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She is dancing joy with a snow fairy. Xmas is full of joy. Lyrical B! Africa is a continent of many countries and tribes and nations, full of contrasts, contradictions and challenges. Its wildlife needs no introduction, lions and elephants in their natural habitat is a sight most people wish to see. But what escapes are the clothes, one of the most unique, colourful and traditional clothing on earth is Nigerian, Ghanaian, Kenyan, Gambia clothes, the food, from locally brewed no hangover beer to warthogs, the climate which ranges from tropical to subarctic.

This diversity is reflected in their music, jazz, salsa, rumba all are inspired by African musical. Our model, Leezah Kaddour have styled to show how fashion evolved. You must know, Africans are forefathers of fashion. They did catwalk. People when think of China have their stereotypes about their look, their country. They brush over the fact that there are 56 ethnic groups, there are nearly languages and it first brewed tea over years ago. From supercomputer to space to sports, it has excelled in all the fields. Chinese cuisines are favorites all over the world. Our model, Memole Giha have styled to.

When we think of Egypt we think of grandiose Pyramids, vast stretching deserts and the story of Pharos. The magnificence of the Giza Pyramids cannot be described in words. The tales about beauty of Cleopatra still go rounds around the world. But Egypt is much more. Egypt is a land bustling with life, sound, visual beauty and excitement. For thousands of years, it has been the playground of emperors and kings, and we should take the time to. Cleopatra is the most beautiful women ever cherished this world.

And our model, Tosha Bergan have styled to recreate the beauty, elegance, poise and that we have imagined with magnificence. Turkey offers so many unique experiences from stunning scenery, the amazing history by holding of the ottoman empire. Istanbul with its legendary Blue Mosque is a fantastic historic city which is bursting with kind and beautiful people, may it be Palatial resorts or the famous Grand Bazaar with more than shops you are guaranteed a divine experience.

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Harappa was a site discovered by accident but what led afterwards continues to amaze and challenge historians, archeologists even anthropologist till today. From the Great Bath in Mohenjodaro to the delicate and detailed seals and amulets, their skills continue to amaze us. Having contacts and trade with Mesopotamia shows that they were truly global. With a look at the sculptures one comes to know how good artists were.

But in praise of their architectural and artistic skills we often forget how egalitarian a society that was, that is something our world can. And yes this civilization is years old Harappan civilization is known for not having a queen but only a lady. They considered a leader should live as one among them. And the lady, would be the magnetic field keeping every affairs of the state active. Our model, Ruby Ornamental here have. Face Makeup: kitsune makeup 2 by violetta.

A place truly timeless, where ancient traditions is fused with modern life as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Welcome to Japan.

Angel: a Hustling Diva with a Twist

Here you will find shrines and temples coexisting with modern and vibrant neighbourhood with the famous bullet trains connecting them all together as does the string in a pearl necklace. You will delve into diverse Asian history and heritage celebrating festival year round symbolising various traditions. On top of that the amazing politeness and friendliness of people along with their. Our model, Sydney Ashbourne here have styled to show the beauty of fan.

DAY: fri. An anient civilisation panning for much of central America, a story written on tones books and calendars. A tory about people who lived in the continent even before people knew about he continent.

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Being in a Mayan city is like getting drowned in history. Every glimpse of mammoth pyramids will force you to imagine ways such a thing was possible in those days. These pyramids tell a tory of extraordinaire architects. The same way the expressive art tells a story of inconceivable expertise of craftsmen and the ever so accurate calendar tells a story of keen astronomers.

This is not a story of ancient civilisation, the Mayans, but the history of humankind And our model, Dakota Lavarock have styled howing the strength of the mayan tribes, by creating a fashion statement of this historic and genius group ever lived. Mexico is spicy as salsa, intoxicating as tequila, and it manages to touch your soul. A pre-Columbian civilisation built vast pyramids of Teotihuacan, temples of Chichen Itza and countless archeological wonders, which gives this country a very unique identity. Modern Mexico has not forgotten its Spanish lineage.

The epic landscapes, northern deserts and snowy peaks of Sierra fills your senses with fusion of character. One of the great joys of a visit to Mexico is its cuisine emulated around the world, the crispy tacos the hot sauces and burritos are some amount the mouth watering specialities on offer and the heart of this Mexican experience is the. Mexican people A super diverse community, positively charming, fiercely proud of their Mexico, their one of a kind home. And our model Melinda Bayn, have styled to show the beauty of the Oscar De La Renta by showcasing the floral beauty and elegance of their.

