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Under the plans, it would be open for use as soon as summer One of the questions was:. It also stated that the proceeds from the auction would be invested in the West Ham Academy. Farewell Boleyn Auction Plans Announced. On top of that, leaving the Boleyn Ground at Upton Park was a hugely emotional wrench for some West Ham fans and I believe that some fixtures and fittings should have been retained with a view to creating a specific installation to commemorate our spiritual and physical home of over years.

As it is, the only artefacts from the Boleyn that are available to the general fan base are three of the John Lyall gates, which have been installed in the club shop in the Olympic Park. The remaining three gates are apparently now in the possession for former Club Chairman Terry Brown, who bought them from the auction for an undisclosed sum.

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I already felt frustrated and upset at the loss of our home and heritage and this research just served to compound those feelings, so I decided to take some action. Dr Woodhead is an academic in the School of Law at the University of Warwick and is a non-practising barrister.

Her research focuses on the legal recognition and protection of cultural heritage and how this is supplemented by codes of ethics. I also asked if these artefacts should have been held in trust for future owners and fans. However, I would suggest that you contact the MA policy officer, Alistair Brown with your enquiry and he can then correspond with you about it; if necessary he can then direct the matter to the entire Ethics Committee who could comment on it.

It sounds like a real shame that this collection has been sold and is no longer accessible to fans. The vast majority of public museums in the UK are members of the MA, but it is less likely that a privately-run museum such as the West Ham museum would be a member.

Up the Irons - Barack Obama is West Ham fan

However, it would be interesting to explore under what legal status the collection was held from onwards, as most museums hold their collections in trust in order to protect them from sale or mismanagement. And that, dear readers, is as far as I got. My wish is that more of us had listened to passionate and dedicated West Ham fans and historians such as Nigel Kahn and helped him to oppose what the incumbent board were doing to our club and heritage.

My hope is that in the future a new owner will see the cultural and educational value in restoring the West Ham United Museum to properly preserve our heritage in a meaningful way.

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I also hope that it can become a community hub for education, as well as for reminiscence therapy for West Ham fans suffering with dementia. Hopefully some fans who bought culturally significant items in the auction will see the value in loaning them to the museum for all fans to enjoy, rather than keeping them hidden away in private collections.

Most importantly it will provide a permanent home for the medals, caps and shirts that the Moore, Hurst and Peters families wished to be made available to all West Ham fans. As I explored the subject I discovered that directed reminiscence therapy based on football has also been adopted in Scotland and that group sessions have been held for sufferers and their carers in the Hampden Park Museum amongst the football artefacts and memorabilia in order to help trigger memories. As I wrote in They may only be dusty artefacts to some but for many older West Ham fans, especially those suffering from dementia, they could have been valuable portals to memories which would enable them to reconnect with their past and their present and give them back their sense of identity and self-esteem.

At the time a couple of WHTID readers did ask me to go on and write that article on the disappearance of our museum. Unfortunately life took over and sad and difficult circumstances meant that the rest of went by in a horrible blur. By the time I came up for air it was December and although I did then revisit the subject and began to investigate the history of the West Ham museum and what had become of it, the information I found never did manifest into an article. This is what I found. Fast forward five years to the year and the old West Stand was demolished so that work could begin on the Dr Martens Stand.

The new stand would also incorporate conference and banqueting facilities, a hotel, the club shop and the longed-for museum.

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An article featuring an interview with Sir Geoff Hurst which appeared on the official WHU website that same month talks of some of the acquisitions for the planned new museum:. The last time I saw it was after a specific request from the members of the club in the Bobby Moore stand about a year or 18 months ago. In the meantime work continued on the front section of the stand that would house the new museum and club shop.

Then, after more than seven years of planning, the West Ham United Museum finally opened its doors to the public for the first time on Saturday 24th August Speaking at the time about the donations made by West Ham fans to fund the museum Terence Brown said:. In a review of the museum for the Culture 24 website David Prudames wrote in August This gives a colourful insight into the way such events have affected the game of football.

