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Welcome to Delta eSports, be part of our family clan. We value dedication, talent, and character and empower both pro and casual players to blossom into elite competitors. Lost Phoenix is a family of clans striving for excellence and success. We have been around since the beta of Clash Royale. We also have clans in Clash of Clans for those who are interested. Our primary mode of communication is the LINE app.

International clan family with members from all over the world. Every CR lover is welcome no matter the language you speak as long as you behave friendly. Both competitive and casual play styles have a place in our family. All our clans play Clan Wars continuously and always promise top rewards, with most elites in our top international clan and top local clan Worlds. The Legend family is one of the oldest and biggest families in Clash Royale with our members and 14 clans!

Ōtsutsuki Clan

Since creation, we as a family and individual players have grown immensely and continue to today. The family is a place for everyone, as our members come from all around the world, from casual to competitive players, old to young, active to very active and so on. We all share a fellow passion for the game, are friendly, always donate, help each other out with the same goal: to always improve our skills and have a great time!

Join the Family. Become a Legend. Our clans range from Arena 4 to Arena 13 meaning anyone can fit in! Currently, our top Clan is on the edge of Legendary League and needs your help to stay there! All of our clans have great potential and are on their way up slowly! We frequently host Tournaments and Clan Versus Clan Events to boost our Members' skills and we are happy to do that for anyone wishing to join us!

Sometimes, our Tournaments are opened up to Challengers too, you can find out about these Tournaments in our discord. You can find a link below! Our discord is small but us friendly and the hub to all our operations! We let people know our plans and information from it! We are working on building an eSports team so, get into our Clan Family to get the chance of a place in it! We ask that all our members push up with us allowing for opportunities of new clans and promotions!

The Leaders to all of our clans are highly talented and are high level either on that account or on an alternative account meaning you will always be in knowledgable hands! This soon grew to include a second competitive team, WHAM! The WHAM! Karaoke and WHAM!

All Blacks is New Zealand's top ranked ladder and war clan.

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Home to the largest Clash Royale family with 5 active clans, the clan was driven by the success of bringing together some of New Zealand's top local clash royale talent to create a strong family and clash focused environment that found success and rose to the top of the NZ leaderboards. Today, 4 of the 5 sit well established in the top 20 of the NZ leaderboards with the main clan sitting firmly in 1st. We a proud to have contributed to making the New Zealand Clash Royale community as great as it currently is. We are pleased to be in Brazilian Clans and War rank, as well to have many players also ranked.

Gamma Companies is a family of clans focused on Player well being and skill of our Members. Here we want to engage members in a friendly environment where Members know and help each other get better. The 4KingsofClash Family of Clans are a core group of strong players. The 4Kings Family welcomes a community of clashers from mid-range to high level players, as long as they're skilled. We encourage constructive behaviour and help each other grow into stronger players.

We were first created over 2 years ago and have continue to expand ever since, now with 2 competitive clans and a 3rd for lower-level, casuals and smurf accounts. We sometimes compete under the Team Name - 4KoC! Our goal is to create a group of friends and good people above all no matter your skills.

We are still alive because our group and we will be forever. Famille mature et stable. Pour infos contacter karon ou lapinmalin app mobile LINE. We are first and foremost a community. We prize respect and great sporting spirit amongst our members above all else. Whether your goal is competitive eSports or simply having a good time with your friends - we can accommodate you.

We strive for excellence in all of our endeavors. Our members come from all walks of life, time zones, and locales. We are one big competitive family. Make Milkyway your way! Panda Dome! Family and was born on October 1st As the players grew, the clan grew and we haven't stopped growing since. We are a war based community that encourages war and trophy pushing in a friendly but competitive environment.

Always on the lookout for active talent to help our family grow bigger! Every clan in our family finishees the clan crown chest early every time. We are a New Zealand based Clan Family. We welcome all kind of players to our community, not just New Zealanders! We like banter and value the importance of maturity and have zero-tolerance towards toxic behavior. Come on in and join the best New Zealand community out there!

