Guide Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Manufacturing Trends

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Here's where you might see them. Drones are already generating climate data, monitoring the borders and more—and they're just scratching the surface of their commercial potential.

A wildfire has broken out and is spreading rapidly. Local firefighters want to conduct a water drop over the hottest parts of the blaze, but they need to give the helicopter pilot the coordinates. A drone equipped with a thermal camera can fly over the scene and identify the hot spots.

An oil and gas company is about to conduct its required monthly pipeline inspection. But now they're using a drone. A Drone can survey miles of pipeline per day — on par with the helicopter crew but at a lower cost. But these benefits depend on regulators allowing drone operations beyond a pilot's line of sight.

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Pipeline inspection isn't unique in this regard — most commercial applications will require or benefit from more relaxed flight regulations. Take agriculture, for example. A farmer decides to hire a drone to monitor his crops during the critical summer growing season. At current altitude restrictions, it could inspect up to 1, acres of farmland a day, turning around surveys faster and more accurately than planes or satellites.

The global consumer drone market is still a fraction of the size of other high-end consumer electronics. Over the next few years, we expect consumer demand will continue to build. By , we expect 7.

This is the most mature market, where drones have long been used to keep pilots out of harm's way while performing tasks like intelligence gathering or chemical detection. Today's soldiers work with drones of all sizes — from small, stealthy quadcopters the size of a bird to large, jet-sized aircraft. Increasing demand of drones for commercial application is one of the factors largely attributing to the growth of unmanned aircraft systems market globally The global unmanned aircraft systems market is expected to grow from USD 12, Key Topics Covered 1. Preface 2.

Military Drones, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Market Shares And Forecasts Report 2021

Executive Summary 4. Premium Insight 5. Industry Trends 6.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Manufacturing Trends

Competitive Landscape Leptron Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Inc. Recently Viewed Your list is empty. What to Read Next. The National Interest.

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Estimation of market for the forecast period of all the aforementioned classes, sub classes, and the domestic markets 4. Tactical recommendation for the newbies 5. Tactical recommendation in primary business industries based on the market forecast. Market Research Gazette.

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