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Born in Bettona and raised in Perugia. Regent of the Conventual studia of Pisa. Urbino, Perugia, Florence and given the title of perpetual definitor on May 10, He apparently accompanied the Conventual master general Berardicelli during his visit of the German and Bohemian provinces.

He would have died at a relatively young age in the Spello friary on 16 October In funere r. Augustini, Oratio a. Sopito, Ordinis min. Francisci, Pisis regente, in Ecclesia S. Nicolai habita, septimo idus Iulij et per fratrem Io. Iacobum Bonacchelium Pisanum, S.

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Ordinis alumnum typis data Pisa: Apud Ioannem Fontanum, Paradosso historico nel quale si proua Perugia esser patria di Sesto Aurelio Propertio poeta elegiaco. Discorso accademico del m. Felice Ciatti perugino min. Insensata sotto il principato dell'ill. Perugia: appresso Angelo Bartoli, Discorso academico Perugia: appresso Angelo Bartoli, Accessible in Google Books. Il Beato coronato: Mistalogia a lode di S. Stanislao Perugia: nella stampa episcopale - appresso Angelo Bartoli, Francesco Loredani Venice: Sarzina, Delle memorie annali ed istoriche delle cose di Perugia, raccolte dal Felice Ciatti, Perugino Francescano.

Volume Primo. Distinto in tre parti, Nelle quali si descrive con varia eruditione Perugia etrusca, romana et augusta This work is partially accessible via Archive. Apparenty according to Giovanni Franchini four additional volumes appeared with the same printing press, but I have not yet been able to trace these. Ristretto dell'istoria del sacro anello di Maria Vergine che si conserua nella chiesa Catedrale di Perugia.

Del p. Das ist: kurzer, wahrhafftiger, gruendlicher Auszug unnd Inhalt, vom hochheiligen wunderthaedigen Maehel-Ring, durch und mit welchem die allerseeligiste, glorwuerdigiste Gottesgebaererin Maria dem H. Ioseph vermaelet worden Salzburg: Johann Baptist Mayr, Giovanni Franchini, Bibliosofia e memorie letterarie di scrittori Francescani conventuali Ch'hanno scritto dopo 'Anno Modena: Eredi Soliani Stampatori, , Member of the Castilian province.

Preacher and author of works of moral theology, anti-judaic and anti-muslim texts and treatises on the pursuit of Christian happiness. Falacias del demonio y de los vicios, que apartan del camino real del cielo, y de la perfeccion, y sus remedios Particulares, y generales. Declara qual sea el camino recto de la Virtud, y Perfeccion. Descubre muchas astucias del demonio, con que oculta los caminos veraderos, y propone los falsos.

Preserve contra los errores de Molinos. Es obra utilissima a quien desea conocer las Falacias de Satanas, y librarse de sus lazos, come lo declara el Prologo. Accessible via www. Espejo de verdadera y falsa confession: dividese en cinco libros. El segundo declara, que debe hazer de su parte quien desea hazer una verdadera confession de los pecados mortales.

El quarto descubre los defectos que cometen en la Confession los que frequentan los Sacramentos. The edition is accessible via Google Books. Exortaciones a la segura observancia de los Mandamientos de la ley de Dios Madrid: Blas de Villanueva, La Felicidad o Bienaventuranza natural y sobrenatural de el hombre: dividese en ocho tratados Impugnacion contra el Talmud de los Judios, Alcoran de Mahoma y contra los hereges: y segunda parte, de la religion christiana, apostolica, catholica y romana, dividese en cinco tratados.

En el secundo, se impugna el Alcoran de Mahoma, lleno de Fabulas ridiculas, contradicciones, mentiras, y blasfemias. En el tercero, se impugna ser falso, que Dios aya dado la Doctrina, que los Hereges publican. En el quarto, se trata de las grandes necedades, y muchos vicios, que los Gentiles cometian en la adoracion de sus falsos Dioses. Apparently, a first attempt by Alamin to get this anti-judaic and anti-islamic work published in was thwarted by the ecclesiastical censors. Dividese en tres tratados Accessibla via Google Books.

Retrato del verdadero sacerdote y manual de sus obligaciones: dividese en tres tratados Barcelona: Juan Piferrer, Member of the Bologna province.

