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However, the characters were so well drawn, human and interesting and the writing so effective that I contentedly went with the slower pace. Where It Hurts is the first in a series featuring Gus Murphy, and I would gladly read further installments. I have never read anything by this author before, but see that he has written another popular series which I will have to check out in the future, too.

Thanks to the publisher and author for my copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Retired Suffolk County cop, Gus Murphy works the night shift at a low-key hotel on Long Island as courtesy vehicle driver and bouncer at events, and rooms there as part of his package. Two years earlier his son died suddenly of an undiagnosed heart complaint, shattering the family and now he goes through the motions, troubled by his flighty ex-wife and a daughter who has been pulled up for DUI. No one at the hotel knew my story.

They knew I was divorced and that was that. Everyone who worked the night shift there seemed to me to be hiding out or running away. We all had stories not to tell. Ex-con Tommy Delcamino turns up looking for him. The police are making no headway and Delcamino offers Gus money to look into it.

Torn apart by grief, Gus explodes and kicks him out. While rescuing his daughter from the precinct building he asks his former friend Pete about the case and who was investigating. Pete names two detectives but warns him off. Wyandanch is black and poor and the system is set up to keep it that way Villains are multi-layered, the characters well-honed as Murphy confronts cops straight and bent, corruption going all the way to the top of the precinct, bikie gangs and small-time gangsters, women hardened before their time.

Helped by the former priest and Slava from the hotel, Murphy escapes numerous attempts on his life to bring justice to Tommy Delcamino and his son TJ, and discovers new love and friendship. I needed Googlemap to locate the place names in this fast-paced story, but the one liners were standouts. Well recommended. Mar 10, Mal Warwick rated it really liked it Shelves: mysteries-thrillers.

Reed Farrel Coleman is the latest example. Author of at least 23 books divided among six series of crime novels, Coleman is the recipient of half a dozen literary awards. Where It Hurts is the first in the series. A current of poverty and violence roils beneath the surface here, too. A lot of senseless blood gets spilled.

Now Gus works nights at a third-rate hotel driving a courtesy van to and from the local airport and serving as house detective. When a pathetic ex-con approaches him about looking into the murder of his own son, Gus resists. Eventually, though, he is drawn into opening the case, which police have failed to investigate.

As Gus begins to ask questions, he quickly comes up against a wall of resistance from his old department. Then the violence starts, and more bodies begin to fall. Few of even his best friends on the force are willing to lift a hand to help him. Evidence of police corruption soon becomes obvious—and it may go all the way to the top, to the very popular Chief of Police, Jimmy Regan. Repeatedly risking his life, Gus persists in his investigation and gradually begins to recover interest in living. Along the way, he gets help from an old priest who has lost his faith and a woman who is ready to love him despite his wounds and flaws.

Apr 12, Pamela rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. A mystery with a main character who actually evolves! Nov 07, Bonnie Brody rated it liked it. Two years ago, his son John died from a genetic anomaly of the heart, keeling over during a basketball game. Since John's death, Gus has been wallowing in grief, his marriage has imploded and his daughter has turned to alcohol and drugs in order to deal with her feelings. One day, out of the blue, a small-time crook by the name of Tommy Delcalmino approaches Gus and asks his hel Gus Murphy, once a Suffolk County Police Officer, is now driving a shuttle van for a run-down MacArthur Airport hotel.

One day, out of the blue, a small-time crook by the name of Tommy Delcalmino approaches Gus and asks his help in solving the murder of his son TJ. Tommy says that the police have not looked into murder despite Tommy giving them good tips. Gus's first reaction is to tell Tommy to get the hell away from him but soon after that Tommy is murdered and Gus decides to look into it. As Gus tries to find out about TJ's murder, he meets with a stone wall from the police department.

People who Gus had worked with for years are giving him the run-around and telling him not to investigate this murder, that it will be dangerous to his health. Despite consistent warnings to back off, Gus plods ahead, slowly coming out of his own world of the dead as he tries to make sense of what happened to TJ. The novel is well-written and the characters are interesting but there are just too many of them and the story flits from one encounter to the next without enough depth.

I prefer more character driven novels and this one, while action packed, sacrifices character for action and procedure. I think that the story of Gus's own grief is repeated too many times and the reader gets it early on without needing constant reminders. The denouement came out of nowhere for me and I was disappointed with how it was all wrapped up.

