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February fecal feces Fed fed federal federalism federalist Federal Reserve System federate federation fed up fee feeble feeble-minded feed feedback feedbag feeding feel feeler feeling feelings feet feign feint feisty feline fell fellow fellowship felon felony felt felt-tip pen fem. CMH creates the conditions for a truly exceptional mountain experience. The whole package - personnel, accommodations, food…guides, hiking - is outstanding. Everyone from top to bottom was exceptional. But for my 81yr old blind mother the personal help and guidance hiking that she received from both Paul and Hahn, made her experience.

She never would have been able to hike without them. Thank you! Thank you!!!

I love CMH. You guys are the best. The staff feels like family to me. That is why we return every year. Love it! Stay at a well-appointed remote lodge by night and take a 3- or 6-day trip through breathtaking scenery by day. You can trek across immense glaciers under towering granite spires or conquer a brag-worthy via ferrata. What happens when you combine million-year-old mountains with zip-lines, glaciers, waterfalls, and your whole family?


Quality time, completely redefined. Our 3- or 6-night trips are packed with scenery, activities, memories, and laughter. Morning offers choices: join the morning stretch or sleep a little longer. Breakfast is served at am and the first helicopter leaves at am. Each group, with its own guide, spends the day roaming and hiking in the mountains.

Over the course of the day, the helicopter may move each group to three or four different areas giving you a chance to experience a variety of settings. Lunch is picnic-style with food that you pack from a great selection set out at the lodge each morning. In the late afternoon, we fly back to the lodge for tea, goodies and relaxation prior to a spectacular dinner and an evening of story-swapping. Tormented by the wardens of hell , one is no different than a monkey on a string. What use are fame and fortune then?

Can one still be arrogant and persist in false beliefs? Stop and ponder! How rare is the faith that moves one to give alms to the priest who knows the heart of the Lotus Sutra! One will not stray into the evil paths if one does so even once. Still greater are the benefits arising from ten or twenty contributions, or from five years, ten years, or a lifetime of contributions. The Buddha taught that the blessings of a single offering to the votary of this sutra are a hundred, thousand, ten thousand, million times greater than those of offering countless treasures to Shakyamuni Buddha for eighty million kalpas.

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When one encounters this sutra, one will overflow with happiness and shed tears of joy. But by your frequent offerings to me deep in this mountain you will repay the merciful kindness of both the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha. Strive ever harder in faith, and never give in to negligence. All the people appear to believe sincerely when they first embrace the Lotus Sutra , but as time passes, they tend to become less devout; they no longer revere or make offerings to the priest, giving themselves up to arrogance and forming distorted views.

This is most frightening. Be diligent in developing your faith until the last moment of your life.

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Otherwise you will have regrets. For example, the journey from Kamakura to Kyoto takes twelve days. If you travel for eleven but stop with only one day remaining, how can you admire the moon over the capital? No matter what, stay close to the priest who knows the heart of the Lotus Sutra , keep learning from him the principles of Buddhism, and continue your journey of faith. How swiftly the days pass! It makes us realize how few are the years we have left. Friends enjoy the cherry blossoms together on spring mornings, and then they are gone, carried away like the blossoms by the winds of impermanence, leaving nothing but their names.

Although the blossoms have scattered, the cherry trees will bloom again with the coming of spring, but when will those people be reborn? The companions with whom we enjoyed composing poems praising the moon on autumn evenings have vanished with the moon behind the shifting clouds.

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Only their mute images remain in our hearts. Though the moon has set behind the western mountains, we will compose poetry under it again next autumn. But where are our companions who have passed away? Even when the approaching tiger of death 3 roars, we do not hear and are not startled. How many more days are left to the sheep bound for slaughter? Deep in the Snow Mountains lives a bird called the cold-suffering bird that, tortured by the numbing cold, cries that it will build a nest in the morning.

Yet when day breaks, it sleeps away the hours in the warm light of the morning sun without building its nest.

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So it continues to cry vainly throughout its life. The same is true of human beings. When they fall into hell and gasp in its flames, they long to be reborn as humans and vow to put everything else aside and serve the three treasures in order to gain enlightenment in their next life. But even on the rare occasions when they happen to be reborn in human form, the winds of fame and profit blow violently, and the lamp of Buddhist practice is easily extinguished. Without a qualm they squander their wealth on meaningless trifles, but begrudge even the smallest contribution to the Buddha, the Law , and the Buddhist Order.

This is very serious, for then they are being hindered by messengers from hell. Furthermore, since this country is a land whose people slander the correct teaching, the benevolent gods who should be protecting the nation have been deprived of the flavor of the Law and have ascended to heaven, forsaking their shrines. The empty shrines have been occupied by demons who are misleading the worshipers. The Buddha, having finished preaching, has returned to the Land of Tranquil Light.

Halls and pagodas, and temples and shrines have been abandoned to become the dwellings of devils. These imposing structures stand in rows, built at state expense and through compulsory labor imposed on the people. This is not merely my own opinion; it is found in the sutras, so you should study them well. Neither Buddhas nor gods would ever accept contributions from those who slander the correct teaching. Then how can we human beings accept them? The deity of Kasuga Shrine 5 proclaimed through an oracle that he would accept nothing from those with impure hearts, though he should have to eat the flames of burning copper; that he would refuse to set foot in their homes, though he should have to sit on red-hot copper.

He would rather come down to a miserable hut with weeds choking the passageway, or to a poor thatched house. He declared that he would never visit persons lacking in faith, even if they hung sacred festoons for a thousand days to welcome him, but that he would go to a house where the people have a mind of faith, even though they might be in mourning for a parent. Lamenting that slanderers have overrun this country, the benevolent gods have abandoned it and ascended to heaven.