Manual Soul Therapy: A Game of Intuition

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That part of you that is connected to your soul, your sensitivity to all things spiritual, your frame of mind, courage and character. This is not a new idea. Though it was never really considered to be a game before in the past psychics have trained and had their skills tested by using a set of flash cards that had simple symbols on them like circles, squares and squiggly lines, etc. Those cards were printed in Black and White. I am taking that idea just a step further and using color to enhance the possibilities for both the receiver and the sender.

We'll discus the importance of using colors a little later on. My BFF and I used to play this game with each other and we got to be quite good at it. I won't tell you who was the better sender or who was the better receiver because we were such close friends that surprisingly it worked for both of us either way. You might find this to be true for you and your best friend as well. Practicing with someone you are close to is usually easier than working with someone you don't know very well or even a stranger, although when you think about it, based on the premise that we are all connected there is no such thing as a stranger.

It's possible that you will find it works better for you with people you don't know. You might have a notion to dismiss this small deck of cards as being trivial, too simple; however, don't underestimate the possibilities. You might just get introduced to a new Dear Friend. Here's another poem from my journals: I am You are what I am, I AM is the tie.

At this point I feel it appropriate to share something from the Bible here: Hebrews You'll find this game has a simple point system. Truly this works well for those of you who love the art of competition. Remember though the main goal here is to improve your intuitive skills, to be more in touch with that little voice from within but if winning points helps keep your interest then enjoy racking them up. You could even keep a journal to track your progress.

The system is simple. Guess the color right on and you get two points. Guess a feeling or something related to the color and you get one point. It may take a while in the beginning to get 7 points but as time goes on and you continue to play one or more versions of the game it will happen quicker. I'd like to add a special note here to explain that someone who continually chooses the wrong color is probably a better sender. This means that they are no less intuitive than someone who consistently chooses the right color. We all have special talents. Some of us are better senders and some of us are better receivers, but all of us have the gift of intuition.

One person is the sender and the other person is the receiver. Sit opposite but facing each other. The sender is the one with the cards. You shuffle the cards then randomly choose one without letting the receiver see which one you've chosen. Place the rest of the cards face down. You'll notice that the cards do not have pictures of anything specific; they are just splashes of color.

Now the game begins. As the sender : you look at the card you've chosen and contemplate or imagine what that color might mean to you. How does it make you feel? What does it remind you of? For instance, does the blue card make you feel cold or does it make you think about the ocean?

Does the yellow card remind you of a field of sunflowers or a basket of lemons? Note: It isn't important to try to concentrate on any one idea. Just feel what you feel or think what you think but it does have to relate to the color. Maybe red is your favorite color to wear. Get it? The receiver can close their eyes if it helps or not. Take your time, relax and just say the first thing that comes into your mind.

As the receiver I might not get a picture of the exact color the sender was concentrating on but I might get a picture in my mind of a big empty sky. I could say "I see the sky", in which case this would be considered a hit or one point; however, you might get that same picture of a sky in your minds eye and decide to guess blue, this would count as a double hit or two points. It's that simple. You are responsible for keeping your own score.

Remember you only get two points if you guess the correct color outright. It's up to the sender to give you those points or not depending on how close you came to guessing what they were thinking about or if you guessed the color outright. You play the game until the receiver has 7 points and then you switch places. The sender becomes the receiver and the receiver becomes the sender. Soul Therapy is much more than a simple game. With practice you will be exercising those intuitive muscles. Like any muscle it only needs a consistent workout to grow strong.

We are all intuitive to a certain degree. This is not supernatural. It is however super and natural. The game is the simplest way for you to exercise your intuition and hone those skills. I found in my own experience that it works best for two players especially if those two players are close friends. It's always nice to get confirmation. It's fun to share, challenge each other and pat each other on the back too. I bet you'll be surprised at how good you are already. It's also fun to keep track of your progress from one game to another. Remember, the game will most certainly help you to determine if you are better at sending or receiving.

Rules for a Game of Solitaire As a solitaire game the results are the same. You will enhance your intuitive skills. The difference is in how the game is played as there is no sender. You are definitely on your honor here so don't cheat your self. In a game of solitaire you shuffle the cards and lay them all out separately, face down of course, without looking at them. Now close your eyes take a couple of deep breaths and relax. Open your eyes. Briskly rub the palms of your hands together to create a little friction.

