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Join 10, other followers Sign me up! Hot: Detailed sex scenes,profanity or graphic violence. Blog Stats 74, hits. Cannot load blog information at this time. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He's going to die! He's Mandorallen. It's important to note that Mandorallen is speaking here with absolutely no irony whatsoever : Mandorallen: We are some distance from our own forces, your Majesty.

I pray thee, be moderate in thine address. Even I might experience some difficulty in facing the massed legions of all Tolnedra. It detached itself from the common trammels of the body, yes, my spirit, in shining armour, fought with the false, cruel spirits of murderers. Live-Action TV. The Groosalaugg from Angel , although he ditches the shining armor shortly after moving to LA.

Jamie Reagan in Blue Bloods is a cop not a knight but plays to this trope in the sense of dedicating his live to protecting order , being loyal to his family and comrades, helping the helpless and in general putting honor way before reason. And wearing a cool uniform. Call him a Knight in shining blue cloth.

A Knight's Duty

One is summoned by accident in Charmed , thanks to Paige. Jon Stewart's sudden appearance on The Colbert Report to save Stephen from utter humiliation at the hands of Conan O'Brien, with the now-famous shout of "Don't you do it, boy! Sir Thomas' sons, William, Richard, and Cedric, are aspiring knights - as is his only daughter!

On the other hand his eldest son wants to be a cook Criminal Minds : In the first season finale the Un Sub is suffering from the delusion that Reid and the team are this. It's also been stated in the special features that they attempt to write stories about knights in shining bulletproof vests, and end up with what the show is. The chivalrous parallel is increased by the fact that in doing so, he's trapping himself in time.

The Doctor takes up a big sword in a duel to decide the fate of Earth as the planet's champion during "The Christmas Invasion". Game of Thrones : Ser Loras Tyrell see Literature above literally has the shiniest armor in Westeros, at least in the first season, and apart from some Combat Pragmatism , acts the part of this trope. By the second season, his armor becomes rusty and dirty, expressing his increasing cynicism , and he does not smile as much.

Although Loras is not romantically interested in Sansa, his adherence to knightly ideals plays a part in wanting to rescue her from the hell she's in, and he willingly enters into an Arranged Marriage with the girl so that he can whisk her away to Highgarden. Say what you will of his grandmother's and sister's ulterior motives, but Loras is more honourable than that.

He understands that King's Landing is a terrible place for Sansa, and he sees her as a Damsel in Distress who is held prisoner by the "monster" Joffrey. Unfortunately for his non-yaoi Fangirls , he's gay. As his physical state degrades, however, he actually starts trying to live up to the trope. Barristan Selmy arguably fits this trope the best, and is presented as something of a paragon of a by-gone age. This becomes especially clear after he joins Daenerys, and his advising her to morally correct choices contrasts with Jorah's more coldly pragmatic suggestions.

Along with Barristan Selmy and Loras Tyrell, Brienne of Tarth comes closest to being one and plays this trope quite straight, despite being denied knighthood because of her gender, though her actual armour in Season 4 is black. She's dedicated, an excellent fighter, unwaveringly loyal, protective of the weak, noble and good-hearted.

Sandor Clegane so despises this trope that he refuses knighthood even when he joins the previously knights-only order of the Kingsguard. The loyal Stark retainer Rodrik Cassel is a strong, loyal, and honorable Old Soldier and one of the few official knights in the North, though he lacks in actual shining armor. Davos Seaworth is not a straight example, because he doesn't wear armor, but he's one of the very few unambiguously good non-Stark characters and is a knight.

It's thus a welcome development that he has now become the leading retainer of the resurgent Kingdom of the North, together with Brienne. The gilded armor Gregor Clegane wears as Kingsguard member is clearly meant to invoke this. Unfortunately, this character utterly averts this. Jorah Mormont is not nearly as straight an example as Barristan Selmy indeed, his armor's a rather dull, functional grey, reflecting his pragmatism , but he's definitely got his moments. Also reconstructed in his case, as he began the series as a rather self-centered manipulator selling out the Targaryens, to whom he had sworn an oath, to Varys and King Robert in exchange for a pardon.

