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Weather Underground , also called Weather Underground Organization , formerly Weatherman , militant group of young white Americans formed in that grew out of the anti- Vietnam War movement. The article became the founding statement of Weatherman.

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Weatherman launched an offensive during the summer of In one action in the Northeast, it tried to recruit members at community colleges and high schools by marching into classrooms, tying up and gagging teachers, and presenting revolutionary speeches. At the Harvard Institute for International Affairs, the group smashed windows, tore out phones, and beat professors. The demonstrations had a low turnout—as low as by some counts—as well as several incidents of random pointless rioting.

Members of the group discussed the need to instruct themselves in the use of firearms and bombs in order to target and attack sites of power in the United States and discussed the need to kill police.

Weather Underground

Much of this discussion was fueled by the killing of two party leaders of the Black Panthers , Mark Clark and Fred Hampton, by Chicago police. In that meeting, held in Flint , Michigan, Weatherman decided to go underground and become a small-scale paramilitary operation carrying out urban guerrilla warfare. By early Weatherman had split into several underground cells throughout the country. These cells, usually with three to five men and women living together in a house, were connected to the Weatherman leadership, called the Weather Bureau, by active members who provided aboveground support.

The U. Within months Weatherman made its way into headlines and the public imagination.

The Weather Man

Two other members, Kathy Boudin and Cathy Wilkerson, escaped. Investigators found 57 sticks of dynamite , 30 blasting caps, and timing devices in the rubble. The FBI stepped up its investigation. The reports also often commemorated revolutionary efforts throughout the world. The bombings continued throughout Weatherman placed two bombs at the Capitol in Washington, D.

In August the group attacked three offices of the California prison system after the mysterious murder of prison revolutionary George Jackson in the San Quentin prison yard. After the signing of the peace treaty between the United States and Vietnam in January , the group grappled with its postwar identity, and soon it was virtually alone in the struggle for armed resistance, joined only by the Black Liberation Army, an offshoot of the New York Black Panthers, the George Jackson Brigade, and the Symbionese Liberation Army. By the spring of , the FBI believed that Weatherman, which by then had changed its name to Weather Underground, was one of the last radical groups of the antiwar movement that still endorsed all forms of violence.

The Weather Underground continued to bomb targets for political reasons, but its efforts, though pointed, were sporadic.

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Soon, Prairie Fire Organizing Committees sprang up throughout the country as the aboveground arm of the Weather Underground. Starting in , members began to resurface, and they either turned themselves in to authorities or were tracked down by authorities. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval.

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