Now take one hand, palm down, and hold it just above any one of the cards without touching them. Either mentally or out loud ask the card what color it is. Close your eyes again and be willing to receive the answer. The very first thing that pops into your mind is what's important.

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It's possible that you might see a flash of color or you might see a picture of something that reminds you of a specific color. Of course, you and I both know that the card is not going to answer you but your sub-conscious mind will. It knows the answer. All you need to do is to trust in your-Self. Our sub-conscious mind speaks to us all the time. You need only to practice listening. Keeping score for solitaire is slightly different. There are 12 cards. Re shuffle the cards and lay them ALL out again each time for 12 consecutive times. Work with one card at a time. After playing for a while you will notice that your percentages are definitely improving.

You can give yourself two points if you guess the color outright. This is probably the most challenging way to play the game. If keeping score isn't really important to you then just keep challenging yourself to get good at trusting your-Self. Rules for More Than Two Players In a game where there are more than two players you still only have one sender. Everyone else is a receiver. The sender shuffles the cards choosing only one to concentrate on.

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Place the rest of the deck face down. They will each have their own pencil and paper so they can write down their impressions. The sender decides when everyone has had ample time to receive the information being sent and for everyone to have written down the answers. Each receiver takes a turn at sharing their impressions. Just as in the game for two players the sender decides who scores and whether they get to count one point or two points.

It's important to take turns at being both the sender and the receiver. In this way you will know, pretty much right away, if you are better at one than the other. The challenge then is to work on the side that isn't as strong as the other. Some people are just wired to be good at one or the other. I said it was a very simple game. Have fun getting in touch with your intuitive mind and all the possibilities that implies. The colors correlate with different energy centers in the body.

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These energy centers are known as Chakras. It is known that we are biological, chemical, electromagnetic beings and as such our auric field or electromagnetic vibrational field extends well beyond our body. You can read more about energy fields and Chakras from many other different sources. I'm not interested in making this little book into a scientific report. I beg him more for the sake of not losing faith in my inner voice. This inner voice has led me to places I never dreamed about…how can I remain faithful to it in regards to my married life?

Is it possible that it is strong only sometimes? Someone please help!! Rabia when it comes to the marriage try not to focus on the negative which will bring negative but focus on the positive and you will see how things will change between you and your husband. I am always working towards living from my highest self and my desire is to continue to unfold and vibrate happiness, love and peace to its ultimate. Thanks for the fun quiz! I scorded 52 points. In the moment I am trying to set up again my buissness. In the moment I have some inner resistance to follow my intuition, because it means to make a quite big change in life, some fear is holding me still back from going on and going out with my work.

It also explains why my friends are always asking me if they should do something or not. I got a score of I need to listen more to my intuition more. Yet i difinitely know that I need to work at meditating and rely more on my intuition even though it has served well in the past.

Managed a 56, but I am not wildly successful in business…yet. Richard Branson is one of my heroes. I do try to meditate as often as I can, but cannot always keep focus. I definitely know my purpose in life, though, so I guess that is why I got the higher score. I scored 50, yes I do rely on my intuition, more often I wait for the right time in doing things.

I do not rush in, I tend to analyse a situation. I have done the Silva course, it came to me when I needed it the most. I suspect my increased meditation will stimulate this. My gut says the Universe is sending strong messages — when the learner is ready, the teacher appears! What a wonderful quiz! Thanks for sharing it. I scored 50 which makes perfect sense to me since I have known about my highly evolved sense of intuition most of my life.

Unfortunately, I have come upon dozens of people, situations and places that seem to stunt and block my intuition. I suspect that this is part of my life purpose — to influence by my living example — that intuition is like abstract art — we are not really sure what it is but it makes you feel joyous, powerful and guides in the right direction. Once again thanks!

I always find this type of Quizz interesting. Many people who know me often talk about these situations and tell me they think it is great. One sister-in-law alway says to me, you know yourself so well you are so intuned. See where I go from here! I know this is about right for me I have been trying to figure out my purpose in life.

I scored a 47, also some room to grow , that is what makes my life exciting is the continual growing that I seek and teach ,,,thanks. I can remember in High School always finishing the teachers sentances. I was also in a car crash. Coincidence or intuition? I scored a 42 which puts me in level 3. Although I am intuitive but I am not there yet. I have had a few circumstances in life that threw me out of alignment or dulled my reception to intuition. I started learning a lot about intuition last year and hope to keep learning more how to pick up on the messages.

