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His reward: the first badge ever worn by U. Territorial Marshal They've got to be stopped. Dusty Richards writes of the Arizona where he lived, explored, and hunted in his youth. The land of cactus, unforgiving heat, sidewinders, deep canyons, and the dark-eyed Apache renegade crouched in the greasewood. This is a territory of legends that he still explores for the untold stories of the past.

The Lawless Land

Rancher, rodeo announcer, former TV anchor, and author of over a dozen books, he is a member of the Western Writers of America. Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. They systematically obstruct use of the law by the very people meant to be protected by it. One pervasive way this affects consumers is in debit- or credit-based cell-phone payment plans—an intricate system of consumer incarceration in which cell-phone users surrender access and privacy and become beholden to fine-print contractual servitude.

Any attempts to fight back mean one is confronted with a series of difficult tasks, including reaching a human being working for the vendors. Consumers then have to deal with low bargaining power, nonexistent alternative competition, and the potential arbitrary actions of lowered credit ratings and credit scores. The judiciary usually protects vendors by invoking the myth of consumer consent while precluding practical remedies by the aggrieved.

Computerized transactions between consumers and financial vendors have turned unconscionable penalties and fees into corporate profit centers worth tens of billions of dollars a year, especially against the poor, who are forced into these difficult, rigged arrangements and so pay more.

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The Burning of Sodom , by Camille Corot, The Metropolitan Museum of Art , H. Havemeyer Collection, Bequest of Mrs. Havemeyer, This sort of thing is happening everywhere. Fast-expanding zones of lawlessness emerge from all kinds of rapid changes occurring in societies, from new technologies to new forms of capital to more complex inter-relationships between people and artificial entities like corporations. With government contracts there are the entrenched, complex, often secret abuses by corporate vendors, especially in the military and corporate welfare arenas.

These official exercises of power without legal authority are bipartisan under both major political parties. Law does not keep up, and the modern denizens of lawless territory like it that way. Just ask Wall Streeters, whose economic power allows them to deal in tax havens, complex commercial partnerships, and speculative derivatives that few humans can even understand, much less regulate.

Where were the legal boundaries breached by the Federal Reserve, the U. Treasury, and the White House during the massive bailout of Wall Street and other companies? George W. It would be nice to believe such actions were aberrations from the rule of law.

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What it has wrought is the institutionalization of criminality—with overworld and underworld often blurring together—producing inequality of wealth and income, planting the seeds of political seizures by dictatorial, plutocratic, and oligarchic forces. What can be done? We start with the lawyers, who are not only invested with the monopolistic right to be attorneys for clients but should also be obliged, as officers of the court subject to their code of professional ethics, to be the sentinels for the administration of justice.

Some are heroically assuming this august obligation to the people. But far too few of the 1. Ralph Nader.

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Ralph Nader is a lecturer, attorney, author, political activist, and four-time candidate for president of the United States. To understand our histories we have to narrate our catastrophes.

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William Elford assails a horrifying passage. Ralph Nader Ralph Nader is a lecturer, attorney, author, political activist, and four-time candidate for president of the United States. Rule of Law. Previous Immune from the Law? Related Reads. Essay Disaster.

Preamble Lines of Work. Partial Recall. Photographs of Native North Americans.

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