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The world of Charmed is shown as being a post-feminist one, in which men and women should get along I mean, I like Samantha but I never actually wanted to become her. See, Samantha, she was married to a human, Darren. And this was one of your favorite shows? Well, not that part. And he was able to meet people and leave the house and go to work and build his career and she had to stay home and you know, cook dinner and do the laundry. She went from being Samantha to being Mrs. Darren Stevens overnight. Comical twinkling music plays whenever she appears on screen.

Her makeup, hair and clothes are quite feminine: big curly hair, dark pink lips, pink button-down top with red trousers. As a traditionally feminine woman, Phoebe appears to be silly, vulnerable, helpless, and a victim. When a demon appears in her kitchen, she screams in fear and then reproaches him for his atrocious manners rather than trying to combat him as she usually would. She is much sillier than the real Samantha Stevens, who was generally gifted with good sense and who possessed strong supernatural powers — arguably stronger than those of any of the Charmed sisters — and who could have probably caused the unwelcome demon to disappear with the twitch of her nose.

In fact, Susan J. Even though she was technically not supposed to use her magic although she often did anyway , she could and did outsmart the men, notably her husband Darren, and often saved the day. Sitting and knitting is not the woman you are, just like sitting and typing is not the man I am. The use of a campy fantasy scenario in this episode allows the audience to imagine Gabrielle, the possibly lesbian warrior, as a straight supermom married to Joxer, who in the actual reality is enamored of her.

For example, in one scene, Gabrielle appears in a sheer pink nightgown with curlers in her hair, a blond Barbie-like wig. Her hair and makeup are always styled and overdone and feminine in this episode, which contrasts with her usual appearance. In fact, in the series at this time, in reality she sports quite a butch short haircut and wears strapped to her legs her weapons of choice, two pointy daggers called sais, which are significant in-so-much that knives, like guns, are considered to be phallic symbols associated with masculinity According to Jowett, Joxer and Xander have comparable roles in their respective series, as they both want to fight and be heroes, but often need to be saved instead:.

Those male characters who do exude a hegemonic masculinity — exhibiting physical power and achieving occupational success as valued by capitalism, controlling a family as a patriarch, manifesting characteristics of the frontiersman, and displaying heterosexual power — are most often villains He drugs Gabrielle so she believes she is his wife because his real wife left him.

Now, look, mister! You and I are going to raise these children together because I will not have them treating their spouses the way that you treat me! Moreover, she reciprocates and is attracted to him. When she revives in reality, the real Joxer is giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She pulls him close and kisses him, but then hits him when she becomes aware who is really kissing her. This episode allows for the possibility that Gabrielle is actually attracted to Joxer in reality, making her sexuality ambiguous. As in the other episodes, the heroine has learned something important through having been someone else.

The characters are literally not themselves in some way, and are no longer living their everyday reality. The strongest and clearest outright messages on gender and gender roles often exist and are told in this second level of fantasy, when the characters literally assume a different identity. It is as if the series have to make things more fantastical in order to convey this sort of message, and some of these plot premises can seem fantastical to the point of ridiculousness.

So, once again we got metaphors and kitsch: women with magical, superhuman powers made possible, the viewer knew, not by the woman herself but through the wizardry of special effects, designed and controlled by men The very fact that gender issues were being explored at all, means they were not in essence being contained. Baughman, Burr-Miller, and Manning, for example, note that having women be witches is way to hide what is in plain sight.

Distracted by the special effects, and supernatural powers, audiences do not often notice that female witches are actually very intelligent women. They write:. The modern witch has become everything women want to be. Yet, the witch also comforts those who see these traits as unlikely or dangerous in women; after all, witches do not exist, so it is equally as easy to dismiss their other positive qualities, should audiences chose.

Students will learn how to use their camera, and how to best use all of the offered camera options. Students must bring their own digital camera. With a focus on Canadians and the creatures that call Canada home, this camp will explore the structures we build searching for safety and comfort as well as look at the objects we furnish them with to make them meaningful. Draw, paint, and sculpt space, different points in history, and characters from the novel such as centaurs , while learning the fundamentals of art-making.