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Preacher and order administrator. Active as general commissioner in France. Felice da Cantalice Porri, sanctus canonized on 22 May Lay friar. After a youth spent working the fields, he joined the Capuchins as a lay friar in Atti del Convegno Nazionale Assisi, maggio , ed. Gabriele da Modigliana, Legendario Cappuccino V, ; Peter Lechner, Leben der Heiligen aus dem Orden der Kapuziner I, ; Etudes Franciscaines 33 , ; Lexicon Capuccinum , with additional bibliographical references and info on many vitae devoted to Felice from the late 16th century onwards ; Processus Sixtinus fratris Felicis a Cantalice cum selectis de eiusdem vita vetustissimis testimoniis , ed.

Felice da Cantalice; Rieti-Cantalice-Cittaducale, 28 - 30 settembre Atti del convegno , ed. Friar in the Messina province, celebrated painter. All of his paintings exectuted in Messina have been destroyed by earthquakes, but other works still remain. See especially the info provided by Giacchino Barbara mentioned below. Member of the Picena province.

One of the first Capuchin missionaries in Tibet active there from onwards. After 22 years in the field, also as apostolic prefect for the Tibetan mission, he returned to Rome to act as secretary for the organisation of Capuchin missions. He died in Rome, leaving behind several writings on his missionary endeavors. Rome: Libreria dello Stato, I, 4 etc.

Michael Aris Serindia Publications, , Felix de Nicosia Felice da Nicosia, - Yet he became impressed with the life of the local Capuchins, and when he was 20 years old he asked the guardian for admittance into the order. The guardian and the provincial minister declined his wishes more than once, only admitting him eight years later. He fulfulled his novitiate in Mistreta entering as a novice on October 19, , and receiving the name Felice. He made his full profession a year later. He became a friar in his home town, which was unusual within the Capuchin order, and fulfilled mendicant and menial tasks as quaestor.

He quickly became known for his extraordinary devotion to Christ and the Virgin and for his fasting practices during Lent. He allegedly developed thaumaturgic and bilocational capacities. He died after a short illness on 31 March In line with his vow of obedience, he would have asked his guadian for permission to die. I fioretti di san Felice da Nicosia , ed. Italia Francescana 80 , Lexicon Capuccinum , with references to older literature ; Il Beato Felice da Nicosia e il suo tempo.

Atti del primo convegno di studi storici , ed. Russo Nicosia, ; S. Italia Francescana 80 ; San Felice da Nicosia. Atti del Secondo Convegno di Studi , ed. Vacca, Studi e Ricerche, N. Felix de Pamplona Felice Bretos da Pamplona, fl. Member of the Navarra province. Well-respected preacher, confessor and religious educator. Died as an octogenarian in This work was apparently reprinted several times. Antonio Viscosi, Entered the order at the age of Religious painter with an important reputation. He died in Palermo in December More info will follow. Vicar general and later general of the Conventuals.

Eventually bishop of Andria. The new constitutions received papal conformation on 15 May He also backed the publication of the new caeremoniale ordinis edited by Fausto Garganelli. Cameralis, Caeremonilis Ordo Romanus ad usum Minorum Conventualium , ed. Franciscan regent master at the St.

Bonaventure college of Rome. Important Lenten preacher a. Author of numerous theological handbooks, disputations, etc. Conclusiones theologicae de fide et dominio paeside Adm. Apostolorum a Fr. Ludovico Vertua.. Rome: Apud Franciscum Monetam, Conclusiones theologicae de morali virtute iustitiae Praeside admodum Reu. Felice Gabriellio Collegij Romani D. Bonauentura Ordinis Minorum conu. Gabriele Mainardo a Nicia eiusdem ord. Anno Rome: apud Franciscum Monetam, Felice Gabriellio de Asculo Rome: Francesco Felice Mancini, Authore fratre Felice Gabriellio de Asculo artium, et sacrae theologiae doctore vniu.

Francisci ministro generali Rome: typis Ignatij Lazari, Italian friar from a noble family with Spanish roots. Born on February 6, , probably in Naples. Studied philosophy and theology at Naples, and was ordained priest in After that, he became a successful preacher for a number or years. When his health deteriorated, he became active as an author and translator.

