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In one night, Morgana Johnson-Wells takes two hard hits: first, news that her mother has died, then evidence that her husband is having an affair. Fleeing Baltimore to tend to her mother's estate in Salvation, Georgia, Morgana finds comfort in the company of her Uncle Julian and in the diaries her mother left hidden in the attic. Shocked by her mother's most private thoughts and confused about both her illusions of her own childhood and the fate of her marriage, Morgana is drawn to local artist Erick Wilson, with whom she shares the kind of intimacy she and her husband have lost along the way.

The connection grows deep, and by the time all of her mother's secrets are revealed, Morgana has a few secrets of her own Brenda Jackson. A Dangerous Kiss. Francis Ray. Gwynne Forster. Heart of a Donovan. Adrianne Byrd. A Seductive Kiss. King's Pleasure. Captivated by Love. Texas Wild. King's Promise. Ann Christopher. Bachelor Unclaimed. Perfect Fit. In Too Deep. All I Want Is You. Dara Girard. The Best Man. Strictly Confidential Attraction.

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Scandal Between the Sheets. Words of Seduction. Yahrah St. Farrah Rochon. A Wife for a Westmoreland. Spencer's Forbidden Passion. Wrapped In A Donovan. Always In My Heart. Embraced By A Donovan. Pages of Passion. Zuri Day. Always My Valentine. Devon Vaughn Archer. For You I Will. Donna Hill. What a Westmoreland Wants. In The Arms of a Donovan. A Gentleman's Offer. Monica McKayhan. Jacquelin Thomas. Needing You. Restless Hearts. Breaking Bailey's Rules. Deborah Fletcher Mello. Phyllis Bourne. Pamela Yaye. Trust in Me. Melanie Schuster. Round the Clock.

Breakfast in Bed. Rochelle Alers. Magnolia Drive. Room Service. Holiday Wishes. All My Tomorrows. Haven Creek. Christine Rimmer. The Inheritance. The Best Men Complete Collection. After Hours. Angels Landing. Sanctuary Cove. Cherry Lane. Claiming the Captain's Baby. Home for the Holidays. Nancy Robards Thompson. Michelle Major. Going to the Chapel.

Beyond Desire

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