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And she won't stop until she's got it. But Esther finds clues that lead her to discover Kim has been camped at the Osbourne's house the whole time. She pieces the evidence together and comes to realise that her wife has a vendetta against Grace — will she be able to stop her before Kim takes the plunge? Just weeks ago it was looking like Kim was going to take on her sister's role of the gloved hand killer when she drugged Esther using a syringe. Tabitha begs for Timmy's life as Zombie Charity casts a deadly spell.

A frantic Timmy and Julian struggle to escape from the trap as the ground ominously swells beneath them. Timmy calls on Toto to save the day. Sheridan secretly takes Brian's car for a test spin to make sure it's safe. Nick, Stan, Brian and Liz are horrified to realize what Sheridan is doing. Theresa is brought to the death chamber, where she is strapped down for the lethal injection.

As Sheridan drives faster and faster, unaware of the impending danger, Brian risks it all to stop her. Nick worries he may lose any chance of getting Sheridan. Timmy finds the Demon's Horn. Julian and Timmy recoil in fear as a giant serpent emerges from the ground. Tabitha risks her life to save Timmy. Zombie Charity gleefully observes the pain in the viewing room as she pretends to be there for Miguel. The end draws near for Theresa.


Timmy is thrilled now that he has what he needs to save Charity and wants to head home. Julian doesn't want to go back and tries to stop him. After seeing news coverage about Theresa, Julian decides he wants to go home after all. Timmy finds out just how much Julian knew about the happenings in Harmony. Theresa's friends and family grieve for her. Gwen consoles Ethan. Theresa lays in a coffin! The angel girl gives Timmy a warning about what awaits him in Harmony. Timmy is touched by the angel's praise. Meanwhile, Kay begs for her life as Zombie Charity prepares to kill her.

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Kay's quick thinking saves her. Zombie Charity vows to kill her one day and is certain her trick will lead to Miguel's downfall as well. Sheridan worries about Brian's safety. Brian assures her they will have a life together. Nick anticipates Brian's race car blowing up once he hits a certain speed. Beth and her mother face off.

Gwen confronts Ethan about his behavior and feelings for Theresa. At home, Simone confides to her mother that she feels terrible for fighting with Whitney and wants to make it up to her sister. Beth's mom plots to destroy her daughter's happiness. Nick and Stan anticipate Brian's death as he gets behind the wheel of his race car. Simone runs into Kay and confides how badly she feels about accusing Whitney of going after Chad. Kay encourages Simone to go to Whitney. Sheridan and Liz watch in horror as Brian's race car explodes in flames. Nick can barely contain his excitement as he and Stan hurry off, so as not to be noticed.

Brian is raced to the hospital. Kay vows to destroy the evil she's brought to Harmony.

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Father Lonigan wonders if she is sincere and points out her past misdeeds. He worries she will continue to rely on evil to get Miguel. Simone arrives at the recording studio to look for Chad so they can comfort Whitney together. Simone gets close to discovering the truth. Timmy calls Tabitha with his big news. Tabitha gives Timmy a warning and orders him to stay away from Harmony.

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Timmy won't be dissuaded from his mission. Zombie Charity walks in on Tabitha and angrily reaches for the phone when she realizes Timmy is on the other end. The doctor has grim news on Brian's condition. Zombie Charity plots to kill Timmy and Tabitha. The zombie is upset when she can't find the vial of Charity's essence. Father Lonigan figures out what is in the vial and orders Kay to dispose of it. Kay promises not to use the vial for herself, but is later tempted as she begins to pour it out.

Pilar receives a warning from Theresa. Whitney risks her life to keep Simone from the truth. Jessica sees something startling outside of Chad's recording studio. Jessica is startled when she stumbles upon a secret. Kay gets confirmation that Charity's essence is in the vial. Kay vows to keep the vial from the zombie. Zombie Charity tries again to get with Miguel. The zombie loses her temper when Miguel complains she's changed.

Timmy, Toto, and Julian head home. Julian plans to barricade himself in the mansion so no one can reach him. Timmy readies himself to save Charity. Timmy is disgusted with what Julian has allowed to happen. Charity's ice block continues to melt. Meanwhile, Zombie Charity and Kay fight over the vial. Miguel admits he thinks "Charity" needs serious help. The zombie gets burned when Kay tricks her.

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Zombie Charity threatens Kay's life. Tabitha and Timmy have a joyous reunion. Tabby does all she can to stop Timmy from getting to Charity. Meanwhile, Miguel thinks Kay is Charity after she sprinkles herself with her cousin's essence. The passion between 'Charity' and Miguel begins to rise. A defrosted Charity and Zombie Charity face off in an epic battle between good and evil.

Someone realizes Julian is back home and plots to murder him. Tabitha prepares to leave Harmony with Timmy, unaware that he has escaped from her attic. Timmy races to the cave to save Charity. Zombie Charity and Charity continue to do battle. Timmy arrives with the Demon's Horn, and he and Charity fight to destroy the zombie.