He was accused of being an apostate and on May 4, , he was formally condemned to 14 months in confinement and several of his clerical privileges were suspended See condemnation sentence in MS Vatican Library, Vat. Subsequently, Felice Maria obtained sufficient suport from Cardinal Passionei and the chaplain of the King of Naples, the progressive Catholic priest Celestino Galiani to overcome the verdict.

Between and , Felice also published a series of Italian translations of patristic works geared to current ecclesiastical issues and introducing Jansenist positions such as the Raccolta di trattati, opuscoli, epistole e sermoni de' ss. Ventura, in which Felice argued for the importance of a spiritual and intellectual life in servoce of civil and social progress. Renewed troubles came up authorities became weary of Felice's ongoing Jansenist flings, and his willingness to read and quote 'Protestant' legal scholars including Grotius and Pufendorf , in works such as the l'Orazione Carlo Carabba and the Funerali dello spettabilissimo Francesco Ventura , and especially when Felice wrote the Vindiciae potestatis ecclesiastiquae contra librum H.

Grotii de imperio summarum potestatum. The fact alone that Felice used the prohibited works of Grotius caused iritation. This was enhanced when Felice initially refused to submit his work to the Roman censor. Due to dramatic health problems, Felice momentarily relented and retracted the text in It is unknown whether the text as such was destroyed or not. Recovering slightly from his health problems, he continued to write a.

Sansovino , Regola della vita, o de' costumi tratta dalla legge naturale che si mostra essere la stessa che la divina. In ,he attacked the enlightenment encyclopedist C. Some time thereafter, Felice apparently offended the government of Naples. Fed up with his cantankerous and difficult disposition, the Neapolitan authorities wanted him to leave. Felice took up residence in Salerno. There, more or less living as an invalid, he obtained permission to leave the order , and to become attached as a priest to the diocese of Naples.

In all, odd volumes were planned, Seventeen of these saw the printing press, of which the first appeared under his secular name D. In this latter work, Felice had evolved from a pseudo-Jansenist to a moderist Deist position. Orazione in lode di s. Fedele de Sigmaringa, cappuccino, e protomartire Naples: Per Felice Carlo Mosca, Naples, Orazione di frate Felice-Maria da Napoli Cappuccino Recitata ne' funerali dello spettabilissimo presidente del supremo magistrato del commercio D.

Benedetto Latilla Naples: Nella Stamperia Simoniana, Padri greci e latini, intorno ai doveri degli ecclesiastici , 10 Vols. Difesa per il p. Felice-Maria da Napoli cappuccino. Da proporsi avanti l'eccellentissimo d. Papa Benedetto Rischiaramento del manifesto pubblicato in nome de' Zelanti sopra le controversie avute da fra Felice Dichiarazione e protesta For a manuscript version of this 'confession', see: Confessione generale dei peccati suoi : MS Rome, Biblioteca Nazionale, Regola della vita, o de' costumi tratta dalla legge naturale che si mostra essere la stessa che la divina Naples, Vindiciae potestatis ecclesiastiquae contra librum H.

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Grotii de imperio summarum potestatum never published? Replica di frate Felice Marcello Ferro sopra le disposizioni testamentarie della sua madre Funerali del fu regio consigliere d. Giuseppe-Aurelio di Gennaro, con alcuni pochi componimenti in sua lode, e con l'orazione di fra Felice Naples, Agnese Caterina Alonzo Marcello Ferro?

Portoguese friar. Active as a preacher in Lisbon and member of the Santiago Saint Jacob province. Died at Salamanca in Summa praedicantium ex omnibus locis communibus locupletissima , 2 Vols. Salamanca: Ioannes Ferdinandus, At least the second volume is available via Google Books. Philippi Diez Lusitani, ord. Iacobi Summa praedicantium : ex omnibus locis communibus locupletiss. Quinze tratados en los quales se contienen muchas y muy excelentes consideraciones para los actos generales que se celebran en la Sancta Iglesia de Dios muy provechosos para los fieles christianos Salamanca: Artus Taberniel, Philippi Diez Lvsitani, ordinis minorum Philippi Diez Lvsitani ordinis minorvm Born in Gualdo.