But when he finds someone truly worthy of his loyalty, and whom he also loves Daenerys he drops it immediately, Becoming the Mask and a rock-hard Targaryen loyalist, not to mention upright, kind, and honest, while still being acceptably pragmatic and ruthless towards the Targaryens' enemies. In some of the darker stories stories he can come off as more of a Knight In Sour Armor , when dealing with more disgusting individuals his bitterness can shine through.

Although not a literal knight David Shephard in Kings fulfills all the other qualifications and as a soldier could be said to be the modern equivalent of a knight. Lancelot in Merlin , albeit only briefly until he is thrown out for being a commoner. Meanwhile, Prince Arthur is becoming one, and part of the point of the series is Merlin helping Arthur become one. As of the end of series 3, Lancelot has been properly knighted as one of Arthur's new Round Table, as well as Gwaine, Elyan and newcomer Percival.

Along with veteran knight Sir Leon, they all aspire towards this trope and prove their worthiness as knights at many points during the rest of the series. Fantasy buff Chip from Power Rangers Mystic Force was thrilled to find out "knight" is an actual rank in the mystic realm and strives to reach it so he can be a knight in shining armor. Daggeron, the Solaris Knight , fits the bill quite well already, though again, any Ranger tends to. However, Daggeron's the one who gives the most stereotypically "knightly" lines like "I'd rather die with honor than live without it.

His good alter-ego Leanbow taught Daggeron everything he knows. Robo Knight of Power Rangers Megaforce was intended to be one, but programming flaws lead him to focus strictly on eliminating threats and not consider things like civilian safety, though he's getting better. The Strain : Fed is big, strong, loyal to a fault, fearless to the point of insanity and pretty much smashed his way through a wall that separated him from his lover and team mate Dutch, then being tortured by a complete and utter monster. Later on, when a badly traumatized Dutch is about to leave the team and him, he is visibly hurt.

Instead of being bitter or making any reproaches, he accepts her choice and wishes her the best. Tin Man : Cain's no knight, but he did vow to be the princess's protector. When the crew is riding to DG's rescue in part 3, he's got the white horse. Handwaved by the fact he is reverting to the mindset of an earlier incarnation.

Absolutely no one questions his devotion to King Edward IV, as Richard is always dutiful whether it's peacetime or war. He also defends Anne Neville at the Battle of Tewkesbury when several soldiers assault her, which evokes Lady and Knight. However, Richard becomes a Knight In Sour Armor in Episode 7 after he's disenchanted with the king's debauchery, and he's offended when Edward attempts to appease him by bribing him with gold. By Episode 8, Richard's moral compass is thoroughly broken when the opportunity to usurp the throne opens up to him.

Prince Eric Greystone of Wizards and Warriors the TV series, not the video games , golden haired and usually clad in gold lame.

Kindle Editions

Honorable to the point of folly - or beyond. His even hunkier brother Prince Justin on the other hand is a total subversion of the Trope. All I wanted was a white knight with a good heart, soft touch, fast horse. Just like a knight in shining armor From a long time ago Just in time I will save the day Take you to my castle far away. When her prince pulled up - a white pickup truck Her folks shoulda seen it comin' - it was only just a matter of time Plenty old enough - and you can't stop love She stuck a note on the screen door - "sorry but I got to go".

I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale I'm not the one you'll sweep off her feet Lead her up the stairwell Now it's too late for you and your white horse To come around. The player is cast in this role in the "Knight of the Rose" table of Last Gladiator. Professional Wrestling. Chikara has the time-displaced knight Lance Steel and his more time-displaced self, who also serves as his Tag Team partner. They made it their mission to defeat the gnashgabs and uplift pro wrestling to a new, glorious level, and they wear colorful 'armor'. Tabletop Games. Paladins are more like holy crusaders empowered with divine magic, though which has its own trope, on that note.

