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You forget how to talk to people, or rather, you feel like you never learned how to do it in the first place. How did I talk to people when I was a kid?

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When I had no job, no home, no experience? Loryn, who practices yoga at Laughing Lotus and is a member at the Rubin. That sounds kind of dire.

You Can't Escape Yourself in VR - Escapist Magazine

Really, it sounds temporary. And that is terrifying. End of sentence. End of story. Curtains closed. Enjoy the rest of your life, it will always be like this, you will never struggle, you will never want more, and if you ever feel out of place or off-balance you probably just need therapy or a new car or a bigger house, or, well something that is just a better version of what you have because you have it.

It still stays in the lane. So quit whining!

I Can't Escape feat Feli Ferraro (The Remixes)

Of course, this is bullshit. We all know this is bullshit. We forget we are all people first, all part of the whole big thing, all breathing and moving and living and dying together. That we are at once infinite and fleeting. When am I coming home?

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