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While some female comedians are critical of PC culture, too, the most outspoken opponents of political correctness have tended to be men pushing back against today's climate of increased public scrutiny.

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That scrutiny isn't universally denounced, though. Yes, this cultural evolution is bumpy, but what Seinfeld and some other comedians see as a threat, I see as doors being thrown open to more and more voices. I am glad to give these issues thought. It enlarges me. Still, not all comedians embrace those critiques. Here are ten comics explaining why they think political correctness is killing comedy. Is it because they are so feeble that they can't look after themselves? It's very very condescending there.

Russell Peters Canadian comic Russell Peters told George Stroumboulopoulos that he too thinks that society has become overly sensitive. Do you know why? The intent then was to make you laugh. I've got no sides. I'm trying to deliver more than one argument. I'm like the US Army: I don't take a position, I'm just there to help clear up this mess of confusion about political correctness, because there is none. Everyone's boundaries are different, thank Goddess. If we all agreed, nothing would be funny. If at least parts of the crowd aren't shaking or angry by the end of my set, they haven't got their money's worth and I feel a bit dirty, like I've let down the contingency of cantankerous, crabby, clarifying comics by smothering myself in sticky, gooey kindness.

We're as necessary as a lightbulb, yet harder to replace. Daniel Lawrence Whitney Larry the Cable Guy In an interview with 60 Minutes , the famed Nebraskan stand-up agreed that political correctness had gone way too far. You know. I really think that we're at a point in this country where people really need to take the thumb outta their mouth and grow up a little bit and realize there's a lot bigger problems out there than what a comedian did a joke about.

Patton Oswalt As Salon readers know, Oswalt has long taken issue with political correctness. We speak for the underdogs, for the most part. If Salon is doing articles about, 'Did the Onion go too far?

Charlie Chaplin would have to apologize to all the homeless people he belittled with his Little Tramp character. Fields and Dean Martin would both have to apologize to alcoholics. The Marx brothers would have to apologize to Italians, mutes and uptight British ladies.

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Comedy has been around for a long, long time, and there have been a lot of impolite, unpleasant and jaw-droppingly politically incorrect jokes…. You went up there as a comic and joked about it all and nothing was off-limits. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. By using the site, you consent to these cookies. For more information on cookies including how to manage your consent visit our Cookie Policy.

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