His fellow Knights of Solamnia are not quite so ideal but, with a couple of important exceptions, are generally good. The knight's abilities focus on mounted combat, single combat with an opposing champion , and maintaining honor. The 1st edition Cavalier class, introduced in that era's Unearthed Arcana , was closer to the "standard" Arthurian knight. For a while, the Paladin class was a subclass of the Cavalier instead of the Fighter.

Paizo's Pathfinder RPG has brought The Paladin full-circle with the "Shining Knight" archetype, complete with bonuses to mounted combat and riding skill. For those not wanting to add divine elements to it, there's also the Cavalier class. Ironically, Alain Germande, the Iconic Cavalier, is very much not this, though he does excel at presenting himself this way to aid in seducing impressionable women.

He's a Lawful Neutral arrogant Glory Hound Blood Knight who, though surprisingly charismatic, regards all others as expendable tools in pursuit of ever-greater glory and success. The Talisman board game provides two examples of this trope, who reflect the chivalric code slightly differently: the Knight character, who is always of good alignment and who cannot attack other characters of good alignment, and the Chivalric Knight, who can aid rival characters in battle and cannot attack another character whose strength value is less than his own.

They are fairly confident on running down any mounted troops and most foot, but they are vulnerable to shooting. The Achilles' Heel of Irregular Knights is their impetuosity: unless constantly guarded, they are liable on charging spontaneously the nearest enemy and thus ruining the battle plan. Warhammer : All noble Bretonnians aspire towards becoming true knights in shining armour Grail Knights, who have been found pure in heart and soul and blessed by the Lady of the Lake , are said to all qualify for this trope by definition though the aforementioned skewed sense of morality has some fans wonder if the Grail Knights are really more like their more ordinary fellows.

The Empire also has several noble knightly orders, but their modernization means that the chivalric ideals are not as predominant there as in Bretonnia.

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Video Games. Baldur's Gate : The series had a few - brash but idealistic squire Anomen, relentlessly pious and judgmental Ajantis, and the old but still fighting Keldorn.

A Man Without Honor

Oddly enough, perhaps the most outspokenly classical example is a female halfling, Mazzy, who comes as close as a halfling can come to a paladin in a Second Edition-based game. Chrono Trigger : Cyrus in the English version. His apprentice Glenn takes on traits of this as well along with being a cursed knight. Not in the original Japanese version: Lost in Translation. Siegmeyer of Catarina wants to be this, but is far too bumbling. One of the armor sets for the Titan class in Destiny resembles the armor of a knight and flashes a bright blue, befitting of Guardians renowned for being fearless protectors who embody strength and self-sacrifice.

Balmung of the. While the setting of the series is an MMORPG, Balmung specifically investigates circumstances which could easily get him hurt in the real world. However, he has a strong moral code on issues of lesser significance, such as a strong distaste for hacking and player harassment. He also has a penchant for swooping in at the last moment to save other characters: In Sign, Balmung only appears in one episode, but rushes in to distract the Phase monster so that Subaru and company can escape.

Similarly, Balmung's introduction in the video games has him chasing down another corrupted monster and trying to get Kite and BlackRose to run away. When the people he works for ban him from getting involved in this again, he quits his job and takes up arms on his own. His status as this in-universe even extends to Newly born AI Aura taking his character template for use as an automated defender of the World. Typically for a Low Fantasy setting, the Dragon Age games employ this trope: The Warden , Hawke , and the Inquisitor can all fit the trope, if the player so chooses, especially in the warrior class.

Inquisition even lets you craft literal shining armor for the character. Alistair in Origins is mostly this, being a tank warrior who works best in heavy armor and wielding a BFS ; he's sweet, sensitive, and chivalrous. He's also the only party member besides the dog who cannot be forced or even asked to leave, due to his Undying Loyalty to the only other Warden. If romanced, he adores his lady and presents her with a rose and some bashful speeches.

On top of all that, he's also secretly a Prince Charming , as you learn over the course of the story. Covers a lot of bases, does our boy Alistair. A rather novel version is found in the Awakening expansion with the Spirit of Justice. A Fade Spirit based on the concept of Justice, it is eventually trapped in the corpse of a Grey Warden named Kristoff.

