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Their version is dark and incredibly sinister. It's not my bag musically but it's so interesting that it forces you to get involved with it. It's an unsettling experience but I admire their desire to interpret the tune their own way. Your turn now. What do you think of this album? Richard even stated their version is better than Carpenters' version, which is quite a compliment indeed.

It's like a completely different song. Let God ONJ. I remember when I first got this CD and played it thinking what in the world happen to these beautiful songs, they destroyed their beauty.

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I could not understand how Richard could have been involved in this project, I mean of all projects? This one?

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However any exposure is better than none with Carpenters. We all know Richard changes his mind with time, I wonder if he still feels the same about this project. The first 2 pages are suppose to be side by side. Sorry, having trouble getting full size photos to show, will try later.

If I Were A Carpenter

Great thread! Thanks for starting the conversation! Great take on a Carole King classic. The duo would have killed to reach that high on the charts in later years. Great stuff! Chris-An Ordinary Fool said:. I hope it works this time. Let me know if this works.

For me, it shows on my PC but on my phone I get blank squares. I just realized, at the time of this article, it mentions Richard not writing music but working on various projects including a 6 CD set from Japan, this must have been the Sweet Memory 6 CD set. Thanks for posting the EW article. I remember reading it when I came out. Nice to see it again. David Browne should have been as open-minded and fair to Karen's solo release, too, but he bashed it without really listening.

It was as if he had his mind made up about the solo album before he even played it. Too bad.

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Jeff Well-Known Member. I favor Bless the Beasts here. Power chorus does it justice to my ear. Thanks for posting this, Chris! Nice to see he could hear the greatness in Sonic Youth's take on "Superstar". I forget where I thought I heard that he hated it. Either way, I'm glad to be wrong. Thanks for setting me straight.. But I get the impression that he was just getting annoyed with her incessant badgering about it. I felt that every artist took the project seriously and put their 'spin' on it.

The only thing that I did not like was the CD cover. My eyes looked like that the few times that I did hallucinogens. Rumbahbah Well-Known Member. Haven't listened to this all the way through in a long time something that I imagine would be a bit of a struggle. It's a real curate's egg - a mishmash of the sincere and the jokey, the effective and the almost unlistenable. Best tracks to my ears, as flagged up by others, are Matthew Sweet's 'Let Me Be the One' the 'straightest' take on the album and one that begs the question of why no one ever released this as a single, even though a number of artists recorded it - it just sounds like a hit , Sonic Youth's 'Superstar' which channels the darkness of the Carpenters' version and takes it in a different direction and Dishwalla's 'It's Going to Take Some Time' whose reinvention of the song gives it a whole new life; the Carpenters' version is nice, but it does lack something compared to the their other singles of the same era.

During the mids, Elliott relocated to England and became a hit in Europe, before returning to New York City's Greenwich Village folk scene in and recording his debut album, Woody Guthrie 's Blues , that same year. By the early s, Elliott had developed into a fine flatpicking guitarist and his twangy, unapologetically aggressive style, and cutting sense of humor made him one of the shining lights of the rapidly developing folk scene, although he never confined himself to the folk genre.

Much like Guthrie had mentored Elliott, now Elliott was mentoring a new generation of folksingers, including a young Bob Dylan , who was another Guthrie disciple.

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Elliott not only encouraged Dylan but also helped shaped his repertoire, flatpicking, and vocal style at the time. Just as Elliott had once been dubbed "a poor man's Guthrie," Dylan, likewise, was identified as "a poor man's Elliott," before his own style began surfacing. Over the course of the next half century, Elliott would continue traveling, performing, and recording, influencing countless other musicians along the way. Many assume his title of "Ramblin' Jack" was in reference to his relentless traveling, but in actuality this was awarded to Elliott for his tendency toward stage banter.

He would often ramble on through various topics and stories before arriving at a point during his song introductions. This made Ramblin' Jack Elliott's live performances far more engaging and considerably warmer than his studio recordings. Which brings us to this live performance recorded during the summer of at the Newport Folk Festival. One of the most gifted storytellers, this short but sweet performance begins with just that, a story song in the form of " Greens," which Elliott had recorded the previous year.