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Showing Rating details. Sort order. Apr 28, Layla rated it really liked it. As odd as it may seem, this is one of the most fascinating books I've read in a while. It is a tutorial on how to turn your car into a "privatized vehicle" and get away with living inside for a long period of time, including while working or going to college. Living off the grid isn't the author's goal, as he works and goes to college; it mostly seems to be about saving money. The author appears to be an anti-government conspiracy theorist, but that is just a very brief tangent. The material cov As odd as it may seem, this is one of the most fascinating books I've read in a while.

The material covers: how to "privatize" your car so that no one can tell you're living inside; how to choose short- and long-term parking; how to deal with the police if detected; how to maintain your vehicle; how to utilize community resources such as swimming pools, laundromats, and gyms; how to exercise in the vehicle if you have to; and how to use the bathroom inside in a sanitary way.

There are very few anecdotes, and it's definitely not a memoir, though he should consider one. I'm pretty sure he's a whack-a-doo, and those are always fun. No, I'm not planning on decking out the mini-van any time soon, but, somehow, this dry-ish tutorial got my imagination spinning. Jan 11, Cherrybomb rated it it was ok. Not an interesting read. You will find Stephen R. Stephen started at Morehouse College at 11 years of age because his mother, who was homeschooling him, could not keep up with his potential. The college student is also a talented classical pianist; he began to play the piano at the age of two.

I just learn very, very quickly. Due to a Georgia law which requires a student to be 16 to graduate from high school, Stephen will receive his high school diploma one year before he receives his college degrees. Marissa Stephens is one of the top young female mathematicians in the U.

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At this camp, problems were converted into creative and entertaining activities, such as water balloon fights and watermelon seed spitting contests. I really enjoy the AIME since it is a problem-solving math competition and the answers always seem to take a little creativity to solve. Marissa has discovered another problem to solve: how to get more girls and women interested in math. In these summers at math camp, she realized there were equal numbers of girls and boys but, as she got older, she observed a significant change:.

At the end of my eighth grade year, I looked around the room and realized I was the only girl out of 20 or so students. Sadly, this gross under-representation of girls tends to be the norm in extra-curricular math, rather than the exception. As a female interested in math and science, I find the lack of female participation appalling. Marissa sees herself as a role model and works to inspire younger female students to engage in math and science. To further her goal, she developed MathMania, a free student-led math camp for middle school students.

The teen whiz kid pursues physical challenges as well. A member of the cross-country and track teams at her high school, she has also competed in various rock-climbing competitions. Math, physics, and computer science. Lawrence Sun masters them all. He was named a national finalist, traveled to Washington, DC, and had a Minor Planet named after him.

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Lawrence also qualified for the U. Junior Math Olympiad and the U. Math Olympiad in eighth and ninth grades, respectively. He also enjoys computer science, having competed in the U. Computer Olympiad in and made it to the silver level. At the International Symposia on Multi-Valued Logic, Lawrence presented his published research on the use of robot programming techniques to find contradictions in laws governing police use of force. He captained his team in the Winter Online Math Open, which placed first out of competing teams.

Like many of his fellow teens on this list, Lawrence will head to MIT this fall, forgoing his high school graduation at Catlin Gabel School in Portland. He plans to major in physics, computer science, or mathematics. After MIT, Lawrence plans to pursue a career in research in academia or for technology development. Andrey Sushko was born in Russia, raised in England, and has been living in the U.

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He said he has never spent more than five years in the same home. He invented and built a tiny, yet extremely powerful motor that runs on water surface tension. An avid sailor, Andrey has logged hundreds of hours of experience on the water. His interest in model boats led to him looking at micro-robotics in a new way.

Andrey credits his love of science to his scientist parents. He interns at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and will attend Stanford University, majoring in engineering physics. Adora Svitak is an internationally published author of essays, stories, poems, blogs, and full-length books.

A voracious reader since age three, by four her writing was limited only by her handwriting and spelling. Her introduction to the public occurred at age six, when she was recognized for her exceptional writing abilities. At seven years of age, Adora began writing blogs and an online journal, expounding on national and international issues which interested her. Her first full-length novel, Yang in Disguise, was published in Adora also served as a spokesperson for the Verizon Reads campaign for literacy. Achille Tenkiang, a high school junior at Wilmington Charter School, created in his parents' garage a working microbial fuel cell that converts mud into electricity.

The school project won the teen the U. Achille continues his research on microbial fuels at the University of Delaware. Achille placed sixth in the state and thirteenth in the nation in the National French Exam, and was also inducted into the National French Honor Society. He also plays the trombone. The teen whiz kid is clearly committed to community service.

Achille is a well-rounded teen.