It then joins your party as an Undead Knight in Shining Armor. Aveline from Dragon Age II is a gender-flipped version, complete with rescuing of her love interest. Inquisition has two among the Inquisitor's friends: Warden-Constable Blackwall, who feels that part of being a Grey Warden is to be this trope. Which is why he pretends to be Warden-Constable Blackwall to atone for his sins. Cullen has transitioned from a traumatized Templar recruit to a good example of this trope. He's kind, honorable, and thoughtful. On the other hand, he is still troubled by recovering from his lyrium addiction, and is buried so deep in his work he sometimes forgets to be Cullen: human being.

The other characters can help him improve in this vein a little; it's more pronounced if he's romanced. The Elder Scrolls Throughout the series at least until Skyrim did away with classes , "Knight" was a preset class. Knights get bonuses to the Blade skill, as well as Heavy Armor , Block , Speechcraft, and Restoration, following the trope closely.

The class description reads: "Of noble birth, or distinguished in battle or tourney, knights are civilized warriors, schooled in letters and courtesy, governed by the codes of chivalry. In addition to the arts of war, knights study the lore of healing and enchantment.

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Due to High Rock's cutthroat politics , how noble these knights actually are can vary wildly. In Oblivion 's Knights of the Nine expansion, the Player Character can found a new holy order of shiny-armored knights. Membership requires avoiding "Infamy" at all costs. From the series' backstory comes Pelinal Whitestrake, the legendary 1st Era hero of mankind who came to St. Alessia to serve as her divine champion in the war against the Ayleids. Or, at least, that's how he is remembered in Imperial dogma anyway. Pelinal subverts the trope, having also been a racist berserker who would fly into fits of Unstoppable Rage mostly directed at the Ayleids during which he would be stained with their blood and left so much carnage in his wake that Kyne, one of the Divines , would have to send in her rain to cleanse Ayleid forts and village before they could be used by Alessia's forces.

In one infamous fit of rage, he damaged the lands themselves , which nearly caused the divines to leave the world in disgust. The Justice faction in Eternal Card Game , perhaps unsurprisingly, has many of these in its ranks. Sir Gawain from Fate Series is the "most honorable knight" according to Artoria , with being undyingly loyal and a bit of a chivalrous pervert. Turns out that part of the reason why he's so loyal is due to blaming himself for Artoria's death.

Subversed in FateGrandOrder , where he ends up following the evil Lion King due to his guilt over said death. However, the Gawain summoned by the Lion King is different than the one allied with the player, and the trope is again played straight in the SE. PH arc. In fact, he's heroic, noble, unashamedly, unrepentantly, disgustingly chivalrous to the point of making his characterization seem a tad unrealistic.

And it's justified too, as a side effect of him originally being born as a clone without much emotions. He's extremely loyal to Cosmos because that's all he's ever known in life.

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  5. As does Cecil , but that rather goes without saying though perhaps not as much as the Warrior. Indeed, his turn from the dark side to this is one of the driving forces behind and most emotionally satisfying part of the overarching plot.

    Knights of Honor - Review

    Steiner in Final Fantasy IX , to the point that he makes a clanking sound whenever he walks. He is also chivalrous to a fault, and is torn by his conflicting duties to Queen Brahne and Princess Garnet.

    Word of Honor

    Lampshaded when Judge Gabranth wonders, in their final confrontation, how come Basch failed his motherland, and then the kingdom who took him in, but is still the one who keeps his sense of honor of the two. The only result is that his comrade, Kent, repeatedly tells him to drop it and get back to work. Camus and Arran from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light explore the more tragic aspects of this trope: Camus ends up having to choose between his love and his country, ending up going with the latter.

    This results in him being left for dead and his love being stuck in a loveless Arranged Marriage. When he returns as Sirius in Mystery of the Emblem , he devotes himself to saving Nyna, but in the end, even though he's able to snap her out of being Brainwashed and Crazy , he resigns himself to the fact he can't be with her, and leaves, never to return. Meanwhile, a case of My Greatest Failure has led Arran to continue to adopt this persona even while terminally ill, as a way of Facing Death with Dignity.