Became a collegialis at the Collegium S. Bonaventurae in He fulfilled a definitor position and then became first regent of the studium of Fano and then of Rimini Resigning from his post in to take on a position as theologian of the papal nuntius of Cologne, a delay and annulment in this move caused his appointment as regent of the Conventual studium of Florence. Subsequently visitator studium of the Roman province and the Tuscany province. Superior of the Sacro Convento in Assisi and elected provincial of the Assisi province in Due to epilepsy-attacks, he became bed-ridden and died in Acquasparta on 13 November Un Panegirico in lode di S.

Tomaso da Villanova, detto in S. Agostino di Rimini Rimini: Simbeni, Foligno: Antonio Mariotti, Accessible via the digital collections of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and hence also via Google Books. Born in Valencia in Preacher and theologian in the San Juan Bautista province Valencia. Elected provincial of the Valencia province in In this function he helped erect the new friary in the Ciudad de San Felipe and also stimulated other foundations of tertiary communities.

Later also custodian as well as provincial visitator in the San Joseph province Andalucia. He died in the Valencia friary on January 10, at the age of La Ave de gracia llena, Meria en su Purissima Concepcion. Sermon panegirico Valencia: Francisco Mestre, Based on a sermon preached in Ayora. Cisneros, , no. Italian friar from Grottammare Apulia. Born on 13 December Joined the Conventual Franciscans in Studied at the Conventual studia of Ferrara and Bologna.

Made baccalaureus conventus and subsequently lector at the Rimini studium in September , and appointed Baccaureus of the Siena studium by the general chapter of Venice , and appointed regent of the Siena studium at the general chapter of Assisi in Following this, he was made regent master of the Naples studium in , regent of the Venice studium in Made assistent theologian for the Inquisition in Rome in And somewhat later he traveled to Toledo as personal theologian of Cardinal Boncompagno.

General procurator for his order in In between his teaching and inquisitorial tasks, he also was a productive preacher [overview of his preaching career given by Franchini]. General apostolic vicar of the Conventuals between and , and Cardinal in He became pope in Sixtus V , and was very active in implementing the Tridentine reforms and in refurbishing Rome. Also known for his involvement with the publication of a new Vulgate Edition of the Bible, the edition of the works of Gregory the Great, the works of Ambrose of Milan, and for his involvement with the edition of the works of Bonaventure.

For his published and unpublished sermons and other writings, see also Casimiro Tempesti, Sansolini and Liberale Gatti. Bullarium sive collectio constitutionum hucusque editarum a. Dummo D. Sixto Quinto Pont. Held on Ash Wednesday in Perugia? Predica della purissima concettione de la gloriosa madre de Dio Maria Vergine. Mariae Louvain, [Latin version? Commentarius super Evangelium S. Matthaei Naples,? An exposition of the Gospel of John and on the letter of Paul to the Roman would have remained in manuscript format. For other published and unpublished sermons and related writings, see also Casimiro Tempesti, Sansolini and Liberale Gatti.

Giovanni Franchini, Bibliosofia e memorie letterarie di scrittori Francescani conventuali Ch'hanno scritto dopo 'Anno Modena: Eredi Soliani Stampatori, , , ; Sbaralea, Supplementum ed. Rome: Remondini di Venezia, ; C. Thesis University of California, ; Tod A. Verardi, "The Stars, the Angels, and the Bishops'. Member of the Andalusia province. Entered the order in and developed into a renowned preacher and propagator of the devotion to the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

He died in Granada in Several homiletic and spiritual works have been printed. Tam Instrumentorum quam Vocalium. Magnificat seu Vaticinium Dei Parentis Cantus Altus Tenor Bassus Rip. Violino Rip. Insbruck: Michael Wagner, Cum Licentia Ad. Ensemble Musicalin www. Capuchin friar. Preacher and author of Instruciones de Predicadores para hazer bien los sermones y predicarles provechosamente Barcelona, Libro primero.

La humildad del gran Patriarcha de los Menores, N. San Francisco, ponderada y engrandecida. Cadiz: Manuel Espinosa de los Monteros, Bajados: Francisco Barrera, Breve tratado Fidel de Sigmaringa, predicador capuchino Madrid, s. Preacher, lector and provincial minister.