I think I am more on level 1 and sometimes on 2. I want to aim for 3 to reach my life goals. This a stubborn American trait that is so ingrained in our culture. ALL of the sites I have visited recently have been emphasizing wealth as criteria for success. My intuition tells me this is misleading, and the accumulation of wealth should be a residual benefit while focusing on individual and collective growth. Wealth is not bad — it's a magnifier of your true tendencies. If you're genuinely good, wealth allows you to magnify this goodness to serve the world.

If you're bad — wealth magnifies this too. But wealth itself does not corrupt. The idea that's bad to be rich or that money is evil is a meme I that I think needs to end. Vishen — I think you misunderstood Robert. He said "accumulation of wealth should be a residual benefit, while focusing on individual and collective growth. I think you may be projecting some kind of personal reaction to a belief system that is entirely different from what Robert said.

Read the comment again and give it some analytical thought. Can you believe that??? Scored 51 and found it interesting, have lived by my intuition for sometime now and when I get too intellectually tangled I tend to revert back to my inner process to get on the right track. Thankyou very much for sharing this test, it was interesting! I meditate almost daily. I guide my children to use there sences…and try to help others.. I would like nothing more than to heed my higher purpose.

I am ready! Thanks Vishen for the test, very enjoyable. I got a 50 and like some of the previous comments feel that I am yet to express in a more material way the success I can-should accomplished. However, having accomplish Peace in most areas of my life it is something to rejoice in and it can not be quantified.

Intuition can indeed be acquired and a higher score its definitively something to strive for. With Gratitude. I am 37 and i scored Yes most of things do give me indications of good or bad to my loved ones or myself. My higher purpose is to be precise in this signs to help people around me to be protected from this mishap and flourish happiness around me. Hi, my score was 57 I use my intuition most of the time. If one trusts the creator and his universal energy, we get the answers we need in life.

Please write to me. This test was really fun! Not all the questions were written in the way I should have wanted them to be! I like straight and clear directed questions. Thank you for this opportunity to take a look at myself from a different standpoint. I scored 75 but I already knew that I was gifted in this area.

My intuition is also much keener when dealing with others. It would seem that way for most things in life. It is always easier to look from the outside, in. If spiritual growth is what you seek, turn that perspective around. Score 45, …. Thank You Vishen! I want to know when I can come and work for you? For example, I am a In order to keep advancing in my self-development, I need to concentrate on letting go of Ego. Living in the flow means being vigilant about trusting in my own process and then following through.

I am certain that all this work since age 52 has enhanced my lusty longevity and I want to share with others. Live, Love and Laugh — Gale Boulton. One thing I know for sure after this test and that is I choose the wright path in my life. Thanx again for this test you share with us. Better and better. I scored a 42 Creative Intuition. Just like I was born under the sign of Scorpio, yet I fall not only under Scorpio, but Libra as well, as well as a mix of other signs of the zodiac.

Never really thought too much about that. Guess I have felt that creativity requires intuition, but business requires logic. Going to have to change that! Thanks Vishen for sending me this quiz and info about all four levels of it. I wish I can use my intuition not just to make my life better but also the world around me. I scored a 49 which put me at a level 3. When I was younger I would have fun with my gift of intuition and try to figure things before the outcome. Now I visualize how I want a situation to manifest then feel it with passion and smiles , and own it.

Two years ago my high school sweetheart and I connected after 25 years of separation. I never stopped visualizing us meeting again on a warm beautiful beach. Guess what!!!! We got married and now live right by the beach in Florida. I lived in Vancouver, Canada, and he in Florida. I am now helping my new husband realize his potential, while still working on my own. I never met anyone who regretted a belly laugh.

God Bless! Stay Beautiful! I with you both the best. I'm striving to determine if the one I'm to be with is from my past or someone in the future! God knows. I'll know before too long. I have plenty of room for improvement. I know now that I really should listen more to that little voice.

And as some of the others when I follow my intuition to win I have…I have only done this a few times and it was a terrific surprise. I am very intuitive with family and people in general.. Family members that have passed away I knew days and one months before.. My finances are at an all time low as sometimes I know what is expected is very different from what is moral when it comes to helping others financially. When it is family it is a personal choice. Well, i scored a However, the test needs some refinement as it could be more focused in specific areas.

