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Where is the voice of one crying in the wilderness? In Your name I ask, Amen. DAY 17 Wednesday, July I believe it has been a source of power for all that we have seen happen in Orillia and in our church. I did more work at the church—there is always something to do. Naomi sent me an encouraging email to stay strong and not quit in this fast. That is my intention—how wonderful it would be if they moved back up this way and helped us in the church. God only knows what is ahead.

Earlier in the morning, I went to Kitchener Park and sat beside Lake Simcoe—it was so peaceful and beautiful. I just prayed and read the Word. Our prayer meeting tonight was powerful to say the least. Great liberty in prayer. Some have not been attending Wednesday nights, but I hope that will change.

You will cause this forty day fast to accomplish a greater measure of power in my ministry, along with a soberness that I have never experienced before. Thank you! In Your mighty name I pray, Amen. DAY 18 Thursday, July Once again, I prayed down at the lake. I am still waiting for this energy renewal to kick in. I must be loaded with toxins—what a way to cleanse the body. Then we drove over to my new-found, mid-morning spot, Kitchener Park, and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings of Lake Simcoe.

My energy level is drastically low and my actions prove it. My mind seems clear. Our pm CRPN prayer meeting was quite good but low in numbers. Nevertheless, we prayed fervently and God undertook. He needed prayer for discouragement. Tomorrow marks day 19 of my 40 day fast. I never thought even this would be possible, but for God. Julie and Cindy went to Barrie for the evening, so I had a quiet night of prayer and the Word.

I turned on TV and there is only violence, sex, homosexuality, and extreme ungodliness of every sort. I know that my labours of trust and obedience are not in vain. Help me to be strong in Your might! In Your name, I pray, amen. DAY 19 Friday, July I went down to the lake around a. Matt pulled in behind me and we talked when we were leaving—he was discouraged which I completely understand. Hope deferred makes the heart sick—our hearts have been sick for a long time, but God is the joy of our hearts even in times of heaviness, loneliness and depression.

Julie and I went shopping for groceries—that was hard—so many wonderful foods. I still have hunger pains and still feel tired. We then went to her home and met her two daughters—they need freedom from God. Tomorrow is the half-way mark of this fast. I know people are praying, thank God. Thank You, Jesus. DAY 20 Saturday, July As I close the day at the half-way mark, it is with a sense of weakness and strength.

God has been my strength to fulfill twenty days of water only. He will be my strength for the remaining twenty. I did a lot of work today, both at the church and at home. I find if I keep busy only at times it helps. It was good. I, as a pastor, must love all people at all times. After helping Matt and Cindy to clean up the yard, I went to the church and did some needed work on the building, and then prayed for the Sunday service. We continue to build the Orillia Life Centre.

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One day at a time is the only way I can endure to the end. Dale Shaw emailed me with concerns about my fast, to use wisdom. God is my wisdom—I will not lean upon my own understanding but I will trust God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me. So much is at stake! DAY 21 Sunday, July I awoke at a.

Julie and I had prayer and devotions on the patio—it was nice. I spent the morning in food prep slicing tomatoes, dicing onions for our company at lunch. Dave even helped out at our altar time. Dale preached a powerful message from Ezra—good response—great freedom in the service today. The worship was great. They all came back to our home for the afternoon. Everyone enjoyed themselves. I did all the barbecuing and serving and it went really well. It seems so unlikely considering my present physical condition that I can carry out the remaining nineteen days, but this is a God-led fast and therefore, He will enable me to do it.

God is doing it for me—He really is my strength. DAY 22 Monday, July At the lake this morning— a. This morning, we took Austin to the beach, and as Julie and him were in the water, I began to ask God what this forty day fast is all about. He directed me to Luke 4 where Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days being tempted of the devil—when His fast was completed, He returned into Galilee being full of power and His fame spread throughout all the region. Somehow, I believe that was my answer. Why now? This afternoon, Julie was upset by my physical condition—am I to stop now? Something is dependent upon my completing forty days—Jesus and Moses both went forty days—the difference is they were alone with God.

I cannot explain how I feel at this time—it is strange, but I am resolved, dear Lord, to obey You to the end. Thanks for grace. DAY 23 Tuesday, July My day started with my routine at the lake—I enjoy the peace and quiet. I went to the church to do some work—went to 48 Front St. She called that everything went well.