Jessica is shocked by what she walks in on. Rebecca continues to be haunted by Theresa! Charity and Timmy continue to struggle against the zombie, who releases an earth-shaking spell. Tabitha, Miguel, Jessica, and Kay struggle to enter the cave. Miguel finally sees Charity and the zombie side by side. Gwen continues to comfort Ethan over Theresa's death.

Rebecca continues to fear Theresa. Grace and Sam arrive at the hospital with the critically injured Charity and Timmy. Miguel tries to figure out what happened to Charity. Tabitha is beside herself with worry for her Timmy. Eve finds something shocking in Charity's blood. Simone and Jessica know Kay played a part in this. Kay tries to be there for Miguel. Alistair has a wonderful, yet shocking surprise for everyone. At the hospital, a suspicious Simone questions Kay.

Eve struggles to save Charity's life.

Charity has a grim prognosis. Meanwhile, Tabitha keeps a tearful vigil by Timmy's bed.

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Timmy struggles to hang onto life. Alistair plots to destroy the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. Brian 's illness begins affecting him. A tearful Tabitha stays close to Timmy as he bravely fights for his life. Simone gets in Kay's face about what she's done. Kay begins to realize what her actions have caused and is wracked with guilt. Eve gives very grave news to the Bennetts. Sam and Grace are forced to make a painful decision.

Gwen worries about losing Ethan. Eve gives Tabitha devastating news. Tabitha struggles to say goodbye as she holds desperately onto hope that Timmy will pull through. The Bennetts struggle with the painful and difficult choice of what to do about Charity. Kay reaches a new low with her lies. Jessica and Simone are disgusted with Kay. Miguel doesn't want to let go. Father Lonigan arrives to give the last rites. Tabitha professes her love for Timmy and admits how much he's affected her life.

Timmy fights bravely to hang on. Father Lonigan and the Bennetts all try to convince a grief-stricken Miguel to let go of Charity. Tabitha tends to an ailing Timmy. Charity is given her last rites! A furious Julian vows to get rid of the newly-returned Lopez-Fitzgerald. As Timmy gets weaker, Tabitha begs him to keep fighting. Timmy says good-bye to Tabby and Toto. Gwen and Theresa continue to face-off. Miguel continues to cling to hope that Charity will pull through. Father Lonigan states evil has returned to Harmony.

Kay makes a confession to Father Lonigan. The priest has harsh words for Kay. Grace says a tearful good-bye to her niece. Charity opens her eyes. Tabitha is grief-stricken. Toto has a surprise for Tabitha. Tabitha vows to bring pain and heartache to all of Harmony. Grace and Jessica offer their support to an indifferent Tabitha. Charity slowly slips away as she and Miguel pledge their love to each other.

Father Lonigan warns Kay she will pay with her soul for her actions. Kay won't listen to his warning. Beth's mother prays Sheridan will return and taunts Beth. Sheridan finally recovers all of her memories. Charity is reunited with her mother. Miguel mourns over his loss. Kay thinks of her future with Miguel. In a heartbreaking twist of fate, Eve makes an exciting discovery and fights desperately to save Charity.

A vengeful Tabitha gets her powers back! Tabitha continues wreaking havoc as revenge. Charity's loved ones struggle to keep her going. Miguel gets wonderful news. Rebecca's plan to knock Theresa out backfires when Gwen accidentally drinks the drugged tea meant for her rival. Tabitha uses her powers to prevent Charity from undergoing surgery.

Timmy tries to reason with Tabby and puts himself in the line of fire for Charity. The boy makes an emotional promise to his Princess. Pilar fills everyone in on the wonderful news about Theresa. Charity's loved ones hold a vigil as Eve performs the heart transplant. Jessica and Father Lonigan try to get through to Kay.

The determined teen stays focused on getting Miguel. Reese wants to get to the bottom of why evil has returned. Whitney tries to tell Simone the truth, but her sister's words make it difficult. Miguel, Jessica, and Reese pray for Charity's recovery. Kay is attacked by statues in the hospital chapel.

Father Lonigan tries again to reach Kay. She stands firm, ready to sacrifice all to get Miguel. Miguel professes his love for Charity and theorizes evil is to blame for him and Kay sleeping together. A hurt Kay breaks down in tears when Miguel apologizes for making love to her. Kay comes to a devastating realization when Miguel leaves to be with Charity. Tabitha struggles with her grief over losing Timmy. Zombie Charity reappears to a furious Tabitha with a request. Miguel comforts a very weak Charity. Kay confides in Simone. Simone lays it on the line for Kay and tries to get her to see the truth.

Kay fears her cousin knows the truth when Charity confronts her with her memories. Miguel gently informs Charity how Timmy saved her life. Ethan advises Chad to come clean with Simone. At the same time, Kay questions whether Simone's loving message from Chad was really meant for her. At the hospital, Charity receives an unwelcome visitor - Zombie Charity! The evil doppelganger has a "gift" for Charity. A vengeful Tabitha stirs up trouble as she plots to ease her own pain by bringing pain to Harmony's lovers.

