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The main chapel, built in , constitutes the most important part of the church, with two sections one hemipoligonal and another straight that precedes it, in the manner of San Domingos de Bonaval de Santiago. There are numerous sepulchres dating from the 16 th century, with an exuberant decoration in which the last echoes of Spanish-Flemish gothic co-exist, formulas of Manueline art and elements of the first Renaissance. Another construction that is worth visiting in the monastery is its processional cloister, a small square building and two tall towers located on the north side of the nave of the church.

Its ground floor was built in the first decades of the sixteenth century in the Gothic style, while the upper floor, now greatly changed, was originally a Classicist work of Herrera affiliation, built between the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. The architecture and successive works of the monastery were financed in the same way as all the monasteries of the mendicant orders -Franciscans and Dominicans-, through legacies, donations from the gentry and local nobility and, particularly, by members of the clergy, especially from the Order of Saint Augustine. Among the important nobility who for centuries maintained strong links with the monastery were the Counts of Lemos, who also held the title of Marquis of Sarria, and who throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries made numerous donations to the monastery.

He gives Edward a missal in place of the bible, but on his way back to the monastery he is attacked and dispossessed of the volume. He is pardoned, to avoid offending Julian of Avenel.

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Eustace tells Boniface in confession of the events of the day, which he suspects may have been a punishment for his uncharitable interpretation of Philip's adventure; he is irked by the Abbot's pompous and patronising attitude. Halbert rejects Edward's bookishness and summons the White Lady. The monks agree that it would be prudent for him to stay at Glendearg rather than being accommodated at the monastery. Halbert summons the White Lady and receives from her a bodkin to display to Shafton when he is next boastful.

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He disconcerts Shafton by showing him the bodkin. Shafton assures Boniface and Eustace that his reaction was attributable to a habitual malady. The White Lady urges Halbert on. The stranger asks Halbert to accompany him to Avenel. They reach Avenel. Christie arrives to announce that Halbert is alive, and Edward leaves to investigate the site of the duel.

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Edward confesses to Eustace his jealousy of Halbert, whom Mary prefers to himself, and decides prompted by the White Lady to become a novice. Christie tells Eustace that Julian is prepared to serve the monastery, but Eustace is reluctant to reward him for his change of allegiance with land belonging to another. Moray makes peace with the English commander Sir John Foster. Shafton is exposed as a tailor and marries Mysie. Halbert marries Mary.

Edward hears the White Lady sing of the downfall of Avenel. The Monastery was found disappointing after Ivanhoe by most reviewers, exhaustion and haste being suggested as likely causes. But the remarks were far from being universally negative.

Even the White Lady, though often found intrusive, over-dominant, puzzling, or just absurd, prompted a number of positive reactions: her poetry was praised, and some reviewers found her striking, powerful, and even sublime. Shafton similarly divided opinion: although he was judged tiresome by some, there was considerable appreciation of his entertainment value, even when he was found to have outstayed his welcome.

The author was welcomed back to his home ground, and his landscape descriptions were generally judged excellent, as were the confrontations between the principal characters. The introductory epistles attracted high praise, with only a couple of dissenting voices. This article incorporates text from the revised edition of Henry Grey's A Key to the Waverley Novels , now in the public domain.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One cannot write an icon, depicting only the outer shape of the body, it should represent invisible exploits and the heavenly glory should shine at it. This can be made perfectly by the person who is living a spiritual life, and to whom the livings of the saints are clear and close to.

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Therefore, our ancient painters have always prepared for that fasting and praying. Our masters follow the Orthodox tradition, in the studio at work intervals monks and novices read prayers, all work on the conscience, with reverence. Another feature of the orthodox masters is that they do not see their work as a commodity for sale. The end result is primarily the way to bring immutable gospel truth to other people. In the monastery products are made in such way to correspond as much as possible to their high destiny: nominal and family icons, home iconostases and small road icons are made in order to make convenient to pray on the way to the patron saint or the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Also a brief description of the life of the saint and prayer are attached to each icon. Since ancient times in Russia monastic cloister owned land plots treated by fraternity or peasants, who carried out all sorts of works for monasteries according to charters contracts. Part of the crop was to feed the inhabitants, and the surplus was sold to maintain the monastery.