Ever since it began on September 11, , our clans and members have been growing steadily. Our clan comprises members from many different places, different backgrounds, and different ages. We all share our love for the game, donate when possible, help in the Clan Wars when available, and help each other out.

Join us, and let's bring the scunion! Torne-se uma lenda. Soggy AU is an Australian based family We are under a year old, and we are constantly improving. We are highly active, donating a large amount each week. Can you help us??? Stu's Army is a four clan family that consists of all kinds of players, ranging from competitive, to casual! We even have an eSports team which you can find out more by joining our Discord Server linked below!

Scottish clan

We are constantly getting Tier 10 for our clan chests in all five of our clans and donations are getting filled as fast as possible! Aussie Royale was founded at the launch of the game by Tyson in January The clan immediately saw popularity and rose to the top of the Australian leaderboards. Today Aussie Royale is well established in the top 3 of the Australian leaderboards with all 6 clans in the top They participate in tournament scene and exist as the friendly home to the Australian Royale community.

A player who demonstrates improving skill, honesty and integrity, adaptability, problem-solving, dependability, and loyalty. Our Clan System is very simple. We are a brotherhood sisters too. When Leaders feel you are ready to move up to a higher ranked clan, you will be notified. All ranks carry from clan to clan. Our ranks are given to supportive, respectful, reliable, loyal members who have proven themselves over time with consistent exceptional performance as a clanmate.

Donations, trading, communication, war practice, advice, support, the list goes on. Everything you would desire from a leader, you will find from leaders here. Becoming a Leader is a great honor here and holds great respect and honor. We are an extremely strong war clan with many simple standards in place to maintain peace, promote growth, and drive success. We have worked so hard to make this community an amazing place for respectable players to call home and grow together.

We have an incredible band of brothers and sisters and are always welcoming others who would like to take part in this outstanding community. We don't have drama, we are respectful, we are supportive, we are always improving, our community is truly a home worth investing in. Galaxies is a clan that Looks for generous and responsible members for war. We are a friendly clan looking to expand our family. The family is a fame, which as a member of Galaxies will hold the rights and status of Galaxies across all our family clans.

We are International and so all members around globe are welcomed to our clans. Pak Beasts is fast growing clan in Pakistan had achieved many borders to become compatible with global clan. Pak beasts welcome All Cr members And Taycons to be a part of this Organization to find good players. Pak beasts found in by Hassan. Aurora eSports is one of the top organisations predominantly based on ClashRoyale.

We are a mobile-focused, upcoming top ranked clan and gather top tier players from all across the globe under one name, Aurora. We were founded in April however have been around the competitive scene under different names. Gavetas is a Portuguese organization focused on the community aspect of the game. We provide a home for the competitive and casual player. We have our own League, competitions and live events with prizes. We have a spot for you as long as you play the game. Grupo De WhatsApp.

If you got the Juice. We are a very active german Clash Royale Clan focused on clan wars. The main language in our chat is german. Daraus hat sich aus einem einzelnen Clan eine ganze Clan Familie entwickelt. Innerhalb der Familie nutzen wir ein Rankingsystem, welches basierend auf Skill, Winrate und Kartenressourcen, die Mitglieder in die jeweiligen passenden Clans verteilt. Der Clan-Alltag ist bei uns klar strukturiert und in einem Regelwerk festgehalten.

Great Escape est une famille de 3 clans francophones. Nous sommes des clans actifs, donneurs et conviviaux. Pour plus d'informations, rejoignez directement notre Discord.


Fairy eSports FeS tiene actualmente dos clanes de ladder y uno competitivo. Devil Drops is an competitive yet fun family of clans found in Clash Royale. We are active on discord and highly motivated to help each other get the best out of our cards and decks. Reddit Ascenders We may be new to the RCS however our main clan has been round since the global launch, at our peak we reached top 10 UK and now we are back, growing stronger by the day and looking to embark on our journey to the top!

