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Les religions sont interdites. Seul un miracle pourrait maintenant les sauver. Quel crime a-t-il commis? Et sans eau pure, pas de vie! Quel espoir reste-t-il? Le Point Pierre Bordage manie a merveille les ficelles traditionnelles de la fantasy. Le Parisien. Boxing dolls Organic - Chroniques des ombres Au Diable Vauvert - Ceux qui osent Flammarion Jeunesse - Le feu de Dieu Au Diable Vauvert - Ceux qui sauront Flammarion Jeunesse - Saint-Malo Avec P.

Migrations Saint-Malo Ailleurs sur le site Le Grand rendez-vous de la SF. Or are we seeing images of a society engulfed by a nature that has regained the upper hand? Or are they prophetic visions of a far-off future? Ultimately, the order of events is of little consequence, given the cyclical way of things. But nature, stripped bare by humankind, will spring up again, when and how it pleases, indifferent to superficial losses, while humans advance inevitably, once again, toward their own ruin.

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History shows that eras and civilisations are born and die continually. Does contemporary humankind, in its pursuit of unbridled capitalism, really believe that it can escape its preprogrammed decline? A tiny part of ourselves, no matter how deeply buried, would like to witness the collapse of the capitalist reign — if only out of pure curiosity and even if it entails our own downfall.

We might even be tempted to provoke it, in order to witness the birth of a new conscience — or civilisation — focused on a reality closer to the ancient values rooted in our earth. When the skies have turned black with ash we must go down. When our eyes strain to glimpse the stars above we must go down.

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When the welfare of flora and fauna is decimated by climate change we must go down. When we have forgotten what sorcery conducts our economic, political, and cultural systems we must go down. We must go down. Like the engineer into the boiler room, like the Mayan priest below the temple, like the psychologist into the psyche.

This katabasis, this descent into the underworld, has been traversed by heroes, warriors, and philosophers throughout history. It is a necessary expedition. For we are wrong side upward. We are born thus. They may be our companions here. There are seven known caverns here. In the first you will find yourself amid one of the largest capitalist centers of the current era.

A society of sorcerers has unleashed a spell here that takes possession over most of this realm. To witness its effects we must travel underneath the city and investigate its subterranean foundations. It is an arduous endeavor to maneuver this dark space, but it must be overcome. We will encounter nocturnal creatures who dwell within this archaic mineral region.

Like them, you must develop a clairvoyant sensitivity to the unknown, an intuition that is often suppressed. From here you must go alone—across the frozen rivers, through the primordial winds, into volcanic passageways, and beyond the glacial wastelands. These caverns are necessarily fluid, shifting, and bewildering. You must find your own path. Along the way you shall discover the new realities, freedoms, and creative potentials contained within the Unground.

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The journey begins with a descent, initiated by stepping across the threshold and down into the Unground. By crossing this boundary you enter a transitional place that exists at the disjuncture between the knowable and the unknown. Since he has already been evoked, let us take Dante as a mentor whose footsteps may guide our crossing over: with the left foot of will leading, and the feeble right foot of the intellect lagging behind. The rationality and scientific objectivity of the right foot is precisely that which we are resolved to overcome, for the knowledge that we seek is formed by other means.

It is dark here in the Unground. Unground at Casino Luxembourg. Photo: Roger Wagner. The air has thickened and we find ourselves within the first cavern of the Unground. Swelling within this congested space are feverish sounds: the friction of scraping, creaking, and groaning, joined by the metallic clashing and clanging of a machine enduring and struggling to resist catastrophic stress. Projected across the walls of this cavern we see scenes of this machine, the workings of contemporary capitalism, taking place in the world above.

The towering architecture of the City of London and Canary Wharf financial districts surrounds us, causing our perception to shorten, to be rendered lo-fi. Funneling down the walls of the high towers within this contemporary city are elevators that restlessly descend and churn streams of people onto the city streets and into the Underground subway system.

Their oversights have caused international financial collapse. If you, my brave companion and reader, have made it this far into the Unground you are likely questioning what power you have to resist the sorcery which attempts to displace you. As you become increasingly aware of how your individual agency is frequently manipulated and threatened, I hope you will also question how, by reading this text, you are currently inviting the author to interrupt the fluidity of your thoughts.