Despite my quibblings with the novel, it is well written and I enjoyed the quips and quick repartee between characters. Coleman knows how to write a certain genre of detective novel that appeals to a large group of readers including me. Why no voting buttons? We don't let customers vote o Mar 11, Christina Pilkington rated it it was ok. I read this book because it was nominated for an Edgar Award this year, and now I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how it could have possibly made it to the list. Maybe it was because this book was up for an award that I felt so incredibly disappointed in it.

I went into the reading experience expecting something great. Instead what I got was a very mediocre crime story, wholly unoriginal plot line, characters whom I've read about a dozen times before, and the dialogue was not great and I read this book because it was nominated for an Edgar Award this year, and now I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how it could have possibly made it to the list.

Instead what I got was a very mediocre crime story, wholly unoriginal plot line, characters whom I've read about a dozen times before, and the dialogue was not great and often made me very uncomfortable when most of the African American's dialogue ended with the word, "yo" Really? So all African American people, even those who are "gangsters" use the word "yo" at the end of every sentence? And heavier people are slow and dumb, too? Too much of that type of stereotype to make the dialogue believable or enjoyable.

And how many times have you read of a detective who was moping around because his kid just died, or his spouse had just died, or something else tragic had happened in his life so he was depressed and felt like life was worthless? I don't even read that many crime novels, and I have read that main character set up time and time again.

And how many crime novels center their plot lines around a drug deal gone bad? Corrupt police officers? Quite a few times. The only reason I didn't give this book 1 star was because there were occasional points in the novel where the story itself was well written, but that doesn't excuse the unoriginally of the characters and plot.

Sadly, I will not be picking up any more of Coleman's novels. Oct 15, Sandy rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-from-netgalley , contemporary-fiction , police-procedural , suspense , crime , detectives. He used to be a happily married cop, content with his lot in life but that was before. Tommy Delcamino is a reformed criminal familiar with the pain of losing a child. Like his father, TJ was no angel but Tommy is frustrated by the lack of progress with his case. Back in the day, Gus was the only decent cop Tommy met so he approaches him with a job offer. He wants Gus to look into TJ's murder.

Where It Hurts

Unfortunately someone else found him first. Gus doesn't now it yet but he has stepped into the middle of an elaborate cover-up that began over 20 years ago. And there are those who will do anything to keep it buried. This is a fast paced thriller with more than enough twists to keep you on your toes. All Gus wants to do is fulfill his obligation to Tommy. But it soon snowballs into something else entirely. Why are former colleagues warning him to back off?

So on one level you've got a great edge-of-your-seat read. Each is well developed with distinct voices that add to the overall plot. By the time all is revealed you may be in for a few surprises. One particular standout is Slava, a coworker at the hotel. Initially he comes across as a quiet man from some eastern bloc country. After he gets pulled into Gus' investigation, it becomes clear this is a man seeking atonement for something in his past.

But the star of the show is Gus. Taking on TJ's case is a big step for him as it means he'll have to interact with the world again.

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This is a guy you'll root for. He's also a guy you'd want in your corner when the going gets tough. The last few chapters have you turning the pages at warp speed as tension ramps up for an inevitable showdown. And an interesting twist at the end ensures I'll be in line for book 2. View all 3 comments. Feb 19, Mark Stevens rated it really liked it. Those are character names worthy of Chandler or Leonard or Block. The kind of place where even the young men were old. Where the Daily Racing Form passed for the news of the world and where the light of day was the common enemy.

Gus Murphy is a retired Suffolk County cop with a weight on his shoulders, the sudden death of his son two years earlier. It happened one day on the basketball court, when the boy was felled by an undiagnosed heart defect. The death has wrecked his family and now Gus works as a courtesy van driver for a nowhere hotel. Gus is just hoping to put one foot in front of the other and find a way to get by. Where It Hurts such a great title is part mystery novels and part literary study in grief.

Takes only seconds to live it again. I had tried filling in the fissures, cracks, and cavities with wondering, wondering about the trick of time. That got me about as far as wishing. Gus is reluctant, for many reasons, and then he starts running into people who spend a great deal of time and effort trying to discourage him from getting involved. His slow-motion descent into the fray, coupled with the relentless gravity of the feelings of loss about his dead son, anchor the story in a feeling of genuine pain.

