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Early dental visits in childhood development can help establish a lifetime of dental health benefits. Yes, we do offer a whitening solution. We know how important it is to have a confident smile. We can make you custom whitening trays made for your teeth, along with whitening solution that you can bring home and begin to apply yourself.

We encourage our patients to come in at least twice a year for regular maintenance, but some patients are encouraged to come in every months to help keep their gums under control. Yes we do. Invisalign can not only to assist in helping shape your beautiful smile, but can also help improve the health of your gums. If you are interested in the benefits of Invisalign, please inquire about a custom treatment plan on your next visit. Click here to schedule an appointment or call us at Biological dentsitry, or often called Holistic dentistry means that we look at your overall health in relation to dentistry.

We look for dental treatments that are compatible with your body and we find that out with a simple test. Click Here to learn more. Services provided by General Dentist. Facebook Instagram Youtube. Happiness begins with a healthy smile. Request Appointment. Now Following. The Alberta Dental Fee Guide! Learn More. Play Video. Maxwell Dental.

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Holistic Dentistry Approach. Whether for emergency or general care, our team of Calgary dental team takes you through a comprehensive examination and recommend the most effective, strategy for your biological oral health and dental needs. Read More. Thank you. Read More Patient Reviews. Affordable Dentistry. With a Holistic Approach. Read the Full Announcement. What is a Biological or Holistic Dentist? See Healthy Mouth Baseline. Dentistry Services.

Full service dentistry with full health in mind. Latest Posts:. Because if they are not removed in a safe way, the patient is exposed to a higher level of mercury than if the fillings were left alone.

How Your Mouth Connects To Your Heart with Holistic Dentist Dr. Stuart Nunnally

I definitely want to get to your explanation of that with how it should be done in the appropriate way. They have been there for 45 years. I feel fantastic. If we want to be proactive, is it not best to have them removed? It is. I grew up in a house that was built with all kinds of asbestos in it. As far as I know, I have no asbestosis or mesothelioma. As far as I know, my lungs are clear but would I want to move into a house that would still have asbestos in it or if I lived in one now, would I continue to do that?

I would. We know the issue. Would I live in a house that had lead-based paint? There are these common sense things that we would do. Can you imagine that? The medical authorities, everybody would say that mercury is dangerous. Mercury used to be in the sphygmomanometer. Mercury was in light bulbs. For some reason, mercury is safe when put in the mouth or inside of a vaccine.

If you had a mercury filling and you came into my office and I removed it safely, all the pieces that I took out of that tooth would be put into a special jar. Does that make any sense? There are online videos that people can see of you and others performing safe amalgam removal. Can you give us a couple of things on what our audience could look for or question their own dentists with? The obvious thing is to go to the website, find a holistic biologic dentist and then ask them the questions. Start with that group of people. Tell us what the protocol is. Can you describe some of the protocol?

The most important thing would be the fact that when the dentist sits down to do the dentistry after that patient is numb, they would put a rubber mask over the tooth. The patient would also be draped. Every millimeter of the patient is draped and covered because some of the particulates does escape into the room. For that matter, my staff and I are completely draped. Does that go into our municipal water supply?

We as dentists are one of the largest contributors to environmental mercury burden that there is. What about for people that may have amalgam under a cap or a crown? How would people best be able to find that out? The truth of the matter is there is no barrier to mercury. When we encase it with a crown, it simply percolates through the tooth into the surrounding tissues.

What we would say to that patient who wants to know is there is a meter. It measures a current in millions of an amp. We can literally take that amp meter. Interestingly enough, there are some crowns that are translucent enough that on an X-ray, you can see the mercury filling still underneath it. As a grandparent, it makes me cringe to think about one of my grandchildren having some kind of burglary assault whether it would come from a filling or whether it would come from a vaccine. It petrifies me to think of that. Tell me how detrimental is sugar consumption for the child?

I was at an event a few years back and it was a fundraiser for John McCain. It was cosponsored by Delta Dental Insurance. One was regular dental checkup, number two was fluoride in the water and number three was regular brushing and flossing. It is the most active element on our entire periodic table. We can go on and on. We would never want to expose a child to them especially to the amounts of fluoride that you would get in a typical dental office.

To doctor up our municipal water supply with a known poison, a toxin which fluorine is and to then suggest that we all would drink that when it, believe it or not, has no impact whatsoever on caries. It does not. It does impact other issues including causing fluorosis of the teeth, including the fluorosis of the bones, including osteosarcoma, especially in young boys.

