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What are you waiting, oh, what are you waiting for? I'm reaching out please take my hand The water is getting higher and I can't understand Why I can't pull you in Do you even care, do you even want me there?

Part 8: Make Straight the Crooked Paths

We are the victims Just like our parents taught us to be Roots planted firmly but we feel so far from the tree And still we cling to the past with an iron grip As we all fall fast asleep Dreaming of security The chance to redefine The years we wasted living on borrowed time My will is spent, I used the very last drop Trying to keep my head on straight enough I know it hurts, it hurts to feel it all slip right past you I just want to ask you Was there something holding you back? Have you had to cover your tracks So long, you lost your identity?

Is there something dragging you down Crippled under the weight of the crown What are you waiting, oh, what are you waiting for What are you waiting for? For all of our differences I always said I'd be there if you should come undone It took all I had in me Do you even care, do you even want me there? Do you even want me there?

Lord of the Crooked Paths

There are ghosts in every window And they'll follow you back home But if you stay a moment I can tell you all I know Of how these times have changed us How they bring us to our knees How they send us down the crooked path Divide us temporarily I'm reaching out please take my hand The water is getting higher and I can't understand Why I can't pull you in Do you even care, do you even want me there? All the roads before you open up and offer smooth transport to the attainment of one dream after another. When I was a young child, the wisdom sayings of King Solomon were some of my favorite passages in the Bible.

Their prescriptions offered an optimistic view of life for those who sought to follow the God.

(Portal 2 Playthrough) "Crooked Paths" by SevenSilhouette

For some reason, the words seemed to bounce with joy, energy, and a sense of lightness. For example, "trust in the Lord with all your heart I inferred that trusting in God's guidance would be the result of walking down all the wonderful, straight pathways that lay out before me. I would willingly and gladly walk towards the attainment of all my goals, desires, and dreams.

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While these are still precious Scripture verses to me, I have come to understand them differently as an adult. The trust I proclaimed seemed easy as everything went my way. I didn't rely on my own understanding because I didn't have to! But, as is true of much of the human experience, my roads did not all run straight. When dreams began to die, life-goals went unmet, and desires dried up, I realized the challenge these verses really offer. In his book, A Grief Observed , C.

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Lewis writes on the challenging nature of belief. It is easy to say you believe a rope to be strong and sound as long as you are merely using it to cord a box. Real trust in God would be forged out of the fires of testing—testing that revealed whether or not I really believed in God, or in what God would give me.

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