Both an itinerant preacher as well as a court preacher during the reign of Philip V. Sevilla: Cadiz, Observant friar and provincial minister. These editions all available via Google Books. Court preacher in Innsbruck. Promotor of confraternities and productive author on Franciscan authors and prominent order figures. Pars Prima Innsbruck, Thales Franciscanus: sive sapientiae franciscanae: id est: Actoru[m], ab Imperatoribus Chilo Franciscanus: sive siue Sapientiae Franciscanae id est actorum in religione Franciscana sapienter, in Indys utrisque editorum, e synoptice conscriptorum , Pars Sexta Innsbruck, Insbruck, So zu sehen in der Kayserl.

Hof-Kirchen zum Heil. Umbrian friar from Monteleone. Educated at the Collegium S. Lector in Perugia and short-time regent in Bergamo. Regent in Venice in the mid s, and public theologian in via Scoti at Padua university. Eventually minister general of the Conventuals in Elogia Virorum ac Mulierum domo Perusiae Ord. Conventualium vel sanctitate, vel doctrina, vel rebus praeclare gestis insignium : MS Biblioteca Antoniana di Padova, [cf: Catalogo dei codici manoscritti esistenti nella Biblioteca di Sant'Antonio di Padova , ed.

Luigi M. Minciotti Padua: Minerva, , ]. It would have amounted to a large Scotist Sentences commentary. The death of the author apparently forestald the completion of the work and its publication. OFMConv from Conegliano. Pro studiis primae philosophiae oratio F. Ferdinandi Antonii Darbi Coneglanensis He died sometimes after Eulogic homiletic, theatrical, musical and devotional author and advocate of the immaculate conception of Mary. Racconto della Festa, fatta nel Real Palazzo di Napoli ec. Naples: Egidio Longo, Rather early for him. Is this a secure ascription? The edition accessible on Google Books does not at all indicate that is is a work by Fernando Bevilacqua.

Francisci Convent. Urbis Fossempronii celebrato, Epigram. Fano: Gaudenzio, I Cerchi de' Divini Incantesimi. Orazione panegirica in lode della B. Umiliana de'Cerchi Fiorentina detta avanti il suo corpo Florence: S. Panegiroco di S. Orazione ne'Funerali del P. Ranieri detta nella Chiesa di S. Francesco di Rimini Urbino: Stefano Leonardi, Oratorio a quattro voci ad onore del glorioso S. Antonio di Padova Foligno: Nicola Campitelli, Melodialoghi in onore dell'innocentiss. Madre i Dio senza colpa originale concetta Rimini: Ferrari, Notizia compendiosa della vita di S.

Vittorino Confessore. Panegirico in onore di S. This seems to be a false ascription?

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Le lacrime favorite. Panegirico di S. Giovanni Franchini, Bibliosofia e memorie letterarie di scrittori Francescani conventuali Ch'hanno scritto dopo 'Anno Modena: Eredi Soliani Stampatori, , ; Biblioteca picena o sia notizie istoriche delle opere e degli scrittori , Tomo Secondo: Lett. Osimo: Domenicantonio Quercetti, , ; Augusto Vernarecci, Dizionario biografico degli nomini illustri di Fossombrone Fossombrone: Monacelli, , Franciscan friar from the Santiago province.

De Natura et Essentia Auxilii Efficacis Madrid, VII, no. Cisneros, , 98 no. Member of the San Francisco del Ecuador province and active as a missionary. He died in Santiago de Cali, November 3, Alfonso Zawadzky, Viajes del R. Bolivariana, [cf. Studied in Lima and joined the Franciscans there.

He was ordained as a priest in , and in he became administrator superior of Peru for his order. Fernando de Trejoy Sanabria, fundador de la universidad , 2 Vols. El Illmo. Member of the Milan province. Made his solemn profession in Hamburg: Felix Meiner, Original edition: Frankfurt, Wyclif, John. Opus evangelicum. Iohann Loserth. Yule, Sir Henry, ed. New York: Scribner's, Hastings Robinson. Zwei Handschriten aus dem ehemaligen Minoritenkloster zu Bonn. Pick, R. Heft Cologne, Zwinger, Theodor.