There are a number of issues including lowered IQs for people who ingest fluoride. Fluoride would not be one of the things that I would recommend at all. Instead of devoting that time and the time the hygienists would spend delivering a fluoride tray if she spent that time with the mom and child suggesting that maybe we eliminate sugar from the diet. Maybe we do water with a little Stevia in it or something. Can you imagine myself and all the other millions of children that would sit in that dental office? That was after they filled one of your cavities and they gave you the fluoride tray.

Make sure you spit it out. I know if we dig enough, we will find those links. Tell me about root canals. Obviously, root canals happen so often. All they do is root canals. They will defend that to their grave as well. Tell me the general issues with root canals. I want to ask, did you ever see the movie, Root Cause? I did see the movie, Root Cause, and I was interviewed for that new movie. I know that Tom Levy had so much screen time. It was a funny movie.

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Those of us that have been around people that have done everything, including patients and family members. To see this guy up on the screen go through that, it was hilarious. You were in Root Cause and everybody should go see that movie. I do think so. Tom Levy, who you mentioned had a life-changing experience after he had his root canal teeth removed. It has many peer-reviewed references in terms of the systemic health issues related to root canal treated teeth.

Most times it does a pretty good job of eliminating the pain and the tooth. Typically, these are infected teeth. The root canal relieves the pain because the nerve is removed from the tooth, the source of blood supply. The problem is that there are many intricate miles of little microtubules that the dentist cannot get to.

A single rooted tooth has two to three miles of microscopic tubes. Under a transmission electron microscope, it looks like a honeycomb. There are so many porosities in teeth. We think of them as being hard as a rock and like a piece of granite. It may be for example, when ozone is injected into root-canal-treated teeth or around teeth, maybe it eliminates all of them.

If the tooth is left unchecked, dead in the mouth, there are plenty of bacteria that can again re-infiltrate this tooth and re-infect it. We know it helps. We know that antibiotics will only work on a very temporary basis because you cannot deliver them into the tooth. The problem with root-canal-treated teeth is that the bacteria sits there. They have a heyday and their end-products which are exotoxins will then pass out through the tooth. They get into our systemic circulation. They can cause a whole host of problems.

I was one of them, Jack. I did hundreds of root canals until seventeen years ago when I became acquainted with the literature associated with this.

Breaking the cycle of Dental Disease!

Weston A. Price, when you go into a dental school, that should be the first book that you read almost as much as when I went into osteopathic medical school. If those much time had been devoted that as it was pharmaceuticals, think how enlightening it would have been. It is about eating like the wisdom of our ancestors. Everybody talks about all these different diets and should we go vegan? Should we go Keto?

Should we go Mediterranean? Price documented it. The explorers, Captain Cook and Magellan, they documented how these native populations ate. Why do we have to try and reinvent the diet if we follow Mother Nature? You and I have seen this, Jack, time and time again. The healthiest patients that I see in my practice are those who have followed their ancestral diet.

If I take a good old Texas boy whose ancestors came from Germany, you try to put that patient on a high-carb diet. I love what Weston Price discovered. They have great strong skeletons. They have a jaw that will accommodate all of their teeth and they thrive. Nutrition is the number one most important thing in terms of dental issues and systemic health issues. If somebody with a root canal who gets them removed, does everybody get the root canal? You start getting some pushback. You do. You have to weigh the tradeoff.

In my opinion, would I have a root canal treated tooth? Absolutely not. I would not. I had done one for my wife 25 years before I knew the research. We removed that too because I could restore it in a way. She has a beautiful little bridge there. What if someone has six root canal treated teeth? I got to come beam on a patient with fourteen root canal treated teeth. What are we going to do for this lady? Now she can barely get out of bed. Can we attribute that to her root canal treated teeth?

These are not easy issues. I give them an incredible educational journey and let them help me and them make an informed decision. There are at least four very recent studies, peer-reviewed studies in there, that point very directly to root canal treated teeth and cardiovascular disease. In other words, having a stroke and root canal treated teeth. The evidence that systemic health issues can result from our teeth, root canal treated teeth, is one of the most toxic of all entities that we could have in our body.

Not only obviously is root canal removal a lot of work, but there is also an expense to it. Do we do a bridge on those people?

Is it causation or is it association? That being said, let me tell you what my approach is for someone in general. I want you to follow this diet as close as possible. I want you to live the healthiest life as close as possible. I want you to go to sleep with the sundown, awake with the sunrise, get the sunshine, get away from stress, get away from environmental pollutants and chemicals and toxins. I want you to get chiropractic care. I want you to see a holistic dentist.

