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I was the only dry guy out in the field. He has actually won almost 1, motorcycle trials, and was twice European Trials Champion, and was also Irish Motocross Champion. He is, quite simply, a motorcycling legend.

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He still competes - and wins - today, but when he's not in the saddle he runs the Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum in New Milton, Hampshire. This is home to one of the finest collections of fully restored motorcycles in the world, with exhibits, including factory racers and unusual prototypes. Miller was British Trials Champion 11 times in a row - his record has never been bettered.

Last Ride On Sammy And Packing For Sweden!

He also won nine gold medals in the extraordinarily tough International Six Days Trial between and This race - the ISDT, as it was known - has now been renamed the International Six Days Enduro, and is famous for being a competition in which riders have to perform their own repairs. It's a challenging annual endurance motorcycle race that requires off-road skill, which is something Miller knows all about.

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You have to be prepared for the unexpected. I always prefer that, because it's forever different.

The screen legend famously loved his motorbikes and competed for his country in ' Sammy Miller remembers practising with McQueen. But the gold medal eluded him. That honour was reserved for one of his teammates. He set off next to Miller: 'We started in pairs, so the American team told him, "Stay behind Sammy Miller for six days and you will have a gold medal.


He did, and went back with the only gold medal for the USA team! Cut to Joe Noble with Sammy and Sausage animated on a piece of canvas on the easel.

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Sammy sits on Sausage's back Sausage is a dog. He asks Joe "What are you reading Guv'nor? Tell me all about it. Sammy and Sausage fly along in a kind of airship with a basket suspended underneath.

Sammy looks through a telescope. He sees two men swimming in the Channel and a fisherman dangling a bottle off the end of a fishing line over the side of his boat. Sammy and Sausage carry on flying along, but they are followed by a large eagle. Sammy tells Joe that they found themselves in Australia.

Joe asks Sammy if they got "the reward? They are suspended upside down though - to make the point about them being "down under.

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Shot of a London street with Sammy and Susie flying overhead. Sausage says, " Me, some flier. Was item in Eve's Film Review issue Safety print only - original decomposed and destroyed.