With regular tournaments and tons of experienced players we are looking to create a family like no other. As Official RCS members we are entitled to a great community where we expand our skill set and make new friends. With a Discord server that has over members you will never be alone. Our clans are aggressive to complete war and climb to the top! However, the most important thing is, you get to be part of a family where you are heard and wanted.

Estamos recibiendo jugadores constantemente que participen activamente en clan wars y subida de copas. Fundada por Chendo en Marzo de Su tiempo en la tierra salvaje. Welcome to the False Logic Clan Family! We're a bunch of friendly, active people that constantly chat and battle. Our players are always willing to assist you throughout all our clans, ranging from tips to just socializing. We're all on a discord that houses over of us, so there's an easy way for all our members to communicate. Die Dunkle Armee ist eine deutsche Clanfamilie, die 8 Clans vereint. Alle Clans sind sehr aktiv und greifen nach den Sternen.

Egal wie viele Pokale und Clanwar-Erfahrung du hast, einer unserer Clans passt perfekt zu dir, also bewirb dich! Dragonites Clan is an top war clan in the United States. Clan War focused. Joining discord is required before joining the clan. We like fun chats, war, friendly battles, and a sick sense of humor Brazilian Competitive Team. We are what the very best is. We are the very best we can do.

Luck is the result of intense work and dedication. Love and Passion in everything we do. Excellence archieved with hard work and dedication. We are an Spanish clan created three years ago. We have reached the top in the Spanish rank in ladder and we have more than war trophies. We speak mostly Spanish, but we accept people from all over the world. Join us to improve together and become a well known player. We had people that gone to RoyaleConQueso, Nova and other famous clans after being with us.

Join us and keep growing, and at the same time, have fun.

nomad clan (@vobylusesuje.tk) • Instagram photos and videos

Hemos llegado a estar top en el top local. Hemos tenido a jugadores que luego de estar con nosotras, han sido contactados por clanes famosos como RoyaleConQueso o Nova. Welcome to TheSupremeTeam Family! We are a family friendly community spread throughout Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. Hope to have you! Proelium has been a long lasting clan since the clash of clans days formed by a tight knit of friends. We've been steadily growing in the clash royale era and is now in need of adding more clans to house our members!

We have multiple Alpha Clans that we will grow and we will grow new clans. We are Hong Kongese!!! Welcome to the RoyalFlush Family! We are an Internationally based group of clans with members from all over the world. We have a fun and relaxed atmosphere that values maturity and discourages toxic behaviour. We are growing everyday and are looking for awesome Clashers to join our gaming organisation. Our goal is to become a top Ladder and Clan Wars Clan.

All our clans compete daily in Clan Wars with the main clan ranking top 4 Global. Black Mamba is the tip of the D. They can also be found on the Local Top leaderboards. These clans make up the D. Family, which many of our active, solid and experienced, trophy-pushers and tournament competitors call home. Established April We look for talent in our nation and make them reach thier destiny through proper guidance and support.

Our clan is a union of top Indian clans empowering the whole Indian Community. Our family is highly diverse so we welcome players globally to join and contact us. Czech Eagles is a new Czech clan group with a very active community. Adult and experienced management, cool team. Join us in the family and help us together. We accept players of all skill and competitive levels. We also have a very large and active discord. Come join a community of force-wielding lightsaber-slinging Clashers! We are passionate about player development and want YOU to succeed in reaching your goals! Is the Force strong with you?

Arctic Revolution is a Finland based clash royale esports organization.

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  8. All Code Enigma clans are happy to accept talented and engaged players, who understand that we win together or lose together. Our joined-at-the-hip communication channels ensure that we can maintain relationships across the entire family's clan rosters. Notorious is a global mobile gaming organisation focused on providing players with a place they can reach their full potential.