Register In this camp you will learn to design and sew your own apparel and fashion accessories on a sewing machine and by hand. We will practice a new skill each morning and then apply our techniques to a project in the afternoon.

Centaures | Imagination & Fantasy | Fantasy art, Mythology, Mythical creatures

You will leave class with one-of-a-kind clothing, a new bag, and plenty of inspiration. Returning students will be presented with new project options! Note: Students need to provide their own machine. Register While being inspired by the ever-changing forests, children will create a medley of mixed media works in 2 and 3-dimensions. Discovering small to larger scale subject matters, children will explore their imaginative adventurer within.

This camp will offer a visual art journey of playful forest mystery and wonderment! Inspired by the art of well-known artists, children will have the opportunity to use a range of materials and techniques such as printmaking, soft sculpture, painting, and many more. Let your imagination run free! Register Ever wanted to be a triple threat? Equally good in drawing, painting, and sculpture?

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Come explore the three basics of art-making. Students will pick subject matter that interests them, then draw, paint, and sculpt it. Venez explorer ces trois bases en art. Do you like listening to and telling stories? If so, this is the perfect camp for you! You will learn to create characters and setting with a range of creative materials. Through drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and much more, you will create artwork inspired by your favourite stories, from ancient myths to fairy tales!

Aimez-vous vous faire raconter des histoires et en inventer? Register Ever wondered what life on Mars would be like? Or what else fills the vast space of the universe? Students will make art inspired by space, including a Mars One style habitat, and painting and drawing other space phenomena, like Supernovas!

Pensez Blanche-Neige, le petit chaperon rouge, Hansel et Gretel Register Inspired by picture books and storytelling, students will be learning techniques through visual narrative.

They will design characters and plan their own stories to develop unique visual art creations and learn the fundamentals of drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media as they embark on a journey of artistic discovery and self-expression. Students will develop their techniques and skills while focusing on form, proportions, composition, colour exploration, and texture.

Register Enter the fabulous world of Ancient Greece. Register Explore the world in this adventurous art camp and discover faraway places as you participate in a variety of art projects from around the globe. We will travel the world while discovering traditional techniques and experimental methods using clay, wood, fabric, paper, watercolours, and pastels. Let your mind flow through drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media, and unleash your imagination to develop unique visual art creations.

The summer Comics camp is an introductory course teaching teens how to write and draw comics, manga Japanese comics , and graphic novels.

Les grands débats en vidéo

Students will invent their own stories and learn how to write, storyboard, draw, ink, and colour them. No previous writing or drawing skills are required to take this camp. Children will venture into the limitless ways of seeing, including through the lens of an imaginary microscope revealing depth and texture. Inspiration will come from the earth beneath our feet, the water we dive into, the many life forms that inhabit this planet, and more! This camp will teach students how to make comics. Students will learn how to script write, storyboard, pencil, ink, letter, and colour comics.

Throughout the week, students will draw a short comic and will be encouraged to use their own experiences and artistic styles to develop their stories. Register Learn the fundamentals of painting, including colour mixing, blending, layering, composition, and personal expression while exploring various subject matters such as landscape, abstraction, and portraiture.

Register Before and After Care. Jump into the forest and take an artistic look at the animal kingdom! Hide animals in a jungle painting and sculpt a tiger, while learning the basics of drawing, painting, and sculpting our friends in the animal world. From forests to fields, from lakes to oceans, and from moose to raccoons, we will look at the Group of Seven paintings in Algonquin Park, animals, Trees and totems poles, with a look at the north.

We will draw, paint, sculpt, and explore many other techniques to create our great outdoor adventures. Spend 4 days indulging in the process of printmaking. This week we will experiment with different methods of printing and get familiar with different print artists. We will try out lino-carving, mono-prints inspired by Hokusai, gel-printed collages and direct prints inspired by Paul Klee, Warhol inspired silk screens, as well as printing from the body and found objects. Enjoy painting and drawing the Human figure by exploring variety of techniques that important artists had used over times.

