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A Chinese Ghost Story 2

Global Achievements. It didn't even provide me a option to do the quest. Once I talked to the chicken kicking guy and skip there dialog tree cause I pretty much know what they should say the game then loads with the chicken kicking game up and running, while before I talked to him it wasn't up and running. Last edited by Major Iris ; 14 Sep, am.

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For me, the woman is just standing out looking at the see for what seems to be day and night. Originally posted by Ajdino :. Last edited by znushu ; 14 Sep, am. Cryme View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Cryme :. Just to know, did you dig up the key in the graveyard already? Apparently that causes the questline to get skipped since it's the intended reward anyway. Originally posted by InfernosEnforcer :. They are corpses back to life with the sole purpose of killing the living to absorb their vital essence or qi. They resurrect when the soul of the deceased can not leave the body because of induced death or for misconduct.

By day he remains in his coffin or hides in the dark, in the caves. During the night it walks like a zombies, with stiff arms. According to Ji Xiaolan, during Qing Dynasty, the Jiangshi can be classified into two groups: those just dead returning to life, and those who have been buried for a long time but which still have not decomposed. Jiangshi, the Chinese vampire or zombie. The Jiangshi are Chinese spirits who have the power to breathe life into corpses, and also to build a body with bones or rotten flesh.

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  8. They have red eyes, sharp claws, and greenish skin. They may be in different states, from those newly deceased to those decaying. The skin is often pale or grey. Following Western influence, the Jiangshi has taken some of the characteristics of the vampire, like sucking blood. Vampire For many Buddhist schools the duration of the intermediate state generally lasts seven days or more to describe this amount of time Buddhism uses mostly the number seven, for example, seven weeks, or 49 days.

    But if a person dies by an unnatural death and if the dead had violent or upsetting feelings, this person is likely to become a You Hun Ye Gui, delaying the reincarnation or risking even to remain trapped in the intermediate state forever. Diao Si Gui, the spirit of the hanged ghost.

    All the books, all the feelings.

    They appears wailing under the tree at night, sometimes carrying a baby. To invoke them, they have to tie a red string around the Banana tree trunk, fixing it with sharp nails and then they tie the other end of the rope to their bed. The consequences are often disastrous: if people do not fulfill their promise to free the ghost once they get the lottery win, they will suffer a horrible death. Ghosts bounded to specific locations on Earth, such as their place of burial or a place they had a strong attachment to when they were alive.

    The spirits of the hanged, the people who committed suicide, or those sentenced to death. They are usually depicted with their long red tongues lolling from their mouth. A ghost who takes the appearance of a friendly old man or woman. They are the ghosts of the servants in wealthy families. Some seems like a witch, similar to those of fairy tales; not always they are positive character.

    The ghost of a vengeful and angry woman dressed in a long white dress is probably the image that most influenced Japanese and Hong Kong horror cinema in the last two decades. In the tradition, it refers to the red dressed ghost of a woman who committed suicide. Generally it is linked to injustice, such as a rape or moral unfairness.

    She returns to take revenge. In the tradition the red color in the ghost stories symbolizes anger and revenge. In some variations the ghost manifests itself as a beautiful girl who seduces her victims to suck their Yang essence. The male variant, Nan Gui , is rarely depicted. This type of female ghost is similar to the Succubus , demons in female form that appears in dreams in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the Incubus. The ghosts of the dead Japanese soldiers who had invaded China during World War populate some stories after the war.

    They are ghosts in uniform and carry guns or katanas, the fearsome Japanese swords, in case of officers. They are benign entities. They are respectively in charge of Good and Evil. They wear tall hats and long robes that cover their whole body. On the palm of the right hand they bear seals and on the left sticks with pieces of clothes attached. In some legends they appear during the Hungry Ghost Festival, rewarding the good with gold. In temples they are often depicted with monstrous and ferocious faces, with long red tongues. They chase away evil spirits.

    They are also called General Fan and General Xie , or the seventh and the eighth master. During their life they were two guards. One day while they were transferring a prisoner, the prisoner escaped. The two split up and gave an appointment under a bridge. Fan waited a long time without daring to move away because he wanted to keep his promise. Fan eventually drowned. When Xie came and found him dead, he hanged himself. Once dead, the Emperor of Heaven, the Jade Emperor , considering their loyalty honored them appointing them as guardians of the Underworld.

    There are other accounts which say that they had different backgrounds. Ox-Head and Horse-Face. Similar to the Impermanence Guards. They originated during the Song Dynasty.

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    In Journey to the West, they are sent to capture Sun Wukong, but he overpowers them and scares them away. They have a head of a bull and the other the head of a horse and both have the bodies of men. They have pitchforks and chains to imprison the ghosts. The water ghosts, or the spirits of the people who drowned. They live in the bottom of lakes or rivers, and when the victim is swimming haul him to take possession of his body. Sometimes the body of the spirit adapts to new marine conditions.

    The spirit of the victim replaces the old Gui Shui. The cycle is repeated constantly. Shui Gui, the ghosts of the drowned.

    Æsop. – Fables. Vol. 17, Part 1. The Harvard Classics

    Headless ghosts who wander aimlessly. They are the spirits of those sentenced to death by beheading. They are the spirits of persons who died wrongful deaths and their roots can be traced to the Zhou dynasty and were recorded in Zuo Zhuan. Their troubled souls are not able to find the peace they need for reincarnation. They continue to roam the world of the living, in a state of constant depression and restlessness.

    Spirits and High School Shooters in “The Ghosts of Gray Fable”

    In some stories they try to communicate with the living to find some clues to understand why they were victims of an injustice. Finally the soul can find peace. Ghost of Japanese origin. They are the ghosts of unborn persons or fetuses and they are linked to abortion, spontaneous or not. The idea of such spirit was probably imported in Taiwan during the 50 years of Japanese rule. Ying Ling, the spirits of dead foetuses or Infant Spirit.

    The ghosts are terrified by Jian ghosts, or ghosts who can not reincarnate. The general idea of Jian comes from Taoism, where in the past some practitioners drew talismans with supernatural powers, Fu or Shenfu, able to summon lesser gods and spirits or to exorcise demons or to create miraculous medical potion.

    In Chinese mythology Ao is a gigantic sea turtle, and it carries the Earth upon his back. Its main food consists of fire. He was challenged to a duel by the hero Nocha, who had the best and decided to manufacture with the tendons of the monster an extremely durable belt.