Is she a sorceress as well? And so might you. There is no direct path through the Unground. Move freely, in all directions, at once. But first, if it pleases you, allow me to indicate a few more details that exist to incite your participation. Just as I have now roused your relationship to the artifice of this text, the artists are frequently interrupting your experience of the videos and sounds projected throughout this installation.

Rather than directing an authoritative narrative, a single truth, the artists display a collection of ideas for your interpretation. Here two networks surge simultaneously, branching out below the surface: the urban Underground transportation system and the subterranean cave. It erupts. A fissure causes visual and sonic pressures to rapidly fire fragmentary glimpses that flash, roll, and thunder as tectonic plates shutter underground. This is the world shifting, becoming-mineral. Light flares intermittently and disperses across the images projected on the cavern walls, causing the dim outlines of human figures to glow with a problematic intensity.

These ephemeral visual interventions obscure the images with dense black spots.

  1. The Clarion Call;
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  5. The intense lights and the dark spots intersect, overlap, repulse, and pass through each other. Contrary to the light space of the city above, the darkness here is abstract, tactile, and invisible. Dwelling within this underground cave we perceive the bat creature, inverted scion of the nocturnal underworld and master navigator of darkness, stirring to consciousness.

    There is more to this mysterious darkness than we can see. It is a space that may be filled. It has recesses of depth that may be projected into—physically, acoustically, psychically. Unlike light space, it is not qualitative, mathematical, or analytical—consequentially it offers a revolutionary alternative to the capitalist mode. Darkness is immeasurable and non-geometric. Unlike the clear, public space of the city above, darkness is personal in its relationship to the ego.

    We cannot perceive it objectively, for we are within it. It unfolds within us, it covers us. Through darkness we discover the freedom of life. The political philosopher Giorgio Agamben refers to the neurophysiology of sight to make a related point, noting that the absence of light does not result in non-vision, but instead activates a series of retinal cells that produce the phenomenon known as night vision. It involves a trained sensitivity to the high-fidelity potential of depth.

    I must now take my leave.

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    But before I do, I have one more space to guide you through. Here, in the passageway, or juncture, between two caverns is the pulsating oculi of the Unground, trembling with an inner vitality. Aggressively, ravenously, it feeds and emits crashing waves of light and sound, dilating and contracting in arrhythmic spurts.

    Beyond this passageway you will encounter four more caverns. The surrounding seas and winds stir the atmosphere with vast and terrific intensity. From here you must travel through, come forth, and emerge, right side downward—the katabasis actualized, empowered with resilient affirmation, and a new hunger for the Unground.

    Summary Bibliography: Robert E. Howard

    Robert Pinsky Farrar, Straus and Girroux, , Andrew Goffey Paris: Palgrave and Macmillan, Nancy Metzel Northwestern University Press, , And Other Essays, trans. David Kishik and Stefan Pedatolla Stanford, , Her areas of specialization are Black Metal art and the history of photography. Lorsque les ciels sont noircis de cendre, nous devons descendre. Il faut descendre. Toujours plus loin, encore et toujours plus bas. Nous naissons tels1. Ils pourraient, en effet, nous accompagner. Il y a sept cavernes.

    Pour observer ses effets, nous devons voyager sous la ville et explorer ses fondations souterraines. Vous devrez vous frayer votre propre chemin. Le voyage commence par une descente. Et les artistes, sont-ils aussi des sorciers?

    BORDAGE Pierre

    Nous ne pouvons la percevoir objectivement, car nous sommes en elle. Je dois maintenant vous quitter. I went to Luxembourg for Christmas and stayed there a few days, visiting the town Vauban fortifications and its museums they really got great museums. The music sounds like a chthonic ritual, the video looks like it was taken from the eyes of an antediluvian creature… Astounding, mesmerizing, frightening… mandatory!

    Masse brumeuse. Soleil noir.

    Summary Bibliography: Tim White

    Question de cycle. Es wird ja auch gerne und oft in die Ausstellung eingebaut. Dieser Weg versteht sich als Abstieg in die eigene verbogene Welt. Eine Dimension, die der im Schnee steckende Besucher am gestrigen Freitag besonders gut nachvollziehen konnte. Der Zuschauer muss sich mit ihr auseinandersetzen.