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Registered: Feb 8, Greetings to all Star Wars fans, new and old.

I'm in the latter category; the first movie I saw in the cinema having being Return of the Jedi in I was briefly on these boards back in and as Kolkotha, I believe, and enjoyed all the discussion around Attack of the Clones and speculation about what we all imagined would be the last ever Star Wars movie, Episode 3.

Now, with the Star Wars concept entering strange new territory I'm interested to see what people think, and am especially interested to see how the younger fans perceive the GFFA and what it means to them culturally and personally. I also have specific questions about the new movies TFA and TLJ concerning some things I'm confused about re-plot and characters, where would be the post place to post questions?

Thanks a lot and looking forward to the exchanges.

Pregnant woman risks life swimming in Gullet Quarry as 30 people defy ban | Worcester News

Bor Gullet , Feb 9, Tython Awakening and Lady Belligerent like this. Registered: May 31, Greetings and Salutations Bor Gullet.

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'Stay out to stay alive' say trust as swimmers come to Gullet Quarry

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'Stay out to stay alive' say trust as swimmers come to Gullet Quarry

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Pregnant woman is among 30 people to defy quarry swim ban

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The cream was coconut. Topped with raw basil to wilt in the residual heat.

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