    For Honor has the Knights of the Iron Legions as one of its three factions, yet the only Knight class that approaches this trope is the Warden , who looks the most like the classic interpretation of a knight, wields a longsword, and serves as the viewpoint character for their chapter and afterwards ends up leading a resistance movement of the other Legions against Apollyon and her Blackstone Legion. Still, they don't wear full-on shining plate armor as the trope usually goes, instead wearing brigandine over their torso.

    There's nothing stopping a Warden player fighting as dishonorably as they want to win fights in the game however. In Gems of War , the Whitehelm region has a piety-and-honour theme to it, meaning that its units tend to fit this archetype i. Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear. Prior to the events of the game, he's the commander who willingly risked his life to save people even if the situation seemed hopeless or even if the person to be saved was questionable. An in XX Ky continues to be a noble public servant as a high ranking police officer.

    In Overture , his popularity and charisma earns him the position of a king. Kid Icarus: Uprising makes it clear that Pit is one, as he is endlessly loyal to Palutena and will always fight for the human race, even though the game also shows that Humans Are Bastards and the real Big Bad , Hades, easily manipulates them to kill each other. In King's Quest Graham of Daventry forgoes the armor in favor of guile , but he is still very much a knight at heart, even after being crowned king.

    The Legend of Zelda has Link who, while not always a knight by occupation, is nonetheless an Ideal Hero who's been saving the princess and the land of Hyrule from Evil Overlord Ganon since That said, several of his incarnations are stated to have descended from the Knights of Hyrule, the Skyward Sword version is in the middle of training to become a knight at the start of the game, and Breath of the Wild 's Link served as Princess Zelda's personal knight. Oersted from Live A Live is a deconstructed example.

    Demon-slaying, princess-saving, the whole nine yards. The chapter is dedicated to show that even the noblest of knights can finally crack if there's enough hatred to corrode them, and in his case he cracked pretty damned hard. Samara in Mass Effect 2 , even going so far as to give a Knight Errant perhaps with a bit of Samurai as the closest human equivalent to her order.

    Though she has a strong ruthless streak, and is absolutely unbending when it comes to her code. Granted, he has all the personality of a brick, but he's a chivalrous paladin nevertheless. Overwatch : Reinhardt Wilhelm is more of knight in mechanical rocket powered armor , but he still fits, and in fact invokes this trope. He sees himself as a modern day knight, and was previously part of an enitre order of modern knights in powered armor called The Crusaders.

    He acted as the The Heart to the titular Overwatch, staunchly supporting the group, but calling them out the minute they started straying morally. His forced retirement was the first step to the organization's eventual collapse from corruption and infighting, leading him to become a Knight Errant. In his youth, he was a hot-blooded and reckless gloryhound whose actions led to the massacre of his mentor and almost his entire unit.

    He later deeply regrets it. Fernando from Paladins is an egotistical self-appointed knight who does heroics for glory and charming women. However, he does look out for his comrades and will protect them with his mighty shield and fry foes with his flame lance. Aeron, of Pandora's Tower , who starts the game off sneaking into the capital city of the country his homeland is at war with just to watch his girlfriend sing, then doesn't hesitate to disappear with her when Elena is promptly afflicted with a curse.

    He then spends half the game looking to break said curse, and the other half looking after her and making their shabby safehouse a much more pleasant place to be just so she's more comfortable. Bonus points for the fact his armor is literally bright, shiny gold. The Knight class in Runes of Magic is apparently inspired by this trope. He's currently a squire, though. Soul Series has Siegfried, as well as Patroklos though the latter was initially an arrogant Jerkass who did morally questionable things in the name of "justice" In Starcraft , Raynor starts out as one, Kerrigan even lampshades it; but unfortunately he then realizes that the Koprulu Sector is a Crapsack World and becomes a Knight In Sour Armor.

    Flynn in Tales of Vesperia. While Flynn is a very literal example on top of displaying the character traits, his best friend Yuri embodies the traits befitting this trope, while crossing it with Knight In Sour Armor , due to his dislike of the Empire and his time as an actual knight. He even gets a title in reference to the characteristics of this trope, called True Knight, and it's noted when you get the costume that Yuri is the most knightly of any of the characters, including Flynn as the character who says this is talking to Flynn, who will agree with her.

