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All are required. Relating to our spiritual growth, we cannot have negative thoughts or actions and expect to grow spiritually. We must direct full attention to achieve any desired task. Put simply: what we claim to believe must manifest into our actions. Conscious commitment to change is the only method of influencing the past. History will continue along an unconstructive path until positive energies direct it elsewhere. Looking back regretfully and forward pointlessly robs oneself of a present opportunity.

Old thoughts and patterns of behavior negate the present chance to advance ourselves. Toiling away cannot be circumvented through wishful thinking. Our rewards are claimed only through patience and persistence, nothing else. Rewards are not the end-result. Energy and intentions are vital components that determine the significance of an end-result. Ideally, love and passion embody the motives of one that resolves to leave a lasting impression on the Whole.

Words are powerful.

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We often discount the power th It turns out that there Self care is the mantra of the year, yet many self care tips floating around don't have any science behind them. In order to move forward, we must accept the past and learn its lessons. Only then can we move forward.

The law of patience and reward We must consistently take action towards creating the life that we want and the world that we hope for. Rewards may not come instantly, but we must not give up. In the end, doing work that is meaningful to us and that we love is its own reward. The law of significance and inspiration You get back from something whatever you have put into it. The true value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent that is put into it.

The Laws of Karma

Republicans break all the laws of karma. Community This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication. Recommend Unrecommend Add to Blog. Election Karma Republicans.

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Edit Tags. Done Editing Tags. Share this article. This content was created by a Daily Kos Community member. Make YOUR voice heard! Log in or create an account. When we understand this, it allows us to take responsibility for past actions with an attitude of compassion, appreciating that a particular act may have been unwholesome or harmful, and strongly determining not to repeat it. Guilt is a manifestation of condemnation, wisdom an expression of sensitivity and forgiveness. It is said that on the eve of his enlightenment, the Buddha, with the power of his mind, reviewed the births and deaths of countless beings wandering throughout the cycle of existence in accordance with their karma.

His great compassion was awakened when he saw all those beings wanting happiness, striving for happiness, yet performing the very actions that would lead to suffering. When we do not understand the unfolding of karmic law, when we are deluded about the nature of things, then we continually create the conditions for greater suffering for ourselves and others, even when we are wishing and hoping for peace.

There are those even today who have developed the power of mind to see karmic unfolding through past and future lifetimes. But it is not necessary to be able to see our past lives in order to understand the principles of karmic law. If we pay attention and carefully observe our own lives, it can become very clear how our actions condition certain results. Related: What is Right View? Right view is the understanding that our actions do bring results, both in the present and in the future, while wrong view denies this cause-and-effect relationship.

Our culture is generally geared to the pursuit of immediate gratification of desires, and this reinforces the view that what we do will not have effects, that there is no karmic result from our actions that will come back to us. But when we step back and take a broader perspective, we begin to understand that we are the heirs of our own motives and deeds and that our lives do not unfold randomly or haphazardly.

It is important to see what our motives and volitions are and to understand the results they condition. Mindfulness plays a critical role in understanding the unfolding of karma.

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Two aspects of mindfulness that are particularly relevant to this are clear comprehension and suitability of purpose. Clear comprehension means paying attention to what we are doing, being fully aware of what is actually happening. Clear comprehension of what we are doing in the moment then allows us to consider the suitability of purpose.


This means knowing whether the actions are skillful or unskillful, whether or not they will bring the results that we want. When mindfulness is weak, we have little sense of clear comprehension or suitability of purpose. Not only may we be unaware of our intentions, we often are not even paying attention to the action itself, hence we may be propelled by habitual patterns into actions that bring painful results. The deep understanding that actions condition results creates a compelling interest in what we do.

We begin to pay quite meticulous attention; we begin to awaken. Not only does each action, no matter how insignificant it may seem, condition a future result, it also reconditions the mind.

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If a moment of anger arises in the mind and we get lost in it, we are then actually cultivating anger. If we get lost in greed, we are cultivating greed. It is like a bucket being filled with water, drop by drop. Yet drop by drop the bucket gets filled. In just this way, the mind is conditioned by each experience in every moment, and moment after moment the mind gets filled. We should have a tremendous respect for the conditioning power of the mind, not only in terms of our present experience, but also in terms of our future direction.

During a visit to the United States, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave a talk about emptiness of self and the karmic law of cause and effect. In the course of the talk, he said that given a choice between understanding karma and understanding emptiness, one should try to understand karma. To many that was surprising, because the very heart of the wisdom of Buddhism is understanding the empty, selfless, insubstantial nature of phenomena.

His point of emphasis, though, is extremely important for us to grasp, because without an understanding of karma, of the effect of our actions, the aspect of the emptiness of phenomena can be used as a rationale for not taking responsibility in our lives.

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If we are sensitive to the law of karma and become responsible for our actions and their results, then it will help us come to a genuine understanding of emptiness. Compassion , as well as insight, arises from understanding karma. When we understand that unfair, harmful, or hateful actions rebound in suffering to the person committing them as well as to the recipient, we can respond to both with compassion rather than with anger or resentment.

12 Little Known Laws of Karma (That Will Change your Life)

This in no way means that our response is weak or indecisive. In fact, seeing people act out of ignorance in ways that cause themselves or others great pain can inspire a very strong and direct response to that ignorance, but it is a response of compassion. In explaining the workings of karma, the Buddha spoke of the potency of different actions.