At times dialogue-rich like George V. Higgins and other times neatly procedural like Michael Connelly, Where It Hurts presents a solid character with troubled shoulders leaning into very real problems, both internal and external. Those problems show Gus a possible path to healing, but will he take it?

Or does he want his pain to rule over everything else? John Augustus Murphy is a sad, cynical, and empty man. His life has been riddled by loss. He has lost his faith in God and his trust in people.

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He has also lost his career as a cop with the Suffolk County Police, his marriage, his house, but most of all, where it hurts, the sudden and senseless death of his beloved twenty-year-old son. He lives at the hotel and works as the hotel detective, he also sometimes works security when they are busy. When one of the criminals he once arrested comes to the hotel to see him, his life is irrevocably changed.

The man tells him about the loss of his own son, another criminal. What he learns leads to his losing faith in the very police department he once worked for and makes him reassess his own friendships. The Long Island setting is well depicted, and it is obvious that the author is very well acquainted with the area — this is where he lives after all.

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The writing is astute and for the most part somber. I think men will appreciate it more than woman, though anyone who enjoys the works of Lee Child, Michael Connelly, or Dennis Lehane will likely appreciate his work. He has a knack for cutting to the heart of the matter with a clever turn of phrase. My rating: 3. Dec 28, CL rated it it was amazing. Gus Murphy is living a run down hotel and driving the courtesy van for it's guest when he is asked by an ex-con to help find out what happened to his son.

Gus tells him he should really ask the police for help but Tommy Delcamino said he has already asked them and brought them plenty of leads but no wants to see justice done for his son.

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Gus reluctantly agrees and takes what Tommy has the detectives involved in the case but they shine him on. Now Tommy is dead and Gus has been shot at. As more a Gus Murphy is living a run down hotel and driving the courtesy van for it's guest when he is asked by an ex-con to help find out what happened to his son. As more and more clues come to light it appears that there is more to the story than originally appears.

Great read. Mar 11, Sarah rated it did not like it. Won From a Goodreads Giveaway. Reed Farrel Coleman is an extremely talented writer. He excels at character development and setting a scene. This is the first in a new series for Coleman featuring former Suffolk County police officer Gus Murphy whose life is in a shambles following the unexpected death of his son 2 years ago. A person Gus knew quite well having arrested him a number of times while on the job seeks Gus out asking him to investigate the brutal murder of his son. When this man later turns up dead, Gus makes it hi Reed Farrel Coleman is an extremely talented writer.

When this man later turns up dead, Gus makes it his mission to find out why this man and his son were killed. While Coleman tended to dwell on Gus' suffering over his son's death more than I felt was necessary to understand Gus and which detracted from the story a bit for me, I found Gus to be a compelling protagonist surrounded by a great cast of characters, and the story was entertaining.

I feel like I've been to Long Island after reading this book. This book has been nominated for a number of awards. May 02, Paul rated it it was amazing. That is about to change. Where It Hurts is an Excellent start to a new book series. Gus Murphy hasn't been a cop since is son died 2 years ago, but he was a cop, a solid good cop, for 20 years.

No he is a hollow shell of a man, when a lowlife from his past Tommy D reaches out to Gus, to ask for help, regarding the murder of his own son. Gus is soon buried in crosses and double crosses, doesn't know who if anyone in his old police department he can trust, yet the people warning him to stay away, and the dead bodies keep increasing.

The action is non stop, the story is well told, and more importantly it isn't filled with, "that would never happen" moments. I can't wait to read the second book in the series, What You Break. May 01, Susan rated it really liked it. Crime fiction is not a genre I usually read, but Where It Hurts was well written with characters who were well developed and compelling. Gus Murphy, the ex-cop who is recovering from a personal tragedy, gets pulled into a murder investigation that spurs him to examine not only the details of the case but the state of his life.

Sep 28, Colin Campbell rated it it was amazing. Gus Murphy is the real deal. Troubled but still got his sense of humour. All helped by the fact that Reed Farrell Coleman hits you where it hurts. Highly recommended. Oct 28, Marie rated it really liked it. Good story. Interesting, too, to read descriptions of Long Island from a reality view. Jan 23, The Lit Bitch rated it really liked it. I have never read anything by Farrel Coleman before so this is my first experience with his writing and his style.