Compendium medicinae universae. Basel, Schuler and J. Britannus, i m. Britannicus, a, um. Mela , Shetlandia, ae f. Anglosaxo, onis m. Celta, ae m. Gaedelus, i m. Zeuss viii; cf. Annals of the Caledonians, Picts, and Scots , ed. Joseph Riston [Edinburg, ], II. Celticus, a, um Plin.

Zechorum princeps a Conrado imperatore rex dictus. Hungari] gerebant bellum cum Germanis Polonis], Scythicae genti. Massiliensis, e CIC. Nemausensis, e PLIN. Parisiacus, a, um Ven. Hofmann s. Hugo Capetus : "Rex proclamatus est Novioduni, Remisque coronatus. Viciensis, e Dunglison Alsaticus, a, um all in WC. Arvernus, i m. Lotharingius, i m. Normannus, i m. Normannicus, a, um.

Sabaudus, i m. Rhodanicus, a, um. Gallus, i m. Teutonicus, a, um in antiquity, of a particular Germanic people; since 17th c. Dresdensis, i Sillig i. Mogontiacus, a, um Amm. Bavarus, i m. Saxo, onis m. Graecus, i m. Graecus, a, um. Hungarus, i m. Budam tentat, sed Pestum tantum oppositum oppidum capit. Hibernus, i m. Italus, i m. Italicus, a, um. Catinensis, e CIC. Genuensis, e Inscr. Meroveus , of Merovech, 5th c. Apulus, a, um. Calaber, bra, brum. Latius, a, um. Ligur, uris m. Ligusticus, a, um VARR.

Sardus, a, um. Siculus, i m. Siculus, a, um VARR. Umber, bra, brum. Leidensis, is TURS. Zelandus, i m. Zelandicus, a, um cf. Sclavo, onis m. Gerundensis, is PLIN. Ilerdensis, e PLIN. Arago, onis m. Baliaricus, a, um. Vasco, onis m. Vasconicus, a, um Paul. Catalanus, i m. Navarrus, i m. Hispanice conversus. Rhaetus, i m. Rhaeticus, a, um PLIN. Finlandus, i m. Norvegus, i m. Bulgarus, i m. Esthus, i m. Letto, onis m. Lettus, i m. Borysthenius, a, um Ov. Tauricus, a, um Turs.

Francis Xavier. In the Middle Ages, as in antiquity, it could include Arabia and East Africa as well, the vital sea-ways of the India Ocean providing a natural defining principle for the geographical concept. For the derivation of these names, see Yule 2, , n. See Yule 1, , quoted below. Fraser 73, on use of the term "India" in 15th-c. Latin texts: "Notions of India and its geography were extremely vague at that time as Columbus would show ; the name was indeed sometimes used in reference to Ethiopia.

In fact, Alcuin divides the whole world into three parts, Europe, Africa, and India. Hence it was necessary to discriminate different Indias, but there is very little agreement among different authors as to this discrimination Conti divides India into three: 1 From Persia to the Indus i. The partition of the Indies made by King Sebastian of Portugal in , when he constituted his eastern possession into three governments, recalled the old division into Three Indias.

Mongolus, i m. Pakistanus, i m. Pakistanicus, a, um, Pakistanianus, a, um. Bondelmontius "mare Archipelagi. Bentley 2, on Manil. Persa, ae m. Persicus, a, um. Babylonem Novam, quae hodierna Bagaded, 4. Babylonem Aegyptia quae Cairo. Phoenicia, ae f. Smyrnaeus, a, um PLIN. Boerhaave 2, Amu Darya], et durat versus tramontanam usque ad confines magni Kaan. Marcello Ciccuto, ed. Svahilicus, a, um. Non quadrat inclinamentum - anus , cum vox de loci nomine non derivetur. Tzadia, ae f. Atlanticus, a, um MART. Traces of the word may be found in the earliest geographers.

Ptolemy records a Zingis, or Zingisa Algeria: "urbs Africae Ita regno Algeriae potiti piratae Barbaria: "Barbaria Caerem urbem regiam — Cayrum vocamus — ubi olim Memphis fuerat, condidit. Maurus, i m. Jogues et al. Breviarium Monsasticum , Fetum Ss. Id conformius est antiquis illis formis 'Aquas Sextias,' 'Fossam Clodiam,' aliis". Italian "le Ande". Peruvianus, a, um Pharm. Francisco Mora, episcopo Montereyensi et Angelorum, in synodo quarta diocesana, habita in Californius, i m. Woodbridge, N.