My tendency is to be very accurate when it concerns other people, places, or things. When it comes to following my own insight, there i tend to second guess myself.

Soul Therapy, A Game of Intuition by Jean Quintana

Not very often, but it does interrupt my focus, and i usually then regret having not followed through on my initial feelings. So, there is definately room for improvement and i hope to benefit from my efforts! Thanks for this interesting quiz. My grandmother was highly psychic and used her God-given gift to help others.

I think some of her ability rubbed off on me. I have never meditated in my life that I know of , but have always wanted to learn how. I guess I was either too busy or too lazy to learn, take your pick! Now, I have all the time in the world to learn, so there are no excuses! I score 58, I am an Intuitive medical counsellor. Was interesting. However 81 years old, and in the profession for over 50 years I am still learning. Never too late! This is an interesting quiz and I scored May I have access to it to learn more about the different levels.

Thanks for the fun test. I scored 51, I teach meditation and getting in touch with your higher self, but I know I still do not know anything. Ther is so much more out there and to find yourself and know your purpose in life is great and to be able to help other people and the Universe is even greater. I love living here. Just want to drink in more and more, can not satisfy my thirst. WOW I scored 51! I had something happen other day that I tried to stop. My husband was delivering a window to lady who was going to buy my dual pane door off the web.

First off I told her to make sure she had all? SInce the drive was 67 miles. Well the gut feeling was when he took off I caled her to say he was on his way she started asking me even more? I will always trust myself and not let others interfere. Thanks for the test and the awareness reminder. I liked the test. I got 52 which is not suprising as I am an Intuiive Medium and do meditate. I have not tried using my intuitiion in a business sense yet although I am working on it! But I was determined not to cook up scores so I answered as objectively and modestly as possible. The result, level 3 at 45 marks.

This is the voice in my head I struggle with sometimes. I just made a major carreer move based on it. Years ago, it was the source of creativity in my artwork. I have not been actively developing it. What do I need to do now? Hello Vishen, I scored a 55 which put me at level 4. I have always had this from the time I was a small child, especially during new encounters with others for the first time. I really enjoy your newsletters and all the information you so graciously offer.

You are a blessing to me and I want you to know you and your family and colleagues are in my thoughts and prayers. Again I want to thank you for your time and all the energy you put into helping others. Blessings of love, joy and peace to you my friend. Namaste Brenda Namaste. I scored 46, but like other comments I think the test may be a bit general, some questions not eliciting exactly how I would otherwise answer. I have had a test which inlcuded amongst other things a rating for intuitiveness, conducted by a psychiatrist at a course I was doing and rated the highest possible score for intuitiveness.

When i e,mploy people i always rely on my gut feel, and am rarely wrong. I have employed many over the years. I am trained in business, and this way of life means it is often hard to rely on intuition, in many cases you need to explain your actions, and this means using logic to report to other managers or the board.

My score is soooo accurate, Level3. I regret not listening to it few years ago, ego came in and I ignored it — big lessons. I appreciate the inner voice more each day and not question so much with my logic, others opinions, what will they think of me or what appears to be at that moment.

I would love to develop my intuition more and use it to guide me through my life purpose journey. My score is 41 and I am a regular Meditator Trascendental Meditation and I thinks this has helped me a lot to reach this level. I will continue improving, of course. Thanks for this quiz. I just want to thank you for this quiz. This will let me know how much I know about myself.

I feel and I listen to my Inner self. My Level is 4 and I did 51 thanks again. God Bless Irma. Hi Vishen, Thank you for what you give to me and the world!

A Game of Intuition

That was fun! For more than 30 years I have been teaching Intuitive Development throughout the world. I had 3 answers where I scored 2 instead of 3. Two areas where my intuition is not very developed is 1 with the stock market and 2 finding my way when I? With regard to Question Thirty-five years ago? I would think that highly developed intuitives no longer do this? Those are two of my down fallings as well…. Who knows why? Hi Mary.

I woulk like to write to you please. Send me your email to claudiadehesa yahoo. Mary, Can you recommend sources on the 'energy tools' you referenced. I would be appreciative.. Hi Mary, I am interested in knowing more about the energy tools and techniques of protecting oneself from taking on other people's energy — please send me an email about this. My email is jmap6 hotmail. Carol Nichols. I had the same score as you The first question I had 2 points and the fourth question I had gave one point.

