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With baring all the scars, Which you always tried to hide from everyone. My life is that of wondrous enchantment, a place of endless possibilities and dreams, where inspiration is found in the oddest of places. Today, if you push it to tomorrow, it's likely tomorrow, you'll shift it to "Someday"! Do it now! And in real life, people met, nothing happened, and you went home. Because of this good news, the final heartbeat for the Christian is not the mysterious conclusion to a meaningless existence. It is, rather, the grand beginning to a life that will never end.

That same Lord is waiting to embrace and forgive anyone who comes to Him in humility and repentance. He is calling your name, just as He called the name of Pete Maravich. His promise of eternal life offers the only hope for humanity. If you have never met this Jesus, I suggest that you seek spiritual counsel from a Christian leader who can offer guidance. You can also write to me, if that would help. Thanks for reading along with me. The structure of reality — what is and is not possible for the members of the group — is thus agreed upon and maintained by the tribe.

While the tribal mentality has definite benefits in terms of establishing common ground and ensuring group survival, it is not a conscious agreement. We are born into it.

I'll Be Good- Jaymes Young [Lyrics]

Yet at a certain stage, both personally and collectively, the tribal mentality must be challenged. People can then begin to recognize the need for a personal honor code independent of the tribe. If humanity is to progress, we need to learn how to treat everyone — regardless of tribal affiliation — with honor and respect.

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Every one of us is plugged into the tribal mind. We support tribal belief patterns by directing a percentage of our life force into maintaining our affiliation with the tribe. This involves an implicit agreement to think like the tribe thinks, to evaluate situations and people the way the tribe does, and to believe in right and wrong according to tribal values and ambitions. As long as the tribal mentality within us remains unexamined, we unwittingly subject others to our tribal laws.

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When we are plugged into tribal thought forms, we can easily believe in nonsensical prejudices held by the tribe. A rigid tribal thought form may have little truth to it, but individuals hold to such beliefs because that perspective is what the tribe has agreed to believe.

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People grow up hating other people — people they have never seen — based on group affiliation. This is the shadow side of the tribe. Inevitably, some among us come to a point where we want to break out of the inflexible tribal mentality. At some point, these individuals want to explore, develop, and manage their own consciousness without the judgments and limitations of the tribal mind. It is easy to spot these mavericks when they start to question and unplug from tribal mentality — they hang out on the periphery looking bored and restless, or whimsical and dreamy.

Others may act out the agitated hot-head as they challenge tribal ways.

The unspoken assumption of the tribal mind is that everybody loves being part of the tribe. And in many ways, we do. It is, by necessity, a passage we take alone. It no longer offers us comfort. Previous feelings of security and familiarity begin to feel like a trap constraining our individuality and hampering our efforts to discover deeper levels of who we really are.


Nope … Not a Myss- fire. Not even a liberal Ms. Some good stuff in this one. Kierkegaard WHAT? Not to be confused with Ass Kissers btw Matt …. I sense your laundry is in a bit of a quandary today ….

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McDonald, you beat me to it — I should have paid attention. And I feel sorry for everyone in your state — you live in Mentalchussetts.

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Now — in Mentalchussetts, one has to figure out what a stereotype is. I wonder how the people in the North End or Southie react to the laws that you describe? You have my sympathies. Roger: I read both documents. Fan Werden. Jetzt Fan werden Log dich ein oder registriere dich kostenlos um diese Funktion zu nutzen.

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