Zombie Charity shows Charity a devastating future. Miguel tries to comfort his anguished girlfriend. Kay is excited by the zombie's predictions. Later, Kay challenges Simone to consider what lengths she would go to in order to keep Chad. Miguel reassures Charity that everything will be okay. Charity fills Grace in on the vision she had of Miguel leaving her for Kay. Aware of her mischievous daughter's feelings, Grace pulls Kay aside to question her.

The mother and daughter have a heated face-off when Kay voices her long-held resentment. Charity senses someone close to her is out to get her and Miguel. Miguel tries to comfort and reassure Charity. Meanwhile, Kay viciously lashes out at a stunned Grace. Grace tries to get through to her daughter. Sam tries to comfort Grace, who is upset over her fight with Kay. She wonders if she has indeed ignored her daughter in favor of Charity. Grace has a frightening premonition of things to come.

Tabitha continues plotting against the people of Harmony. Julian pays Tabitha a condolence call. Determined to have her revenge on the Cranes for burning her at the stake, Tabitha prepares to kill an unaware Julian. Zombie Charity gives Tabitha a wake-up call. Something wild and bizarre takes place in Harmony. Zombie Charity admonishes Tabitha for her actions. A flustered Tabitha can't explain what happened. Later, the witch mysteriously says she has something to show Zombie.

Julian reminisces about his dear friend, Timmy. Tabitha is upset by the prospect of all of her evil plans going up in smoke, but Zombie Charity isn't so sure they will. As Tabitha grieves, she tearfully remembers happy times with Timmy. Zombie Charity asks the "friends" in Tabitha's basement for a favor. Tabitha is annoyed with the zombie's surprise. Reese shows off his dads sports car to Jessica.

Jessica hints at her feelings for Reese, but he remains in the dark. Reese admits he was wrong about Tabitha. He feels guilty about the way he has treated Tabitha in the past and wants to make it up to her. Meanwhile, Tabitha is attacked. Reese starts throwing accusations around when his father's car is stolen.

A worried Tabitha takes Reese and Jessica to the party at the Crane's so she can keep abreast of what's going on. Zombie Charity prepares to make trouble. Tabitha fears her evil plans will go up in smoke. An old enemy reappears. Despite Tabitha's best efforts, Hecuba gets what she wants when an evil potion is let loose on the Crane estate. Hecuba watches with delight as the green mist begins working its evil magic. Several partygoers begin having visions of "what might have been". Tabitha frets more evil will come about than even Hecuba can anticipate.

At the hospital, John and Charity bond over poetry. Charity is touched by a poem John wrote. She assures her "cousin" he will find someone to love someday. From the lair underneath the Crane estate, Hecuba and Tabitha watch the emotional havoc caused by the evil green mist. Charity is devastated when she and John arrive at the party and find Miguel and Kay kissing. Kay is delighted with her cousin's timing. Charity spots the green mist and realizes evil is at work. Hecuba is surprised that her mist didn't destroy Luis and Sheridan but is still happy with its results.

Tabitha is upset all her work has been undone and yells at her nemesis for unleashing uncontrollable evil. Kay prepares to tell Charity about her and Miguel sleeping together, but is interrupted by the car crash. Once Charity tells her about the evil mist! Hecuba taunts Tabitha about the parentage of the mysterious fourth baby. Tabitha casts a spell to make TC's father appear to him once again. Tabitha has a hellish time keeping her seeds of evil under control. Tabitha chases the dancing babies around her house and demands answers from them.

Reese is stunned when he glances in Tabitha's window and sees what's going on. The Sun Online can reveal that Ben has returned to filming and will be seen back on screen in October. Kacey Ainsworth has revealed that she has been in talks to return to EastEnders. And now Kacey has told how she has been in discussions to reprise her famous role with the comeback of the Slater family going so well. We've talked a lot about coming back and the writers are so good on EastEnders. It's an action-packed week in Coronation Street next week when Gail Platt is left horrified as she catches mum Audrey having a romantic date with conman Lewis Archer.

There's more heartache for Gina Seddon as she is left heartbroken after Dev Alahan dumps her , while Sean Tully is humiliated when his homeless secret is exposed but Billy Mayhew gives him a much-needed lifeline. And all after Johnny and Jenny have given the Rovers a brand new makeover. Over in Emmerdale Matty Barton is left devastated as Victoria Sugden outs him as transgender to new girl Abby just as the pair begin to date.

Murderer Lachlan White burns the cabin down as Priya Sharma discovers his horrifying secret , and Kerry Wyatt accused of stealing as she faces eviction over missing rent payments. Kindly Lydia Hart is horrified as she is confronted by a mysterious woman from her past , while it's time to say goodbye to Misty as Nicola King goes to war to get her out of her father's life for good.

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Poor Kim Fox's pregnancy exposed by a drunken Kush Kazemi and Ted Murray is rushed to hospital after suffering chest pains. There also seems to be a horrifying grooming plot beginning for Tiffany Butcher as gang leader Jagger gets her drunk. Got a story? We pay for videos too. Click here to upload yours. Sign in.