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The victim is famous author Delaware Fuente, a visiting lecturer using an alias while at Valley Academy. Fuente has other secrets, as do the close-knit townspeople who are split over the question of development by outsiders. And does another death mean a serial killer is at work?

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  7. The Museum of Extraordinary Things.

Gemma Woodstock went to high school with beautiful Rosalind Ryan, the popular drama teacher whose drowned body is found after opening night of her modernized version of Romeo and Juliet. Past collides with present as Gemma recalls the suicide of her high school boyfriend, whose younger brother is playing Romeo. Gemma also is juggling an affair with her married partner and her homelife with staid boyfriend Scott and toddler son Ben.

The time jumps make for an uneven pace as the investigation unfolds, but a nail-biting showdown atop a water tower offers a killer ending. Who knew sleep sex was a thing? Hockaday Algonquin, digital galley , is a fascinating collage of Civil War history and mystery told through letters and diary entries. Placidia — Dia — is 17 when she marries Confederate major Gryffth Hockaday after a brief acquaintance.

Two days later, he is recalled to battle and Dia is left to run his South Carolina farm and care for his young son from his first marriage. Two years later, Gryffth returns to the scandalous news that his wife has given birth and the child has died. Accused of adultery and murder, Dia refuses to explain her actions, which are gradually revealed, along with long-held family secrets. Dia, Gryffth, the slave Achilles, little Charles — all come across as complex, credible characters.

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The small Australian town of Kiewarra bakes in the sun, parched by a long drought, its family farms teetering on bankruptcy. Back in high school, they alibied one another in the suspicious drowning death of classmate Ellie Deacon. In addition to reading the three stand-alones above, I checked out new entries in several series over the holidays. The 21st book in the award-winning series will be published the end of the month. A fiendishly fun puzzle. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Sign me up! It is licensed in countries, including the U. And the presents he gives to orphans in Toronto have vanished. But what makes the Christmas show extra special are the guest stars who populate the Murdoch universe. Rankin, originally from Edinburgh, who has moved to Toronto and becomes embroiled in a murder. I really think they pulled out all the stops on this one.

When a philanthropist is found dead, the missing loot is being given out on the street by Asner. The famously grumpy Lou Grant as Santa? Bring it on.

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Best known for playing Kirsten Cohen in The O. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.


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It took police more than a year to find out who he was. The inquest in the case was held March The pathologist said the most likely cause of death was strychnine poisoning. Police ruled out any suspicious circumstances, which would indicate that the man now identified as Mr.

The coroner said he could not be sure of Mr. For example, why did Mr Lytton travel all the way to Saddleworth Moor to commit suicide. He had no known links to the area. He had paid cash for a five-night stay in a hotel in London, and yet he travelled north after one night, during which he went out for dinner with an old friend. Find out more about this true life murder??? It is said that good books are like wine, more you enjoy them better you appreciate them, the classics be it wine or books are good. The smaller libraries I went to, their main distinction was fiction — non-fiction.

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So I browsed through the fiction shelves, pulled out a book here and there. I read it, liked it more often than not, and returned it. Now, thanks to Amazon and books, we have this micromanagement of genres. Take mysteries, a genre I thought I knew something about. Same thing with wine.