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Even football players may have surprising hobbies, such as Anime or knitting. That preppy cheerleader may also be into video games. Don't judge people before you get to know them. Even if someone has lots of nasty rumors surrounding them, try to get to know them first, then make your own opinion about them. Give back to your community. Belle is selfless, and even though the villagers aren't kind to her, she still gives back to them.

For example, in the live-action film, Belle is seen giving a few coins to the beggar woman and teaching a young girl how to read.

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Here are a few ways you can give back to your community: Volunteer at soup kitchens or homeless shelters. See what community service opportunities your school has to offer. Visit your local community center and see if they have volunteer opportunities. Tutor your classmates in subjects you are good at. Stay safe. If you are going to do volunteer work anywhere outside your school, bring a friend or two with you. Method 2. Keep your style simple, but feminine. In the animated version of the film, Belle is introduced in a simple blue dress, white blouse, and white apron. As the film progresses, her wardrobe does become increasingly fancy, but she still keeps her hair and makeup simple.

If you want to give a Belle-like feel to your wardrobe, try some of the following: [2] [3] For casual shoes, try black ballet flats or low black pumps. For dressier shoes, try gold or cream pumps, heels, or kitten heels. Pair white, collared, puffed sleeve blouses with blue skirts.

For a country theme, try blue, summery dresses. Wear sensible clothes that are easy to move in. In the live-action film, Belle wears boots as opposed to dainty flats that are perfect for doing chores on a farm. She is often seen tucking her skirt into the waistband to give her more freedom. A modern-day equivalent of this would be wearing loose-fitting pants that you can run around and climb in.

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Follow Belle's color scheme. Belle wears a lot of cool colors throughout the film, such as blue and green.

She also begins to wear warmer colors as she begins to fall in love with the Beast, including pink, during the "Something There" sequence. Her wardrobe ends with the grand finale of the golden ball gown. You can mimic Belle by following her color choices, such as: Blue and white when you want to be casual. Shades of dark green and light green. Shades of dark pink, light pink, and red especially in winter! Gold or light yellow when you want to dress up. Don't be afraid to stand out. One of Belle's traits in the live-action film is that she did not wear boned corsets, which are different from bodies.

While you don't have to go bra-less the modern day equivalent , you shouldn't have to hold back when it comes to expressing yourself. Do you like to wear things that no one else does? What about things that went out of fashion? The animators in the film made Belle stand out from the rest of the villagers by making her the only one to wear blue. Don't be afraid to dress up, when the occasion calls for it. In both films, Belle wears fairly simple clothing. She does dress up for the famous ballroom scene, and the difference is striking.

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  • If you want to be like Belle, and really wow your friends, keep your wardrobe simple until it's time to dress up for a special occasion. If you want to mimic Emma Watson's Belle, make sure that your formal attire is still easy to move around in. Add some Beauty and the Beast -themed accessories. In both films, Belle wears few accessories, with the exception of her blue hair bow and ballroom jewelry. You don't have to wear blue bows and gold earrings, but you can wear other items that will remind other people of Belle.

    Here are some great options: [6] Boho-chic necklaces with hand mirror, teapot, or teacup pendants. Charm bracelets with mini mirrors, roses, teacups, and books on them. A necklace with a book-shaped pendant—even better if it opens! Earrings or hair pins with roses on them, preferably red or gold. Hair accessories or necklaces with gold feathers or vines. Method 3. Embrace your natural beauty. Belle is pretty on her own, but she also does not cover up her features with makeup. In the live-action film, Emma Watson insisted on not covering up her freckles. They are a part of you! Don't worry about perfection.

    One of Belle's traits in the animated film is that she has a strand of hair that always falls across her face. Skip the makeup or keep it minimal or natural. In both films, Belle wears little makeup—and what makeup she does wear is natural. Try some tinted moisturizer, mascara, and tinted lip balm.

    10 questions from the animated 'Beauty and the Beast' the live-action movie finally answers

    If you want to wear makeup with the whole deal, go for a natural look. Here are some ideas to get you started: [10] Choose neutral browns, taupes, and creams for eyeshadow. Try some gold eyeshadow when you are dressing up. Skip the red lipstick.

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    Try a rose-pink color or a neutral shade that matches your own. Try some bronzer for a sun-kissed look, or rosey blush when you are dressing up. Bring out your eyes with some black or brown eyeliner and black mascara. Take care of your face. You don't need to apply loads of makeup in order to look beautiful. You will need to put in a little effort, however. Wash your face daily and follow-up with toner and moisturizer. Wipe off any makeup before going to bed, and consider going fresh-faced every once in a while to give your skin a break.

    A bet on untested technology to create a brutish yet empathetic Beast had paid off. Disney released a video showing Ms. That was Mrs. Potts, housekeeper turned enchanted kettle? Where was her spout nose? The internet delivered a not-on-my-watch foot stomp. Usually these brouhahas quickly blow over, as was the case with Mrs. Some people see a cynical money grab, a way to keep those theme park turnstiles clicking and little girls begging their parents for princess gowns. But the answer is actually a lot more complex. The story is essentially the one you know. Perhaps Watson came up with the idea to include this in the film?

    All we can say is that Hermione would be proud. Ten points to Gryffindor! In the live-action version of the film, rather than lying on her bed and weeping once she is kidnapped, Belle attempts to take action and get her hands dirty. Despite the fact that her father is often laughed at for his "Crazy inventions," it has taught Belle a lot on how to be creative with her surroundings. This is how she comes up with the DIY rope invention that she plans on using in order to escape through the window of her tower.

    In the original film, The Beast will be cursed to stay in his beastly form for the rest of his life unless he finds true love before the last rose petal falls. In the reboot, the circumstances are even darker and more intense if he does not find someone to fall in love with him. The talking objects in the castle will be forced to remain objects and all of their loved ones from their human days will lose all memory of their existence. There will also be an endless winter throughout the surrounding areas of the castle, giving a whole new meaning to "winter is coming". Also, each time a rose petal falls, it causes the castle to break down more and more.

    Talk about putting pressure on a romantic relationship! It is traditional for Disney animated films to either have an evil stepmother or no mother figure at all. At that point, every single Disney Princess chimes in by saying "Neither do we!

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    In the remake, we actually get to learn a bit about Belle's mother and her backstory as well. In the live action film, the beast seems like a much more humanized character as opposed to the original Disney animated version. With the beast, we get to learn a whole lot more about his backstory, his interests, and how he feels about the tragedy of being forced to live as a beast.

    Whereas in the animated version Belle is clearly the sole protagonist, the live-action remake leaves room for both characters to shine. Plus, we actually get to see the beast in human form at the beginning which certainly helps us see him as more than a monstrous beast. It's something that we never knew we so desperately needed in our lives, but the fact that it exists makes us so unbelievably giddy. In the live-action remake, Stanley Tucci plays the role of the self-playing Piano who fittingly used to be a musician.

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    His name is Cadenza and he just happens to be head over heels or should we say head over piano pedals for Audra McDonald's character, Garderobe. If that's not relationship goals, we truly don't know what is. In the remake, it seems as though the two are not only romantically interested in each other, but they seem to be good friends as well.

    They both love Shakespeare and find themselves bonding over his writing. Because the remake is much longer in length, there is a lot more time to see the two form an everlasting romance together. Tags: beauty and the beast. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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