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Deryn 1. Des Barreaux pour une Barrette 1. Destroyer de Cannabiogen 1. Devis Leonel Rivera Maradiaga 1. Diesel origines de la variete 1. Dinafem 3. Dinafem seeds 3. Dinamed CBD 1. Diplome de Culture de Cannabis 1. Disjointed Dispensaire 1. Dispensaires 3. Djakarta 1. DNRED 1. Docteur Bosquet 1. Documentation 2. Doggydogg20 4. Dossier 1. Dossier Tabou 1. Douanes Douleur Chronique 1. Down The Beat Records 1. Dr Dina 1. Dr Green 1. Dr Laurent Karila 1. Drake 1. Dritan Zagani 1.

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Drogues de synthese 4. Drogues Dures 2. Drogues Illicites 1. Drogues Passerelles 1. Dronabinol 1. Drugs Movies 1. Drugsploitation 1. Duterte 2. Dutertre 1. E Cigarette 2. Eagle Bill 1. Early Amnesia CBD 1. Eau De CBD 2. Ecole 1. Economies 1.

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Ecosia, moteur de recherche qui plante des arbres 1. Ecosse 2. Eddibles 2. Effet entourage 2. Effets du Cannabis 2. Eglise Cannabis 1. Egypte 2. El Chapo 6. Elections Presidentiells 1. Eleven Roses 1. Elio Di Rupo 2. Elite Cup 1. Elixir No. Emerald Cannabis Cup 1. Emmanuel Macron 1. Encadrement du cannabis 1. Enchanted Music Festival 1. ENCOD 3. ORG 4. Energie Verte 1. Enlighten Alaska 1.

Ennahdha 1. Enquete 1. Enrique de la Madrid.

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Epidiolex 2. Epilepsie 5. Equateur 1. Eric Correia 3. Espagne Esther Benbassa 2. Etat de Washington 1. Etats Unis Canada 1. Ethan Nadelmann 1. Etudes sur le Cannabis 1. EuroChanvre 1. Europe 9. European Functional Flame Off 1. Eusfac 1. Euskadi 4. Evexia 1. Exflora 1. Exploration du CBD 1. Expogrow 3. Expogrow 1. Expogrow Expogrow 2. Expogrow business Barcelona 2k Expulsion de locataires fumeurs 2. FacegoOk 1. Fagron 1. FCPQ 1. Fernand Boissard 1. Festival 1. Festival du Cannabis 2. Festival Rast Art 1. Feuilles de Cigares 1. Fibre de cannabis 1. Fibromyalgie 8. Films 1. Films sur la Drogue 1.

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Floride 3. Flowery Field 1. Floyd Landis 1. Fours 1. Foxtailing 1. France France-Culture 1. Franco Loja 2. Free Marijuana 1. Free-Parties 1. Frenchy Cannoli 2.

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Fromage de Chanvre 1. Frozen Budz 1. Fuck All Copycats Fuck Cali G 9. Fume tous les jours 1. Fumer un spliff sans se faire gauler 1. Future Farm 1. Gabon 1. Gainsbourg 1. Gal Vallerius 6. Gandia 5. Gang 2. Ganja Girls 2. Ganja Goddess Getaway 1. Ganja Smokers 2. Ganja Ting Remixes 1. Ganja Tune Ganja Tune Selection 2k17 1. Ganja Yoga 2. Ganjatunes 2. Gardiner 1. Gastronomie Cannabique 1. Gatineau 1. Gaza 3. Georgie 1. GEPCA 2. Gerbrand Korevaar 1. Ghana 1. Ghurburrun 1. Gibraltar 3. Gin 1. GinJah 1. Gitans 1. Global Drug Survey 1. Go Fast 2. Go-Fast 2.

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Herbe Albinos 1. Hiccups 1. High Breed Co 1. High et fines herbes 1. High Maintenance 2. High Maintenance Saison 2 2. High Tea 1. High Times Magazine 1. High Tune Highlife Cup 1. Hight Times Cannabis Cup 1. HighTunes 4. Hildegarde de Bingen 1. Histoire Du Hasch 1. Histoire Du Haschich 1. Histoire et origines du 1. HIV 4. Hloukhiv 1. Hmbldt Vape Pen 1. Ho Karan 3. Hollandais 1. Hollande 7. Holyweed 1. Honduras 1. Hoquet 1. Hormones De Bouturage 1. Hospitalisations 2. Houssem 1. Howard Marks 4. Huffpostmaghreb 1. Huile CBD 1. Huile de CBD 1. Humboldt County 1.

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Jody Emery 1. John Robert Boone 2. John Salley 1. John Tory 1. Joint de 30 metres 1. Joint Electronique 2. Joint Express 3. Joints 3. Jonas Duclos 3. Jonathan Guyot 1. Jordan Belfort 1. Jorge Cervantes 1. Journal d'un Cultivateur de Cannabis 1. JPD 1. Juan Pablo Escobar 1. The imprisonment of David Schlesinger is taken by us as a clear infringement of the human rights, because it is based on laws, which limit the freedom of religion, guaranteed by international human right and national constitution, and these laws are obviously specifically designed to limit this freedom.

Van der Weegen. Il se plaint aussi de nuisances "inacceptables". On December 1 all psychoactive mushrooms have been made illegal in the Netherlands. Users of magic mushrooms can theoretically continue their use, as long as they cultivate the fungi themselves. On November 28 the Dutch court decided that the ban on magic mushrooms will go into effect as of December 1 after all.

The VLOS the national association of smartshops tried to fight the decision in court only a few days before it would go into effect, but their arguments were ignored by the judge. This means that as of December 1, it will no longer be possible for the Dutch to buy fresh mushrooms in smartshops. A big leap backwards for a country that once had a progressive drug policy.

