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They seemed rather, to be scoffing at other men. The saints were his friends, and blessed him; the monsters were his friends and guarded him. So he held long communion with them.

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He sometimes passed whole hours crouching before one of these statues, in solitary conversation with it. If any one came, he fled like a lover surprised in his serenade.

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And the cathedral was not only society for him, but the universe, and all nature beside. He dreamed of no other hedgerows than the painted windows, always in flower; no other shade than that of the foliage of stone which spread out, loaded with birds, in the tufts of the Saxon capitals; of no other mountains than the colossal towers of the church; of no other ocean than Paris, roaring at their bases.

What he loved above all else in the maternal edifice, that which aroused his soul, and made it open its poor wings, which it kept so miserably folded in its cavern, that which sometimes rendered him even happy, was the bells. He loved them, fondled them, talked to them, understood them.

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From the chime in the spire, over the intersection of the aisles and nave, to the great bell of the front, he cherished a tenderness for them all. The central spire and the two towers were to him as three great cages, whose birds, reared by himself, sang for him alone. Skip to navigation Skip to content. Even as flames engulfed Notre Dame, the appreciation that Hugo poured onto the page will, in some sense, preserve it: His cathedral was sufficient for him.

The shadow of the cathedral; a novel,

From this point of view. To a certain extent that image is accurate, as can be seen in the subject of this vast new novel, now published in a smooth translation by Gregory Rabassa. Santiago Zavala, and his father's chauffeur, Ambrosio. Santiago, a journalist and the son of a rich and famous politician, Don Fermin, is not the most interesting character in the hook.

He is a symbol of the new generation which has unwillingly inherited a corrupted country and tries to reject that heritage.

But in its rebellion, this new generation does not succeed in building a new country: its rebellion is futile. He's good at complaining and cursing, but not good?? There are no true leaders here, as there were none in Watergate: all are servants of high er powers.

The Cathedral: A Novel

A subplot provides the element of suspense which such a long narrative needs. As the novel works its way through the elaborate and sometimes unavoidably tedious web of dialogue, young Santiago dis covers the full extent of his father's corruption. But to consider this novel solely in terms of its subject would be a sad error. Each moment of dialogue between the young man and his father's chauffeur f?? The purely linear, horizontal, synchronic progress of the basic dialogue in the book is enriched by the counterpoint of the vertical, diachronic multiplicity of the other conversations, which pick up other moments in time and space.

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Thus a conversation that supposedly lasts a couple of hours actually covers several decades in a suffocating narrative space. This technique is so complex that it may scare many Americans readers who have already forgotten their Faulkner, have always shied away from Nabokov, have been utterly baffled by Thomas Pynchon, and sincerely believe that Saul Bellow and John Updike are writers of this century. It would be a pity if the enormous but not insurmountable difficulties of reading this massive novel prevent readers from becoming acquainted with a hook that reveals, as few others have, some of the ugly complexities of the real Latin America.

By Mario Vargas Llosa.