I note we both have the same amount of points for the same question. I work on my intuition for many things. Hi Mary, I would also like to know more about energy tools and protecting against taking on other peoples energy — also giving my own away so easily. It has been a holdback. How do you train people to be more intuitive. I would love to be a student. Really enjoyed doing this.. I got a I know how to use my intuition and go with it, one must believe, in order to accept lifes ups and downs..

I am a 50 but I could listen more to my instincts and stop the second guessing I tend to do at times. Meditation helps and I will do more of it. Good test, gives us more. I scored 43 and felt the definition of a level 3 intuitive was very accurate for me at this point in my life. I plan to continue to remove the blocks that hinder me from being more intuitive by continuing to meditate and read more on ways to focus better. Reiki has also helped me tremendously. My Intuition has helped me in so many ways through out my life and seeing the score of 54 did not surprise me.

I am a budding writer and thoughts come to me through thin air, I wake up in the mornings with the answers to questions that have bothered me,or with the lines of a poem or story that has lain unfinished for weeks. It is odd but I know when to say goodbye. My score was I do use my Intuition quite a bit. I pose the question before I go to sleep or when I wake up at 3 AM and usually get an answer soon. When I draw a blank, I wait a while and then the answer comes. I remember it in the morning. I look forward to the Intuitive Training so I can use it all the time plus get the added benefits you describe.

I like the idea of helping others have better health too. I was level two. That was ok but I need to know if some of the things I sense is not me wanting things that way. I have honestly seen death pass my face shook it off about thirty min. I seen death just before it took place. I have also seen the very bright light that was drawing to it, It said I did not come for you when this took place I think i was sleep but people that i grew up with was in this dream or what ever you want to call it and they fell the next week the person that was in my dream got killed from playing with a friend and a gun.

Now when i think i know something I believe it is just me wanting something to be that way. How do I stay in touch with that inner true voice? That is truly my weakness. I needed to get in touch with a friend I had lost contact with. That night I went to sleep and dreamed that I was in a car and saw my friend across the road.

I called her name and waved and made a sign for her to telephone me. The next day she called. I have had several dreams of this nature, which usually ocurr when before going to sleep I ask to be given a dream in answer to a dilemma or decision I have to make. The most recent lucid dream I had was about winning 33 million dollars in the lottery….. My question is……do these dreams come under the category of intuition or are they something else.

If the dream provided you with an answer that proved correct — that's intuitive. If you just saw yourself winning the lottery…that's fantasy I think the the dream you describe is more telepathic than intuitive, although I think the two are related. I score 51 points which puts me at a level 4 intuition.

I can feel it and tell it! This quiz helped me to reassure myself that I am seeing and hearing correctly and that I do have a gift to read in between the lines and interpret vision I receive. It also helps me to see that all my dreams and goals are achievable and I am well…on my way to my destiny! Hi, I got a 48, however I feel more like a level 2. I am another who flops at anything money oriented. It was an interesting quiz. Thanks, Pam. My biggest regrets in life have come from not following my intuition. However, knowing that I have saved lives gives me comfort and propels me on to the next situation.

Whatever is blocking my intuition is religion, opinion of others and lack of courage. Meditation has helped my find my core. Creation is the fruit of intuition. I drop the baggages of the past generations long gone. And choose to create. I flow thanks Vishen! Things are happening fast.

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  8. I love these types of quizes. I scored a 39 and I think that this is reasonable. I am going to take up Qi Gong soon and this will help my intuition extremely. Let you know how it goes! Scored 44; two questions 7 and 10 threw me off; I would have answered 3 for question 7 except for the comment about reaction of my peers.

    They were never surprised. Test was interesting but what did it porve or was it meant to prove anything? I scored a 38 and I am very pleased with the results… That is where I see myself as well… As my journey in life continues, so will my growth in this area as I am working on it… Gotta love love love the learning!!!!

    So my gratutude for the day is, I am soooo greatful for all the wisdom and understanding I have attained in my life!!! Every day, in every way, growing more and more…. My sincere thanks! I got I guess I need to listen more to my "inner self. Thank so much for sharing this test! Oh my Goodness…I did 60… what can I do now? For me look like you know me…. In whatever we do there is always a guide. These guides are within,around and are always there guiding us but we are the one over rule them and make decisions wrongly.