April is legally evicted. But now, who knows? His ears are shut to the truth. He says his heart is right and so is mine. One woman emailed me a lengthy letter saying that God lied to her—she still carries the baggage from her past after all these years—where is their freedom? I sense You more and more. All things are well with my soul. Thank you. DAY 24 Wednesday, August 1.

This has been a busy day. I feel extremely weary and at times I question if I can go all the way. Again, God is my strength each day. Went to 48 Front St. Went to Muskoka Heights with Cindy and Gord and had a very good service and good turnout. They need Jesus and His love.

Then back at the church, Rusty Draper dropped in—we had a good talk and prayed together. Went home and got ready for the service. We had a fairly good turnout even without some of the regulars. Although I was tired, and I seem to be slurring my speech lately, God gave me good liberty in teaching. It is of the utmost importance during this second half of a forty day fast to stay focused and take one day at a time. Wendy McLrea called recently to inform me that God was speaking to her to join me for the remainder of the fast—sixteen days for her.

She totally believes in what we are doing. What a blessing! Help me to hear Your voice and obey. DAY 25 Thursday, August 2. Slept in til a. I prayed with her after she prayed with me and I prophesied over her which she greatly received. God has laid this upon their heart. Aime and I were the only ones present at the CRPN meeting but we had a great prayer time—I have been literally dragging my feet and slurring my speech—I am really feeling the effects of 25 days with no food or drink except water. When I think about my previous fasts, the longest being eight days, I marvel that I have surpassed that by another 17 days.

The flesh is being stripped away. DAY 26 Friday, August 3. I went to the lake again early then went to the church—I like this routine. I am so weak and so hungry—the smell of food has been bothering me, but not to the point of giving in—no, I am determined. She left feeling much better. I need to help him—I feel I need to reach out more to the people of the church.

We are definitely in a major spiritual warfare. Thank you for what is coming to me and my family personally as we continue to seek diligently Your face. DAY 27 Saturday, August 4 This fast has now become more difficult to endure in the ways of physical weakness, hunger pains and a sense of needing to be alone. Once again, the lake was my first stop this morning and then to the church.

Michael and Naomi came at noon and Julie had a shower for Cindy. I spent time with Michael at the lake and had a good talk with him. That blessed me. Around p. About an hour later, they all came to the church and then we took them down to the park. It was just a nice day for us all to be together. It seems so surreal—time will reveal that which is necessary to know. I need Your help to do this.

You called me to this, and You will be faithful to see me through. I need some time alone with You, Lord. DAY 28 Sunday, August 5. I got up this morning at a. I made omelettes for Julie, Michael and Naomi—they were impressed. This has been the hardest day yet—I feel so weak. Both Matt and I prayed for the people and I began to prophesy over each one. We had a lot of people in service and that added to the excitement. There was a good liberty. So much wonderful food—salads, sausages, burgers. I am entering a different phase of the fast that is becoming extremely difficult—hard to focus and be around food.

I sat at the BBQ and watched everyone eat, and it was hard—not at all like the first half of the fast. I really was blessed watching everyone enjoy themselves and get to know one another better. I wish so much we all do for Michael and Naomi to move back and assist us with the work—God has all things planned out. I enjoy my Sunday nights resting. You seem so silent. I am going to go away for a time to press into You without distractions. You are so good to me.

I love You, Jesus. DAY 29 Monday, August 6. Today, I actually slept in till a. I cannot comprehend what this is all about. I can only imagine, but somehow I feel that there will be a launching and expanding of our ministry borders. I want to be completely obedient to God. I want to finish this fast—I want to see what God is going to do as a result. I did not enter this lightly. I waited on the Lord after I felt the first stirrings to do this. I am truly amazed to have gone this far on water only. Please strengthen me physically and spiritually and emotionally to complete this fast—I know You will.

Meet me each day at the church as I wait for You there. DAY 30 Tuesday, August 7. DAY 31 Wednesday, August 8.

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Well, where do I begin? I went to the lake as usual with Matt and we had a powerful time of prayer—all we can do the four of us is wait for God with faith and expectation. We are really in a testing time. People marvel how I can keep going and still fulfill my responsibilities. I was extremely weak today worst day so far and I look pretty bad. Al Ellett came by with a donation and Roger came by to sign cheques—I was able to pray with both of them.