Most politicans still seem to be oblivious to the increased risks that this ban brings along , such as the chance of people consuming poisonous mushrooms, dosing wrong due to lack of objective information, etcetera. Si c'est une drogue, alors vous devez me mettre en prison. Ce n'est pas le cas dans beaucoup de pays', a-t-il enfin conclu. Et attention aux peines planchers!

Tout est bien qui finit bien. Attention toutefois, de ce point de vue les choses changent. Lentement mais elles changent. Le but : se consacrer aux "gros poissons". Roberto Ledesma a 27 ans et huit grammes de marijuana dans sa poche. C'est de Colombie qu'est venue la critique la plus franche.

William Engdahl. An initiative to legalize marijuana and allow it to be sold and taxed will appear on the November ballot, state election officials announced Wednesday, triggering what will probably be a much-watched campaign that once again puts California on the forefront of the nation's debate over whether to soften drug laws. The number of valid signatures reported by Los Angeles County, submitted minutes before Wednesday's 5 p. Supporters turned in , signatures, collecting them in every county except Alpine.

County election officials estimated that , were valid. The measure's main advocate, Richard Lee, an Oakland marijuana entrepreneur, savored the chance to press his case with voters that the state's decades-old ban on marijuana is a failed policy. Opponents have also started to put together their campaign. The measure, like the medical marijuana initiative, could put California on a collision course with the federal government.

The possession and sale of marijuana remain a federal crime. This month, President Obama's drug czar, R. Gil Kerlikowske, decried legalization in a speech to police chiefs in San Jose. The initiative would allow adults 21 or older to possess up to an ounce for personal use. Jerry Brown, who was then governor, signed a law that reduced tough marijuana penalties that had allowed judges to impose year sentences. Legalization supporters note that misdemeanor arrests have risen dramatically in California in the last two decades.

The initiative would also allow adults to grow up to 25 square feet of marijuana per residence or parcel. But the measure, known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act, goes further, allowing cities and counties to adopt ordinances that would authorize the cultivation, transportation and sale of marijuana, which could be taxed to raise revenue. Supporters hope this feature will win over voters watching local governments jettison employees and programs in the midst of a severe budget crisis.

Three other marijuana legalization initiatives have been floated this year but are not expected to qualify for the ballot. One failed, one was withdrawn and one remains active. Lovell said that the initiative would lead to increased marijuana use, cause the same kind of social ills as alcohol and tobacco and put more demands on law enforcement.

He said voters are distressed by the medical marijuana law. Lee countered that the state's experience with medical marijuana shows "the sky didn't fall. Underscoring the importance the backing of law enforcement will play, Lee's campaign on Wednesday highlighted the support of retired Orange County Superior Court Judge James P.

Gray, a former L. County deputy sheriff and Torrance police officer. With polls showing that a slim majority of voters support legalization, the legalization campaign will be trying to appeal to a slice of undecided voters who are mostly mothers. He will probably be able to tap a handful of wealthy advocates who have supported efforts to relax drug laws, including multibillionaire investor George Soros and George Zimmer, founder of the Men's Wearhouse.

Lovell said he expected to raise less than his opponents but would have enough to get his message out. En cause? Il y a des rumeurs folles sur moi, mais tout va bien. L'hebdomadaire anglais The Economist consacrait au sujet un dossier complet au printemps dernier.

Voir le graphique sur la note format PDF p. Ce sont donc les autres ILS, comme les constats de trafics, qui sont en baisse relative. Voir les graphiques sur la note format PDF p. Ce sont des politiques locales qui permettent alors de transcender des dogmes, quelles que soient les orientations politiques[46]. Goris, F. Jobard, R. Matelly, C. Mouhanna, Ed. Michalon, octobre Merlen, F. Ploquin, Fayard, , p. S King and M. Richard, J. Setbon, O. Karsenty, P. Kopp, OFDT, septembre , pp.

La droite a fait ses choux gras de l'affaire. Josemans comme une nouvelle tentative du gouvernement de mettre un frein au commerce du cannabis aux Pays-Bas, "une nouvelle excuse pour pouvoir fermer des coffee shops". C'est l'occasion d'attaquer le gouvernement sur son manque de rigueur. The pace of marijuana reform across the states is going to make it harder and harder for the federal govt. But the power of the people -- and the states -- have one big hurdle to clear before the ban on pot is lifted : The Feds. Only this time, the people may have built more than drug warrior's boots can stomp out.

On Tuesday night, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, who opposed Amendment 64, warned constituents of a long road ahead. This will be a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. But the Controlled Substances Act still holds marijuana in the most restricted class of drugs, Schedule I, defined as dangerous, addicting, and medically irrelevant.

Il sollicite aussi leurs commentaires. Les ventes explosent. Cocaine Toothache Drops, c. King tombe des nues. Il les visite. Mackenzie King, Ottawa, Document parlementaire 36b, , pp Avec sa propre police pour la faire respecter. Puis, il a une inspiration. Il faut durcir la loi comme les Canadiens viennent de le faire. Indignation monstre! Lourdes pressions sur les politiciens.

Un an plus tard, le Parlement amende la loi de Son pouvoir est immense. Anslinger devient intouchable. Ce sera, entre autre, la marijuana. Border Patrol. Reefer Madness True History of Marijuana 1. Pas les Beatniks. The Trafic in Narcotics , Harry J. La compagnie I.

Premiers tests. Et les rechutes continuent. Il rechute. Terrible Truth Anslinger veut maintenant des peines plus lourdes pour les trafiquants. Le rapport est remis en janvier The Narcotic story 1. Les mafiosi assuraient la logistique, le transport, le financement.