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In the years between and , the company's small workshop became a very modern factory.

Handmade in Germany: Kuckucksuhren - Made in Germany

It is an old tradition for the cuckoo clocks to be carved and finished completely by hand. With a great attention to detail and a lot of skill and precision, these qualified clockmakers create cuckoo clocks that bring about joy and appreciation worldwide. Whether you admire cuckoo clocks in their most simple state, or prefer those decorated with little carved figurines and moving scenery, the catalogue by Anton Schneider currently offers over models to choose from, in sizes from 19cm to cm, therefore providing something to satisfy everyone's wishes.

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The mechanism inside the clock comes from the clockwork company "REGULA", recognisable through the following marks of quality:. Helmut Kammerer. In the company management was handed over to Mr.

Rolf Kammerer, and now in the third generation since Mr. Uwe Kammerer will be continuing to take over parts of the company's repornsibility. To be well prepared for this work, Mr. Kammerer junior started in becoming a wood-mechanic, to be followed of his professional aim to be a toolmaker.

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After having succeeded in both these tasks, he did his studies at the clock-makers-college of Furtwangen. They are working in our own carpenter workshop, doing here the case production and the production of the blanks for the wood carvings, having thus the guarantee that the clocks are originally and entirely produced in the Black Forest. As in the past as well as nowadays the wood carvings have to be carried out by very skilled and experienced craftsmen, warranting so, that all our HEKAS clocks are handmade.

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It is one of their main principles that they care at any time with their entire attention for the perfect quality of their products. They guarantee, that every clock has being checked throughly at their special controll wall for 12 to 24 hours before being despatched. DE EN. We are doing our best to keep our Internet pages up-to-date and to provide correct and complete information about our products. Although we check and maintain our pages with utmost diligence, errors cannot be completely excluded.

House of 1000 Clocks Triberg

Therefore, Weisser GmbH cannot guarantee that the information provided in the Internet offer is always up-to-date, error-free and complete and therefore disclaims any liability for any damage or loss of any kind that might be caused, directly or indirectly, by the use of this Internet offer. All offers are subject to confirmation und not binding.

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In our huge, 2-story salesroom there is always something new and unusual to discover and enjoy. This is not just a store — it is a shopping experience! In our Triberg store we not only have all the clocks that you can order directly in our Online Shop , but also a much larger selection of many different clock styles and models. We are, of course, the House of Clocks with many more than Clocks in our store: classical Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks, unusually designed cuckoo clocks, a large selection of fashionable and practical watches, nostalgic pocket watches, large grandfather clocks, small souvenir clocks, noble mantel and table clocks, modern and entertaining wall clocks….

Right in the middle of the town of Triberg, right down from the world-famous Triberg Waterfalls, you will find our clock store with the animated bear family on the storefront, and perhaps the greatest selection of Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks in the whole area.

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There are many unusual things to discover in our huge, two-story salesroom. Your visit will become a shopping experience that you will never forget! You will find something for every taste and occasion in our store in Triberg: handpainted procellan figurines, fluffy stuffed animals, funny gag articles, high-quality music boxes, noble glassware, decorative mobils, multi-function pocket knives … We have a selection for the large variety of tourists that come to Triberg, and we are sure that all who visit us will find just the right souvenir to take home from their trip to Germany, the Black Forest and Triberg!