I went downtown to the bank; that is not a good experience the way I am feeling. I then went to Swiss Chalet to buy a gift card for Mike and Staci—that was tough, but no problem. Tonight, we had a good Worship Wednesday, with a good crowd.

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Matt said he felt so heavy all the way through it—it comes and goes. I am losing my reputation—I still have hunger pains. My trust is in You, Lord. DAY 32 Thursday, August 9. I spent the morning at church working—went to Staples and right back again. I made a great spaghetti and caesar salad for Steve, Lindsay and Jim. They all thoroughly enjoyed it and I was blessed to have done that. I enjoy serving and blessing people. Steve, Lindsay and I had an Orillia Fellowship of Evangelical Minisers meeting Lindsay agreed to be on the executive for which I thank God and we made some good plans ahead.

Today, I had more energy than yesterday and was able to do a fair bit, but now I am feeling the effects of tiredness. Clyde emailed me an encouraging word about my book and a great endorsement. Wendy sent me a letter expressing how much my book has blessed her and helped her in prayer. Praise God! Now I can relax for the next couple of hours until Julie gets home. You called me to do this and that makes it all the more significant—for that, I thank You. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Help me to use wisdom and to have Your mind in this.

DAY 34 Saturday, August This morning, I went directly to the church and prayed and prepared for Sunday.

~ - ICGC Holy Ghost Temple

Matt came down around am and had a work-out—something that I will be doing again soon! I am so thin and appalling—my reputation seems gone. Julie, Matt and Cindy had a garage sale and made some extra cash. I worked on my laptop while they were outside—Julie mad burgers and it was difficult. The hunger pains not subsided since I began this fast. I feel that maybe God is letting me experience these adverse symptoms that I might fully rely on His strength.

I am still praying and believing for my book to take off. I really do want to end this, but I desire the results that will come through this call of God. Holy Spirit, quicken my mortal body and renew every part of me, inside and out. DAY 35 Sunday, August I awoke at am. Julie got up at and we had good prayer together. We had a good altar call and prayer together.

Many made comments after the service how much the message spoke to them.

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Oh, we felt the enemy at us this weekend and this morning, but we refuse to give in. After church, I bought a beautiful bouquet of carnations for Julie for her tremendous strength and support she has been through this whole ordeal—she loved them! June and Dale popped in for a visit and it was good to see them but very tiring. Nobody can understand what the body goes through in this kind of thing—you have to experience it and it is not pleasant. It makes the Daniel fast seem like a picnic—however, God called me to do it. I believe You have things You want to tell me, so I will seclude myself as much as I am able.

Thank you for sustaining me through 35 days. DAY 36 Monday, August Last night, I thought that I would not be able to finish because of the way I was feeling physically, but today is better.

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I slept in until am and then went to the church where I hung out for the day, other than doing some banking. I was able to send out several letters today which was necessary. Julie is planning on going to Kitchener tomorrow until Friday which I think will be good for us both. This last stretch is not easy, and I feel awkward and lifeless around people. I have no doubt that I will complete the 40 days, but it will not be easy.

Everyone has been very supportive. This is one of those rare things that God calls a man to do and the purposes behind it are not always known. I guess I should feel honoured that God called me to do this—how could I not do it? What would I forfeit by declining? All I know is that He is helping me. Starvation must be horrible. They ate their own children in the Old Testament. I somewhat understand that—the hunger pains are hard to endure. Thank you Jesus, Amen. DAY 37 Tuesday, August I went home to say goodbye to Julie as she was leaving to go to Kitchener until Friday.

I went to Food Basics and picked up some foods for when I begin to eat again. I have been cold today and have found it difficult to walk and function—I have to go slow. I drove over to Lake Simcoe in the afternoon and it was so quiet and beautiful. Commit yourself to God and ask Him to search you completely; pray that the.

Lord will reveal all your anxieties and weaknesses in your heart to you today. Confess your sins, worries, doubts and fears to God and ask Him to help you. Present your entire family to God and ask Him to draw them close to Himself;. Pray that your family will seek the Lord honestly as you intercede for them. Thank God for His presence and power at work in the church; pray for divine. Present all your anxieties concerning your academics and work to God; ask Him. Bind and cast out every cycle of delay, defeat and disappointment from your life;.

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