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A good place to start is with this free three-part video series for aspiring bookkeepers. These marketplace sites allow creatives to earn a passive income , which gives introverts the income and financial means to continue to create. You can teach yourself graphic design using Photoshop and a couple of how-to guides for less than the cost of a fewStarbucks lattes. In fact, introverts are often great listeners, which means they can be an asset to any customer service team.

And because many companies offer email agent and chat support jobs , introverts can put their listening skills to work, without having to pick up a phone. Of course the 10 career paths listed here are just a small sample of options for introverts. The truth is, any remote-friendly job can appeal to an introvert for the autonomy it offers.

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How extroverts are taking the top jobs - and what introverts can do about it

Of course, mentally some interaction is healthy so it is good advice to find other ways to socialize occasionally. Thanks for a great post! Good day to you. I am just beginning to explore the possibility of working from home. What do you recommend? Thank you. Thanks for sharing these work-from-home jobs for introverts. Being an introvert myself — blogging was easy — at first. That can be overwhelming for an introvert. Thank you for stopping by.

Many companies will pay via PayPal, but these are often contract or freelance gigs. Thanks for the list, but I have to tell you, it makes me sad that this is all there is for introverts. There has to be another way. Thanks anyway. Introverts tend to thrive while working from home in general, no matter the position.

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This is mostly because introverts enjoy autonomy. Wonderful article!! Keep up the good work. Hi, I am a introvert,and proud of it. All the points you touched upon were do me. I had to keep scrolling down the page. Very interesting article!! Hi Ashlee you found a new reader!

Thanks Zahira! How did you like being an only child? I have one son with no plans to have anymore! Studies show that those of us who work from home are happier. But for others, it may simply be the ability to spend […]. They would rather use their energy toward their work and getting things done. This is why introverts work better when alone, without the chaos of an office around them.

Fortunately, introverts make great remote workers. On the flip side, it meant networking was not my strong suit. But I quickly learned that, in the […]. Simple answers, easy-to-follow advice, and real reviews are just some of the helpful articles shared on Work From Home Happiness to help you kick your cubicle to the curb. Get started today.

Pin Share Give Me Access! There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. First Name. Email Address. We use this field to detect spam bots. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Comments This is all SO. Hey Ashlee, Thanks for sharing these work-from-home jobs for introverts. But blogging made it easier for me to get out there and be social.

Definitely passing this on. This is when the magic of scheduling tools comes in handy. Instead of posting on social media by hand each day, tools like Buffer and Hootsuite let you write posts ahead of time and schedule them to go out when your fans are online.

An Introvert’s Guide to Art Marketing | Artwork Archive

Sites like WordPress lets you schedule your blog posts, too! So, the best way to tackle the to-dos you may not be so keen on is to schedule yourself. Block out time for tasks like replying to comments on your blog or social media posts and answering emails. Knowing when you need to get these things done will allow you time to charge up your social battery beforehand and not stress throughout the day. No matter what kind of art marketing you focus on, at some point you are going to have to talk about yourself and your art … in person, to other people.

Want to be able to tell your story well? Practice by writing and rewriting your artist biography. We already talked about scheduling tools like Buffer, but there are so many websites out there that can help make your art marketing more efficient. Need a free graphic design tool? Try Canva. Want an easy way to make a blog for free? Check out these great blogging websites.

If the thought of being all alone at a gallery showing or art fair scares you, then bring along a friend for support. Sometimes having at least one familiar face in a crowd of strangers can be a great source of strength. This wingman can help make introductions and give you the confidence to talk to potential buyers. Marketing is not just for extroverts!

Top 10 Work From Home Jobs for Introverts

Introverted artists can play the art marketing game, too. With their thoughtfulness, organization, and listening skills, introverts have the important skills to really dominate in the art marketing realm. The key is finding the right platforms, tools, and practices to match your strengths as an introvert. Do this, and watch your art business take off. Back to Blog.