    These guides will guard and guide you. I have always known I have a purpose, and am well aware of my high level of intuition, as I was born this way. I am so very happy that we all have a way of sharing and connecting with so many others who are working in a higher level of conscoiusness. Thankyou Vishen for helping us to network this way and to the universe.

    My score was 54! I scored 58, which didn't surprise me. However, I am definitely an underachiever with such a gift! I am working on just that this year—and moving forward with it to use it more often, and with a greater purpose in mind. I appreciate this test: it's a reminder for me to keep with it. Thank you for this opportunity! I wish you all much love and many blessings in your lives. Hi Vishen, For past few days I have been thinking for my life's purpose. After listening to your interview, I started re-practicing Hose Silva's mind control techniques. For quite some time I am in the dilemma to decide on my future direction.

    I scored 45 which clearly tells me that I got to work more till I reach the level 4 intuition and understand my life's purpose. As of now that is the most important thing in my life. I want to know why I am here. Glad to here that. As from today my philanthropist days are over, By order of Prometheus, Zeus must take the Rains ;-. Very interesting…I scored a 39 and I found it to be right on point. I feel pretty good about that. With this as a measure I will be equally interested in the results of my awareness to it.

    Roseland 1 hour ago I scored a I often have dreams that come true. I dreamed when I was 16 that my grandmother fell and broke her leg and would die. That was my first experience. A week later my grandmother fell and broke her hip. The Drs. Recently I had a dream before my surgery, that my daughter and I were driving in the car, there was a baby looking out and waving to everyone.

    She had crawled across my daughters lap and fell out the window and was killed. The baby was me when I was 2yrs old. I didn't want the surgery but was talked into going. I said a prayer and my CT scan wouldn't come up on the computer. My surgery was cancelled 3 times. The Dr. Made 60, I must have a blockage somewhere, it doesn't follow where my life is now…although I need guidance my intuition is stronger now than when I was younger…this has given me food for thought…maybe next month I can invest in your studies Vishen.

    I use my intuition all the time as i work in trees. Arborist This saved my life a couple of times. I and the tree work together. It tells me to warn my fellow worker on the ground to move and ask the good questions. I love this power. And when i tell people about this they look at me like i am some kind of freak. I always try to glow like a rainbow. I scored 49…creative intuition. This is a good test to understand partially the "me" in us and helps as a guide.

    I am good in creating systems and strategizing and not necessarily a new invention or new art but the extension of it.. In terms of money, it always comes to me…. I am a scientist where my logic comes and I am putting my creativity into extending a logic. I want to be definite so it will just "flow" and have results…YES…I am a result-oriented person! I am getting the Silva Intuition System which my "gut feeling" is telling me will help me a lot….

    My goal is to keep growing and show the magnificence of the "Divine" through me…. I tend to have fear and doubt completely interfere with engaging with my intuition. Hey Thanks My score was 49 and my husbands score is 46 we both fall in level 3. This is true that my intuitions are some times very correct and that is accepted by the people surrounding me. This test appars to be close to what is true attribute called intuition. What I love most about the test is that is doesn't matter what your score is but that you have an opportunity to build exactly where you are and you have been given the opportunity to take this test to grow to the next level within your total being.

    It's not about the number it is what you do with the information within the number and advance to the next level in your total being. Well, i scored 50, and i find myself nowhere, i dont know, why and how things happen… i am just a dust , i hv nothing to say to buttress my credits… let god be merciful and show me wisdom.. Hello … my score was 34 and I would love to develop my intuition to level 4. How can I do this daily to achieve great success in my life?

    What books and techniques can I associate myself with? It was ery re assuring to know that I have a high level of intuition I have felt very dumb because in a group situation I let the information flow through my body, sense it and then reply.. Off late, my family situation is rather rough, i had intuited this long back.. Vishen, one cannot rely on intuition all the time.. U need to get practical as well?? I got a 51 which pleased me, I do feel very intuitive but in the past I didn't trust my intuition all that much. Now as I get older and much wiser, I am trusting much more in my gut feelings.

    I just know they are right. Thank you for passing on this test, it made things clearer for me. Scored Have always had creative insights in day to day situations. Am very sensitive to near dear ones feelings. Have empathy. My intuition in monetary matters is not too great. Fun test! I would love to take some more accurate testing. Also I will be watchingfor more comments from you on how to improve this. As a few people have already noted why are most of us 3 or 4.

