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McCoy began her Male career at second base. She switched to shortstop briefly, moved to center field and then back to second last season.

Radicalisation and the lone wolf: what we do and don’t know

She's a real resilient kid and she's a smart kid. Many of the standouts from Male's star-studded junior class were in the program in middle school while McCoy was in the eighth grade. Having been around many of her teammates for so long, McCoy doesn't believe she needs to try to shoulder all of the leadership. Also: Undefeated Male softball team ranked No.

I feel that they have the same leadership that I give," McCoy said.

For Madison McCoy — Male's lone senior — this is the end of the line for softball

Most of the juniors can step up and give the same leadership that I do. McCoy's senior day is scheduled for May 18 against reigning state tournament champion Scott County. While it will bittersweet for Bloomer to witness McCoy's last at-bats at home, Bloomer said McCoy deserves to have the spotlight to herself. Research suggests that the internet plays some role in radicalisation though assumptions about the role of the internet in self radicalising individuals are overstated.

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Empirical evidence supports the assumption that the internet creates more opportunities to become radicalised and serves as a space for individuals to find support for their ideas among like-minded individuals. But there is no support for the assumption that the internet accelerates radicalisation and promotes self-radicalisation without physical contact.

Research has also shown that theories and assumptions about radicalisation are not supported in many cases of violent extremism.

What about the internet?

The marginalisation hypothesis that argues that radicalisation is a result of individual frustration and alienation does not explain why some who have travelled to fight alongside the so-called Islamic State come from well-adjusted family backgrounds and were well integrated in the broader community.

Contrary to popular belief, ideology and religion play a less important role in radicalisation.

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Current research by the Countering Online Violent Extremism Research Program at Curtin University, with which I am involved, indicates that the emotional appeal to personal identity and group solidarity are far more significant factors in radicalisation. But the strategy of leaderless or single-actor terrorism dates back to the 19th century anarchists who carried out political assassinations and bombings. In the s and s the strategy of using single individuals to perpetrate attacks was adopted by the white supremacist movement in the United States as a way of thwarting government crackdowns on their activities.

Over the past few years lone-actor attacks have become more and more prevalent.

Lone wolves are individuals who commit acts of violence in support of a group, though they may have no formal links to that group. Each case is unique but all share the hallmarks of the lone actor. Breivik demonstrated extreme right-wing political views and wrote a page manifesto rationalising his attacks and his extremist ideology.

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Michael Zehaf-Bibeau , who shot a Canadian soldier earlier this year, had his passport cancelled and was suspected of planning to travel to abroad as a foreign fighter. French gunman Mohammed Merah , who killed seven people in a shooting spree in France in , claimed to be an associate of Al Qaeda.

In each of these cases, including that of Monis, ideology or politics certainly appear to be the motivating force behind the violence, suggesting the actors were radicalised.

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But there are also other factors to consider when distinguishing lone-wolf terrorist acts from similar attacks with no apparent motivation other than the actors own mental capacity or tendency for violence. Both Bibeau and Monis had criminal records and a history of violent behaviour. Reports on Bibeau describe his behaviour before the attack as disturbing.

Monis also exhibited erratic behaviour and could possibly have had a mental illness. Official reports on Brievik indicated that he developed paranoid schizophrenia. Like Monis, Brievik exhibited high levels of narcissism and grandiose delusions. What these cases tell us is that, unlike the strategic model of terrorism as a rational choice to carry out acts of violence in the name of a cause, these modern-day lone-wolf terrorists may be more like lone gunmen than terrorists.