As a read I have never read anything by Farrel Coleman before so this is my first experience with his writing and his style. As a reader, I was really rooting for him and I was happy with the resolution of the novel. I went into this book with the idea that it was going to be edgy, gritty, and different….. This book read super fast and every page advanced the novel and mystery.

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This book reminded me a little of a James Patterson novel when it came to pace. I read this book in a matter of days with a large chunk being in one sitting. I really enjoy a well written crime novel and this one did not disappoint. There were a lot of different characters to keep track of and I found myself distracted some times by the amount of characters.

That said, this was still a worth while read and if you are into crime novels or thrillers this one does not disappoint! See my full review here Nov 10, Kasa Cotugno rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , loc-usa-ny , genre-crime-thriller , themes-loss. Today I read detective novels more as ongoing narratives than thrillers. There are only so many elements that can compose a thriller - whodunnit, whydunnit, McGuffin. And, increasingly, wheredunnit. I chose this novel because it is the first in a series hopefully , which means no catching up on backstory.

Because backstory is what I am most interested in. Not the drugs, murders, and other devices necessary to the plot. After faithfully following all the 87th Precinct series from the '60's on, w Today I read detective novels more as ongoing narratives than thrillers. After faithfully following all the 87th Precinct series from the '60's on, which first fascinated me more in the lives of the detectives rather than the mysteries they were solving, I found myself more drawn to lively characters rather than plot.

Others have followed, with varying degrees of success. I also chose this book based on the description of locale -- the "other" side of Long Island, where the "real people" live. Coleman says in an author's note that he has lived in Suffolk County for almost 30 years, so there is verisimilitude to the settings.

The character of Gus Murphy is well drawn, with the built-in pathos that is de rigueur for detectives these days. I hope that this is the start of a series with a long life. May 30, Mary MacKintosh rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery-detective. I don't remember how I found this novel but I am glad I did. Sometimes, this version of Trump appears fragile and out of control, prone to emotional and impulsive reactions, and seems lonely in the White House. Wolff also claims Trump never really wanted the job of President at all. Trump considered replacing Gorsuch with Giuliani, book says.

Some of Wolff's reporting has been corroborated. But several errors have been identified. Former campaign CEO and White House adviser Steve Bannon, who is widely quoted and is now estranged from Trump as a result, has not denied comments attributed to him, however. The storm unleashed by the book, "Fire and Fury," is a political nightmare for the White House. But even as it raged, Trump was, as always, conscious of how his image is playing. After details of the book leaked Wednesday, he released a statement saying Bannon "had very little to do with our historic victory" in , characteristically claiming that his success is always his work alone.

Then on Thursday, in a brief appearance before the cameras, Trump showed he had already noticed Bannon's flattery on Breitbart radio, in his only comment so far on the book: "He called me a great man last night," the President said. There is a particularly cutting assessment of the President's daughter Ivanka Trump in the book.

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Four international revelations from the new book on Trump. She became a White House staffer and that's when people suddenly realized she's dumb as a brick. A little marketing savvy and has a look but as far as understanding actually how the world works and what politics is and what it means -- nothing," Bannon was quoted as saying by Wolff. No father would stand for such talk about his daughter. But for Trump, his family is especially important, because it's an extension of himself, and his brand.

Spicer on time in Trump White House Trump's image is under siege, and "Fire and Fury" seems certain to widen the perception between the version of himself that the President wants America to see and the one that emerges from behind-the-scenes reports. After a slow start Wednesday, when the White House seemed almost as staggered as the rest of Washington about Bannon's betrayal, Trump aides and friends sprang to his defense in a belated damage control effort.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders blasted the book as "tabloid gossip," and pointedly pushed back at suggestions by Wolff that Trump did not want to win the election in Trump's lawyers fired off cease and desist letters to Bannon and to Wolff's publisher. Trump friends Anthony Scaramucci and Christopher Ruddy toured cable news television studios to defend the President.

The publisher, for its part, responded by moving up the release date to Friday. But any day when the White House has to rebut questions about the President's mental stability is hardly a good one. And the Trump team's attempt to discredit Wolff faces another complication: the fact that his book broadly tends to corroborate many themes that have arisen in existing news reports about Trump's personality.

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