    Shouldnt the majority be ones. Also you better take a closer look at that 93 score. My intuition tells me something is amiss there! I scored 58 and the funny thing is I am at a cross road in life at this moment and I am waiting for answers to my questions as to the correct path in life for me! Hi Vishen, I scored I have been aware of intuition possibilities all of my life and my abilities have grown over the years. However, 18 months ago I followed what I knew to be an inner urging. Since then my intuitive abilities have grown tremendously and I am learning how to recognize, trust and follow them.

    It is a wonderful world. Thanks for the work you are doing to bring more light into the world. Best Regards,Davia. I did the test twice, the past me and the now.

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    I do still believe in God, but not organised religon. The Bible has examples of dreams or premonitions that come from God. If God did not provide for us, then why does the Bible teach us to be thankful to God for the blessings he has given us? I got 52, and I know I'm highly intuitive, only I have some kind of blockage that prevents me from getting the results that come with this level of intuition….

    The family constellations allow to make the light on these conflicts, to repair them to free release those from it who carry wear them. I am interested in understanding what it takes to unblock as I to scored at 51…and have not generated the success I had hoped for. Very interesting! Yes, family constellations may be where the blockage in me stems from. There is some understanding but never has it been put quite this clear before. How interesting about the family constellations, I had never heard of this, and would like to know more about it.

    Thanks, Judith. The test was very interesting educational for myself and worth looking furture into,Iscored a 43 but have very negative forces that are blocking me in ways of success wealth and happiness and health. I can feel it striongly just about smell it. But im having difficultitys getting rid of it and along with the negative thinging that goes along with it. Any suggestions. Thank You for the quiz,I dont belieave i stumbled on this website by chance. I am positive most of the time, but I often choose, different, than my gut feeling due to not having the money to go the way I feel.

    So maybe to go with our intuition, we have to save more, so when the feeling to do something is there, we have the money to do it. Also in the past I have let my parents or my sisters, or my spouse, or my kids, hold me back. Their wants and needs, come first, I have been a caregiver for others all my life.

    I have written stories, for contest and won, but didn't continue. I don't take enough time for me. My points added to 57 and was a fun excercise to find that I am still a person who almost totally functions on my inner tuition to guide me in this life. This has been a natural thing for me since being a young child. I was called a 'dreamer' ' 'a bit different' 'the strange one' but thats okay because now people are finding out all across the planed just how important it is to be 'in-touch' with this God given 'tuition from within' which is there patiently waiting for our EGO to move out of the way and get straight to the 'source' instead of wasting time and energy the hard way.

    Soul Therapy, A Game of Intuition by Jean Quintana

    Success can be measured in many ways. Mine is spiritual success. At-one-ment with the planet and its various kingdoms eg mineral, vegetable,animal and spreading as much love and joy as one can in a 24 hr period each "Man" measured day on the planet. This is the kind of success which brings the most rewards as far as I can tell. Love Light ,Peace and Life to All. Hi Vishen,you are an amazing,intelligent,and very inspiring too.

    This kinds of Quiz is great. To me, great Philosophers are the great leader and You are amazing. Today's world need people like you to make this world a better place to live. God bless you Vishen and wish you very successful in whatever you do. Love your post. I am in Level 2! I find that in my profession I make a sound decision. I am respected for these business decisions.

    However, I have lost money believing in Gullible talk of close people. I am not sure on how intution works. I have always been intuitive, with visions in important times of distress and even a pre-birth vision which occurred when I was a young child. I have "saved" family member's life on a couple of occasions and had many precognitive dreams but still need to learn a lot more.

    Thanks for the test…very interesting. Hi Vishen! I felt like the quiz was describing me! Anyway, to tell you a bit about my experiences, I often have pre-cognitve dreams of future events which oftentimes turn out exactly as they appeared in the dreams, down to the last detail — the people, colors, sounds, and overall vibes. I often also know the best time to go downtown when there's least traiffic, where my parking space is, how the car "feels" especially when it's about to break down; always having positive coincidences whenever I need something done… the list goes on.

    I have read about indigo children and I feel a closeness with their characteristics. Thanks for the quiz! Hi, Vishen, Thank you so much for this quiz.. I never stop listening and learning.. Intuition is our God Given Tool.. I see it as our own collective story…. Taking this test was fun and easy to resond to quickly and when I saw the total was a 50 that felt true to my own assessment.