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Achille intends to be a chemical or environmental engineer, helping developing nations to effectively use technology. From his early years, Dylan Toh constantly looked for greater challenges in mathematics than his grade or teachers could provide. Even his math mentors in Singapore could not out-pace his abilities. In searching the Internet for challenging problems, Toh discovered brilliant. An accomplished tennis player, Nithin was a member of his high school varsity tennis team. He also co-founded and captained his high school robotics team, founded a district-wide math circle for gifted students, as well as a research club for middle school children, and was the leading scorer on his varsity Quiz Bowl team.

The Port Huron Northern High School graduate, first in his class of , is attending Harvard, where he is studying math and computer science. Nithin plans to pursue a career in computational biology. For now, he is working on Butucu, a startup he developed with friends, which involves digitizing the in-store shopping experience.

Home is a Acura. Woman living and traveling in her car.

Sarah really did keep glass flasks under her loft bed to cultivate various types of algae. Hybridizing the algae over generations, she yielded algae strains with high oil-producing ability. The dorm mother should probably check under her bed after she moves in. At 11 years of age, he put an operating system onto his iPod Mini to play Game Boy on it. At 13 years of age, he hacked into the operating system of his iPod touch. Ari continues to associate with the Dev team, although his recent efforts are much less controversial. Now, he wants to develop websites and businesses of his own.

Ari has learned a few other lessons along the way. He claims to have created a web-based business when he was younger, but, due to lack of experience in finance and marketing, his team could not bring it to market before another company released a similar product. Currently working for a startup in California that is developing expanded wireless Internet access, Ari continues to ponder ways to improve operating systems. Not many teens have presented at TEDx Talks even once, much less four times!

Brittany Wenger has. Brittany, a high-school senior at the Out-of-Door Academy in Sarasota, is advancing the diagnosis of breast cancer in big ways: She is making it more accurate and less invasive. Brittany began researching neural networks in the seventh grade. Her Cloud4Cancer service collects data from biopsies done with the fine-needle aspiration process instead of the traditional surgical option. In preliminary trials, the service achieved Delivered as a cloud service, Cloud4Cancer is available to every hospital in the world.

Brittany has recently turned her scientific attention to leukemia. Her work with leukemia shows the Cloud4Cancer service can be altered for multiple cancer classifications. Brittany received recognition at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, which assembled 1, high school finalists from all over the world to compete for millions of dollars in awards. Brittany will attend Duke University, and says she wants to be a pediatric oncologist. Continuing her research, she wants to help scientists seeking cures for cancer.

Taylor Wilson is a nuclear scientist. At 14, he became the youngest person to produce nuclear fusion. He built a working fusion reactor in his garage. Thanks to funding from the U. Department of Homeland Security and the U. Department of Energy, the device is being field-tested for use. A new prototype creates radioactive isotopes in a small device which could help in how and where cancer treatments are managed. Taylor believes nuclear fusion is a solution to our future energy needs. He also believes kids can change the world. Now he wants to save our seaports from nuclear terror.

At TED , Taylor presented his ideas about building small self-contained underground nuclear fission reactors, which use decommissioned nuclear weapons to create power. Farrell Wu was already doing math at the age of one. By three, he was trading stocks! The IMO is the most prestigious and most difficult math competition in the world. According to his American math mentor, Farrell is already at the level of an exceptional undergraduate math major.

Farrell says, through math he has learned to be a humble winner and a courageous loser. Farrell hopes to continue his studies in mathematics in the U. Maybe that is not such a fantasy! Sometimes, in a family, genius runs in twos.

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Junior college students are usually 18 when they sit for the A-level exams. In , when siblings Bryan and Michelle Yip pictured above left, with their parents were 14 and 12, respectively, they sat for their O-level exams and earned 15 distinctions between them. Due to being bullied for being too smart, Anthony pictured at right, with his sister and parents finished much earlier than his older peers, but did not want to draw attention to himself by handing in his paper first. Angela Zhang could potentially help cure cancer. Angela developed a multi-functional nanoparticle system: It can target tumors, eradicate cancer cells, and monitor treatment responses, all at the same time.

She said that it took years to come up with the idea, after reading countless research articles and attending a myriad of scientific talks. My nanoparticle was designed to be preloaded with a cancer drug that would be released directly and selectively at the tumor site to eradicate cancer cells. Angela enjoys reading, kayaking, and hiking. Alas, being a genius or prodigy does not necessarily mean life is perfect.

Having any special gift brings its challenges. I have a name. The stereotypes of being gifted supply that. Many people believe that all people with an IQ over can get All geniuses are bad at sports and are socially awkward. Publication News. Oceanside Chamber Blog. By Kristi Hawthorne As Oceanside turned 50 years old, it was reaching new heights in development and growth. The contract was awarded to local builder Charles Rieke with the building to be completed by May 1st. The Oceanside Hospital was made possible through the efforts and foresight of a registered nurse, Golda Lester who came to Oceanside in the s and started a small hospital on North Freeman Street.