Among them was Patrick Hills, a descendant of Arnold Hills who founded the original Thames Ironworks club in , and who was quoted on the club website at the time:. The Club also invited Dorothy Young to the official opening of the museum. Jack continued in the game after his playing days were over by scouting for a former playing colleague, George Kay, who went on to manage Liverpool FC. Until then ….. Hopefully this will be a nice birthday surprise for him as he settles down for his first read of the day over a full English and his West Ham mug of Rosie Lee.

West Ham Till I Die would be a much duller place without you. And please stop fretting about Brexit HH; whatever happens you will always be welcome on these shores because you are a right royal part of the sovereign state of West Ham United. Thankfully for us and unbeknown to baby Mabel the two great loves of her life were waiting for her just across the water.

As Mabel came into the world the little boy who was to become her first love was still a grubby-kneed six year old busy kicking stones around Ricardo Street, the road where he was born in Poplar; while her second true love was in a state of flux. When war was declared on 4th August it was expected that the Football Association would follow the example set by cricket and cancel all matches. However, despite opposition, matches continued to be played in the Football League throughout the season and the FA Cup was held as normal.

Unfortunately for the Hammers their ascent into the upper echelons of professional football was immediately interrupted as the Football League programme was then suspended for the remainder of the First World War. First team matches were played until and thereafter the reserve teams took over as the Football League was resumed. However, by the time baby Mabel had celebrated her first birthday the Hammers were riding high and they went on to win the LCL with 65 points; 7 points clear of South London rivals Millwall, who had to settle for second place.

However, all that was to change, as Mabel blossomed into a beautiful young woman cupid was busy nocking an arrow bearing her name onto his bowstring. Mabel had a tough start in life as her father and mother sadly passed away in and respectively, leaving her an orphan at the tender age of By the age of 18 she was a young girl about town, living independently in the West End and supporting herself with a job just off Fleet Street.

It was and for their first date Richard invited Mabel to go to a game with him at Upton Park. As she recalled:.

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I fell in love with Richard so I had to take West Ham with it. Watson, a centre forward, played times for West Ham between and In , the same year that the young couple were married, Mabel would have stood alongside Richard in the Chicken Run and applauded during the historic moment that Vic Watson said farewell to the Hammers. He went on to play for Southampton for just one season before hanging up his goal scoring boots for good. His role in WW2 was as an engineer servicing the Lancaster bombers which took part in the famous Dam Buster raids.

According to reports, the US senator has been a fan of the Hammers ever since a trip to England five years ago and watches Premier League games whenever his busy schedule allows. Fresh from today's revelations, which could stir up tensions with Democrat rival and Manchester United follower, Hillary Clinton, Obama is being offered the chance to take an all-expenses trip to his beloved Upton Park.

Billy Bonds honoured with stand named after him at West Ham - vobylusesuje.tk

The club's shirt sponsors, XL. Mr Obama is not the first world figure to nail their colours to the mast by revealing where his football loyalties lie. First there was Osama bin Laden 's association with Arsenal, which led to the north Londoners reportedly banning the terrorist from attending any future games. Bin Laden was apparently on the terraces as Arsenal side reached the final of the European Cup Winners Cup in season.

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The man behind the Sept 11 attack was rumoured to be so smitten with the Gunners that he bought a replica kit for his eldest son. Her Majesty the Queen also counts herself among the Gunners faithful and has been a following for some 50 years ever since clapping her eyes on former player Denis Compton. The red half of Manchester can also count on support from former South Africa president Nelson Mandela who was handed an page dossier on the club's history on his 89th birthday by Sir Alex Ferguson. Number 10 Downing Street has seen it's fair share of football fanatics - once the removal vans confirmed Margaret Thatcher 's departure.

John Major was a Chelsea supporter long before Roman Abramovich's riches arrived at Stamford Bridge before Tony Blair arrived waving his Newcastle scarf from the roof tops. And what of the current incumbent, Gordon Brown? In fact the former Chancellor made his early pennies by selling programmes for the team in his youth. Live scores. Premier League Table. All upcoming fixtures. All recent results. Premier League fixtures.