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It was attractive to writers of fiction and history to build suspense: calm becomes fraught with hidden forces ready to burst forth in some major event the writer will soon narrate, and it imposes a convenient order on sequences of events that might otherwise appear chaotic, which, of course, is the whole point of narrative, historical or not.

If you find the expression beyond redemption, I suggest a revival of the calm before the thunder rolls. It has a real ring to it. The etymology of calm helps explain the idiom the calm before the storm etymonline. Figurative sense "peaceful manner, mild bearing" is from early 15c. A period of inactivity or tranquility before something chaotic begins.

Likened to a literal period of calm before a storm begins. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Please tell us of your findings and share your research. The origin is from weather patterns. When a weather system moves in, the atmospheric pressure changes, and the wind direction, so there is a calm at the null point before everything reverses. When the change is small and benign, this is not noticeable.

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But when within the "eye" of a storm that is strengthening, it is remarkable. The Metaphor In the 17th c.

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In the play The Dumb Knight , it is a tempest rather than a storm: Collaquintida: … but hush, no words ; there is calm before the tempest. The storm could be replaced by an acoustic image: Valeria: Silent awhile he stood As the dead calm before the thunder rolls. The terms of the metaphor could be expanded: … and I am not surprised that so long a calm, before the breaking out of the political storms , should have given rise to the supposition, that an universal monarchy, or, at least, a monarchy, … would prove advantage to mankind. Figurative language is not yet the trope the calm before the storm would become.

From Metaphor to Trope In the strictest sense, the phrase rather than the metaphor does not occur in print — at least in those archives I was able to consult — until , though even here, only indefinite articles are used: Every Thing is quiet at present, — like a Calm before a Storm. For this sentence to make sense, parse before as a subordinating conjunction, not a preposition: She in all probability attributing my emotions to regret of her mighty displeasure with the most charitable intention in the world assumed a calm before the storm was half exhausted and to quiet my anxiety good naturedly began to hum a love-air.

Among these examples is the first use in the American newspapers archived by the Library of Congress: But those intervals, either of partial or of total abstinence, were like the calm before a storm ; and the prelude of a more daring movement in the road to hell. Conclusion Tracing the expression the calm before the storm through the centuries shows how usage refined a metaphor into a fixed expression — a trope, or to judge by the British press, a cliche whose expiry date has passed.

KarlG KarlG The etymology of calm helps explain the idiom the calm before the storm etymonline c. Aftir the calm, the trouble sone Mot folowe. Featured on Meta. It's an intriguing phenomenon that people have recognized for centuries, but what on Earth causes this calm? And why do whip-like winds, dropping temperatures and rumbling thunder sometimes precede storms instead of a peculiar and eerie calm? Do you want a hint at what might be at the root of this old sailors' adage?

Think of all the different types of storms you've seen -- one variety of storm can have a different effect on the atmosphere than another. There are brief thunderstorms that rattle through like a couple of rowdy frames at the bowling alley, and there are long, tumultuous downpours that drown the streets.

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And then there are the strongest of all, like massive, violent hurricanes or spinning, furious tornadoes. Nathan Kennedy. July Zeburg.

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James Dallas. Sohjin Xingjian.

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