Fargensis, e Muench, Trimontium Plin. Malaicum v. OED s. After the discovery of the New World, the name was extended and gradually transferred to the similar wood of a South American species C. Bacon ed. Spedding 2, Latham quoting 17 c. Schoff : "To both of these market-towns large vessels are regularly sent from Barygaza, loaded with copper and sandalwood and timbers of teakwood and logs of blackwood and ebony. A2 Calyx, folliculus sive, involucrum floris.. Rolander, of okra. Hi canes assueti et docti sunt trahere trahas Ad unam autem traham sex canes ligant ordine congruo. Ducange s. Cheetahs have since antiquity been domesticated and trained for hunting especially in the Mideast and India ; thus the name "hunting leopard" in several languages.

That some animal was known by this designation in the second century is rendered probable by a passage in Julius Pollux c A. The belief that the ermine derived its name from Armenia was common in the 14th c. If this view be correct, it involves the consequence that the resemblance in sound between ermine and OHG. Ipsae habent crura curta, et sunt aliquantulum bassae retro, quia crura posteriora sunt parva et gambae anteriores sunt multum longae Habent parvum caput et longum collum et non faciunt aliquod malum alicui.

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Capita vero earum sunt parva et color earum varius, albus, rubeus. Animalia quidem mansueta sunt gyraffae praedictae et neminem laedunt. Audito tamen quarto a reliquis diverso, statim suspirare coepit, et se temperare nesciens a vehementissimis insultibus quos musica intus excitabat, solutis omnibus verecundiae limitibus, fere nuda prodiit e lecto, vehementissime saltare coepit, et ita per triduum consueto more continuando, ab omnibus symptomatibus libera evasit.

Acosta De Nat. Nam dimidium oneris muli cuiusvis portant; sunt autem minimi sumptus quippe quibus neque ferro ad calces neque clitelia ad dorsum neque vero hordeo ad pabulum opus sit. Hi homines non sunt in civitatibus sed in montibus habitant. Helmut Boese Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, , 8, 2 p. Et isti incantant omnem bestiam et omnem avem. For a similarly-formed word used in Latin, cf. Gryps, gryphus, quadrepes alatum, sed fabulosum. Isti unicornes habent pilum bufalinum et habent pedes sicut elephantes; in medio frontis unum cornu grossum Unicornis enim pilum habet bubali, pedem autem habet ad similitudinem elephantis, caput habet ut aper In luto libenter moratur et est animal valde turpe.

Habet in capite unum cornu atque nullus venatorum eum capere potest, sed hoc argumento capiunt illum: ducunt puellam virginem in illum locum ubi moratur. From these evolves the medieval legend of a gentle and graceful beast, mysteriously beautiful, that lets itself be tamed by a maiden. Paoletta [P. Cur istuc quaeso? Simonides : Et vobis fauste. Carus omnibus exspectatusque venies.

Et Archomac dixit quod bene venirent, et fecit eos sedere. Ciccuto ed. Sunt qui vim potius intuiti 'originationem' vocent. LLN , defining as "proprietas linguae, lingua, sermo," and providing several quotes with the expression "Theutonicum idioma. Cotta, qui se valde dilatandis litteris a similitudine Graecae locutionis abstraxerat sonabatque contrarium Catulo, subagreste quiddam planeque subrusticum, alia quidem quasi inculta et silvestri via ad eandem laudem pervenerat.

Cotta, gaudere mihi videtur gravitate linguae sonoque vocis agresti et illud, quod loquitur, priscum visum iri putat, si plane fuerit rusticanum. Me autem tuus sonus et subtilitas ista delectat. Cottam dicit Cicero fecisse, imitationem antiquitatis adfectant. Signa numeris sic dictis arabicis expressa non adhibebantur; [p. Opus principale de 'cifris,' in quo plurimae 'claves' cifrarum in curia pontificia saeculo XVI usitataturm evulgatae habentur, est A.