    We treat our members as a family collective, supporting each other in any ventures and endeavours they wish to pursuit. The Notorious family boasts over 50 Clash Royale clans in over 20 regions. Our flagship, international clan is a top 10 finisher, with many of our regional clans finishing top 3 in their respective regions.

    Our regional clans have a feeder system to help players grow, while still having a home on the way up. We also have a competitive and pro team who frequently represent us in various leagues across the globe. We offer something for everybody, constantly rewarding members for excellent performance in both ladder pushing and competitive play. We do this to ensure all of our family members enjoy being part of the family and StayNotorious! Well organized and long living Serbian clan family.

    We have been around from the beginning of Clash Royale. Our main clan is always on the global leaderboard top Mowin Em Down was built from the ground up as a family. From our humble beginnings as a local group of friends to our emergence into the Top USA, we have strived to prove our ability to compete with the big names in Clash Royale. Our members come from all over the world and all walks of life.

    Join our family and kick some grass! Full of immense competition, our seven clan alliance offers you a fun and active Clash Royale experience, with opportunities to be competitive or laid back and chill. We are seeking highly active players who want more out of Clash Royale. Come join a fun and social experience where you can be part of our growing international family of clans. We nice, we kool, we active! Come and join us at any of those clans! Active and ready, we always thrive for consistent improvements and commitment. The first two clans are active and the third clan was recently created for lower or inactive players.

    The main clan was originally founded as a class clan in school but has switched leaders once and is now mainly focused on trophies and rank. We started in Clash Royale with a small German team but with high hopes. Since there we were growing bigger and faster until today. Welcome to the 3 Crown Family! We are a competitive clan family that focuses on War and Player Progression.

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    We are looking for players that are War focused and looking for a long-term clan. We have a clan available for many levels of players. Our members are very active and willing to help everyone in our family succeed. The Quest family was created March 16, by Supreme Boh. The Quest family is home to 3 active clans that continue to grow and improve each day. The 3 clans share the same blue and white flag badge. Was bieten wir? Wir geben unsere Spielerfahrung an Dich weiter und beantworten Dir alle Fragen. O Modus. Wer beim Clankrieg den Sammeltag mit macht, spielt auch bitte den Finalkampf.

    Ziel ist es unsere Clanfamilie stets zu erweitern. Legends are a group of legendary people who have mostly descended on the arena from dizzy heights of Top Battle Nations Clans. We are also very welcoming to new joiners who have a passion for the game and want to become Legends themselves. Our goal is to create an always bigger group of people that love the game and that respect each other, in order to create a healthy and constructive atmosphere.

    No matter in which of Our clan You are, Our goal is to become better and better both on clan trophies and in war trophies, through the "helping each other" system and the respect of the clan's rules. So what are You waiting, come and join Us! Our players have done well in local competitions placing in local live tournaments! Ownage Family is currently a Dutch-only clan. Competing in their local leaderboards. Talent is carefully selected by our experienced leader, Burnd. We're a very helpful clan who is willing to teach everyone. Feel free to check out our discord! The clan war is stupid but it will not work out for me to be stupid.

    A clan is a group of people, typically in online games like Halo and Call of Duty, where they play together and may either just play online together, or compete in tournaments. Most clans consist of 12 year old kids who think it is cool to be in a clan. Clans were cool in , not so much now. It is probably at its worst in Halo Reach and Halo 4. The File Browser consists of thousands of screenshots where clan members ask you to join their lame clan. These clans also get into fights with each other over the File Browser. No one cares about your stupid clan, and no one cares about your stupid clan drama.

    Just shut up and go away. Clan Guy 1: Dude my clan kicks your clan's ass! Clan Guy 2: No, my clan is way better!

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    Clan Guy 1: That's it we're doing a clan battle! Right now! Clan Guy 2: You're going down noob! Clan Guy 1: No you are! Gamer: Shut up, clans are for chumps. MedFet Concentration camp Frind Spurgt Josh Danny Duncan Aegosexual Faith Hilling