey, which comprises a nearly mile trek across highways, mountains, cities and fields.

    For Shirley, the Camino was both an intense spiritual and physical challenge. A woman in her sixth decade completing such a grueling trip on foot in thirty days at twenty miles per day was nothing short of remarkable. But even more astounding was the route she took spiritually: back thousands of years, through past lives to the very origin of the universe. Immensely gifted with intelligence, curiosity, warmth, and a profound openness to people and places outside her own experience, Shirley MacLaine is truly an American treasure.

    And once again, she brings her inimitable qualities of mind and heart to her writing. Balancing and negotiating the revelations inspired by the mysterious energy of the Camino, she endured her exhausting journey to Compostela until it gradually gave way to a far more universal voyage: that of the soul. Through a range of astonishing and liberating visions and revelations, Shirley saw into the meaning of the cosmos, including the secrets of the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, insights into human genesis, the essence of gender and sexuality, and the true path to higher love.

    With rich insight and humility, and her trademark grace, Shirley MacLaine gently leads us on a sacred adventure toward an impressively transcendent climax. The Camino promises readers the journey of a thousand lifetimes. At the age of fifty-seven, after nearly four decades in Hollywood, Academy-Award-winning actress and entertainer Shirley MacLaine is still moving us to laughter and tears in major film roles, still high-kicking on stage in live performances — and still searching for the truth within herself. In this, her most intimate memoir yet, she examines with courage and candor her feelings about aging, relationships, work, her parents, her daughter, and her own future as an artist and as a woman.

    We had to be there. Finally, Shirley writes with honesty and incisive detail about her decision to return to the stage with a new show. Finding it both frightening and liberating, she reveals how it felt to lose her footing, and her confidence, when a series of devastating injuries forced her into knee surgery and how she grew from the insecurity of aging and emotional anguish to stand on her own two feet with a new, more mature and centered perspective.

    At last Shirley MacLaine reveals the secrets of her intimate journey of transformation. Now this celebrated actress, social activist, and outspoken thinker shares an enlightened program of spiritual techniques and mental exercises to become healthier, happier, and more attuned to the natural harmony of the world around and within-ourselves. The fifth volume in one of the most extraordinary personal odysseys of the twentieth century. Oscar-winning actress, social activist, singular entertainer, best-selling author Shirley MacLaine has the courage to be both candid and controversial.

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    In this book, she casts herself in her most challenging role yet — as seeker of personal and metaphysical truth. It began in Peru ten years ago and ended in Peru ten years later. But the steps along the way were the real story. In filming the miniseries Out on a Limb, Shirley MacLaine was forced to recreate herself ten years earlier. And to journey beyond, exploring new personal and cosmic dimensions, the choices of her lifetimes, who she was and who she would become.