    Thankfully this isn't necessary.

    Modern Medievalism: Lessons on manliness, from a medieval knight's own words

    In Undertale , Undyne literally refers to herself as a "knight in shining armor" in one version of her pre- Boss Battle speech. Though she will fight humans for other monsters with a vengeance, she's really a Hot-Blooded badass who bows to practically nobody. Web Comics. Sir Toby, from Chivalry and Knavery. A Christian knight who happens to be an anthropomorphic lion , who is kind, brave and extremely strong. And patient, otherwise he would have run screaming from Kira and Ulf.

    According to his character description, he believes that there is good in everyone - amazingly, his time with the two of them hasn't beaten that belief out of him. In Cucumber Quest , due to being a work of satire that affectionately pokes fun at video game tropes, this trope is zigzagged. The knights of Cake Town all wear hodgepodge suits of armor made of random parts, and are just little more than glorified servants for King Croissant and his daughter, Princess Parfait. Because of the king's low standards of knighthood, most of the knights are easily defeated by Peridot during Cordelia's invasion of Cake Town.

    The rest of them turn traitor while one, Sir Carrot, escapes. Sir Carrot aspires to be a true knight and behaves according to chivalric traditions, but his crippling cowardice prevents him from acting like he should, to the point of becoming The Load while his much younger friends Nautilus, Cucumber, and Almond are much more capable than him. In fact, Sir Carrot's cowardice becomes a point of drama in Chapter 3 where Almond is manipulated into seeing him as a villain by Rosemaster and the others, including himself, lose faith in him. But the Nightmare Knight's intervention, combined with receiving a Love Letter and a love boost from a captive Parfait, causes Sir Carrot to regain his courage and level up permanently - gaining a gleaming, heart-themed suit of armor and a strawberry-shaped heart on his chest that allows him to summon magical weapons from it.

    And he defeats Rosemaster, too. In Freefall , a robot refrains from an evil plan because he's always thought of himself as the "shining armor type" Goblins : Big-Ears is probably the most good-aligned character in the whole comic. If he were human they'd have named a city after him. Kore, on the other hand, is a complete inversion though he believes he's the good guy. Sir Muir in Harkovast fits this trope, even if his armour is more battered then shining most of the time!

    The Giant describes him as "everything right about the paladin". He was already one in all but name in his prequel story, when he was just a regular captain in the army. He is honest and humble, stern but compassionate, courageous in the face of overwhelming odds, but above all else, committed to protecting the lives of everyone , human or hobgoblin. In fact, he alone is the main reason that the Sapphire Guard is such a bastion of righteousness.

    He initially tried to have the Sapphire Guard dismissed due to them being a bunch of elitist nobles more concerned with slaughtering evil than paying attention to the most obvious ramifications of their actions, but when told that wasn't an option, he joined them instead as an Internal Reformist. It worked. O-Chul: A lot of people are going to get hurt tomorrow. All we can do is stand in the way of that and say, "Not them. If you need to hurt someone, hurt me. Web Original. Sir Gawain is a special case: his devotion to Chivalry eventually led to Camelot's downfall, as he refused to call for Lancelot's help for the Battle of Camlann.

    In The Gamer's Alliance , Marcus Sarillius is a virtuous, and occasionally gullible, paladin who is always eager to save damsels in distress and set things right. Osmond Locke and Swenson Von Strupenguard are other notable examples. In Tales Out of Tallis Sir Bastien is trying very hard to be one, though Rien tends to make it extraordinarily difficult for him. Roman from Sanders Sides would very much like to be one, but he has difficulty since, 1 He's simply a facet of Thomas' personality, not an actual human, and, 2 Thomas lives in modern, suburban Florida.

    He still tries to push Thomas into acting like one from time to time. Roman: on finding a romantic partner There's a way to simeltaneously make them feel special, and show them how awesome you are. Thomas: How?