I want you to do all these things. We try to find maybe a little more objective evidence. I had a root canal treated tooth and I had a heart attack. In these cases, I wish the surgeon, whether they did a stent or whether they did a bypass, I wish they would take a sample of that and hang onto it so that we can DNA test that against the extracted tooth, see if we can match those bacteria.

Are they innocent bystanders there? Are they causative?

There is another way!

Are there ways that we can look at meridians? Are there homeopathics or any scans that we can use to give us some guidance on that? I have a quote that he makes in the book. He backs it up with the research. I will say that there are some teeth and he makes this point in the book that seemed to be more infectious than others. Those are root canal treated teeth or non-root canal treated teeth, dead teeth that have a radiolucent lesion on them.

In other words, when you take an X-ray of these or a cone beam, you see an infection at the tip of the root of the tooth. When a patient has a tooth with CAP associated with it, chronic apical periodontitis, Levy makes the point that those seem to be the most infected. Those seem to be the teeth that caused the most systemic health issues. Seventeen studies had been done to determine how often these two-dimensional X-rays are not accurate. Those are the teeth that looked like they cause the most problems.

Would an abscess in that area be the next space above? Does that mean an abscess will be worse than that or are they almost like sister diagnoses? This is a chronic abscess. In other words, the body has encapsulated this with either a little cystic lining or very dense bone around it called condensing osteitis. Could people undergo a radical lifestyle change to try and save that or do you think once that that is diagnosed, are we at the point of no return?

I hang out with a lot of holistic dentists and holistically-minded physicians like yourself. That does seem to help quell the infection especially for someone who has an acute infection. The last thing you want to do is to have a tooth removed a few hours before you leave. What we will do in that case is we will inject ozone around that. Oftentimes that will bring that infection right down. The patient will be fine for weeks but typically that reoccurs. Yes, positively. I will say as a backup, if the patient is going to Europe, I would give him a script for an antibiotic.

Go get it and put it in your bag. We try to avoid them. Any experience with things like a natural antimicrobial, Berberine, oil of Oregano or using silver hydrosols? Any of the therapies that you would say that we can use instead of the antibiotic? I especially like using silver products.

Some of those can be very helpful especially when we use the Waterpik and we jet them under the gum line. Even antibiotics sometimes can even fail to get into that area to control the situation. Many times, the bacteria associated with these have become resistant to antibiotics. Amoxicillin, one after another, clindamycin, one after another. These bacteria become resistant.

What does the endodontist think when they see someone who had a root canal tooth who comes in with an infection in that area? I published a study on this very thing five years ago that showed the very best root canal treated teeth, when we submitted those to the University of Kentucky for a toxicology study, these were all extracted teeth on patients who had been referred to our office. These were the best of the best. These are the best. These were asymptomatic. A lack of pain is not synonymous with success. Nothing is ever painful for us until the very end.

We decided that there is inflammation, there is an illness. We decided to have it extracted. What is the protocol for the extraction? What are the things that the dentist needs to do during that extraction? The dentist needs to be skilled at removing teeth. We want them to clean that site out really well. One of the biggest game changers for us in the last ten years in terms of getting these extraction sites to heal properly has been the use of platelets. We draw extra blood before we do the procedure. We spin their blood down in a centrifuge.

We pack those platelets into the surgical site. Cleaning that out then filling it with platelets is key. I like to even use other things. I like to do other things like having an acupressurist or acupuncturist see the patient immediately after to reopen that meridian to reassert reestablish the energetic pathway. Dead teeth are culprits in blocking energetic pathways. These are incredible meridians that God put in us where these wonderful lines of communication can get blocked when you have a dead entity.

You mentioned oral surgeons. I had an oral surgeon remove my wisdom teeth. It happens to be a very close friend of my father. I do it by default. People are more aware of the fact that we need to clean these areas out. I do it because I had a lot of extra training doing mission work in Central America, removing lots of teeth and I felt comfortable with it.

Then I began to see the benefits of doing this in a way that I was exposed to when I got sick myself. We want to prevent that at all costs because now you have another a chronically infected area. This goes back to also the amalgam. Also what are some of the strategies that you use? They are retoxified as the body begins to get rid of the heavy metals. That can happen. Typically, those were eliminated through the feces, some of it through the kidneys. I love to see patients on beautiful, healthy green vegetables especially follow their ancestral diet. Follow that diet where you know you feel robustly healthy.

Where you feel like you can eat and run a meter dash an hour later. I want to see a patient eat like that and they will have their body prepared in advance.