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In she purchased three lots at Fifth and Horne Streets with the intention of building a larger hospital which she was able to accomplish by gaining support of area doctors and the community who helped with donating funds. It was located at Second Street Mission Avenue. Al Whisler was the manager of this office and hired Pauline Tyler Larsen to demonstrate ironing in front of the large picture window of the store.

Appliances such as irons and furnaces were sold at the gas and electric office until local merchants complained that this practice was hurting their businesses! This popular department store was a fixture in downtown and remained in business until Two notable car dealerships were established in Oceanside in consecutive years. Charles B. Weseloh, Sr. The dealership was located at South Hill Street. Oceanside was hard pressed to meet the need for housing and other essentials the military and civilian personnel demanded.

Oceanside's population more than doubled in five years. Restaurants, schools and hotels were bursting at the seams. The city and chamber of commerce urged homeowners to rent rooms to military personnel or their families. It was common for people to knock on doors and ask for a room to rent or a place to sleep. Out of town property owners were contacted by the chamber and asked to rent their summer homes to help with the housing crisis. Many families opened their doors and hearts to servicemen and their families and thus began a long lasting relationship between Oceanside and Camp Pendleton.

Detached garages in the rear of many downtown homes were converted to small houses or apartments to accommodate the growing population. Trailer parks that were once used by tourists and summer visitors now were used as permanent homes due to the housing shortage. The owner of the lot behind the Cafe on Hill Street Coast Highway brought in small trailers and rented them out to servicemen and their wives. John and Pauline Spangler, owners of the Cafe, had to live in the back room of the restaurant because of this shortage. A federal housing unit called Sterling Homes was built in in response to the housing demand by the influx of military families.

This housing project was built within the city limits of Oceanside with entrances from Mission Avenue and Lemon Street. In there was just over students enrolled in Oceanside schools, that number nearly doubled by and classrooms were bursting at the seams. The Southern California Telephone Company had to enlarge 4 times in four years to keep pace with the mounting demands.

Sievert, General Counsel for the Santa Fe Railway, remarked, " Oceanside, the gateway to San Diego County, is an important station on our main line and its growing importance is exemplified by the building of the station we have this day dedicated to the further service of your happy land of flowers, swaying palms, attractive homes, productive farms, progressive and outstanding businessmen.

The second air field was on city-owned land adjacent to the San Luis Rey river below the Rosicrucian Fellowship. The land was leased to William Lake and James Carr for a ten year period with an option to renew. In the late 's plans began to relocate Highway east of downtown Oceanside. Even before the war years, Hill Street was widened to four traffic lanes to accommodate traffic. For years, businesses along the coast route prospered with the business that literally came to their doors. Not all of the traffic was welcomed, however.

In plans to re-route Highway began and by the first phase of the new highway was opened. The new Highway was later renamed Interstate 5 in the s. The Oceanside Athletic Club held its grand opening on July 30, with a Main Event that featured a heavyweight championship wrestling show. Jeffries, a heavyweight wrestling champion. During the week the public could roller skate while the arena was used as a roller rink. Every Friday the building was converted from a rink to a stadium, as the bleachers that sat thousands were set up every Friday for the wrestling matches that were to be held that night.

Erwin Sklar purchased property at the corner of First Seagaze and Freeman Streets in and built the Crest Theater which opened the following year. It was the one of the largest movie houses in San Diego Count and continued operation up until the late 's. Population figures tripled in ten years, with Oceanside residents numbered at over 12, in The demand for housing was always high.

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In Walter H. Potter began construction of seventy-three houses in his new sub-division between Stewart and Hunsaker streets. These houses later expanded throughout South Oceanside and were promoted as having "stucco interiors with hardwood floors and attached or detached large single garages. Rooms consist of living room, dining area, kitchen with nook, three bedrooms and bath. By the mid to late 's housing developments had spread down to and throughout the San Luis Rey valley. Leif Henie and his wife Gerd bought their acreage from A. Dunn and built a large 3, square foot home.

Together Leif and Sonja Henie also purchased much of the surrounding acreage which was later sold to developers and portions were used for Tri-City Hospital and Mira Costa College. Marty Schroder was one of the first businessmen to build in the valley with Marty's Valley Inn in Schroder's vision of the future proved wise as Oceanside's development continued eastward. Fred Siegel built the Star Theater in Its first feature was "Moby Dick" starring Gregory Peck. One of the largest theaters in San Diego County, the Star seated people.