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Welcome to the Nightmare Machine : an algorithm that has been trained to generate horrifying images.

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It is attempting to find the scariest faces and locations possible, and gets humans to tell it which are the worst. The first aspect of the project, Haunted Faces, is truly terrifying. Faces are merged together, with bloody eyes and mouths, or have unintelligible or distorted features. And, in order to improve the AI behind Nightmare Machine, the team is asking viewers to vote on the scariness of the images — but be warned, this is not to be entered into lightly.

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If you can make your way through Haunted Faces, the Nightmare Machine then takes you through its second project, Haunted Places. The AI learned how haunted houses and toxic cities looked, before applying this style to famous landmarks all over the world. Rahwan and the team at MIT are carrying out the project to see if machines can learn to scare us. The computer was fed more than horror film trailers, before processing the whole film of Morgan to find the suitably scary moments to include and the result is incredibly creepy.

With the Nightmare Machine and the work of IBM Watson it appears that yes, machines do have the capacity to terrify us.

The Nightmare Machine

By Will Bedingfield. Dec 27, Thomas rated it liked it Shelves: , juvenile , science-fiction , star-wars , star-wars-legends , horror. I've noticed that in the other books where he makes an appearance, and it makes me wonder if Lando is just an easy character to write, or if the writers just enjoy writing his character. Either way, he feels more in place in this story than the other characters have in theirs.

The Nightmare Machine is set in an amusement park populated by lifelike holograms. Guests can experience flying, ride thrilling rides, or be menaced by rancors, all without running any physical risk at all.

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  6. MIT's Nightmare Machine is here to show how terrifying AI can be.
  7. Strangely, their newest attraction is one that elicits fear in its riders, and the longer Zak and Tash stay at the park, the more unusual the attraction becomes. He also focuses more on the characters and their feelings, and even incorporates a theme into the story. Since the story is about people's fears, we see a bit more what drives the Zak and Tash, and get more insight into where their characters may go from here. Galaxy of Fear may not be the strongest series in the Expanded Universe, but what it does, it does pretty well.

    It's nice to see this book delve a bit more deeply into the characters, though. Aug 15, Rachel rated it it was ok Shelves: terrible-star-wars-books.

    Oct 18, Jaime K rated it liked it. This is more of a 3.

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    It's tiring though to have every single chapter end in a "cliffhanger. The details of the theme park are great. There is a new addition called the Nightmare Machine, forcing the two siblings to face their gr This is more of a 3.

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    There is a new addition called the Nightmare Machine, forcing the two siblings to face their greatest fears - even ones they weren't aware of. They meet Lando, who wants to invest in ownership of the park.

    Watch a haunting MIT program transform photos into your worst nightmares

    He brings up Taanab, but no information about that battle is provided. It's a shame that so little is known about it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This was absolutely brilliant! When I found out that the nightmare machine was still on, I just thought, "Oh crap! Maggie rated it liked it Oct 28, Sarah rated it liked it May 10, John Eckert rated it liked it Dec 09, Holly rated it did not like it Oct 28, Massimo Moro rated it really liked it Feb 10, Kristen Mohr rated it really liked it Feb 28, Joshua Griffith rated it it was amazing Apr 21, An improvement compared to the first three parts.

    Less cliffhangers and more twists. Pilotlight rated it really liked it Jan 06, Brian rated it liked it Apr 20, Landree Rennpage rated it really liked it Jan 05, Pizzamann rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Bennett rated it it was amazing Sep 26, Alexander Jakel rated it liked it Sep 08, Jonathan Pierce rated it it was amazing Feb 16, K rated it liked it Jul 09, Ryan King rated it liked it Dec 08, Mp rated it it was amazing Jul 08, Dillon Hills rated it liked it Dec 08, Matthew C.

    Jennie Skoblick rated it really liked it Aug 22,