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Drawn from her decades of experience as a hospice nurse, Trudy Harris shares stories that offer an incredible glimpse at what lies beyond this world--ethereal music, colors that did not exist on earth, angels, and loved ones who have gone on before. She has been with hundreds of patients as they took their last breaths and knows the kinds of questions that both the dying and their loved ones ask: What happens when we die?

What should I say to a loved one who is dying?

Glimpses of Heaven – Trudy Harris, RN

How can I make a dying friend feel safe? The stories she shares will bring the reader comfort and peace even amidst pain. Tender, heartbreaking, and eye-opening, this expanded edition of the New York Times bestseller offers more incredible windows into the world beyond and life after death. Since retirement, Harris remains active in connecting the needs of terminally ill and dying people in her community with the hospice program she knows can best meet their need.

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By: Trudy Harris RN. Out of Stock This product is no longer available and cannot be added to your cart. We apologize for this inconvenience 5 out of 5 stars 1 Review. No longer available. Email me when this product is available. Around its walls are portraits of the Brethren. When I came to this service, I looked upon them with admiration and affection, for these were truly great men with whom I was associated. Sometime later authorization was given by the First Presidency of the Church for my portrait to be added to the others. Lee Greene Richards was selected as the artist, and we began immediately.

I sat on a chair on an elevated platform in his studio and tried very hard to look handsome, like some of the other brethren.

With paints, brushes, and palette ready, the artist scrutinized my features and daubed on the canvas alternately. I returned many times to the studio. After weeks the portrait was exhibited to the First Presidency and later to my wife and daughter. This particular day was a busy one like most others.

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I suppose I was daydreaming, and quite detached from this world. Apparently he had difficulty translating my faraway gaze onto the canvas. I had a glimpse of heaven just before coming to your studio. I continued:. Just an hour ago. It was in the holy temple across the way. The sealing room was shut off from the noisy world by its thick, white-painted walls; the drapes, light and warm; the furniture, neat and dignified; the mirrors on two opposite walls seeming to take one in continuous likenesses on and on into infinity; and the beautiful stained-glass window in front of me giving such a peaceful glow.

All the people in the room were dressed in white. Here were peace and harmony and eager anticipation. A well-groomed young man and an exquisitely gowned young woman, lovely beyond description, knelt across the altar.

Glimpses of Heaven

Authoritatively, I pronounced the heavenly ceremony which married and sealed them for eternity on earth and in the celestial worlds. The pure in heart were there. Heaven was there. They, with their companions, are here to participate in the marriage of this, the youngest. This is our supremely happy day, with all of our eight children married properly. They are faithful to the Lord in church service, and the older ones are already rearing families in righteousness. You might have accumulated millions in stocks and bonds, bank accounts, lands, industries, and still be quite a failure.

You are fulfilling the purpose for which you were sent into this world by keeping your own lives righteous, bearing and rearing this great posterity, and training them in faith and works. Why, my dear folks, you are eminently successful. God bless you. My story was finished. I looked up at the portrait artist.

We came to the unpretentious home of the stake president at mid-day Saturday. We knocked at the door, and it was opened by a sweet mother with a child in her arms. She was the type of mother who did not know there were maids and servants. Her hair was dressed neatly; her clothes were modest, tastefully selected; her face was smiling; and though young, she showed the rare combination of maturity of experience and the joys of purposeful living.

The all-purpose room into which we were welcomed was crowded and in its center were a long table and many chairs. She had been very busy in the kitchen. Every child gave evidence of having been taught responsibility.

Glimpses of Heaven: True Stories of Hope and Peace at the End of Life's Journey

Each had certain duties. One child had quickly spread a tablecloth; another placed the knives and forks and spoons; and another covered them with the large plates turned upside down. The dishes were inexpensive. Next came large pitchers of creamy milk, high piles of sliced homemade bread, a bowl at each place, a dish of fruit from storage, and a plate of cheese. One young son was called on to lead in family prayer.

It was extemporaneous, and he pleaded with the Lord to bless the family and their schoolwork, and the missionaries, and the bishop. No apologies were offered for the meal, the home, the children, or the general situation.

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The conversation was constructive and pleasant. The children were well-behaved. These parents met every situation with calm dignity and poise.