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They held mainland estates under the Crown as early as , and island estates at the same time under the Lords of the Isles. When the final forfeiture of the Lords of the Isles took place at the end of the 15th century, the McLeods got charters of their island estates from the crown.

Their name is conspicuous in Scottish history. They occupied the post of honor at the battle of Harlaw, ; they were at the battle of the Bloody Bay, ; they took part in the negotiations to transfer the allegiance of the Highland chiefs from the Scottish to the English king and signed the commission under which these negotiations were carried on. It is said that the name Maklure occurs in Scotland as early as the 12th century. These are all Galloway folk.

In the Acta Dom. Note the two spellings of the name in this short extract. It is claimed by some that the original home of the McClures in Scotland was in the southwest, probably in Galloway. Many of the family are buried here. Campbell McClure, Kincardineshire, Scotland, belongs to this family. There is a family tradition that one of his ancestors, an ecclesiastical reformer, suffered persecution under Charles II in those well known days when the heroic and faithful Covenanters were subjected to such unholy treatment.

His home in Dalmellington was invaded and all his furniture taken out and burned. A member of one of the Scottish families states: "The earliest ancestor we actually know of is Martin McClure, who lived at Balmaghil in Kirkcudbrightshire about , where, I believe, he is buried.

He had five sous: William, John, David, Robert and Andrew, all of whom came south, we being descendents of the eldest, and I know more or less of the descendents of the others.

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The crest and arms of our branch are,—. Robert W. But what a clever hand it was in an operation, and what a kindly voice it was in the humble room when the shepherd's wife was weeping by her man's bedside. He could not swing himself into the saddle without making two attempts and holding Jess's mane, neither can you 'warstle' through the peat-bogs and snow-drifts for forty years without a touch of rheumatism.

But they were honorable scars, and for such risks of life men get the Victoria Cross in other fields. McLure got nothing but the secret affection of the Glen, which knew that none had ever done so much for it as this ungainly, twisted, battered figure, and I have seen a Drumtochty face soften at the sight of McLure limping to his horse. McFadyen used to explain, 'atween them, they've hed the country side for well on tae a century. The scene of the doctor at the home of Tammas and Annie Mitchell is of peculiar interest to the McClures of Augusta county, Virginia, when it is remembered that the Mitchells and McClures were friends and among the first settlers of Augusta county.

The name is frequently found in Scotland to-day, and as in America, they are usually among the substantial members of their communities. John Watson, on his last visit to America, introductory to an address in Philadelphia, speaking of the Scotch families in the United States and their noble ancestry, mentioned especially the McClures and requested any of the name to come forward and speak to him at the conclusion of his address. When and why did members of the family emigrate from Scotland to Ireland?

There are two answers to this question. First, in the Planting of Ulster. The effort failed, resulting ultimately in , acres of land, six counties in the province of Ulster, being forfeited to the crown. James sought to settle upon these lands a Protestant population. Grants of land and numerous privileges were held out as inducements. Thousands availed themselves of the advantageous offer, and settled with their families upon these forfeited estates. Among these emigrants were three McClures from Ayrshire, Scotland, supposedly brothers, who crossed over the channel to Ireland in One settled at Saintfield, County Down.

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In this branch of the family the name Anthony frequently occurs, as it does also in an Ayrshire family of McClures "represented now as sole survivor by Mr. He was connected for a number of years with the Munster and Leinster Bank, Dublin. This couple, Thomas and Elizabeth McClure, were weavers, the latter being famously deft in the use of the distaff. They died aged and , respectively.

The most distinguished of the McClures of Down was Rev. His great grandson, Prof. John Robinson Leebody, M. Robert McClure, was minister of Annahilt from to His family resided near Belfast where they owned some property.

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From this Mr. McClure derived income sufficient to live in easy circumstances. His staff of servants included a butler—not a usual luxury for a Presbyterian minister either then or now.


His wife was a daughter of Archdeacon Benson, of Hillsborough, and a grand-daugher of a former Bishop of Down and Connor. McClure was on terms of intimacy with the country gentry and a great favorite with the Marquis of Downshire, with whom he used to dine every Wednesday at the castle. Many offers of promotion were made to him if he would consent to join the Episcopal Church, which he resolutely declined. One of his daughters married Rev. Dr Wright, his assistant and successor. John Robinson, a gentleman farmer near Hillsborough, who was my grandfather and after whom I am named. I am a white man and although I am married to a white woman now, I dated African American women for several years.

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