Diversity is an inclusive word, it includes cultural, gastronomical, ecological, economical differences and more. But very few countries in the world celebrate the ecological diversity as Peru. Lakes, lagoons, valleys and canyons - Peru has them all. But that is not it, Peruvian cuisine is among the best in the world developed over a period of time through exchange between the Spanish, Africans, Chinese, Japanese, Italians among others. The architectural heritage is represented by the world famous site Machu Picchu, while Plaza San Martin represents the new independent Peru.

It is a place everyone will fall Fishing is the heart of. They have beautiful water currents which keep fishing active all over the year. Our model Shantal Gravois here have styled as Peruvian Fisherwomen, which is such a proud occupation. All Beauty.. Come on everybody! Second Life offers us many options to share as couples and among the many obligations we might had, give us that special time to be together and share all of that day with your special someone. Kemang Island is a perfect place to visit in SL be it family gatherings, hanging out with friends.

Everyone loves Christmas, but have you ever wondered why we celebrate the birth of Jesus by putting trees in our houses? Or hanging stockings by the fire? Kruger is a lonely widower, played by Jimmy Stewart, who finds comfort through a group of carolers singing outside his window. His interaction with them places him in a fantasy where he imagines himself in the stable on the very first Christmas. She also does not like her school assignment to write about Christmas. Even to this whose hearts seemed closed to Him.

After 33 years he finally finds him, on Easter Sunday. The motel guests are only concerned for themselves- until a poor man and his pregnant wife drive up unable to go any further. Out of rooms, they prepare a place for them in a shed. This modern-day nativity story reminds everyone of another family seeking shelter almost two thousand years earlier.

All about a boy, his mother, and a woodcarver. The Christmas Candle — This is a timeless holiday film for the entire family. According to legend, every twenty-five years an angel visits the village candlemaker and touches a single candle. Whoever lights the Christmas Candle will receive a miracle on Christmas Eve.

But in , at the dawn of the electric age, this centuries old legend may come to an end. When the Christmas Candle goes missing the miraculous and human collide in the most astonishing Christmas the village of Gladbury has ever seen. In the midst of the Great Depression, the Kamp family has struggled since Mrs.

The older children do their best to take care of the family, but the younger children, including Hopalong Cassidy fan Norman and straight-talking little Ruthie, struggle the most with a bleak-looking future. Christmas Oranges — When tragedy strikes and Rose loses the only home she has ever known, she is shipped to Irongates a place that seems as cold and cruel as her previous home was kind.

The strict headmaster, Mr. Crampton, immediately seems to dislike Rose and makes sure all children are punished for any infraction of his rules. The only thing she has to look forward to is an orange on Christmas morning. Share a slice of Christmas sweetened with friendship in this Christmas story based on a classic holiday tale. The Heart of Christmas — This story is a real tear-jerker that reminds us what is truly important at Christmas time. This movie is based on a true story of hope and compassion when a community rallies together to give a young boy his last Christmas in October.

Red instead devised a plan for Jason to experience a crash course on life. Saving Christmas — In this movie, Kirk explains to his brother that Christ is still in the Christmas holiday. This movie shares many of our traditions that were originally created with Christ in mind and helps the characters realize the meaning of Christmas. One of the best ways to enjoy Christmas is with an advent!

We love finding new countdowns to work through each year with different activities. But we always love to incorporate our favorite activities, too. Each symbol has a scripture and activity to accompany it. Decorate as you countdown to Christmas. Then add an act of service onto the back of each one. As it burns, read the scriptures. Enjoy doing service with the kindness elves.

Once Jesus is found, he has some instructions that the family will follow! Cute idea! I love this idea because it gives everyone the responsibility instead of just the parents. Their blog even has a printable calendar full of message ideas. This pack is adorable and includes a full nativity. Use the template to create your own sew or no-sew option!

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I can imagine the kids would come back and play with this throughout the holiday season! Grab a bunch of extra scraps and let the kids decorate their own set. Free printable download! These shadow puppets would be so fun for kids!

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Looking for some easy holiday fun? Why not color together and teach the Christmas story at the same time? Try some food art for snacks or a beautifully decorated dessert focused on the nativity. I love their animal cracker camels.

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Find the perfect way to share the Christmas message. I love the idea of giving family and friends something that can be a constant reminder of the true reason for the season. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Angel's Back by Brenda Wright. Angel has a very dark past and an gruesome up bringing she surrounded with drug dealers and murderers the mafia, assassins, angels back what's next is twice the dander and mayhem, its featuring a natural boarn deadly trio thats's a force to be reckoned with.

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