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Music by William Gooch. Also in Levy, Oh, my goodness, gracious Rachel, What a queer world this would be, If the men were all transported Far beyond the northern sea.

Reuben and Rachel

Reuben, Reuben, I've been thinking, What a gay life girls would lead, If they had no men about them, None to tease them, none to heed. Reuben, Reuben, stop your teasing, If you've any love for me, I was only just a-fooling, As I thought, of course, you'd see. Rachel, if you'll not transport us, I will take you for my wife, And I'll split with you my money Every pay-day of my life.

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It's the most common version that comes up on google - but all the postings may well have been copied from the Digital Tradition. Maybe this is another one for me to ask my kid sister about - it's one of those songs I didn't sing, because my sister did. Now I find it's wonderful to sing with her, and I wish I had done it more often.

Oh, my goodness gracious, Rachel What a queer world that would be Girls would have no boys to talk to If we were across the sea. Reuben, Reuben, I've been thinking Life is sometimes awfully queer No one knows where we are going No one knows why we are here. Rachel, Rachel, I've been thinking Those are true words what you've said We sleep all night when we're living Sleep all day when we are dead.

Rachel, Rachel, I've been thinking Life would be so easy then; What a lovely world this would be If you'd leave it to the men!

Reuben and Rachel

Reuben, Reuben, I've been thinking If we went beyond the seas, All the men would follow after Like a swarm of bumble-bees! Rachel, Rachel, I've been thinking If we went beyond the seas, All the girls would follow after Like a swarm of honey-bees! I fuse that experience into a comprehensive, strategic approach to marketing that identifies challenges and develops creative solutions to help your department excel.

Rachel is simply one of the most insightful and experienced higher ed marketing professionals in our industry.

Reuben and Rachel

She has deep understanding of organization, managing leadership, best practices, digital marketing, advertising strategies, issues management and so much more. Her work was thorough and greatly valued by our client. Vice President and Partner, SimpsonScarborough.

Rubin, Rubin, I've Been Thinking

Rachel is an invaluable partner and resource to any organization. She has deep knowledge and expertise across a myriad of marketing topics and strategies and is able to translate her contributions into effective action.

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She worked with my team to identify necessary improvements to our crisis communication plan. She was extremely organized and detail-oriented, resulting in comprehensive documentation and enhanced emergency preparedness across campus. The quality of her work reflects her diverse higher education experience and her ability to see the big picture on any project.

Interim Marketing Support Staff turnover is a reality, and filling a vacancy can take longer than we plan.

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Strategic Counsel Your senior-level staff may be new to higher education, marketing, or the execution of a brand strategy. Our Partnership. Remote, onsite, and combination options are available in the following areas:. Interim Marketing Support Develop marketing plans for new or priority academic programs Assist with digital marketing Serve as a project manager to ensure the efficient flow of work and keep track of budgets Ongoing marketing support Create systems your new hires can build on, setting them up for success.