    I am grateful to become more and more aware of how powerful a tool it is that is available to all of us. I just finished a workshop with Dr. Joan King this week-end who shared her research as a neuroscientist about the wisdom of our cells. We had an incredible sharing of how we can in touch with our intuition. Institute and I am eager to learn how to do the high level way of marketing. What we value and want to share with others to make this world a happier and more peaceful place for the children and all others is our true passion.

    I trust we will be learning so much when we meet with you and Max next week. Well, I scored 44 and seems to be in the third level. We also have to improve to act boldly according to the intuition, but at the same times wrong intuition would cause bad results some times. So we should go on to the process very carefully. Anyway i hoping to get into the program am loving it already. I am a level Often I feel I shouldn't be here. Born in the wrong time and wrong place.

    Have minimum communication skills. I feel that word communication is an obstacle that humans should have passed by now. Am not the typical 'success' picture as portrayed for the 50 — 60 scores, but rather a looser who fears verbal confrontation.. Did not achieve too much in my life so far. Seem to do remarkably well in it — working with immigrants from Zimbabwe. I live in South Africa. Intuition is to me something that you know, like the sun is going come up tomorrow. People describe me as eccentric, but ironically I get along most with people who are pedantic, precise, logic and facts based.

    I scored 51 but could have underrated myself. It is amazing that your words have described myself too. Agree on wrong time and wrong place — minimum communication skills verbally and generally a loser but I am gifted as a singer of spiritual music and a harmonium artist, able to lead at local spiritual meets, where I get recognition!

    I too share in being stamped as eccentric which I have learnt to ignore as a part of my creativity. My age is 62 and the feeling lingers that I could have made it to a much higher level than what I am now — but it is too late to regret. Only time to look forward to the remaining few years.

    My people are good to me; my friends are good to me, but I feel different — in fact have taken up too much of values and honesty for an individual — come to believe that intuitiion is rather a precise logic at the sub conscious level, a logic guided by higher vibrations or past lives as also the location where we live! Anyhow, all the best. Well wow…I am so far behind the many posts I have read…I only scored a 38…I am fairly intuitive but I am guilty of not always listening or acting thus the big dip in my score. I do not believe I am a level 4 but…the quiz definitely opened my eyes to how…I must, must listen to my inner voice…I thank you all for sharing…and shall most definitely trust, act and move forward!

    I got 51 and I have always believed that I have had to rely on my intuition to guide me through situations and people I meet though sometimes I tend to get the better of me in some decision making…when one tries to reason with logic. Can be a bit of a power struggle between I and me. In terms of natural disasters, I've had dreams prior to a couple of the events, though it may be difficult to decipher at times. I scored 45 points. Let me tell you this. Hey Vishen I scored 39, …. Thanks so much for the quiz, great to know which area I need to work on.

    Meditation would be great and finding my life's purpose would be the icing on the cake. Wow, very interesting. Scored 45, but realized that I go against my intuition or first response answer for a more logical answer, and then I am disappointed. I have not meditated regularly for about 3 yrs now, and I see how that has blocked a lot of my intuition.

    I see how it is a muscle that can be strengthened. Thank you for all the cool things you bring our way! I got the 51…thats pretty close…. I think am on the right channel though…its like avin a an invisible guardian all the way…it feels good and reassuring!!! My score was 47 not bad but i think i should start paying more attention to the little voice inside me I know it talks to me a lot lately! Hi Stella, we are more or less on the same level…. I'm curious. How come so many people come up with a high score and then follow it by saying they are blocked? If you are blocked you would not be living from such a high intuition!

    How much ego has possibly crept in to these answers….. I'm between level 3 and 4. About 21 years ago I was in a auto accident. While driving after working 2 jobs I nodded off once catching myself changing lanes. I said to myself " If I nod a second time, I'm pulling off the road. My inner voice told me not to wait to nod a second time, but to pull off the road now! I didn't listen and I woke up hanging upside down in my truck with a very bad injury to my left arm. I spend 6 weeks in the hospital. After that I've always listened to my inner voice.

    I tell people about this inner voice and they think I'm crazy. I say " Let them think what they what!! I expected to be in level 2, so I am surprised. I learned to listen to my inner voice, especially after four cases in my profession, when I didn't do anything with that feeling. I acted rationally, a didaster. I have still to deal with the consequences to solve it.

    So now I listen carefully, it is ameliorating and now the results are even after longer time showing up, very relieving.