The term was extended in antiquity to objects resembling in form a hammerhead or mallet-head, including sorts of plant slips and military missiles. Rabanaus Epist. Rabikauskas , title page: "praelectionum lineamenta". LRL: chartarum v. Tironianarum] finis fuit". Augustus introduced an empire-wide system modeled on those of the Hellenistic kings; this first imperial postal system used long-distance not relay messengers called iuvenes.

This slower network could convey supplies across the Empire, especially as taxes were increasingly collected in kind rather than in coin. Ducrue Et harum quidem figurarum ut non leve artificium est, ita sors quoque minime vulgaris semper fuit. Etenim non paucos Gervasius Tilleberiensis lib. Frisch, ed. Spectant haec voces ad fabellas parum graves de rebus historicis. Capitolinus, Opellius Macrinus 1, "Et Iunio quidem Cordo studium fuit eorum imperatorum vitas edere quos obscuriores videbat. Qui non multum profecit; nam et pauca repperit et indigna memoratu, adserens se minima quaeque persecuturum, quasi vel de Traiano aut Pio aut Marco sciendum sit, quotiens processerit, quando cibos variaverit et quando vestem mutaverit et quos quando promoverit.

Magie Loeb series : "By searching out all this sort of thing and recording it, he filled his books with gossip. Aelius Spart. Maxime tamen curavit historiae fabularis notitiam. Magie Loeb series : "who involved himself in pseudo-historical works. Maecenati egregio. Inter philologos etiam, aliosque qui antiquitatis studio tenentur, raro reperies veterum scripturarum curiosum.

Quos tamen ipsos, si palaeographia non imbuti sunt, cum doctis analphabetis haud iniuria comparaveris. Sed haecce palaestra cum nimis angusta mihi deinde videretur Quo factum est u palaeographiae criticae condendae magnos susciperem labores, quaelibet excutiens scripta sive in marmore, sive in aere, sive in membrana, sive in papyro, sive in argilla, sive in quavis alia materia. Est I. Ducange; Petrarch 2, describing himself: "vivacibus oculis et visu per longum tempus acerrimo, qui praeter spem supra sexagsimum aetatis annum me destituit, ut indignanti mihi ad ocularium confugiendum esset auxilium.

Ducange quoting from a 16c church register: "impegit pugnum apertum in faciem eiusdem deponentis, qui tunc habebat sua perspicilia in naso"; Est I. Cuius in initio haec scripta vidi de ocularibus: 'Lamiam igitur hanc Plutarchus ille Chaeronaeus, nescio doctior an gravior, habere ait oculos exemptiles, hoc est quos sibi eximat detrahatque cum libuit, rursusque cum libuit resumat atque affigat: quemadmodum senes ocularia specilla solent, quibus hebescenti per aetatem visui opitulantur; nam et cum quid inspectare avent, insertant quasi forfici nasum, et cum satis inspectarunt, recondunt in theca.

Zwingli VI. Papias: 'Vermiculum, rubrum sive coccineum; est enim vericulus ex silvestribus frondibus, in quo lana tingitur. Cum cernatur, nigrum, at in diluendo mixturam purpurae caeruleique mirabilem reddit. Obsolevit istud iam dudum, inque eius locum successit alterum simile, quod ex cyaneo lapide lazuli parant, vocantque ultramarinum, outremer. Latham citing 16th-c. Wellesley translates, "They spied on their conversation,". In hoc autem distinguuntur ambar and succinum, quod ambar bituminis genus sit oceani orientalis proprium, cinerei aut nigri coloris, in litus maris eiectum, quod aeri expositum durescit, et odorem spirat suavem; succinum vero sit aliud bitumen lapidescens, flavum aut album, ex tritu vel ab igne fragrans, quod in sinu Codano reperitur.

Ducange pavillonarius. Ioculatores dixerunt quod volebant ire libenter. It served both as a workshop Dig. We find, for instance, that painters exhibited their works in a pergula that they might be seen by those who passed by Lucil. Such places were occupied by persons, who, either by working or sitting in them, wished to attract the attention of the public Salmas. Hence we find them inhabited by poor philosophers and grammarians who gave instruction and wished to attract notice in order to obtain pupils Suet.

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The Walt Whitman Archive

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