Get inspire by figurative works which were created by Masters such as Matisse, Picasso, Degas and many more. Students will draw and paint from the model Learning new techniques and expanding on their own existing knowledge to help figure out the figure. A visit to the art Gallery will put emphasis on what we learn during the week. The proliferation of illustrated texts for young readers presents the perfect opportunity to learn and practice skills in drawing, inking and colouring within the various new aesthetics of these three popular storytelling mediums.

Drawing with emphasis on human anatomy. Register A fun week of exploring a variety of materials and techniques both conventional and unusual to create bobbles, bangles, beads and broaches. Learn how to work with wire and tools, hammer metal on an anvil and make your own beads to create your own original jewelry and accessories. Register Our theme for this week is nature. We will be exploring some of the processes and methods of making art including drawing, painting, clay modelling, and collage while using Canadian wildlife as our subject matter, and with a special section on wolves. Come learn from the masters.

This is an informative, skill building and exciting class. We will take you through the ages from the Renaissance period to Pop Art. Each lesson will begin with a brief interactive art history lesson. The students will explore different mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and sculpting. Learn how to draw people and animals just like in the comics, and how to draw scenery and details that will help you tell a story. Projects include comic strips and gag panels, producing your own comic book page and a printing project. Register Over the course of the week we will use mixed media to draw, paint, print, stitch and collage.

We will use our creativity and imagination to make fun projects all inspired by great pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg. For the printing project students are asked to bring an old plain t-shirt or a jean jacket. Learn and practice the magic of silver emulsion with this introduction course to black and white film photography for teens. We will learn to take well-composed photographs, develop negatives, and print in a real darkroom!

Study some of the key historical figures in 20th century film photography and practice this fading art form by creating original paper photographs from beginning visuals to final presentation. All students will be required to have their own 35mm camera. Both parents and students will be required to sign a consent form assuring the safety and knowledge of the student to the materials and equipment being used in the darkroom. Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings; these are a few of my favorite things Learn to turn your ideas, using OSA computer lab reference pictures , into great printed visuals for yourself, friends or as gifts.

A traditional trip to the National Gallery is included. We will be exploring some of the processes and methods of making art including drawing, painting, clay modelling, and collage while using Canadian wildlife as our subject matter, and with a special section on bears. Come and learn about the special relationship between the above artists and animals. In this camp, the mornings will be spent improving drawing skills in a variety of mediums. Our animal models will include real, stuffed and outdoor art sculptures. Afternoons will be spent on a variety of art projects: plaster and wax sculpture, watercolours, printmaking, and acrylic painting.

Further discussion of the symbols of animals in Art during a tour of the National Gallery of Canada Permanent collection. The ByWard market is an exciting place to be in the summer. There is always something going on! Explore the food, flowers, architecture and people that make the market such a magnet for tourists and residents. A full week to explore and practice the techniques of clay in both sculpture and ceramics in a dedicated clay studio.

Anita Ganeri

Hand building and modelling, armatures, forms and surfaces, hollowing, casting positive and negative moulds , bisquing and glazing all revealed. The students will become familiar with some of the basic techniques used in classic animated cartoons and stop-motion movies through individual and group projects. Some time will be devoted to editing, adding sound effects and titles to the movies. There are daily drawing lessons and workshops that will introduce the participants to comics and cartooning techniques.

Register Advance and build upon your unique artful eye with this introductory to intermediate course to black and white film photography for teens — a complimentary course to Beginner Film Photography for the Curious. Practice your passion for Darkroom Film processing and development with extended darkroom time.

Learn advanced film photo-taking and darkroom manipulation techniques. Enhance your artistic eye through studying contemporary photography and practice your artistic critique skills with fellow young and bright photographers. Have fun illustrating your own pages and making words come to life. Learn more about the magic of Eric Carl, Dr.

Seuss, Beatrix Potter, Barbara Reid and more. Work together with the class to create your very own collaborative picture book. The world of fantasy, myth and its legendary creatures has inspired artists for generations, and in this camp they will inspire us too! Learning from the past with the Greeks, early map makers and Japanese legends we will create our own mythical creatures. We will explore in drawing, painting and sculpture and more to set your imagination free.